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Paying Rent


Troy sat quietly grinning to himself. He turned his gaze, from the floor, in front of him, to the clock, on the piano. He would be leaving in half an hour. He returned his gaze, to the floor, in front of himself, and smiled again.

Dean and Troy had been friends for many years. They had many common interests. They shared a love of guns and the out of doors. They had spent many weekends out at Troy's cabin. Dean had even helped to fix up the old house, so that it was more livable.

Over the years they had been together as their kids played ball together, and attended band concerts. The two attended scout camp with their boys, for three years running. Occasionally they even double dated with their wives.

Both of them had seen some hard times, and financial setbacks. Dean had even lost his home. Both had changed jobs, at least once, during the time they had known each other. Troy had been able to land on his feet a little better. Some would say, "Just dumb luck."

Troy and his wife were able to purchase a small, second home. They hoped to rent it out and provide for themselves, in their retirement years. As the fates conspired, Dean ended up renting, from Troy.

Usually a terrible idea, (to rent from a friend), they had agreed early on, that their friendship would not suffer. Business was business, and they would treat each other with professional respect.

They both were true to their word. The rent always came in on time. Only once was it late. Dean had apologized profusely, and Troy had explained that he needed it to make his payments, on the house. Dean did the unthinkable and sold one of his guns, to pay the rent. Troy was very sorry, but they moved forward, with their lives and friendship.

As time marched on, Troy had even pitched in money for Dean's boys to serve on missions. Their friendship had passed the test of time. Both of them had seen a couple of their kids get married, and even the youngest, were away at college.

The two couples had fallen into a routine, of a double date, a month. Just last weekend, the four of them had been out at the old cabin. They had enjoyed a fun evening, of barbecue, good conversation, and an enjoyable movie.

As the girls were hauling things out to the car, Dean pulled Troy aside, "I've got a problem Buddy."

"What can I do to help?" Troy responded, as the two walked farther away from the girls, around the south side of the house.

"I screwed up, and got us into a bind." Dean swallowed. "I barrowed my little girl some money and bought some junk that I shouldn't have." Troy could tell that this was difficult, for his friend to talk about.

Looking down, Dean continued, "I'm really very sorry, but I don't know how we're going to pay the rent this month." The two men stood there silent, neither one knowing what to say.

Finally, Troy looked over at his friend, "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. You know that we are tight too."

"I don't even have anything worth selling." Dean said.

Troy look at his friend without speaking, Dean looked whipped, a man that had truly reached the end of his rope. Troy put his hand on Dean's shoulder. "We'll figure something out. It's going to be alright."

"Maybe, I can take something out of savings, to keep the bank happy." Troy offered.

Dean looked up, and into his friends' eyes. "I don't know how to repay you." Troy smiled, "We'll figure something out. Are you two going to be all right till payday? I mean, have you got food, and stuff?"

Dean looked away again, in the direction of the women, "Yea, we'll be fine." "Not to convincing." Troy countered.

"Look." Dean said, stepping into Troy's' face. "We'll manage. I'm not dumping

all my problems in your lap." Troy stepped back, half a step, as Dean continued. "It's just the two of us anyway, we'll be fine."

Troy motioned for them to return to the women. They began to walk, "All the same." Troy began, "Why don't you two come by for supper tomorrow night?" They caught up to the girls, who had just finished loading the car, Troy turned to his wife and said, "I've just invited these two over, for dinner tomorrow night."

Two days later, when Troy got home form work, his friend Dean was waiting for him in the carport. They said their hellos and then, motioning to the picnic table, Dean ask if they could talk.

"I'm still torn up about the rent." Dean started. Troy opened his mouth to counter, and thought better. "I need to make it up to you some how." Swallowing hard he continued. "We've been through a lot together. I don't think that there's a man that I love and respect more than I do you."

"That means a lot to me." Troy answered, starting to choke up a little.

"I don't even know if you are willing to accept my offer." Dean swallowed again. Looking at the table, he continued. "My wife and I have talked about this for some time now." Dean clasp his hands together, on the table top.

"We don't have very much, nothing of any value anyway. Our kids are pretty much gone and on their own."

"Where are we going with this?" Troy interrupted.

"Please, Please, let me finish. This is hard enough, to talk about, just let me get

through it." Dean pressed.

"All right, all right, I'll shut up and listen." Troy said, apologetically.

"We don't have much, for retirement ether. And you know that I'm do to retire this fall." Troy nodded, sympathetically. "I know that you're concerned about how we're going to manage also." Dean was wringing his hands. To Troy, it looked like his friend was almost cowering, but bravely cowering.

Troy had always loved Dean and his wife Sherry. He had been close to them both, for many years, not only as a couple, but individually. As they had all grown older, they had often laughed and joked about their infirmities. Troy wanted so desperately to help his friends, to even see them grow old together, to help in some way.

Dean looked up at Troy, and continued. "We've tried very hard to figure out how to repay you, for your many kindnesses, over the years, and we still need to support ourselves." Troy could see how hard this was for his friend. He wanted to comfort him somehow, but felt that this was something Dean needed to get out.

Troy could see that Dean was struggling. "I hope that you know that I love you and your wife, your kids too, for that matter. I'd like to do all that I can to help."

"Thank you, Troy." Dean said quietly.

Taking a deep breath, Dean starred at the table and began. "We, that is Sherry and I, want to give ourselves to you."

"What are you talking about?" Troy said, as he stood up.

"Please, please, sit down." Dean said, trying to remain calm. "Please let me explain." Putting a hand on Troy's forearm. "This will take a while. But I assure you, that we have thought this through, and we really want to do this."

Sitting back down, Troy turned to Dean, and said. "All right, I'll listen, but you

had better talk slow, and use small words."

They both laughed. After a moment, Troy straitened up. "Now really, what's this all about?"

"We are dead serious." Dean continued. "We needed to figure out how to survive our declining years." Looking down again. "The best times of my life, have included, my family and you."

Dean continued. "You know that we are terrible, when it comes to money." Troy nodded. "Well, we've got nothing to live on. The only thing that we own out right is that crappy old car. We don't want to be a burden, on our children."

"So." Troy said laughing. "You want to be a burden, on me?"

"Yes." Dean stated, matter of factly. "We love you and your wife. We've always talked about growing old together. We have the same interests. We love each other's kids. You and I have worked together for years."

Troy sat stunned, with his mouth open. Dean took a breath and continued. "I know that you still have a few rentals, to support you and Joan. If it pleases you, you and I can do all of the work on them." Troy swallowed, Dean had been thinking about this.

"If it's all right with you and Joan, we could move into your basement." Troy closed his mouth, leaned back, and raised an eyebrow. "I know, I know." Dean protested. "We are assuming a lot. But with us out of our house, you could rent it out, and hopefully, off set some of our expenses. We would also turn over any and all money coming into us."

"Are you serious?" Troy gasp.

"You bet we are." Dean shot back, now feeling more courageous. "You know we're bad with money, and we were thinking that if you managed everything, the four of us could live comfortable lives. We know that we wouldn't be rich, but we would be warm, dry, and fed, with people that we love."

"So, your telling me that Sherry bought into this bullshit?" Troy ask.

"To tell you the truth, Troy, some of it has been her idea."

"You mean there's still more?" Troy ask.

"Well, yea. We know that we are asking a lot."

"Damn right." Troy stated flatly. "I love you and your wife, but is this really how you want to spend the rest of your life? Under my thumb?"

Dean held up his hand, to silence Troy, and continued. "We have loved going on vacations with you and Joan. We assume that, if money's available, we will be able to do more of that." Troy's mouth dropped open again. Talk about the gall. What's next, a new car for them?

"We also assume that the two of you would want to do things alone. At those times we would make ourselves scares. We would get rid of all of the disposable assets, that we've got." Dean looked back down at the table. "I know that it's not much. An old car, some worn out furniture, a few other odds and ends, but it's all yours to do with as you please."

Troy sat up, and put both hands flat on the table. "You sound like your literally giving me your life."

"That's exactly what we are doing." Dean said, looking directly into Troy's eyes. "So, what is it that you want?" Ask Troy. "Are you telling me that you want me to

treat you and your wife, as children, or like indentured servants?"

"If that makes you happy, then yes." Dean answered, straitening up.

"But what will make you happy?" Countered Troy. Dean pulled both of his hands off of the table and set them in his lap. Then talking a deep breath he started. "We want you to consider us as your personal property, indentured servants, if you like, slaves, if you like, anything that you want us to be."

Troy shot up, out of his seat. Turning his back, on his friend, he took a couple of giant strides farther into the back yard. Stopping, he looked around the yard. Was this real? Had his friend of all these years gone crazy? Troy sucked in some air, hoping that it would clear his head.

Turning, he walked back to the patio, and sat down. "Are you feeling all right?" He ask Dean.

"You bet." Dean smiled. "I haven't felt this good in years. You see, if you agree to all of this, then all my worries are over."

"What do you mean?" Ask Troy.

"You see, you will entirely run my life, all that I will need to do is to love my wife, and to love you, and I already do."

"What makes you think that I would agree to any of this junk?" Troy questioned, standing up again, and starting to pace.

Dean leaned back and laughed out loud. "I know you better than you think I do."

Troy gave him a questioning look. "Do you remember all those years ago? You know, when we were doing stuff with the kids?"

"Well, yah. I guess. What do you mean?"

"You wrote a story about having a slave girl, for your own personal sex slave." "Gad." Troy interrupted. "I haven't thought about that in fifteen years."

"All the same." Dean continued. "I know that you are one kinky bastard." Troy

glared, in anger. "I also know that you don't get any of that kinky stuff, at home."

"Now, wait a minute." Troy cut in.

"Now, Now." Dean said, trying to calm Troy down. "I know that you are a loving, and gentle man. I also know that because of your love for your wife, you have not ever pursued that side of yourself."

"I should also point out here, that I'm not gay, nor have I ever had any interest. That, having been said, I believe that my wife and I can make you very happy. Kinky wise that is." Dean straitened up and smiled, at Troy.

"Are you telling me that you and Sherry want to be my sex toys as well as all of this other stuff?"

"Yup. That's pretty much the jist of the whole thing." Dean smiled again.

"I don't know what to say." Troy stared, at his friend trying to see some indication of this being a joke. He saw none. "Where does my wife Joan, fit into any of this?"

"That's totally up to you. You are the Boss, Master, or what ever you'd like us to

call you." Dean smiled again, as if he just completed some difficult assignment. "Sherry and I thought that, at least for a while, we would keep this, at least the sex part, between us."

Troy shook his head in disbelief. "So you want to have sex with me?"

"No." Dean quietly replied. "But we do want to please you. And so if that entails having sex, with you, then that's what we will do. No questions ask."

Troy stood up again, and then leaned down over the table, toward Dean. "So your telling me, that you personally, will do anything that I say, perform any sex act, that I request?"

"Yup." Dean smiled.

"No, questions? No, limits?" Troy continued.

"Yes Sir; that is exactly what I'm saying." Dean stated, so pleased with himself that he could barely remain seated.

"What if I tell you to do something gross, or sick?" Troy probed.

"Then I will do it, as quickly and precisely, as I possibly can." Said Dean.

"But what if I tell you to do something that might hurt you, or even someone else?"

"Well." Dean began to answer. "We thought of that. We both love and respect you."

"Yes, you said that, when you started this crazy story." Troy interjected.

"Our thinking is that, we love you, and we believe that you love us in return." "Well, of coarse I love you." Replied Troy.

"And." Dean continued. "Because of that, we believe that even if we do get hurt,

or experience discomfort. Then it will still serve to please you, or benefit you, in some way. Ether way, we are still convinced, that in the long run, you will protect us and care for us."

"So, let me get this strait. You and your wife want me to take over your lives? Every facet if your lives?" Dean nodded, and Troy went on. "You, are choosing, No, you are begging me to control every facet of your lives?" Dean smiled and kept nodding.

Raising his voice a little, Troy leaned into Dean's face. "And in return for the comfort, sustenance, and protection, that this life offers you." Almost in a whisper, Troy added. "You two are going to willingly be my personal kinky sex toys?"

"Yes." Dean smiled, very pleased with himself, almost giddy. "That's exactly what we are asking of you. We will do anything, anytime, anywhere, you ask. No limits, no questions, no boundaries."

Troy, with a mixture of anger, disbelief, and admittedly a little arousal, kept probing. "How can that be? How can you be so willing to give me that much control?"

"We have twenty years of trust and friendship behind us." Dean tried to explain. "We simply believe in your judgment. We trust you, more than we trust ourselves."

"So." Troy continued, with a smile. "Your telling me that if I tell you, to strip off your clothes, walk over there to my dog, and screw him. That you would do that?"

Dean looked over at Troy. Locking eyes, Dean stated. "Yes, I most definitely would. Would you like me to do that right now sir?"

"Hell no!" Troy shot back. "My wife, a neighbor, or one of the kids could see you!"

"See!" Dean almost shouted, as he stood up. Then he and Troy both looked around to see if anyone saw, or was listening. They both sat down.

"See, what?" Ask Troy.

"See, you wouldn't put me or Sherry somewhere that could have bad consequences." Dean sat up smugly, pointing a finger, at Troy. "You love us, and would take care of us. We believe that you would allow us, even help us to see and be with our kids, and grandkids."

"Of coarse I would." Said Troy. Dean giggled, at Troy. The two shared a knowing smile. "I can't believe that I'm even considering this." Troy looked down at the table, shaking his head. Then looking back up at his friend. "Wait a minute. You would actually go screw a dog, if I told you to?"

"Sherry and I, will happily, do any thing that you could possibly ask us to do." Troy starred, at his friend, in disbelief. "Man, I thought I was a pervert." Putting

a hand on Dean's shoulder, he continued. "You are one sick bastard. How come you never told me, about you and Sherry doing this stuff?"

"I tried, so many times to share this stuff, with you. But, every time that we started to talk about sex, and before I could get the courage, you'd say something about not being able to try that at your house. And I would chicken out." Dean looked down, at the table again.

"And Yes, to answer your question." Troy looked up, confused. Dean smiled. "Yes, I would screw a dog for you, anytime, anywhere. Just for your amusement."

Troy sat shaking his head. "I don't know how to respond to that. But, I really don't want you to screw dogs. "

"Thank you," Dean smiled.

Returning Deans gaze, Troy went on. "Where does Sherry fit into all of this?" "Of the two of us. She's the kinky one." Dean said, rubbing his hands together. "And man are you going to love her."

Troy, still not believing this, but now thinking of new concerns, continued "What if all that I want to do, is to screw your wife, and then make you lick her out afterwards?"

"That sounds great to me. I love doing that." Explained Dean.

"No." Troy added. "What I mean is, what if I'm too boring for you and your wife. Sounds to me like there's not much you haven't done."

"It's true that, that is possible, but we don't believe that will ever happen." Pausing, for thought. "Besides, with new partners, come new ideas."

"OK." Troy began. Pointing a finger at the table, for emphasis. "What if I decide to go the other way?" Now Dean looked confused.

"What if I put both of you in chastity belts, and won't allow ether of you to have any sex, at all, for the rest of your lives?" Now it was Troy that smiled.

Dean looked down, at the table and frowned. "We hadn't ever thought of you going that route. But." Looking up. "If that is what you want, then that is exactly what we will do."

Troy couldn't believe that, his friend, of all these years, was even talking about this. However, some of the things that had happened, in the past, now made more sense. "How do I know that this isn't just some sick joke?" Troy queried.

"I'm surprised that you've listened this long." Said Dean. "We were hoping that you'd be willing to give us a try. That is assuming, that you would even consider our offer." Dean got quiet, and leaned across the table toward his friend. "Please, Please, ask us, tell us, as a couple or individually, to do any thing you wish. We will happily prove, to you just how committed we are."

"Sounds to me like the two of you need to be committed." Both men laughed. "We are very serious." Dean pressed. "This side of our lives is the only secret,

that we have ever kept from you. And now, after all of these years, it's finally out. And again, as usual, you are an intimate part, of the best things, in our lives."

Troy sat back. He looked around the yard, and back to his friend. "I've got a lot of thinking to do."

"Of coarse." Dean added.

"And I want to hear it from Sherry. You know, her take on all of this." Troy said, as he stood up. Dean also stood and the two men walked to the front of the house.

"I want all of this in writing." Troy murmured, as they walked. "And I would insist, on a trial time period."

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