tagBDSMPaying for Plans Interrupted Pt. 02

Paying for Plans Interrupted Pt. 02


You are still breathing a little heavy and recovering from the delightful orgasm I was generous enough to give you. I start to strap you down. First the left, then the right wrist is captured and bound with a thick leather cuff. You look at me with confusion as I simply look down at my pants and state, "you have soiled my pants terribly. I shall have to punish you further this time." Your stomach gives a little quiver of nervous excitement and your pussy immediately starts to feel warm as blood rushes to it and it begins to moisten. You give a guilty look at the proof of your enjoyment of the previous round of punishment, which is incredibly obvious judging from the huge wet stain you left on my lap.

I come over with a blindfold cover your eyes and continue to secure it around your head. You try and relax on the bed as everything goes dark. I touch your cheek, gently caressing before moving on. I undo the tie to your dress and unbutton it. You feel the cool air on your skin, as you realize I have left you now naked and vulnerable. I move slowly around the bed, watching your head cocked as you strain to hear what I am doing.

I lean over and kiss your stomach, I work my way down past your navel and you start open your legs, hoping I will go lower. I do not. Instead I reach down and secure one ankle and then the other with the same type of thick leather cuff securing your wrists. I then knead your feet, giving your feet a much needed massage. You have been on them all day and you had not realized just how sore they were until, "God this is punishment?" You think. As you really get into it, I stop and you let out a groan of frustration. You are so excited, so turned on knowing that I have you bound, blindfolded, and at your mercy. How wrong you were.

I move around the bed once again. This time I start to tighten the restraints. Your arms are now stretched out where they were just loosely drawn out before. Your legs open as well. I slowly open them, one leg at a time. You playfully fight it anyway but realize it doesn't matter, I will get your legs open even if you did try to truly fight it. You give up as your legs starts to ache from holding them together. Your legs are now spread as well. You are now secured, spread-eagle, on this large bed. Your limbs are tightly secured to the point of feeling likethey are stretching but not hurting. You try to raise your head up once again to listen for me, only to find a thick leather collar wrapped around your neck. It is tight but not enough to inhibit breathing, just enough to remind you it is there and what control I now have over you. That feeling is intensified by my securing this collar to the frame, making it impossible for you to move your head without feeling it close snuggly around your throat just a little tighter.

Now, you are truly bound, blindfolded, and at my mercy. I take a step back and admire the sight before me. There you are in all your glory, bound, beautiful, and blind to what is about to happen. You are enchanting in your anticipation as you lay there, unable to do anything but wait and think about what is to come. What is going through your mind? Will I be rough? Will I be gentle? Will I be stern? Will I be generous? How can you please me? How can you prove that you are sorry? What apology will be enough?

I bring you out of your reverie with a kiss on your forehead. You are suddenly with me in the moment. You wonder if the punishment is about to begin. Oh, it is starting soon, my pet, it is starting soon.

I kiss you lightly on the cheek, I start to caress, to touch you lightly. I touch your arms, your sides, your stomach, your thighs, your calves, your feet, trailing goosebumps all along. You giggle slightly as I touch spots more ticklish than others. I eventually start touching more erogenous areas. Your breasts, nipples, inner thighs, and labia are all caressed and you feel more and more turned in by this light touching.

I start massaging, using an oil that leaves just the slightest tingling sensation. I repeat the same process as with the caressing. Arms, followed by sides, stomach, feet, calves and thighs. You sigh in happy contentment as you thoroughly enjoy my ministrations. My strong hands take away every ache and pain that you didn't even know about. Your mind starts to wander, simply enjoying my hands and the sensations they are bringing. You start to look forward to these same hands touching and massaging your most sensitive areas.

Suddenly a sharp pain on your right nipple as I twist it making you gasp and you feel a ball gag shoved into your mouth and secured tightly behind your head. You are now bound, blindfolded and gagged and completely at my mercy.

"We can't have you wake anyone up, can we? Well, now that you had your spa treatment, shall we get started on that punishment I mentioned?" I sarcastically inquire.

You feel that sense of excitement start to build once again from the slow simmer the massage brought you to. You also begin to realize just how vulnerable you truly are in this position since the massage is over. Your muscles are loose and relaxed, but they and your skin now have a tingle to them. A tingle that in other circumstances would be pleasant, but now, with me looming over you, it just adds to the sense of anticipation at what I might do.

You feel one breast, then the other begin to be kneaded, the same slow and firm technique that turned you to putty, now I am starting on more sensitive areas. Your breasts start to feel the massage and the oil as you moan softly into the gag. I take the time to put a breast clamp on each, tightening them so that you definitely feel it but not enough to truly cause pain. Just now sensation, more deep relaxing pleasure mixed with a buzzing from the oil. You are

I begin to massage your inner thighs, to knead and press away your aches and to loosen muscles too long stressed. The tingle spreads. I slap your thighs, the tingle spreads and flares up with the sharp crack of my hand against your skin. I alternate legs and speeds, keeping you guessing. The pain is minimal and simply blends together with the tingling oil and pleasure of the massage to leave your body feeling alive.Then as suddenly as it began it stops. I am gone. You try to find me but the collar keeps you down, the straps keep you completely immobile. You are starting to pant through the gag from arousal.

My absence is explained when your feel my hands and mouth start to work on you. Cold and wet from washing off the oils, they nevertheless create their own unique sensation as I kiss those lips, nibbling, sucking and teasing. My hands follow right along by alternating between caressing and massaging. You start to grind you hips against my face as my tongue explores your depths, you moan into the gag and are getting wetter and wetter.

You groan that sexy little groan as my fingers join in by exploring inside of you. Just teasing, just touching, I never touch your g-spot or clit. I just keep building sensation as I kiss and rim your cute little rosebud, making you jump and gasp. I feel you starting to get closer and closer to a climax. Your movements become more and more frantic. I get more and more focused on licking, on kissing, on nibbling. You are making tensing up more and more with me pushing you further and further. Until I stop. I step back and take a breath.

You keep panting and grinding, you keep moving and trying to find my face, trying to find those strong hands, that talented tongue and delicious lips. You start to come down from the edge after a minute.

Once you do, I start right back into it. Kissing, nibbling, caressing, licking. I bring you to the edge again and again and again. After many times, I bring you right back up once again, you start to climb to the peak faster than before getting closer than before and in my fury of affections, you think you'll make it but then I pull away completely. You no longer feel my presence between your legs, where you desperately want me. In the back of your mind, you are starting to realize what the punishment really is. A body that is so turned on, so aroused it is almost painful and a man just patient enough to keep doing this until his point is made. You groan in massive frustration into the gag and silently pray to cum.

You feel the gag loosen and get removed as I lean down and ask, "how are you feeling? Are you sorry? Are you ready to apologize and beg for forgiveness?"

You nod desperately and try to answer when you feel my cock push into your mouth and I growl, "prove it with action, not words".

You waste no time in showing just how appreciative you are for this chance to apologize. You lick, you suck, you reach as far as you can with your mouth, lips and tongue as I thrust in and out of your mouth. I suddenly pull away, you try to beg, to say you'll try harder, when the gag is returned to your mouth. You are left with the taste of my sweat, precum, and rubber on your tongue as your body is on fire with pleasure and tingling, leaving you even more desperate to cum.

You feel me back between your legs as you hear a hum. You can't see it but you hear a hitachi now used to stimulate your lips. You come closer and closer, faster and faster. I lightly slap your thighs again, lighting up the nerve endings and sending you reeling in sensation. I do this a couple more times. Bringing you to the edge and backing away before you can go over into bliss. I see how I am getting to you. You are flushed, soaked in sweat, making every sexy little noise as you desperately try to get enough friction to cum, with out without my permission. You struggle against the bonds and are now whimpering and pleading as I take the nipple clamps off. I remove them and as the blood rushes to the area, I apply some of the oil. You start to feel it and gasp into your gag. It is the cutest little sound you have made yet and you whimper to me. You hear a dark chuckle from me, "heh, heh, heh."

You lay there, helpless when the oil was applied. Whimpering you call out through the gag as you feel the hitachi once again come to life. Your heart sinks a little as you prepare to try and hold off any sign of cumming to try and trick me into giving you an orgasm. But then, you feel something is different.

You feel the hitachi but you also feel something else, you feel my cock pressing against your entrance. You feel me press into you. My cock stretches you in the most delicious way as you start trying to thrust against me. I start slow and then pick up speed. You feel your body responding as each sensation picks up more and more. Your whole body is becoming one big nerve of pleasure as a buzzing fills more and more of your brain. Then comes the hitachi. You feel it touch your clit and you build and build and build.

Your pussy starts to ripple as your moaning and now screaming fill the air, despite the gag that is still wedged firmly in your mouth. You climb toward the edge faster and faster. You reach the mountaintop and keep going into right into space feeling so much pleasure! You remember at the last second that this was supposed to be a punishment, you try to hold back, waiting for permission. You still are holding back, despite desperately wanting to cum. You try to be good, try to hold off.

You try to ask, beg me to cum, but the gag, it is stopping you! You groans and moan in frustration as my cock keeps pumping in and out and the hitachi gently touches your clit on and off.

I hear the panicked question through the gag and grin a savage grin. I lean down, twist a nipple and say, "cum for me, Moira, be a good girl. Show me you learned your lesson. Cum for me, my good girl. Cum when I do."

You hear the only words that matter, "cum, good girl, cum."

I pump harder as you stiffen, I push hard one last time and groan mightily as I feel your pussy tighten and ripple, milking me. I give in and cum, painting your insides with my cum. You feel the warm cum and hear my moans.

This triggers your own orgasm. It rips through you like a wildfire. Your whole world is sensation and the sensations are not to be denied. The repeated denial, the tingling skin, pleasantly aching muscles, tingling thighs and nipples, the arms and legs training against their bonds as your throat is held tightly by the thick collar combined with my thick cock and the hitachi on your clit is incredible.. It's too much! You scream and scream into the gag as you cum. Your brain is on fire. You strain against the bonds as you cum violently from all the stimulation. But, it doesn't stop! You don't cum down but keep cumming! I built you up too much! You can't stop cumming!

It comes one, two, three,...they start to blend together into one large never ending stretch of bliss. You just feel pleasure, never ending pleasure, as you experience timelessness and feel every nerve ending pulsing with this pleasure. It goes on and on towards the horizon and beyond...

You come back to reality later, realizing you are no longer bound, blindfolded or gagged but still utterly at my mercy. You can't move and feel extremely weak and vulnerable. A pleasant ache surrounds every part of you as you realize you are curled up with me. I lay there caressing and touching gently. You look up with a question in your blinking eyes. I answer as I smile down at you with my deep cobalt blue eyes and finally kiss those lips of yours. We cuddle in contentment as your body has a pleasant buzz of exhaustion starts to set in. I eventually get myself up and pick you up, carrying you to the bathroom and a hot bath, all the while whispering in my deep gravelly voice, " you did so well. I am proud of you, my dear pet. My Moira." You sigh in utter contentment as you put your head against my shoulder, knowing you pleased me.

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