Payback time(s)

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Neglected wife tells hubby of her revenge sex.
3.8k words
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After the events had taken place my wife told me some tails about our past.

She was giving out about how I had neglected her and had been an absentee husband for long periods of our marriage,

She was complaining about my sexual neglect of her needs, to which I queried why she hadn't had a "bit on the side" to take revenge on me and at the same time satisfy her sexual urges.

The reply I got shocked me somewhat.

She announced calmly that on three occasions she had been unfaithful, one comic, one blissful, and one she was still ashamed of.

I asked her to tell all, as there was no moral judgment forthcoming from me on the subject.

She told of a period when she was extremely lonely and frustrated by the lack of affection and sex from me over a sustained period.

She had no male friend to have an affair with, so she took the plunge to go looking for a lover, a bit on the side, not a romance that would jeopardize our marriage, which she still believed in.

"You remember that super sexy little summer dress, very short, backless, and slightly see-through, with straps holding up a very decolte front, that I wore without a bra, showing a lot of tit"

Well, she said," I wore that, with NOTHING at all underneath, strappy high-heeled sandals, and a good dollop of expensive perfume, I was then in my 30s, and even though I say so myself, very dishy, perfect tits, long shapely legs, s great arse and s shaved pussy to die for."

"I took myself off to the local pub, to pick up a stud who would fuck me senseless all afternoon, thus giving me revenge on an absent neglectful husband, and filling my sadly depleted orgasm count. Well, that was the plan, but it was all couples, families, old farts, etc, and come closing time the young barman told me that they were closing till evening time, conversationally he enquired if the person I was waiting for hadn't shown up, and I replied yes something like that, gallantly he offered to keep me company since he was off duty till evening time."

"The young man was in his teens, 19 max, and hardly shaving on a regular basis. But he was polite, cute, and male. I had not for one moment considered a toyboy as a divertissement, but he was there and seemed a thoroughly nice young man, so off we went towards our house."

"On arrival, I invited him in, as one would, and offered him some refreshment which he accepted."

"As we sat opposite each other I contrived to let him see up my miniskirt where no panties" spoiled the view of my perfumed naked cunt. Next, I leaned forward allowing the floaty dress to billow away from my naked tits, he could now see both my nipples, which were hardening with excitement. I could see two signs that he was becoming aroused, firstly he began blushing deeply, and a large bulge in his chinos which was even more encouraging."

"|I then asked if he'd like to see the house, and he quickly replied yes, I took the stairs ahead of him knowing full well that he could look up my miniskirt at my naked bum as we went up the first flight, on the half landing I turned round so my cunt was at eye height to him, and as he gawped, I enquired Gregory would you like to fuck me, in bed, with nothing on at all?"

"Oh Gosh yes miss, it would be my first ever!"

"We were on the landing of our bedroom and as we entered I let go of the straps holding up the flimsy summer dress, leaving me clad only the high-heeled sandals, he gasped as I was certainly the first woman he had ever seen completely nude."

"Let me help you get comfortable I said as I unbuttoned his shirt, and undid the belt holding up his light trousers, his erection was impressive as it sprang from his discarded boxers."

"Circumcised, and a respectable size, I took it in my mouth, remembering some advice about taking young men to bed, they cum in a flash, so a blow job or a wank is the first thing to attend to, in order to slow down round 2."

"I chose a blow job as he may have had a wank from his little virginal girlfriends and a BJ would be more exotic."

"He was taken aback at the speed of my action, probably expecting a necking session before any sex stuff."

"His prick was as stiff as a post, and very soon after starting the sucking and licking routine, he started spasming into his first orgasm of many. He produced a huge quantity of salty cum, that was quite delicious and I swallowed the lot, and believe me there was plenty."

"We then repaired to our big double bed and began necking and fondling each other, he was soon up and ready so I got him into me in the Missionary position. He began shafting away clumsily at first, but soon got the hang of it, and was just hitting a good rhythm when he came again."

"Another blow job about a quarter of an hour later when he was yet again ready for battle."

"He was a real cum factory as my pussy was dripping cum all over the place, I had now swallowed a good quantity TWICE. And he was getting stiff again, so nothing for it but back in the pussy but this time doggy style."

"He got it in without too much help and began pumping away like a train, but my slippery pussy was too exciting for him and he started dumping jism deep in my cunt for the second time in less than a half hour."

"While he was recovering, he timidly asked if he could do anal with me as he had seen it on porn TV and it seemed great!"

"I explained it required preparation and patience, in order not to hurt the person being fucked in the arse."

"He promised to do exactly as he was told, and nothing else at all!"

"With all the cum flying around the region of my little secret hole, lube was not going to be a problem, but getting my little pink rosebud relaxed and welcoming was the task at hand."

"Firstly I told him he would have to tongue and kiss my little puckered hole til it relaxed sufficiently to get some fingers inside it. And finally four fingers and a thumb, in and out without any problems."

"The idea of sticking his tongue up some woman's arse may not have appealed to him, but in fairness, he got stuck in, and to my surprise did a lovely job. His tongue entered my hole with rhythm and depth. I was happy with him at that for as long as possible since the sensation was just great, and leading I hoped to s successful anal fuck."

'We began the fingers-in-the-hole stuff till he had all fingers and thumb squishing in and out with ease. I then told him to dip his dick in my pussy to get it slippery, he did so, giving my cunt a few extra lunges just to make sure.'

"He began sliding his cock into my, now welcoming, open arsehole."

"The colon muscle gripped his erection its full length, so tightly that the result was so exciting that he came within minutes of starting the fuck of his wished-for hole."

"I gave him a thorough sucking to clean off all the accumulated cum and whatever else that clung to it."

"I did such a thorough job that his dick sprang to life yet again, without asking permission he slid it back into my back hole, pumping frantically for a bit longer than his previous endeavour".

"I had now been fucked in both holes several times, but still no orgasm, and none in sight with Captain Premature Ejaculation."

"We took a shower together and I gave him a farewell blowjob before sending him on his way."

"My little escapade did not increase my orgasm count, but it was a fun episode, unlike any sexual encounter I had ever experienced."

"It scored high on the revenge scale, as getting fucked by a 19-year-old as an alternative to "The Man of the House" do the fucking."

"It was OK but I'll not be going back for seconds!"

"The second and by far best infidelity happened by pure accident on my part."

"You had invited a crowd of rowdy drunk pals to our house after some all-male boozy dinner."

"I called you on the intercom to keep the noise down and let me sleep."

"About half an hour later there was a timid knock on the door, to which I replied, Come in if you are NOT a drunk nuisance."

"A youngish head came around the door, and haltingly said, "I just came up to apologize

for the racket downstairs."

"What's your name? and do come in"

"I'm Dave and I work for your husband."

"So saying he sheepishly came into our bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed as long way away from me as possible"

"We chatted for a while and he explained that he had admired me from afar, seeing me mostly at Gala events and black tie dinners,"

"Plucking up courage he told me he had always been fascinated by my cleavage."

"I have to admit to wearing evening dresses that show off my tits to advantage"

"As you know, I never wear night clothes. And sitting up in bed the covers had slipped as we chatted, and glancing down I could see that my breasts were partly visible, I shrugged the covers and gave him the fully uncovered view,"

"Oh MY, they are even more beautiful than I had imagined, do you think I could touch them?"

"His innocence was so touching I couldn't refuse him, and taking his hand I placed it on one of my tits, he fondled it gently, and timidly asked, may I kiss it?"

As they say," That which you can't refuse, give graciously"

"I shrugged off the covers and naked as I was took Dave's hand off my tit and placed it on my wet pussy."

"He went to work immediately on my cunt, inserting fingers and massaging my clit like an expert."

"Take off your kit Dave, I want you to fuck me NOW!"

"Quick as a flash he was undressed and back beside me on the bed, fingering my cunt as before, he asked me, "Doggy, or missionary, which is your favorite?"

"I told him to start with a doggy as its the easiest for entry,"

"He had a good stiff erection and rammed it home up to the hilt as his first move".

"It felt great to have a strong prick in me after all the neglect, and Dave knew how to use it to keep a girl happy, let's roll over so I can kiss you while we fuck, and I was on my back with Dave reaming my pussy like the expert he was. I had several huge orgasms before Dave announced his pending ejaculation."

"Can I cum inside you?"

"OH YES YES YES cum in my hot cunt Dave,"

"And so he did Hugely, till it ran out onto the sheets in a major puddle, as he slapped into me my cunt was making wet farting noises, the sound of happiness!"

"I went down on Dave to lick him clean and got a bit carried away in the process, and it turned into a super sexy blow job, Dave responding with a huge erection."

"I really want to fuck you in the arse,"" said Dave, gaining courage from his great performance in my pussy/."

"At this stage, he could have whatever he wanted from me, from neglect to superlative sex is a heady cocktail."

"He knew his anal stuff and soon had my secret hole gaping and ready for his tool."

"He forced the bulbous head of his dick into the opening of my back hole and then paused for me to acclimatize to the invasion. It didn't take long till he slowly fed the rest of his dick into the tight anal passage, slowly pulling almost completely out, again putting it all back in, this performance went on for some moments, till he felt I was comfortable, and then he began to truly arse fuck me like a trojan. I had never had anal sex so profound or satisfying before but I hoped to again, with Dave whenever possible. It had been truly dynamite."

"He came again hugely and noisily, fucking me deeply and filling my back passage to overflowing, Cum running down the inside of my thighs in copious streams"

"Yet again I cleaned up his soiled member and thanked him for the best arse fuck I had ever experienced."

"Dave then apologized profusely at having to leave me, saying " but I don't want to be missed downstairs, given where I've been and what we've been doing!"

"He quickly got dressed and made for the door, but not before promising to fuck me at least once a week after that, a promise he fully kept for over a year 'till he got a promotion to America with the company. I count Dave as one infidelity even though he must have had me over a hundred times, not to mention the weeks of hedonistic holiday with him and his chums on the Greek island where I allowed everyone fuck me whenever and where ever they liked,"

"But that's another story for another day."

"My third infidelity still makes me cringe with embarrassment at its lewdness and total lack of class or style. At the moment it served some kind of twisted purpose my anger drove me to commit an act of self-debasement and indeed self-punishment."

"As a surprise for our wedding anniversary, I chose my sexiest outfit of the ultra-short miniskirt, black seamed stockings held up by a black lacy suspender belt, no nickers, and a plunging neckline silk blouse, and of course no bra, plenty of Channel No5 on all the important bits, and a freshly waxed pussy for the main event that evening,"

"I went to your office building and took the private lift ( for which I had a key) to your office suite. The plan was that I would arrive unannounced and sweep you off to a romantic tet a tet dinner in a private suite in a boutique hotel nearby."

"Exiting the lift I heard noises coming from your office anteroom, where I was greeted by the sight of your super attractive secretary with her skirt pulled up around her waist as you gave her a fucking up her pretty little arse. You both had your backs to me so neither of you was aware of my presence. I turned on my heel and left by the same discreet elevator ln which I had arrived."

"You might imagine the turmoil I was experiencing, having been subject to neglect for years, and having a sparse sex life with you, I was going to make a fresh start for us both with my silly romantic notion."

"Only to see at first hand what I had long suspected, you buggering your little bit of fluff of a secretary over an office desk."

"Regaining street level I wanted revenge, and some kind of "tit for tat", but had no clear idea of what or how to achieve either. But passing in front of a shabby Xrated cinema I got the stupid notion that if I debased myself sexually I would achieve my purpose. I would dirty the trophy wife he was so proud of in public, and neglect in private. That would be my revenge!"

"I bought a ticket, knowing that a single woman in such a cinema would be fair game for molestation, after all, that's what single women want in places like that, so goes the logic."

"I took a seat in an empty row and waited for my degradation at the hands of a dirty old man, or indeed men., and didn't have to wait long as I quickly acquired two blokes on either side of me, even though there were loads of empty seats all over the cinema."

"No surprise then when a hand landed on my thigh, and not telling him to stop was his invitation to continue in an upwards direction, he must have thought it was Christmas when arriving at the little bulge above the stocking top and an expanse of silky thigh he came to my uncovered naked pussy, I presumed that he usually would have to fight with tights nickers and other obstacles. His fingers delved into me roughly and began pumping my hole aggressively, my response to this was to open my legs wider and grind my hips towards the invading fingers."

"His buddy on the other side had straight away pot a hot sweaty hand into my open blouse top, tweaking the first nipple he found, soon he had both of my nipples in full erection standing out straight. He began licking and biting each tit in turn and whispered in my ear what a fantastic pair of tits I had, what a good sport I was, and how I should feel his prick that he wanted to fuck me with."

"Good sport that I was I got into the slappers part and began wanking his considerable dick."

"Meanwhile, the guy busy in my cunt was asking for the same service, so I ended up with another good-sized prick in my free hand."

"The tit man then suggested that I get down on all fours so he could give me a good fucking, and without a second thought I complied, telling Mr pussy wanker he'd have his next turn after his buddy had given me "a good seeing to"

"The tit guy got it into me with the first try, it had after all been probed and excited for a while before his entry so it was all wet and juicy, and ready for action."

"He wasn't a bad fuck actually, and not having been serviced in the past few weeks it was nice to have a dick in me, In spite of the squalid occasion, indeed I surprised myself by feeling the beginnings of an orgasm stirring in my nether regions."

"The guy who had been busy with my cunt was now spectating, I was on all fours, between the rows of cinema seats, and couldn't carry on wanting him from where I was positioned, so I told him to kneel in front of me and Id give him a blow job., he needed no second invite and I soon had a mouthful of excited cock to deal with."

"The tit man was about to cum and so was I, much to my surprise, this was punishment after all, but we actually managed to coincide our climaxes, mine was small enough, not ecstasy, but a cum is a cum. Mr tit must have been saving up his jism as he pumped me so full that it was going everywhere, running down my legs and puddling on the floor."

"Gasping he withdrew with a loud popping sound."

"I invited Mr. Pussy, who was now Mr. BJ if he wanted to take Mr Tit's place, the reply was, "Hell NO, I m not having a buttered bun no matter how nice it is, but I'll put it in your other hole if you don't mind"

"I thought about it for a millisecond, and decided it fit completely with my self-abasement motive, and why not be a complete slut whilst I was at it."

"I was wondering how my two fuckers were accepting their great good fortune, a stunning youngish bird, sexy suspenders and seamed silk stockings, no knickers or bra smelling of expensive perfume, not at all their usual conquest felt sure!"

"On my instructions Mr. Cunt was softening up my little pink rosebud of an arse entrance, and soon had it gaping satisfactorily, and spitting on his knob he shoved it all the way in on his first lunge, not ideal for my very tight little used bum hole, However, as he progressed I began to enjoy my terrible sluttishness, being fucked up the arse by a total stranger in a nasty little cinema, not exactly Barbara Cartland!"

"As he penetrated deeply I fondled his balls and was rewarded by a grunted "I'm Cumming" which he did in huge quantities like his pal.""

"I was now streaming from both holes and no marble bathroom in sight."

"Mr.Tit who by now had a new erection enquired, that since I had let the other guy into my arse, could he fuck me there too? Why not, a girl can't have too much debasement!"

"So my second anal was far better than the first, things were more open and relaxed, and Mr Tit was better at it than his pal, Orgasm No2! To make me feel even more of a slapper. He fucked me for quite a while, as it was his second fuck I suppose, he even asked me if I was enjoying it as he pumped my arse for all he was worth. Bingo!! he came loudly and copiously making wet farting noises as he unloaded his hot jism in my stretched hole."

"Mr. Cunt was now horny again from watching our anal antics. Said he had reconsidered my pussy, and now wanted to fuck me there as it seemed such a good hole to be in, according to his pal,"

"All the more guilt and self-abuse so YES and why not.

"His performance was better than the first penetration, he slowed down and put it deeper and longer and what do you know he gave me an orgasm!"

"He came big time and added to my sopping mess which just increased my guilt and self-loathing"

"I thanked my two suitors profusely, declined to give them my mobile No, and promised to see them again someday in the same venue same time, etc,"

"I went to the ladies and used the best part of a new toilet roll cleaning myself up, and left for home guilt-ridden, and ashamed of myself, but somehow satisfied that I had done something to redress the wrong done to me, as my confused logic told me!"