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Payback Sex


Rick Smith was surprised by the text message he had received earlier in the evening. It had read: "Meet me at the shop tomorrow at 8:00 AM. Lori." The shop she referred to was an outdoor supply store, geared mostly for hunting, and Lori was the owner, along with her husband Chris. They had been running the place since Lori's dad, who had started it, passed away.

Rick was a widower, retiree, and outdoors enthusiast, so he naturally spent a good bit of time hanging out at the shop, even working part-time occasionally. Lori or Chris often called him to alert him of new merchandise, but this text was different. They never opened the shop before ten, and Rick felt a little uneasy meeting Lori alone.

Eight o'clock found Rick pulling into the parking lot behind Lori's sports sedan. She held her hand out the window and motioned him to follow her around to the back. He did so and parked beside her as she got out of her car.

"Thanks for coming, Rick. I didn't mean to sound mysterious, but I need a big favor," she said as she opened the back door. "Let me get the security cameras turned off."

She poked her head back out and motioned him inside. When he got inside, Lori took him by the hand and led him through the dimly lit store. When they got to the offices, she entered the one Chris, her husband used, and turned on the light. Without stopping, she inserted a disc into a DVD player and picked up the remote. Turning around, she told Rick to have a seat and stood beside him as she hit "Play."

The disc started with two very nude people in a bedroom, kissing and fondling each other. As they turned to walk to the bed, Rick saw that the guy was Chris. He didn't recognize the girl, but knew she was young and definitely not Lori. The couple lay on the bed together and quickly began making passionate love. Rick could hear Lori sobbing softly, and when he looked up at her tear-streaked face, he saw the face of a woman whose world is crumbling before her eyes.

He grasped her hand and said, "Lori, I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

She pulled him up and curled into his hug, like a child into her father's embrace. He held her until she stopped sobbing, and taking the remote, turned off the DVD. "What now?" he asked.

"Let me start at the beginning," she said. "I met Chris when we were in the military. I was in security and counterintelligence, and Chris worked in the motor pool, changing oil in Generals' cars. We both loved the outdoors and married on a lake near the base. We moved here when our enlistments were up, and went to work for Dad. After he died, we took over and things were OK on the surface, but Chris became distant, having little to do with me away from the store, and in the bedroom. I became suspicious of the baby sitter when she called late one night and wanted Chris to bring her purse or something else she had left at the house. As I said, I learned a few things in the military, and soon installed a camera in the bedroom. Nothing happened there until yesterday. The son-of-a- bitch fucked her in my bed!!!" sobbing hysterically, Lori pounded Rick's chest and collapsed into his welcoming arms once more.

Finally collecting herself, she looked into his wise, yet questioning eyes and said, "That's not all. I recorded them having sex in his car twice. She's a freshman in college, so there's not much I can do on that front. But I can get even."

Still uncomprehending, Rick held her at arm's length and said, "I'm no lawyer, but I would strongly recommend that you give this a lot of thought before you do something rash."

"Oh, I've thought about it. This has been going on for two months. I know exactly what I want to do, and all I need is your help," she said, stepping back and turning Chris' computer on. "I've turned his camera on, and it will record everything that goes on in here for the next hour. When he comes in and turns it on, he'll get a taste of his own medicine."

Fully comprehending Lori's plan, Rick felt like an animal that discovers it is hopelessly trapped. At least a thousand concerns flew through his mind, not the least of which was that Chris would recognize his face. When he voiced this concern first, Lori assured him that she would blur his face and distort his voice. Other concerns were summarily dismissed, and Rick accepted his fate. Secretly, he had always lusted after Lori's tight, petite body, and this would be the perfect opportunity to act on those lecherous desires.

As he was trying to think up a final, winning argument, Lori began slipping out of her pink sweater, allowing Rick to get his first look at just how her C-cup breasts perched proudly on her chest. Any resolve he could muster disappeared when she reached behind and unsnapped the straining bra. Her breasts didn't sag a bit as she pulled the lacy, pink garment off and tossed it onto a chair. Perfectly round and tipped by pink, puffy nipples, Lori's tits stared Rick in the face. His cock began to move in his jeans, and Lori noticed immediately.

"So, I guess you're in this with me then?" she asked, as she knelt in front of him and began massaging his dick through his pants. Realizing how much bigger Rick was than Chris, Lori told him, "I've never had a cock this big, so be gentle, OK? Anyway, it'll show up better on camera!" she giggled.

Looking down at the blonde head very near his manhood and the beautiful breasts brushing his thighs, Rick sighed and caved. "OK," he said, "but you have to set the pace."

Lori began licking and kissing the bulge in Rick's jeans and soon had him completely hard. She pulled his zipper down slowly, and reached into his briefs to get her tiny hand on his eight-inch cock. "That's some dick you've got there. I sure hope you know how to use it," she said as she began stroking it lazily. Standing up, she looked up at him and said, "Let's get these clothes off."

She began unbuckling his belt as he took off his shirt. Opening his jeans and pulling them down put her at eye level with his throbbing manhood again, only this time, its head was flared and engorged with blood, turning it a light purple color.

Lori, pulled his underwear as far as she could and stopped. "I'm afraid I'll hurt it," she giggled, as she tried unsuccessfully to get his briefs off.

"Let me help you," said Rick, as she maneuvered his cock back into his briefs and then slid them down his legs. Stepping out of everything, including his shoes, he took her hand and pulled her upright. Pulling her to him, he bent down and kissed her for the first time. Her arms went around his neck and held his mouth to hers as she inserted her tongue and explored his entire mouth.

Finally breaking the kiss, she said breathlessly, "Damn, you're a good kisser. I think I'll have another."

This time when they embraced, Rick's hands slid down Lori's back to her hips, where he began a slow sensual massage. She pushed her hips into his and kissed even more fervently. Her hand reached between them and she caressed his cock gently.

"Why don't you sit in Chris' chair while I get my jeans off?" she asked as she pulled the chair in line with the camera.

Turning away so that her back was to him, Lori began a slow, sensual striptease that got Rick's blood boiling and his dick even harder. As she unsnapped the tight jeans, he was envisioning the show he was about to witness. He was not disappointed.

The first thing he saw was a miniscule pink string in the crack of her ass and around her glorious hips. As she slid her thumbs to the sides of the skintight jeans, she looked over her shoulder to make sure that Rick was paying attention. His eyes met hers and the lust she saw there answered her question.

Hooking her thumbs in the waistband and beginning to slowly pull the jeans down, she began to wriggle her hips, either for effect or the fact that the jeans were so tight. Either way, the effect on Rick was the same.

As her sumptuous ass crept into view, Rick said honestly, "Damn Lori. I knew you had a fine ass, but I think incredible is a much more accurate term!"

Giggling like a schoolgirl. Lori eased her jeans down further, allowing half of her perfect twin globes to bulge out the top. "Do you think my ass is too big?" she asked innocently.

"Hell no-it's perfect in every way. I could spend hours worshipping it," said Rick truthfully.

Lori finally continued her strip and when she finished, her ass jiggled in place sexily. She turned to face Rick, and he saw that her transparent pink g-string was completely soaked with her juices. Reaching for her, he gently placed his hands on her hips and drew her to his face. Her aroma, musky, yet sweet, hit his nostrils and he felt that he could eat this pussy for hours. Kissing the tops of her thighs, he inhaled even more of her heady aroma.

Looking up, he saw that she had her eyes closed, and was absently running her fingers through his hair. He gently pulled the sides of her g-string down to her knees, and helped her step out of it. Her puffy blond curls added to her sexiness, and pulling her pussy to his face again, he kissed her where her full, blood engorged lips met. Snaking his tongue downward, he felt Lori bend her knees, giving him better access to her steaming cunt. Licking with all his strength, he found her clit and nibbled it with his lips.

Suddenly, Lori said, "Damn, Rick. This is moving too fast. I want to fuck you, but your tongue is driving me wild. I promise you, if this is successful, you'll get plenty of chances to eat my pussy. Right now, I need your cock in there." With that, she pushed him back into the chair, and knelt between his knees. She grabbed his throbbing cock, and using her thumb, rubbed the precum around the purple head, licking her lips seductively. Slowly, almost reverently, she bent her head over his dick and, with her hair cascading onto his thighs, she slipped the head of his cock between her lips.

Rick moaned as Lori began a sensuous descent down his shaft with her hot lips. When she reached her gag point, she slurped her way back up, leaving his shaft coated with saliva. She went back down, this time getting the head a little farther, and without missing a beat, sucked it even farther. Her hand began stroking the base of his cock lazily as she took one last sexy pull on his manhood.

As nimble as a cat, she stood up, threw one leg over his thighs, and without ever stopping, slipped her hot cunt down on Rick's saliva-coated shaft. The move was so quick, he was not able to do anything but go with the flow and before he realized it, Lori's beautiful tits were swinging in his face. Doing what any man in his position would do, Rick cupped her titties and began sucking the puffy nipples. Slowly at first, he tickled her nipples with the tip of his tongue.

By now, she had gotten comfortable sitting on his lap with his cock stuffed up her pussy, and began to move up and down, her cunt walls creating unbelievable friction on his cock, and making it hard to concentrate on her breasts. He grabbed the sides of her tits and squeezed them, poking the nipples towards his face. Not wasting a second, Rick sucked each nipple voraciously, causing Lori to lean forward and cover his face with titflesh.

The change in angle put her clit in contact with the top of his shaft, and she began grinding onto his lap with abandon. Pulling back slightly, she took his face in her hands and kissed him forcefully, never missing a beat with her pulsing, moving cunt. She came while he had his tongue in her mouth, and she tried to pull it out of its socket.

Leaning back, she said huskily, "See what that bastard's gonna miss?" She used her cunt muscles to massage Rick's cock, and began to smile.

"Well, is this the end, or do you want more?" she asked.

Never saying a word, Rick stood up, holding her in place on his dick, and laid her back on the desk. Her arms stretched over her head, and her thighs splayed gloriously on her husband's desk. "You gonna fuck me now?" she asked innocently.

"Oh, yeah. I'm gonna fuck you now," replied Rick, as he held her thighs to his and began to work his throbbing cock in and out of her still tight pussy. "I'm gonna fuck you like you've been needing for a while."

Slowly, deliberately, he began to slide his cock in and out of her hot cauldron of sex. Not one to lay passively, Lori soon picked up his rhythm and began to fuck back, matching him stroke for stroke.

"Ooooh I like that! Your cock is so big! I never fucked a cock that big! Am I doing it right?" Her sexy talk turned Rick on even more and he began to pick up speed. Leaning over the edge of the desk, he had the maximum angle for deepest penetration.

"Oh, damn! I've never had a cock this deep! It's so fucking hard. I can feel the head at the back of my pussy. Fuck me lover! Fuuuuck meee!" she screamed as she began to come. Again, her cunt walls were massaging Rick's dick and the combination of her bouncing breasts, hot pussy, and verbal encouragement had him close.

Rick slowed his assault momentarily and Lori picked up her pace, grunting with each thrust and saying, "Come on Stud! Don't stop now! I want to feel your hot cum deep in my pussy! I need it now! Fuck that pussy!"

Rick couldn't hold back and his cum exploded into the depths of her writhing pussy, bringing her over the edge at the same time. She said breathlessly, "I felt it! I felt every spurt! Oh, goddamn, what a fucker! I've never been fucked like that before!"

Fully expecting Rick to withdraw from her now-sodden pussy, Lori was delighted when he took her thighs and put them over his shoulders. Standing up straight, Rick began fucking again, slowly at first, gauging Lori's reaction. She couldn't have sent a more positive message. Looking him in the eye, she said, "You're some kind of lover. Now my pussy's slick with your juice. I feel it running out around your big dick. Hear it slurping? That's our sex noise! Can you feel my cunt muscles around your cockhead? It's splitting me open, and I love it! Fuck me some more!"

Rick did as requested and soon had Lori gasping between thrusts. She continued to turn him on even more by describing just how his cock felt deep in her pussy. "Oh, damn! I feel the crown sliding in and out! My lips want to grab your shaft, but they want it to slide! I feel every ridge! Oh, fuck! Bang the back of my little pussy. Put the head right there and pound the shit out of my cunt! I love it! Fuck it, Stud! Fuck it!" she screamed as she began another orgasm. "I'm cuuuming again! Oh, god it feels so good! Don't ever stop! Here it comes!" she screamed as she came again, fucking back at Rick with abandon, as her body gave in to its animal lust.

Not to be left behind, Rick picked up his pace and shot another massive load, this time holding her hips in place and grinding into her cuntlips. When they finally had their breathing back to normal, their bodies covered in sweat, Lori said, "I want more of that cock. Not right now, but soon."

Six Months Later...

"Hey you. I'd like to see you. When can we get together?" The message on his phone caught Rick by complete surprise. Feeling a little guilty and certainly not wanting to appear curious, he had avoided the outdoor store since he and Lori had fucked on her husband's desk. He had heard through the grapevine that she had sent the philandering bastard packing and had come out of the divorce smelling like a rose, retaining sole ownership of the store, their house, and custody of the children. Now she wanted to get together!

Not a day went by that her didn't think of that tight, live pussy devouring his dick; that fabulous ass just waiting to be ravaged; those rose-tipped breasts begging to be sucked and loved. Still, there was an element of honor deeply imbedded in his psyche. He felt a twinge of guilt, knowing that he had helped end a marriage, even though Lori had caught her husband fucking the babysitter, and had basically forced herself on him. Still, he had been a willing participant. The kids were out of high school, and a divorce probably was not as traumatic as it would have been earlier in their lives. Still, his conscience could not erase his complicity, and he was hesitant to meet her. Then his hormones took over and as he was dialing, he couldn't get the vision of the blond goddess out of his mind.

Her quick answer jarred him back to reality, and she squealed with delight when he said, "Lori? This is Rick."

"Oh, Rick. It's sooo good to hear your voice!" she said excitedly. "How you been?"

"Pretty good," he answered. "How are the kids?"

"They're great. It seems that they weren't as close to their father as I thought. Seems like a lot of pressure is gone," she said simply. "You think we could get together sometime? We've got a lot of catching up to do."

"I guess so. How about Saturday for dinner-my treat," he said.

"That would be great! I'll pick you up around six!" Lori exclaimed as she hung up. Unknown to Rick, during their conversation, she had stripped off her clothes and was vigorously fingering her clit as she was talking to him. When she hung up, she collapsed on the sofa and finished the job, cumming very quickly just thinking about his fabulous cock and what she intended to do to it. "Damn that man makes me hot!" she said to herself as she began to come down. "I hope he's up to the task."

Saturday afternoon found Rick nervous as a teenager. He had dressed casually, then changed to a dress shirt and tie, then canned the tie, just leaving his collar open, figuring if Lori wanted to go someplace fancy, he could easily put it back on. He actually jumped when the doorbell rang.

Opening the door, he was greeted by the most beautiful, sexy woman he had ever seen. She was dressed beautifully, wearing a mid-thigh length skirt, and matching blazer. Her top was hardly visible between the lapels of the blazer, but he could tell it was white. Smiling beautifully, she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

"I've missed you," she said as she looked into his eyes. She noticed a hint of trepidation and pulled herself away quickly. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"No, I guess not," he replied, not knowing whether to invite her in or not.

"Let's talk in the car," she said as she turned and walked away.

He couldn't help but notice that her ass looked even better than before and so did her legs. As they approached her car, he noticed that it was an upgrade from her earlier model, and she handed him the keys. "Do you mind driving?" she asked.

"Certainly not. Where are we going?" he replied, walking around her to open the passenger door. Unable to control himself, he got an eyeful of leg and sheer white panties when Lori sat down. She noticed and smiled to herself.

When he took his seat, he asked, "Where to?"

She said, "Let's go to that new Italian restaurant over by the lake. I've been there once already and it was great."

When they arrived and approached the front door, Lori spoke to the maitre'd and he seated them immediately in a secluded alcove that overlooked the lake. After placing their drink orders, Lori broke the tense silence.

"Rick, I know you probably feel guilty about Chris and me, but I beg you, please don't," she said plaintively. "He was an asshole, and by the time I admitted it, it was too late. The kids are OK with the fact that he's gone, and I've managed to see my way clear and am ready to get back into the swing of things. I've hired a manager for the store, and that has relieved a lot of pressure. I've joined a gym and the discipline has allowed me time to refocus and get on with my life."

Their drinks arrived and Rick said, "Lori, you don't owe me any explanation. What we did hopefully served your purpose and for that, I'm glad. I just don't know if we're to remain friends or what After all, we had a pretty intense sexual encounter, and I'm just not sure what you expect of me."

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