tagNon-EroticPaying Rent Ch. 02

Paying Rent Ch. 02


The Deal

Troy knocked gently, on the door. Dean quickly opened the door with a smile. "Please come in. It's wonderful to see you." Troy quietly stepped into the front room.

Dean gestured to the couch, for Troy to have a seat. "I wasn't really sure that you would come."

"I had to." Responded Troy. "Just had to hear this from Sherry." Troy had chosen to sit in the big over stuffed armchair; Dean sat on the couch just a couple of feet away.

"Sherry!" Dean called out. "Troy is here. Come on out baby." Sherry came down the hall and into the living room. She was wearing a big over sized terrycloth robe. Her legs and feet were bare and it didn't look like she was wearing any makeup. Crossing the room, she sat next to her husband, on the couch. This put Dean physically between her and Troy.

She smiled at Troy. "It's really wonderful of you, to hear us out, and at least talk to us about this. Thank you very much. Troy." She smiled again and took Deans hand.

Troy smiled back, at his two friends. "You two really want to pursue this?" They both nodded. "You both really think that this is a good idea?"

"Yes." Sherry began. "We know that we are asking a great deal."

"Damn right!" Troy stated flatly, as he leaned forward.

"You have always been so generous, kind, and helpful, to us and the kids." She continued. "We know that we're asking more of you than we have ever ask of anyone." Looking down Sherry swallowed hard. "But we have run out of options. We really don't have anywhere to go, and no one to turn to."

"Couldn't the two of you apply for financial aid?" Troy ask. "What about Government benefits, or Social Security?"

"We have looked into both of those and several others." Dean interjected, and continued. "The best option is to separate us, and put me in a retirement, or assisted living. That would take all of our assets and Social Security that are coming into us. Sherry isn't old enough to qualify and since she hasn't worked, there is no other money coming in to support her. If we got a divorce, she would be eligible for welfare, but that is certainly not how we want to end our journey."

"What about Sherry's job waiting tables, at the café?"

"I don't make very much, and they've cut my hours." Sherry interjected.

"Well, what about your 401K? We talked about your savings just a couple of months ago." Troy continued.

"Remember me telling you that we had to help our daughter out?" Dean offered.

"Yes, I remember, but surely you didn't blow it all?"

Dean, still looking at the floor, was about to answer, when Sherry interrupted. "We emptied the entire account." Now Sherry was looking at the floor, as well. "We needed to pay off our debt at the hospital. And her husband got them into some real trouble financially."

"So you have absolutely nothing?"

"That's pretty much the size of it."

"Does you daughter have any idea what's she has done to you?" Troy ask. Both shook their heads negatively. "So." Troy continued, "If you had not blown all of your life savings on your baby girl, we wouldn't even be having this conversation?" Dean and Sherry looked at each other. "Well?" Troy Prodded.

"I don't think that we would be having this conversation, this soon." Sherry offered. "We've talked about our finances, and we just don't think that we could make it on our own." Sherry, still holding Dean's hand, swung around and sat on the coffee table, so that she was closer to Troy. She placed a gentle hand on his knee and looked up into his eyes. "We were probably going to ask you for help one way or the other. This just forced us to move faster."

Troy placed his hand on top of Sherry's, on his knee. "What kind of help were you going to ask me for?"

"We were going to ask about moving into your basement. And the part about having Dean help out with the rentals and repairs." Sherry let go of Dean's hand and turning fully toward Troy, now knee to knee, she placed her second hand on top of his. "We talked and discussed all kinds of ways to try and compensate you, for this kindness." She paused a moment, swallowed hard, and continued.

"We know that we really have no way to compensate you fairly for the things that we are asking of you." Troy looked over at Dean, and back to Sherry, as she continued. "I know that you know, that we are truly devoted to one another. I have never love anyone as much as I love Dean. We have been through everything together. There is nothing that we wouldn't do for each other." Sherry's eyes brightened as she smiled, looking into Troy's eyes. "You and I have flirted. I've loved that over the years. I don't have a lot to offer you. I'm old, by anyone's standards. I am not pretty. My boobs are sagging, my hips have spread, I even have this paunch of a stomach."

"You look good for an old gal." Troy interrupted, with a smile.

"Thanks, but I'm not fooling anyone, not even myself." Sherry pulled her hands out from under Troy's and put them both palm down, on her own knees. "I know that Dean told you that this was my idea." Troy nodded in agreement.

"Well, it was. Dean is the only man that I have ever been with. I don't regret that, for even a second, but as I'm sure he also told you, I'm a bit kinky." Sherry smiled and paused for effect. The effect was nice. Troy smiled and leaned back in his chair. He realized that they were going to do this crazy and stupid deal. He just had to figure out how to protect himself, his wife, and all of their futures.

Troy sat up and looked directly into her eyes, and speaking with some force said, "Tell me exactly what you have in mind." Taking a breath, he continued, "And I don't mean just something in general. I mean tell me exactly what you want and what you expect."

"That's a tough one to answer. I can tell you what I like." Sherry offered. Troy nodded and Sherry continued. "I love to give blowjobs. If the only human contact that I ever received were having a man's dick in my mouth, I would be the happiest woman alive." Troy smiled; he loved a good blowjob, what guy doesn't?

Sherry stood up and began to pace the floor. "I love be humiliated. I really didn't know what that was, until a few years ago, I started looking this stuff up on the Internet." As she paced she became more animated and just plain fun to watch. "In my research I've found out that I'm a submissive. I love to be dominated, both in the bedroom and out. I like to be tied up and I like it a little rough."

"What do you mean by rough?" Ask Troy.

Sherry stopped pacing and looked down at the floor. "It's a little embarrassing."

"So what!"

"Your right." Sherry smiled. "I like to be spanked and have my tits and pussy abused." Smiling at Dean she continued. "I think that I want to be hurt more, but Dean has never wanted to go very far, for fear of hurting me." Walking over to Dean, cupping her hand under his chin, she leaned down and kissed him on the lips. "God, I do love this man."

Sherry straitened up, moved back over to Troy's side of the coffee table and resumed her seat, knee to knee with Troy. "I guess." She began, "that what I want is for you, our friend, to find happiness and joy, in anything that we can offer you. Whether that is in the form of hard work, or companionship, or sexual gratification."

"But is that what will make the two of you happy?"

"Yes." Dean and Sherry both said in unison. Smiling, Dean leaned forward and looked directly into Troy's eyes. "We want to give you anything and everything that one human being can give another. There will be absolutely no limitations, anything, anytime, anywhere. We just want to spend the rest of our days trying very hard to please you." Sitting back up on the couch, Dean continued. "We owe you our very lives, and we wish that we had more to offer you than just our devotion and these old, worn out bodies."

They sat in silence for a moment. All three had watery eyes. They did really love each other. Troy was realistic enough to realize that they would have to have more than just love to make all of this work.

Turning to Sherry, Troy questioned further. "I can understand you being a submissive or slave, but where does that leave Dean and I? Both of us bossing you around will only work for so long. You know the old adage, "man can not serve two masters."

Dean and Sherry smiled at each other, then Dean spoke, "We've done quite a bit of research, on this together, and we've discovered that I'm more of a switch. Since learning what that was and all that it entailed, we have had some really fun experiences."

Leaning forward, and looking at Dean, Troy continued, "So, by telling me that you are switch, you are telling me that you enjoy being in charge of Sherry, but that you also like to give up your control."

"Yes, that's exactly right."

"Which do you prefer?"

"I'm not sure." Dean got up and walked around the coffee table. "I am having a hard time admitting it, but I think that I'm more comfortable being told what to do." Dean looked at Sherry then back to Troy. "I haven't really pursued that side of my personality, because I've always been the one controlling Sherry. But since this has come up, and we have been discussing it, and Sherry has been teaching me different ways to accept and even enjoy the "bottom" side of a sexual relationship, I must admit that I'm loving this new freedom."

"What do you mean, 'new freedom' how are you "free" if I'm demanding and controlling?" Troy ask, wanting to make sure they saw things the same way that he did.

Dean sat back down and turned to Sherry. She smiled and answered, "You see we don't have to worry about anything. We just do anything that you tell us. There are no consequences in our life, if you will just accept us as your property."

Troy smiled, "Yea, I think that we're starting to line up on this." He sat quietly for a moment, collecting his thoughts. "Sherry, will you please go get me a drink of ice water, I'm really parched."

She jumped up and headed for the kitchen, even before he had finished asking, calling back over her shoulder, "Anything you wish." Then just as she stepped out of the room, "Sir."

Turning back to Dean, Troy began, "Tell me what kind of 'things' Sherry has been teaching you about 'bottoming." "That is the right term isn't it?"

"Yes." Dean answered. "You are using it right. And don't play it so coy. I know that you know more about this stuff than we do put together." Troy just smiled. "I've been learning that I like to have vibrators and dildo's put in my ass." Troy swallowed. "Sherry has been teaching me to deep throat also."

"Now, hold on." Troy started.

"I know, I know." Dean interrupted. "I'm just trying to learn all that I can, so that we can and will comfortably serve you. And we do intend to serve you in any way that will bring you pleasure."

Troy relaxed a little and eased back into his chair.

Dean continued, "I'm even becoming quite the little cum whore."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I have developed a rather ravenous taste for cum. Mind you, I have only tasted my own, but I've gulped it, sloshed around in my mouth and of coarse sucked it out of Sherry." Just then, Sherry reentered the room carrying a tall glass of ice water. Handing it to Troy, she sat back down on the coffee table in front of him.

"Sounds like Dean is telling you about some of his new loves." Sherry gently cupped Dean's face. Looking at Troy, "Is there anything that we can do to prove our devotion to you and to this servitude?"

"We still need to talk a few things out, baby." Troy set his glass down on the coffee table. Looking at Dean, "Did you get a chance to write this down?"

"Here it is." Dean smiled offering Troy a paper.

It was short, but came right to the point. It read:

We (Dean Marsh and wife Sherry Adams Marsh) do here by turn over our lives and property to one Troy Brown. We do so with full faculty and knowledge that any consequences of this action will follow as binding and permanent.

Furthermore, we willingly give our bodies and servitude to Mr. Brown, to do with as he wishes.

Both had signed it.

Troy held the paper in his hands for a minute, while he thought. "What about jealousy?"

"What do you mean?" Dean ask, for both of them.

"I mean, how are you two going to handle the feelings of jealousy, when I'm using or even torturing the other one of you?"

Sherry jumped in, "We have talked long and hard about this. We know that there will be times when it is an issue, but we believe that we can and will just get through it. This is far to important to let it end over jealousy."

"That brings up another point." Troy continued. "What happens if this doesn't work out? Where does that leave us as friends, and you as a couple?"

Dean leaned forward, and then cleared his throat before beginning. "I'm sorry, I thought that we had done a better job of explaining this to you." He swallowed, straitened up, and then began, "If we fail, if we can't make this work, then we have lost everything."

He looked at the floor, then back up and into Troy's eyes. "If we can not please you and make a life with you, then we loose each other, and become wards of the state."

The gravity and total control of these people's lives was beginning to sink into Troy. He realized that he needed to act responsibly, but he was determined to have fun doing it...

"We will need more thorough legal documentation." Troy mumbled, more to himself than to anyone.

But both Dean and Sherry sputter out a, "Wwe." Looking at each other, Dean spoke, "We will sign anything that you desire. We will swear to any judge. Anything at all, anything at all you would like or need."

Troy stood up and walk a couple of steps, then turned and addressed the couple. "You will need to sign over your power of attorney to me, both of you. Then we need to write up a living will, and a last will and testament, both naming me as sole executor."

Troy bent over and retrieved his glass of water, took another drink and ask, "How does that sound to you two?"

Dean looked at Sherry, smiled and then turned to Troy, "We think that will be great. Just tell us what you need and we will do it."

"I will have my attorney come by as soon as I can make the arrangements." Troy said confidently. "We are really going to do this." He said more to himself than to anyone else. But he did see Dean and Sherry smile at each other. They looked almost relieved, and he understood.

Troy walked back over to his seat and sat down. He reached forward and took one of each of their hands in each of his. Then looking back and forth, between Dean and Sherry, he smiled, "Are you really sure that this is how you want to spend the rest of your lives?"

First Dean, then Sherry, looked directly into Troy's eyes and lovingly told him "Yes."

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