tagBDSMPaying Rent Ch. 05

Paying Rent Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Settling In

In the week that fallowed, Troy was true to his word. He made Joan stay naked the entire time. Troy took the week off to play with his wife and for the most part they had a good time. Wednesday evening she rebelled and started to get dressed.

Troy was expecting this and was ready. Playfully, he threw her on the bed and pulled her panties back off. Then he pulled out the same cuffs that he had been using on Sherry, and put them on Joan. Joan smiled and kissed him as he quickly put them on her ankles, wrists, and around her throat.

She stopped smiling when he put small locks on each of them. Then to further remove any choices from her, he padlocked a chain from each wrist to her collar and then one between her ankles. Each chain was about eighteen inches long.

Joan had protested, but Troy just laughed and told her that she was going to be naked the whole week, even if he had to force it on her. She wasn't happy, but conceded his rule over her. Then she protested again when it came to bath time. Troy insisted that he bath her, because "she couldn't be trusted".

She complained and was rather bitchy about the whole thing, and then Troy frigged her off to a good climax, and she settled down. Joan also complained about "sleeping all chained up", by then Troy had had it, so he padlocked her hands behind her back, and put a gag in her mouth and went to sleep.

She woke up truly bitchy, and so Troy spanked her, but good, she bawled as if he had beaten her half to death. Troy let her go for a short while, and then, standing her up in front of him. He slid his fingers through her soaking wet pussy. Then smearing his fingers over her lips, he pointed out that she was wet and turned on, in spite of, or because of his treatment of her. She was speechless and so Troy kissed her and then quietly made love to her.

Joan didn't like being bound up like that anymore, but protested a great deal less. So, Troy removed the chains and let her run around in just the cuffs and collar. It was clear to Troy that Joan was not going to quickly or willingly just fall into the life that he was building with Dean and Sherry.

Up until this point, Troy had busied himself, with Dean and Sherry. He had really had some fun with both of them. They were both so willing to do literally anything to please him.

During the last few months, he had tried to push the limits of both Dean and Sherry. But up until now, he had been unable to find anything that they were totally unwilling to do for him.

It was quite common now for Dean to spend the entire day working with Troy, on various rental properties, completely naked. Well, completely is a relative term. Dean was aloud to wear his work boots and his tool belt. They both laughed about how ridiculous he looked, but he never protested. He just accepted that this is how his friend wanted him to work.

On a couple of occasions, when they were board, Troy had instructed Dean to play with himself and beat off in front of him. Dean had made a real show of it and pulled all kinds of faces and then sprayed his cum all over. They both laughed and made fun of Dean, as they cleaned up the mess.

It became clear, over time, that Dean enjoyed being humiliated, but only in private. Troy would make him do any demeaning act that he could think of, and Dean would happily comply. He seemed to especially enjoy being humiliated in front of Sherry, and it seemed to embarrass her as well. But, both happily preformed and ask for more.

Sherry turned out to be more of an exhibitionist. The more Troy pushed the envelope the more she seemed to blush red and ask for more. They loved seeing the look of people's faces, as this old woman "accidentally" would loose her clothing.

Dean's mother was still alive, and had always had a distaste for Sherry. Well into her late eighties now, she never thought that Sherry was "good enough", for her little boy. Under Troy's instructions, when visiting Dean's mother, Sherry had worked her way up, now to the point of being completely naked in front of her mother-in-law, and pointing out how much her son loved to play with her body.

These little acts, thoroughly embarrassed both Dean and Sherry, and also turned them both on. They were always eager to tell their story, in detail, as-soon-as they returned from these visits. Troy would listen to their story and then make them beg for sex, before giving his consent.

It was now commonplace and accepted, that the two of them were always naked while at home in Troy and Joan's basement. Sherry had even become comfortable running upstairs to grab the T.V. guide or a glass of juice, while still nude, and Joan had reluctantly learned to live with it.

Troy regularly went down stairs to watch T.V. with the couple. Joan had just accepted that, they would be naked around the house, she just didn't like it. Once, she had even caught Dean, sporting a hard-on, while the three of them were out on the patio, in the hot tub.

Troy and Sherry were in the tub, and Dean was bringing them some drinks. He had only smiled at Joan, and ask "if she wanted some?" Joan blushed, in discussed, and ran into the house.

Troy, Dean, and Sherry, had each separately invited Joan to watch an evening movie with them. But Joan had politely refused, knowing that Dean and Sherry would both be naked, while they sat in their front room, watching the movie. Joan had accepted that the couple was always naked but it bothered her that it didn't bother them to have Troy and her see them that way.

The day that Dean and Sherry were scheduled to return, from their vacation, Troy and Joan decided to have a nice evening out. Joan dressed to please her husband and the two of them had an excellent meal and conversation.

As Troy and Joan sat quietly in the airport, holding hands, they watched, as Dean and Sherry came into view. They then watched, as the couple looked for and retrieved their luggage.

Troy leaned closer to Joan and talked about Dean and Sherry. "Just look at them. They've both lost quite a bit of weight."

Joan smiled and kissed Troy's cheek.

"They've both got great tans and look really good." Then seeing Dean turn around toward them, Troy gasp into her ear. "Look at Dean! He's shaved his beard. I've never seen him without it. He looks fifteen years younger."

"He does look really good." Joan added.

Smiling, Dean and Sherry noticed Troy and Joan, immediately the couples came together in warm embraces. Sherry kissed Troy on the lips. Surprised, Troy broke it off quickly. He didn't know how Joan would react. But he shouldn't have worried, because as he turned, he saw Dean kissing Joan. They all smiled at each other awkwardly, then picked up Dean and Sherry's luggage and headed for the car.

The ride home was fun, and seemed to quickly pass. Dean and Sherry were full of fun stories and sincere gratitude for the trip. Arriving home, Troy helped haul the luggage down stairs.

Dean and Sherry quickly undressed, but before they could say anything, Troy spoke. "Not tonight, you two. There will be plenty of time for that tomorrow." With a smile, he stepped between them. In so doing, he cupped a butt cheek of each of them, one in each hand, and gently gave a squeeze to each one. Troy then continued up stairs and to bed.

The next morning Troy kissed Joan good-bye and watched her back out of the driveway. She had some small errands to run and would be returning in a short while. Troy descended the stairs only to find that Dean and Sherry were already waiting for him.

Both were naked, kneeling in the center of the front room floor, with down cast eyes and holding hands. Troy smiled and, walking past them, dropped his sweat pants and sat down. "Alright, Sherry, let's have that beautiful throat of yours over here."

Sherry quickly crawled over, in front of Troy, and in one simple gasp; she swallowed his cock entirely, to its base, down her throat. "Wow!" Troy mused. She then began to bob up and down, working his penis.

Turning to Dean, Troy began. "Today I want you wearing your jock strap, socks, work boots, a blue tee shirt, and your bib coveralls. Go fetch them, and bring them out here."

"Yes Sir." Dean answered, as he got up and walked back into his bedroom, to gather his clothes. He returned just as Troy was grabbing Sherry's head, with both hands, and forcing her to deep throat him. With his eye's shut and head back, he unloaded his cum into Sherry's throat and mouth.

Easing up, on the back of her head, he told Sherry, "I want you to hold the last of it in your mouth baby." Sherry tipped her head back, and complied with his orders. Troy work in unison with her, as he pulled his dick free of her lips, while she closed her full mouth, on a rather large load of cum.

In the mean time, Dean had returned, from the bedroom, and placed his clothes on the couch, and knelt down next to Sherry. Sherry smiled and slid back, still on her knees, to be by her husband.

"Dean." Troy began, "I've never ask you for anything that I would consider gay." Dean nodded, in agreement. "Today, you will become my bitch." Troy smiled at Dean, and tried to read his friends face.

Dean smiled from ear to ear and said, "Yes sir."

"Your wife has left my dick sticky." Pausing a moment, he continued. "And I don't like that." Dean quickly and without hesitation lunged forward and engulfed Troy shrinking dick, into his mouth, and began to lick and suck it clean.

Troy was surprised and a little shocked and looked at Sherry questioningly. Sherry, still with her mouth full, just smiled and nodded approvingly. Troy pulled his tee shirt off, and threw it on the couch, while he watched his friend vigorously suck him to another erection.

Then, tapping Dean on the shoulder, he said, "All right buddy, that's enough," and pushed Dean back on to his knees. Dean opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Troy held his hand up, to silence him. "We will talk in a minute. Right now I want breakfast. Sherry, I want juice, toast, and eggs. Dean, the two of you will join me for breakfast." Dean nodded. "Go get the two sets of doggy dishes that I bought for you. I want them washed and ready for your food. You two will be eating at my feet this morning."

Dean smiled, got up, went to the kitchen, retrieved the bowls, and began washing them, in the sink. "Sherry," Troy began, now looking at her. "I expect you to hold that in your mouth until I tell you otherwise." Sherry nodded her assent. Then she also, stood and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Troy pulled his feet free of his sweat pants and threw them on the pile of clothing on the couch. Then he slowly walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. He really enjoyed watching Dean and Sherry work and move around the kitchen. They had been married for so long that they knew each other's moves very well.

Sherry handed Dean a dry cloth to dry the bowls with, as he handed her the clean frying pan, for the eggs. When Dean finished, with the bowls, he placed them on the counter and started to toast some bread for the three of them.

Soon the happy couple was finished and had divided out the food, on to a plate for Troy and into the two dog bowls for themselves. Troy stood and walked over to the counter just as Dean was about to bring them over to the table.

"Sherry." She turned to face him and stepped a little closer. "Tip your head back and open your mouth. Lets see how well you've done." Sherry tipped her head back, opened her mouth and showed Troy the cum, that still remained. "You've done very well!" He praised. "You may now swallow it."

Sherry closed her mouth and swallowed hard. Smiling, she said, "Thank you sir. That was wonderful."

Troy didn't know if she was referring to the trip, or to his treatment of her this morning, but ether way, he was glad that she enjoyed herself. Picking up his own plate of food, and walking back to the table, he quietly told Dean. "Dean, bring your two's bowls over here and put them on the floor, in front of me."

Dean quickly did as instructed and the couple walked to the table and knelt down in front of Troy, with the two bowls on the floor in front of them. Dean had piled their food in one side of the double bowls, and poured juice into the other side.

Troy took a bite of toast and then addressed his friends. "The two of you will not use your hands to eat, but you can use them to balance yourselves on all fours."

"Thank you, sir." The couple chimed in unison, and then smiled at each other.

Troy continued. "While you two were on vacation, I made some decisions." Both nodded and Troy motioned that they should begin eating. Both leaned down and began to clumsily eat breakfast. "The two of you will have regular sex once a week. Tuesday evening I think." Smiling to himself, Troy was beginning to get the hang of this "in control" thing.

"I want to get us into more of a regular routine." Taking another bite he continued. "I will need some input from you two, but I'm going to put us on a maintenance schedule, and also some kind of sex schedule. We'll talk more about this as I have ideas, but I wanted you two to be thinking about it."

The trio finished eating, Dean and Sherry knelt back on their heels and quietly waited for Troy to finish. "You two are sloppy little pets aren't you?" Not expecting or waiting for an answer he continued. "I would like you two, to lick each others faces clean." They immediately leaned toward each other and began licking. "I'm going up stairs to get dressed, I'll be back down in a minute. Dean, you be dressed by then."

When Troy returned back down stairs, he found Dean dressed and sitting on the couch, reading the morning paper. Sherry was still naked and cleaning up after breakfast. Troy sat down just as Sherry finished wiping down the counter.

Coming back into the living room, Sherry walk over to Troy and knelt down in front of him. "Sherry, I would like to try and give Joan a manicure, a pedicure, and if she will let you, a back rub today."

"Yes sir." Sherry smiled. "I would love to do that for her."

"It was very thoughtful of you to offer." Troy smiled and offered his hand to Sherry. Taking his hand, the two looked lovingly at each other. "I hope that she will accept your offer. Don't push her, and if she refuses you, don't let it get you down."

"I won't sir." Sherry leaned in and kissed the back of Troy's hand. "I so hope that she will let me. The two of you have been so very generous. I just love you both so much."

"Thank you Sherry." Troy smiled, as he pulled his hand back and stood up. "Dean lets get going. We've got a lot to do."

"As you wish." Dean answered, as he stood and followed Troy out.

Dean was very happy to see that they were headed for the cabin. It had been quite some time since they had been out to check on the place. He really looked forward to going out there, it reminded him of simpler times and always made him smile.

They pulled up to the house and Troy unlocked the door and lead the way inside. They both made a quick once over pass and everything looked all right. Then turning to Dean, Troy began giving instructions. "I'm going to go ride the fence and check on the water. You get a fire going and clean this place up a little. When it warms up enough I want you naked. I'll be back in a little over two hours or so."

"Yes sir, I'll see if I can rustle us up a snack or something too."

"That would be great. See you in a while."

With that Troy slammed the back door shut and was gone. Dean did as he was told and in no time at all the place was clean and toasty warm. He was also able to find some soup and had it warmed up and waiting. Troy came hustling in from the cool air and headed strait for the bathroom.

"Please sir!" Dean stopped him.

"What is it Dean? I need to piss like a race horse." Troy spat back.

"Do you remember when Sherry thanked you for being so generous and told you that we love you both so very much?" Dean ask, almost apologetically.

"Well, yes, but Dean couldn't we do this in a minute? I've really got to go."

"That's just it sir." Dean said, as he began to kneel down.

"What the hell?" Troy said stepping back away from the kneeling Dean.

"Sir, please let me explain."

"Go ahead, but make it quick!" Troy said getting a little irritated.

"You have given Sherry and I everything."

"You have done the same for me." Troy interrupted.

"Please, sir. Let me get through this."

Troy nodded and motioned Dean to continue, as he did a little dance, and crossed his legs playfully.

"You have given Sherry and I a much better life than I could have ever dreamed of. We are happier than I think we have ever been, in our entire married life."

Troy raised a questioning eyebrow. "That's quite a bold statement."

"But it's very true, sir. We are so happy here with you and Joan. We are in the best health, and feel better than we have in fifteen years. Even my blood pressure has gone down, and I haven't needed any help with a boner for over a month."

"That's great Dean, but I need to go. You can thank me when I get back." Troy started for the bathroom again.

"No! Sir." Dean almost yelled and then looked down apologetically. "You have been very careful not to 'use' me in sexual ways, the way you do Sherry."

"Well, yeah." Troy answered, not really knowing where this was going, but having his suspicions. "You know that I'm not gay, and I'm even a bit of a 'homophobe'."

"Yes sir, I understand, but I 'need' to prove to you that you can do anything to me, or ask anything of me, and I will happily comply with your any desire."

"I already know that Dean." Troy stated flatly. "You and Sherry have never turned me down yet."

"Yes sir that's true, but there is still a couple of things that you have never ask of me."

Troy nodded his acknowledgement. "So, I don't have a problem with that."

"Sir, please, please do as I ask, and use me as your urinal. Right now sir, please."

"Holy shit! Dean are you nuts?" Troy had forgotten all about his need to use the bathroom and was not ready for this request from his life long friend. Troy sat down, on the nearby bench and just stared at his friend. He thought that he knew where this was coming from.

A couple of months ago, while Sherry was riding Troy to another climax, she started yelling. "I'm your slut! I'm your whore! I'm your bitch! Use me! Use my pussy! Take my ass!" Troy had enjoyed her whispering dirty things to him during sex, but this yelling was not acceptable. The neighbors or Joan might hear, or worse, some little neighbor kid.

Troy was so upset that he wanted to do something 'vial' to punish her, something so disgusting that she would never disobey or embarrass him again. The only thing that he could think of was to have her kneel in the tub and he pissed in her mouth, and he made her hold it, in her mouth. When she smiled back at him, he was furious with her, and ordered Dean to pee all over her.

Dean had done as he ordered, back then, and remembering, Troy had immediately left the room in discussed. A few minutes later, he had returned to the bathroom, to find Dean sitting on the toilet, with the lid closed, and Sherry still kneeling in the tub, covered with piss. No one was smiling. He had ordered Dean to 'hose' her down with cold water, from the shower and then scrub her clean, again with cold water. Then as a final thought, he ordered Sherry to sleep on the floor, naked and without a blanket.

Troy had gone to bed thinking that he had put an end to their 'relationship' and gone to far. He had a very restless night, and was going to apologies the next morning, but it was Sherry and Dean who were the first to offer their most heartfelt apologies.

Enough of this crap! Troy thought. He really needed to pee and he would have to work through this later. "All right, you win." Troy grimaced. But Dean was almost beaming. "But we're doing this my way."

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