tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaying a Debt Ch. 04

Paying a Debt Ch. 04


Katie awoke early the next morning. Her arms ached from being tied above her head for so long. She yearned to get up and stretch out her stiff body. Even her jaw ached from the gag that had resided in her mouth for so long. She looked down at a still sleeping Emily, tied in a hogtie, but still cuddled against her midsection. Katie's eyes watered as she thought back to the assault she had endured at Emily's hands the night before. She shuddered at the memory of the intense orgasms she had also endured at her attacker's hands, and mouth. Katie wondered if she was becoming a lesbian, or if she had always been a lesbian but didn't realize it. However, her body had also betrayed her when accosted by men, so maybe she was bisexual.

Katie tried to clear her mind of her sexual confusion, and return her focus to getting out of this insane situation. The more she thought, the more she was convinced that the talk of slavery in this day and age was ridiculous. It was all too possible that this was nothing but a sex crime, and that she might be killed when Mikey and his cohorts grew tired of her. She needed to remain focused on escaping their clutches as soon as possible. To do that, Katie knew she had to be smarter than she had been in her earlier attempts.

Emily began to stir, awakening after a good night's sleep. She remained cuddled against her lover, and regretted the fact that her hands were tied so she couldn't caress the body that lie next to her. She did greet the morning by kissing and licking Katie's side, moving up to the side of her breasts. Her efforts to kiss her nipples were unsuccessful as her bound body couldn't quite pull that off.

"Mmmphh," Katie grunted angrily at the sensation of Emily's mouth on her body.

"Good morning, love," Emily responded, ignoring Katie's outburst. "God I wish I wasn't tied so we could have another round of fun like last night."

Katie remained trapped in her position. She rolled her eyes in disgust, but knew it was pointless to attempt anything more at this point.

Before long, Ivan entered the room. "Good morning, ladies," he cheerfully said. "Time to get you freshened up. You have another big day ahead of you."

Ivan quickly released Emily's bonds, and moved to untie Katie's feet.

Emily immediately moved her hand to Katie's pussy and gave it a good morning caress.

Katie responded with an angry expletive, that was still muffled by the gag. As soon as Ivan released her first foot, Katie violently kneed Emily in the side, knocking her, and her encroaching hand, off the bed.

Emily giggled at the reaction, and stood back to watch Ivan finish untying her friend.

"Thank you, sir," Katie finally uttered, once the gag was removed. She then looked back to Emily and angrily shouted, "And you, keep the fuck away from me!"

Ivan handed the girls terry cloth robes to wear.

Emily winked and blew a kiss at Katie as she slipped into the robe and sauntered toward the door.

Katie was enormously grateful to have something to wear after being naked for so long. She kept her distance from Emily as they left the room, and was looking forward to getting cleaned up. She still felt Emily's juices that had dried on her face from the night before, and she wanted desperately to wash away the reminder of the ordeal.

Ivan for his part just smiled as he observed Katie's attitude toward Emily. While she had lashed verbally out at her former friend, he also saw the way Katie looked at Emily. Ivan knew that Katie was no longer fully in control of her feelings or actions, which was exactly what Mikey was striving for. Everything was going according to plan as he led the two captives to the bathroom to clean up before breakfast.


"So what do you think is going to happen next?" Emily asked Katie. She was shocked that they had been allowed to keep their robes on after breakfast, and they weren't bound in any way. It was actually a bit boring just sitting on the bed, locked in the basement room.

"Maybe they are getting bored with us and will let us go," Katie replied, equally as grateful for a bit of freedom and dignity. Katie sat in the chair, well away from Emily. She wondered why their torture had been on hiatus for most of the day. "This change in the way they are treating us has to be a good sign."

"So do you want to fool around?" asked Emily.

"God, no," exclaimed Katie. "You just don't get it? Really?"

"I'll lick your pussy again. You loved it last night," Emily continued, ignoring Katie's stern rebuff of her advances.

"Just stay away from me. Got it?" Katie responded. "I don't want you touching me ever again. And if we get out of here, I never want to see you again." Katie cringed a bit at the tingle between her legs, and she didn't let on to Emily that she was responding physically to the mere thought of Emily's tongue on her pussy."

Emily moped a bit as she curled up on the bed. She wasn't nearly as hopeful as Katie that they would escape Mikey's clutches, so she held out hope that the two of them would have more time together. "Look, I'm sorry. I know I screwed up. It's the story of my life the last couple of years."

Katie rolled her eyes. "No shit. Why did you have to drag me down with you? Look at me. Look at what has happened to me the last few days," Katie said with disgust. "I have a life. Or at least had one."

"I know, and again I'm sorry," Emily dejectedly continued. "I know you'll never be able to forgive me for getting you into this mess. I guess you have never been out of my mind, and when all my problems collapsed down on me, I just thought of you. And here we are."

"Just drop it. If you're really sorry and want to make it up to me, get me out of here," Katie countered.

"You don't know Mikey like I do," Emily replied. "Once he sets his mind to something, he follows through. If he says he is selling us to someone, he's doing it. He isn't going to make a mistake and let us escape."

"Shit," Katie muttered, completely disgusted. She figured Emily was right though, as she had witnessed first-hand. Maybe he was going to sell them, which was a scary thought.


Katie's fears were confirmed much quicker than she expected as minutes later the door to the room opened, and Mikey entered followed by Ivan and three strangers.

Mikey turned to the tall woman dressed in black leather, from her jacket down to her boots. "Mistress Natasha, I'd like you to meet Emily and Katie, your new property."

Emily lie still on the bed, her eyes showing the fear she felt.

Katie remained seated, her mind trying to comprehend yet another sudden, though not totally unexpected, change in fortune. She studied the new visitor and analyzed the situation in her head. Had she really been sold? The idea of this woman buying her was surreal. Natasha, at just over six foot, was an imposing figure, actually a bit scary to Katie. She had a lean, fit body with large breasts. She was a beautiful woman, apparently in her late 30s, with long black hair. Trying to make a good first impression, Katie meekly said, "It is a pleasure to meet you."

Mistress Natasha scornfully bellowed, "This is the way you present yourselves to your new owner? How dare you remain seated when I enter the room." Looking down at Katie, she added, "And how dare you address me without showing proper respect. You will refer to me as Mistress, is that understood?"

Emily and Katie responded in unison, "Yes, Mistress," as they rose from their respective seats in fear.

"Stand by the bed, now," Natasha ordered. "You will do as you are told immediately, without question. Understood?"

"Yes, mistress," the two girls answered.

"This is Olivia and this is Cesar," Natasha said, introducing her two associates. " Olivia will be assisting with much of your training. Cesar will assist when necessary. You will address them as Mistress and Master, and treat them with the same respect as you would me. I assume that is clear."

"Yes, mistress," Katie and Emily once again added in unison.

Katie tried to absorb what was developing. She studied Olivia and Cesar. Olivia was younger than Natasha, but similar in stature. Her long blonde hair stood out against the black leather she wore. Cesar appeared to be in his late 20s and was extremely muscular. He wore jeans and a leather jacket with no sleeves, which showed his strong arms. Katie did not have a plan of action, nor did she have a good feeling about where this was heading.

Emily, for her part, stood stunned at the new developments. She felt like she had fallen into a BDSM web site, with three leather clad torturers ready to devour her. She knew Mikey, and she had a good idea what he would do. Now, she had been thrown into limbo, with no idea what was coming next. The uneasy feeling in her stomach told her that there would be rougher days ahead.

"Let me see exactly what I bought," Natasha commented, walking up to Katie. "Lose the robe, slave."

Katie did as she was instructed, once again embarrassed to be naked before strangers.

Natasha ran her hands through Katie's hair, then put her fingers on each cheek to force Katie's mouth open. She inspected her mouth, and nodded at the straight teeth that braces had perfected just a few years prior. The Mistress next inspected Katie's breasts, kneading, lifting, and weighing them. "Nice and soft, with a nice D cup," she pleasantly commented. Natasha's hands scrutinized the rest of Katie's body, focusing on her arms and legs, then working her way up to her ass. "I like a strong, fit slave. Very nice."

Katie felt like a steer being judged at the stock show as her new owner inspected her body. She was suddenly shocked as Natasha, without notice, slipped a finger into her pussy. Katie's reflexes caused her to jump back slightly at the unexpected invasion.

"Did I say you could move?" Natasha yelled at Katie, jamming a second finger into her pussy, and lifting her body up onto her toes. "You will do as I say, and only what I say. And you will not pull away like that again."

"Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress," Katie responded in a panic.

"We will begin your first lesson. Down on your knees. You will kiss my boots and clean them thoroughly with your tongue. Do you understand, slave?"

Katie's mouth dropped open slightly at this order, but she immediately pulled herself together and replied "Yes, Mistress" as she dropped to her knees. She leaned forward and began to kiss the shiny black leather of her new owner's boots.

Natasha turned to Emily and said, "Strip. Do you think you can do better than your pathetic little friend here?"

"Yes, Mistress," Emily replied, dropping her robe quickly.

Natasha repeated the inspection process on the second prisoner. She was not quite as happy with the smaller girl, but she would still make a fine slave, once fully trained.

Katie completed the cleaning/licking of the first boot, and moved on to the other foot as Natasha began the inspection of Emily's pussy.

"Not quite as tight as your little friend. Are you the little slut of the bunch?" Natasha queried.

Emily, not knowing quite how to answer the question, managed a feeble, "Maybe, Mistress."

Natasha laughed at the timid answer, then looked down at Katie who was completing the licking of her second boot. "Are you done?"

"Yes, Mistress," Katie answered.

"Did you do the bottom of the boots? You don't expect your mistress to walk around with the bottom of her boots dirty, do you?" Natasha added, with an evil smirk.

Katie's eyes widened at this new thought, but she managed a quick, "No, Mistress."

As if licking this woman's boots wasn't bad enough, now the sole of her right boot was presented to Katie. As she licked, she could feel the dirt and grit from the floor sticking to her tongue. Licking the top of the boots had been degrading. Licking the bottom was degrading and worse. Katie fought back the tears as she cleaned the dirt from her Mistress's boots, and swallowed much of the filth she licked off.

"Now I expect I will see better behavior from you from now on?" Natasha inquired, as Katie finished up her cleaning job.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Mikey, as you can guess, they have passed inspection," Natasha stated, pleased with her new merchandise. "You have earned every cent I am paying for this pair."

"I knew you'd be pleased," Mikey said smiling.

"Cesar, go get the transport supplies. We will be leaving shortly. Olivia, help him," Natasha ordered. "We have a long trip back home, and I want to make sure my new slaves are comfortable for the flight."

"Yes, Mistress," they responded to their superior.

Long trip? Flight? Katie thought to herself, suddenly realizing that she would no longer be near her home. "Where are you taking us?" she blurted out, not thinking before opening her mouth.

"Did you learn nothing from your punishment?" Natasha asked in amazement. "You will only speak when spoken to, and with the proper reverence to your superiors."

"Sorry, Mistress," Katie begged for forgiveness. "It won't happen again, Mistress."

"Olivia, wait," Natasha ordered. "Cesar can get the gear on his own. Take off your pants so our lovely slave can work her tongue some more. She apparently hasn't learned her place yet."

Olivia replied, "Yes, Mistress Natasha," as she removed her leather pants and reclined on the bed. "Come to me slave. Your punishment will be my pleasure."

Katie again began to cry. Why can't I keep my mouth shut like Emily, she thought to herself as she realized she was about to lick the second pussy of her life. Why am I so stupid?

As Katie's nude body crawled up between the spread legs of the blonde mistress, she debated whether to open her mouth to speak or just start the wretched burden before her. She decided to play it safe and just get to the task at hand, lowering her mouth to Olivia's pussy. She was shocked at the pungent odor of the pussy, and how it differed from Emily's the day before.

"Get in there and use your tongue. If you fail to bring me off quick enough, there will be further punishment," Olivia threatened.

Katie cringed at the threat, and dove in with all she had, trying to avoid any further punishment. This humiliation was bad enough. Olivia's juices began flowing freely into Katie's mouth and down her chin, as her tongue worked its magic on the mistress.

"This cunt's tongue has some real potential," Olivia said to Natasha, as her pussy began to tingle. "You will have to try her out yourself, Mistress."

"That will come soon enough," Natasha responded, enjoying the sight of her newest slave kneeling between her blonde servant's legs.

Katie worked her tongue deep into Olivia's pussy. She sucked on her clit and worked her tongue into every crevice. She had to make her cum quickly because she didn't want to know what would happen if she failed to do so. She felt a reaction when she nibbled lightly with her teeth, so she kept that up, alternating with tonguing the clit.

Olivia's breathing deepened, and she was soon in the throes of orgasm. She grabbed the back of Katie's head and forced her face deep into her pussy, effectively smothering Katie as the ecstasy rushed through her body. She kept Katie's face buried in her pussy for the better part of a minute until her orgasm had subsided.

Finally releasing Katie's head, Olivia added, "You have done well slave. Now get up and rejoin your friend. We have lost time and need to get you ready for transport."

"Yes, Mistress," Katie replied as she gasped to catch her breath. Katie meekly slithered back to Emily's side, learning her lesson for now, and relived that her punishment was over. Katie wiped her face, as her mind returned to the dread she felt about being taken far away, particularly since she didn't know where they were headed or if it would even still be in the country. Her chances of escape seemed to be dwindling with each passing day.

Emily stood quietly next to Katie. She was dripping wet after watching the show her would be girlfriend had just performed. While she too was concerned over the uncertainty of the future, Emily's present thoughts were focused more on whether she would be allowed to play with Katie again. Emily hoped to earn more time with Katie at their new home, and intended to continue her good behavior to ensure she got what she wanted.


Due to Olivia's preoccupation with disciplining Katie, Ivan had assisted Cesar in bringing in the supplies needed for the girls' trip.

"All ready, Mistress," Cesar reported to his superior.

"Very good, Cesar," Natasha responded. "Olivia, get to work with Cesar. I want to be out of here within the hour."

"Yes, Mistress," Olivia replied, as she refastened her pants.

Olivia approached Katie, as Cesar moved toward Emily. They began by dressing their slaves in leather corsets, which were tightly fastened in the back. Both Katie and Emily gasped in surprise at how tight the corsets fit around their midsection. The corsets came just beneath their breasts, thrusting them up and out prominently. Leather collars were then locked around each girl's neck, followed by leather cuffs on each ankle and wrist.

Katie was feeling apprehensive about how she was being prepared, and she could tell Emily felt likewise. But what came next drew an audible gasping whine from both girls. Cesar removed two leather belts, and handed one to Olivia. The belts each included a strap with two large phalluses, that clearly were intended to reside between the girls' legs. Emily took the violation of her pussy and asshole quietly, albeit with a definite cringe, as Cesar inserted both dildos into her ass and cunt at the same time and locked the belt into place. Katie was less willing to accept this latest violation, but could only muster a "Please no, Mistress" as Olivia shoved the phallic devices into her most private cavities.

"Shut up, slave," Olivia responded, angry at Katie's continued complaining. "Let's gag these two so I don't have to listen to any more whining."

"Gladly," replied Cesar, as he grabbed a fat, six inch, double ended dildo. "Open up, slave. Time to plug that mouth," he told Emily.

"Yes, Master," Emily replied, opening wide.

Cesar inserted half the dildo into Emily's waiting mouth, then turned her to face Katie. "Your turn, honey," he told Katie.

Katie realized that she and Emily were expected to share this dildo as their gag. Katie reluctantly opened her mouth, and the gag was inserted until her lips met Emily's at the halfway point of the dildo. They don't expect us to stay like this for the entire trip? Katie thought to herself. But her question was quickly answered when their collars were hooked together, followed by a leather strap that tied their heads in a face-to-face position. The two girls stood helplessly, staring each other in the eye with their lips, noses, and foreheads pressed against one another.

Olivia and Cesar continued the binding process by tying a strap around their midsection, which smashed their boobs intimately together. Their ankle cuffs were then locked together, followed by straps wrapped around their calves, knees, and thighs. Finally, their wrist cuffs were fastened to the back of the other girls corset, leaving them in a loving embrace that would last for the duration of their voyage.

With their legs tied awkwardly together, Katie and Emily had to fight not to lose their balance and fall over. But Cesar and Olivia resolved that problem by picking them up and placing them into a padded box. The two girls immediately realized that they had minimal range of motion, but there was still one last surprise in store for them. Olivia turned the dial on a remote, and the girls immediately realized that the dildos that were locked in their pussy and asshole were actually vibrators. Both girls squirmed to escape the stimulation, with no success.

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