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Paying a Football Debt


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Jerry's phone buzzed with Mary's offer. "The Cardinals are ahead 14 to 3. My bet is for the Seahawks to be ahead at half-time."

"You're on" he texted back, "6 minutes left to play. If I win, you owe me a back massage during the halftime show."

"Too easy" she sent, "with these odds, I get better payback. If I win, you make me cum with your tongue during half-time. In the truck. In the driveway."

His jaw dropped as he read her offer. This was the first sexually-related bet she had made! She always shot down his risque offers.

Instantly sending his reply, Jerry asked "Isn't that a bit much? What's gotten in to you?"

Mary's reply was quite blunt. "Nope, just right. And hopefully your tongue."

Figuring there was no way for her to win, he didn't bother with the phone, he just nodded his head at her across the room. She smiled real big and they turned back to the game, suddenly quite interested in how this game was unfolding.

They were at their friend Dave's house watching the bowl game and the crowd of people had separated into several small groups. Jerry wasn't drinking this time since it was his turn to drive home, but he felt he had a 'contact buzz' from everyone else's influence. Mary had a few drinks, but she wasn't drunk, but she had clearly had enough to break out of her 'shy' shell.

During the last few minutes of the half, Jerry watched in shock as the tide turned and the Seahawks actually started to play like they wanted to win!

An interception turned into a touchdown only one play later. With time short, the Seahawks did an on-side kick, and the crowd of people in the house about raised the roof when the Hawks forced a fumble and ended up with the ball. The Cardinals defense easily stopped the run attempt, but the Seattle line was so quick they snapped the ball before the defenders were fully ready. The wide receiver was out with no coverage, and the QB easily floated the ball to him as he jogged into the in-zone. With only seconds left, he could only assumed the extra point happened. He couldn't see the TV through the crowd of people jumping around the room and cheering as the first half came to an end.

Mary was still cheering as she came over and sat on her husband's lap. "Looks like 17 to 14 babe. I think you owe me."

As the people started wandering around the room (and all around the scheming couple) to start socializing and refilling their drinks, Mary whispered in his ear "We only have about 10 minutes, hope your tongue is warmed up."

Jerry's shock turned to desire as to what was about to happen really sank in. Mary's ass was directly on top of his cock and she was slightly dancing around in victory - that started to wake up a part of him. Pulling her face to his, Jerry kissed her cheek quickly and put his mouth to her ear.

"Babe, you should leave now before I can't walk normally. I will be out in a sec, you had better be all ready for me."

With a little smack on her ass to get her going, she walked quickly out the front door. Waiting only seconds, he went to the kitchen for a drink. 'Accidentally' spilling some water all over his hand and the glass, no one paid much attention as he took a handful of paper towels and patted everything dry.

Leaving the cup on the counter he went outside, with a handful of wet towels, squeezed past the smokers, and went around the back of all the cars so he got to the truck from the passenger side from behind. Luckily there were several cars between them and the house, with a strategically-placed van blocking them from seeing the front door.

Sure enough, the sun shade was covering the windshield, and Mary had put the pull-down suction cup shades on the front windows. The back windows were all tinted darkly, so it was hard to see in. You had to be up close to see in, which Jerry was, and what a view he got!

Mary was in the back seat, scooted down low to ensure she wouldn't draw attention, her shorts and panties were on the seat next to her. Her knees were spread far apart, giving her fingers lots of room to work between her legs. Her tank top and bra were pulled down below her breasts, and she made a hell of a view with everything on display for anyone wandering too close.

Without really thinking about it, Jerry got out his cellphone and took a quick picture, with the phone just a fraction of an inch from the window glass. It wasn't super clear, but it was quite enough to see exactly what was going on. Smiling deviously, he turned on the camera's burst mode which would take a picture every five seconds until manually stopped.

After enough time for a few more pictures to be taken, he tapped the phone against the window to let Mary know he was there. She jumped a little and tried to cover up but stopped when she saw who it was. She smiled and closed her eyes again, wasting no time getting her fingers back to her crotch. A quick press on the key fob unlocked the doors and he slowly made his way in. With his phone on silent mode, there was no tell-tale noise from the camera, and he moved slow enough to avoid blurry shots.

Mary didn't react to him opening the door and sliding in next to her. A quick glance at the phone's screen showed the timer count down was at four seconds, so he aimed it carefully and reached his other hand out to her breast. A gentle pinch on her nipple brought a moan from her, and he pulled up on it a little bit, stretching her breast up a bit just as the count-down in his head reached zero.

The moan Mary started as he tweaked her nipple just got louder the longer he held on. Time was running short, and he needed to get to work. Thinking the same thing, Jerry saw Mary reach up for him. She yanked a handful of his hair, pulling his face down between her legs.

Wanting to be a tease just a little longer, he let her push but stopped just short of her sex. Blowing a stream of cool air on her wetness, leaving a quick kiss on the inside of her thigh, and his face was back up to her face level. She moaned in frustration as he sucked gently at her neck and kissed the corners of her mouth. Moving lower, he licked and kissed around her nipples, randomly letting his tongue glance across the tip of her nipples.

"Dammit, get your mouth down there, I need your tongue on me" Mary growled at her teasing hubby. "You owe me, and I need it now!"

As soon as her eyes closed again, he put the cellphone on the center console of the front seat with the camera facing in their general direction. As soon as he thought it was set right he finally turned back to his lovely wife. She squealed a bit in shock as he pulled her legs lower and pushed her upper body down on the seat to fit just right.

Before her shoulders even hit the seat, he was lifting up her legs to rest on his shoulders. Jerry's shoulders actually hit her in the back of her thighs as he went down like a man starving. His tongue attacked her clit as his thumb eased into her pussy. She was so incredibly wet there was no friction at all. Spelling out a few of their favorite words on her clit had Mary biting her arm to stop from screaming in pleasure.

Without warning she clamped her thighs around his head in a vice-like grip, her free hand shoving his face deeper into her center of lust. Not worried about breathing for a few seconds, Jerry just grinned in accomplishment and went along for the ride, his head bouncing along with her throes of passion.

Her legs finally shakily started to loosen and he could start breathing normally again. One last little lick on her clit made Mary squeal and jerk her legs together again. "You ASS! Stop it, you know it's too soon" she said, not mad, just jolted out of her cool-down zone.

"Mmmm, damn that was nice. You should lose bets like that more often babe" she cooed.

"Sure thing, but now it's my turn to win a bet, my cock is trying to poke a hole in my jeans!"

"Maybe... Just maybe. But we need to get back inside before people start wondering where we went and start looking for us."

Nodding in reply, Jerry got the paper towels to clean up her juices. Not that either of them cared a few minutes ago, but they were suddenly paranoid about someone walking up and finding them like this. For her husband's viewing pleasure, Mary left her boobs out on display while she got her lower half dressed. Jerry was happy to get a nice view while they got ready to go back in.

Walking back into the house together, they quickly came up with a cover story for being gone. It didn't matter though -- no one even noticed that they were gone. It was silly really, two grown adults, married to each other, and yet they were sneaking around like teenagers trying not to get caught. Still, they felt like they had gotten away with being dirty, and they split off to use different restrooms to finish getting cleaned up.

The game was back on, and Jerry was kind of surprised to see that he no longer really cared. Football is great, but it can't compare to sex! He just couldn't focus now, his blue balls were too distracting.

The close game had everyone's attention, and there were no seats left for Jerry. 'No problem!' he thought, walking back towards the kitchen, 'that means I can get to the pictures and work on my next bet.'

He typed up a long-ish text message to save it in the drafts folder for later. He was so intent on picking out the exact right words, he did not notice her sneaking up. His spidey sense tingled and just in time he put the phone away so Mary couldn't see what was on it.

"So did you come up with your bet? I have one ready for you, we just need to figure out what to bet on."

"Well..." he replied and paused, "I do have an idea, but it's going to be a quick one."

Mary raised her eyebrows and cocked her head. "Well, don't keep me waiting! Out with it already."

"OK, since you have an idea, we can text it to each other, sending at the same time. The bet is that since Seattle just got the ball, they will have a turn-over, for any reason, in the next two minutes."

She thought for a moment, then set the timer on her phone.

"You're on buddy. Let's get the payoffs sent then."

Mary went back to her seat on the arm of the couch and Jerry leaned on the doorframe to the kitchen. He typed 'My blue balls are killing me. If I win, you give me a blowjob in the front bathroom 1 minute after the turnover. Don't worry, I won't last but a minute.'

They shared a grin as they sent their texts, and she didn't look away as he read her text and looked back at her in surprise.

Jerry looked back to make sure he read it right. Nope, it didn't change while he was looking away. 'You want to get into my panties? OK! If I win, you will wear my panties until the start of the next quarter. You hide your boxers under the sink.'

Looking back up to his wife, he saw she hadn't looked away, she just kept watching him and giggling. She finally looked at her phone and read his dare. Glancing back at him, she shrugged one shoulder, as if bored, then smiled again and turned back to the TV.

His heart sank as half of the crowd cheered. A long pass to the wide receiver looked like it would connect. He was open, no defenders within a dozen yards of him. After an easy catch, he was run out of bounds. Looking over at Mary, she tapped her phone and walked towards him.

She headed to the bathroom, slowing down slightly as she passed him.

"Lets go princess, time to see how you look in purple."

Jerry shook his head in resignation as he followed her. Once again, no one noticed them head into the bathroom together. Mary was all smiles when he turned around after locking the door behind him.

Everyone had their shoes off in the house, so they only had two items each to take off. Jerry unhooked his belt, but Mary stopped his hands.

"Nope, stop right there. I get the pleasure of doing all this. Just stand there and look sexy for me, OK?"

He sighed. "Sure babe. Have fun."

Jerry was not happy about this, but he was game for anything. He had never had an interest wearing girl's panties, it didn't do anything for him, but if this is what his lovely wife wanted, then he would give it a shot.

Mary got on her knees, sitting back on her heels, which put her face directly in front of his crotch. She looked up at him with big eyes and reached for his jeans. With a practiced flip of her hands, she had unbuttoned his jeans and had the zipper halfway down. Pausing there, she pulled her hands behind her back and leaned forward.

Shoving her head into him, she found the zipper with her lips, but had to struggle to get her teeth attached to the pull. Jerry growled in frustration as she rubbed her face against his growing cock. The zipper down now, she didn't move her face, she just opened her mouth as she pulled down his jeans.

Reaching down, she rested the top of her head into his throbbing cock. Then she pulled the legs of his pants past one, foot, then the other, all while rubbing her head lightly back and forth across his erection. It was very obviously straining to bust out of his cotton boxer-briefs, and Mary giggled as she pointed at it.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry, is this my fault?"

"Damn right it is you cocktease! You're just making it worse!

"Awww, there's a little wet spot there now. I guess you weren't kidding about thar 'one minute' thing."

"Come on babe," Larry said, impatiently starting to push down his underwear, "let's get this over with."

When he pushed down the fabric, she went to help, and they jumped down a few extra inches. She had started to reply just as the elastic band passed the point of restraint, and his cock popped out. Free at last, it bounced up in freedom and quickly landed in her mouth, silencing whatever she was about to say.

She leaned forward to take in the whole head and just held him there for about five seconds before backing away, the suction breaking with a quiet wet pop.

"No no no big boy, you lost the bet, no blowjob for you."

"Sorry, I may have helped a little. I just need to cum so bad!"

"We need to hurry, this is taking forever. Come on, drawers off."

Getting down to business, she dropped them to the floor and he stepped out. Mary picked them up and tossed them in the back of the cabinet under the sink. She stood up and gave her hubby an evil grin.

"My turn now. And I have to admit, I wore these on purpose, I had this bet planned out before we left home."

Jerry shook his head and laughed quietly, but stopped when his wife shook her hips working her skirt down her hips. He had seen her panties in the truck before, but had not paid much attention. He knew he was going to wear panties, but he didn't expect purple silk ones with a generous amount of lace.

Just for another dose of mean, she turned around to slide the silk down her smooth legs, her ass wiggling at him. Unable to resist the target she was pointing at him, he stepped forward and dipped his knees a couple of inches. With one hand on her hip and the other on his raging cock as a guide, he pushed forward. He found she was moist from her teasing, and with a groan he eased into her.

Mary leaned over, resting her upper body on the counter, pushing back slightly as he bottomed out. Jerry closed his eyes as his head rolled back in passion, feeling her holding him tightly inside of her. It was too short lived though, as Mary reached back to push on his chest as she pulled forward and stood up.

He moaned at the loss. "Please Mary, dammit, I'm so close!"

"Hey big guy, I'm going to be commando under my skirt, I can't have you leaking out of me when I walk around, now can I?"

"Well I guess not. Any more teasing, I'm gonna have to rub one out real quick."

"Oh no you don't mister. That's for me to get, not a tissue. You're just delaying now, time to put on your big boy panties!"

She giggled at her joke as she knelt down to pick up her panties and offer the leg hole to her husband. With a sigh, he lifted a foot and put it in, then the other foot. It was a tight fit, but she hiked the silk panties up his legs and snugged them around his hips.

One glaring problem is that his stiff cock was poking out the top of the waistband. Mary leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest,

"Well this won't do, we can't have that monster peeking out to say 'hi' to everyone. Can't you tuck him down any?"

He sneered at her, "Really babe? Right now it doesn't bend too easy."

With some struggling, he was able to angle his cock down so it was poking out the leg hole, but that looked even worse. With another small fight, he manhandled it into the front of the panties, but now it poked out obscenely.

Mary shook her head, almost sadly.

"Well I can't have you stretch out my favorite silk, and it doesn't look like it's going down anytime soon, so maybe I really should help."

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled down the front of his panties and with a single fast move, inhaled his cock. Mary shook her head slightly as his head was pushing against the back of her mouth. She hummed a 'yum yum' type of noise, the vibrations vibrating across his cock, sending tremors of pleasure down his legs. She reached up to cup his balls, massaging them softly. Jerry finally allowed to reach that point, put his hands on the sides of her head, holding her in place. With a low groan, he bent over slightly as he was finally allowed to cum. Mary pulled back an inch as he started to shoot stream after stream, just as fast as she could swallow it.

Leaning back onto the door as his knees shook, Jerry took a deep breath as he stroked his wife's cheeks.

"Thanks babe, you have no idea how bad I needed that. You had me going crazy, you know how much you turn me on."

"I guess I did kind of owe you that after all that torture I put you through. But this changes things, now you have to wear them until we got home. No discussion on that!"

Mary stood up and sat on the edge of the counter, lifting one foot to the counter to the side of her husband.

"You got me turned on like crazy too. Don't waste this, I don't want to have to wipe this off. Clean up my pussy with your tongue real quick before I get dressed."

He quickly got to his task, and with only a little extra playing, had licked up every bit of her wetness he could before she stopped him. Without a word, she reached down to get her skirt and pulled it up. Once it was zipped, she helped Jerry situate his cock into the silk panties, then helped him on with his pants.

The tension gone, they now worked quickly and without the teasing. They gave each other a quick once-over to make sure they were presentable. She opened the bathroom door and checked to make sure the coast was clear. The noise level told them everyone was still focusing on the game, and they walked into the kitchen and tried to act like they had been there the whole time.

After a couple minutes, Mary turned to Jerry with a shocked look on her face.

"Babe, you should probably get something from the bathroom cabinet and put it in the truck, yes?"

He laughed and agreed, and left to get his underwear to put away.

After he left, Mary moved up to where she could see the TV and saw the game was really close. Just over five minutes was left, and the Cardinals were ahead by two points. Taking out her phone, she typed up her last dare and sent it off.

Jerry got to the car and put his drawers in the console, then took a seat to get his dare ready to send. Just before he did, he got Mary's text.

'5minutes left, Cards up by 2. If they win, you owe me a full-body massage with a happy ending.'

He looked at the screen and shrugged. That was an easy one, she wanted that about once a month or so. With a grin, he finished his draft message from earlier, and sent it off, then attached the three images he had selected from the dozens from before.

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