tagBDSMPaying for Plans Interrupted

Paying for Plans Interrupted


You press your body into me as I wrap my strong arms around you. You feel safe, content to simply be held. You look into my twinkling blue eyes as I smile down at you. I hold you close. You start to lose yourself in the shifting colors of my eyes before my deep voice snaps you back to reality.

"The excitement and frustration is past, Moira, but it doesn't mean you're safe."

You look up and blink your eyes in confusion when you feel the first handcuff click around your wrist. You try to say something, to protest when you feel me click the other cuff over your wrist and now both wrists are behind your back, secured. The protest and questions turn to a sigh when I pull your chin up and delicately kiss your lips, soothing concerns for the moment as you melt into the kiss.

As the kiss becomes more intense, I firmly hold your throat and pull away, regaining control of the situation and myself. I say, "I had not planned on kissing you yet but your lips looked too delicious not to".

"However", I growl, "for tempting to derail my plans for this evening, you will pay." As you give me a questioning look, I lead you over to a chair, I sit down and lean you over my lap.

Your dress is now pulled up over your hips as you dangle over my lap, vulnerable. I busy myself with feeling your legs and ass in this position as you wait. You know what is coming and now you can't stop it, nor would you want to. You interrupted my plan and you will simply have to pay for your actions. You feel a something cut your panties off. A knife perhaps? You aren't sure but the point trails gently from one hip to the other across your now bare skin, giving you goosebumps of an anticipated thrill. The knife is now gone and your ass is up in the air. You are bent over, bare, and completely vulnerable to my wishes.

"Shall we begin?" I ask. "I will keep this simple. I had planned something much more elaborate and intense. I planned for you to practice begging and pleading for relieve from orgasm after orgasm. Instead, you tempted me and possibly changed the plans that I spent much time figuring out. Now, here I am, having to discipline instead. How can we start to make this right? I will spank you like the naughty girl you are. You will count the strikes so that I know that you are aware of them as well."

I lean in closer and in a low warning tone say, "you had better not lose count or I will have to start over. I would hate to have to do that when there are so many other things we could do with our time."

You already feel yourself getting wet. Then the strikes come. "One, Daniel." You say, trying to maintain your meekness.

Again. "Two, Daniel."

Again. "Three Daniel."

On and on.

As you start to get wetter and wetter you realize while one hand has been doling our the discipline, the other has been exploring. At first you were too distracted by the counting and stinging ass and thighs to notice but now it is getting more and more evident.

My other hand has been touching your lips, feeling the wetness, starting to push inside and explore.

Again. "Twenty one, Daniel."

Again. "Twenty two Daniel."

No longer content to play outside, you feel me rubbing your G-spot as I push my fingers into you and explore the reactions. You gasp and gyrate your hips to gain more friction against my fingers.

Again. "Thirty seven, Daniel."

Again. "Thirty eight, Daniel."

My fingers are feeling, touching, exploring inside you. You are gushing with wetness. I continue to spank and play. You are getting to a fever pitch. Things are blending together now.

You are having trouble keeping track of the count and dread having to start over. Your ass and upper thighs are on fire and your pussy is aching.

Wait, was that forty three or forty four? You can't remember! You guess.

"Forty four, Sir!"

I stop my spanking and slow my rubbing of the inside of your pussy as my eyes narrow. "Forty four, Sir?" I growl. You quickly remember, I will not go by Sir, no matter what you wish.

"I mean Daniel!" You quickly correct. You are rewarded with another stinging strike of the ass ass and the rubbing inside you increases. You get getting closer and closer to orgasm. The count gets higher. You are focusing so hard on not cumming because if you do, you will definitely lose count.

Again. "Forty eight, Daniel."

Again. "Forty nine, Daniel."

You're so wet and turned on, you are at a fever pitch. My gravelly voice reaches your ears with, "cum for me, Moira. I know you want to. I need you to cum right now. I reach lower and play with your clit as you stiffen and scream, "fifty, Daniel!"

You cum and see white for a long moment as everything fires in your brain, sending you over the edge into bliss. You feel my rubbing your g-spot and clit while caressing your ass and legs.

You can't move yet because of the intensity of that orgasm. I pick you up and sit you on my lap. You cuddle and relax, sighing against me.

I chuckle and hold you. After a while, I pick you up and bring you to the bed. I begin strapping you down. You weakly protest and give me a questioning look. I simply look down at the huge wet stain from you and say, "you have gotten my pants terrible soiled. I have to discipline you much further this time. You see the mischievous twinkle in my deep blue eyes and sigh. You are in for a long night...

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