tagBDSMPaying Rent Ch. 06

Paying Rent Ch. 06


Arriving home, Troy and Dean unloaded the truck and put the tools away. Then entering the back door, Troy smiled to see Sherry, wiping the kitchen counter. She smiled back, and quickly padded over to Troy, on bare feet. Placing a small hand on his arm, she lifted on tiptoe, and kissed Troy's cheek. Then backing up, to let the men enter farther, she kissed Dean as he entered the kitchen.

"Where's Joan?" Troy ask.

"She's gone to your daughters, to baby-sit, for the evening." Sherry answered, with a smile, and a wink.

Troy got an evil grin. "Well, the two of you have got some work to do."

"Yes Sir!" They said, almost in perfect unison. Then looking at each other, they continued. "Anything you wish master." Smiling back at Troy.

"Alright you two." Answered Troy sternly. "You're a little too eager." They smiled, but said nothing. "I want you both, naked and cuffed, waiting for me downstairs, in two minutes. Now move!" All three of them smiled at one another, and Dean and Sherry quickly turned and headed down stairs.

Troy took his time, he wanted to give them time to get ready, so he returned to his bedroom, removed his clothes and grabbed a robe. Then grabbed his bag of sex toys, and bondage gadgets.

Arriving in the basement, Troy found his two friends, both with collars, cuffs, and ankle restraints, in place. Both kneeling in the center of the living room, with heads bowed. "O.K. the two of you stand up, you've got work to do." Troy ordered.

As the couple stood up, Troy began giving orders. "Dean, I want you to stand right here, in front of the couch. Sherry, take this bar and fasten it between Dean's ankles." Sherry took the bar and knelt to attach Dean's feet, about two feet apart. Troy walked behind Dean, and padlocked his wrists together. Then taking his shoulders, he lowered him, forward and down, into a kneeling position, about a foot back from the couch.

Continuing toward the couch, Troy threw his bag of goodies, on the couch and then turning, he sat down directly in front of Dean, and spread his legs on ether side of him. Dean smiled up at his friend, but said nothing. Sherry stood silently, wondering if she was to play a part.

Troy was already sporting an erection. Smiling at Sherry, he simply pointed at his dick. Sherry almost hurt herself rushing toward Troy. Kneeling on the couch, she threw one leg over Troy's wide legs. Steadying herself, with her hands on Troy's shoulders, she looked longingly into his eyes and ask, "Which of your sluts holes would you like to use, Master?"

"I want you to slide your pussy down over my pole, little one." Troy smiled, as Sherry gently slid down onto his shaft, both letting out a little moan of pleasure. Then Sherry began to slide up and down. Quickly, Troy put a hand on each of her shoulders and held her tightly down on his shaft.

"You are not to move, my little pet." Sherry smile, but said nothing in return. Troy reached into his bag of goodies, and pulled out two clips. Silently, he fastened each of her wrists to each of her ankles, as she knelt over him, on the sofa. Then turning his attention to Dean, he began his instructions.

"Dean, you will lean forward and stick your tongue up your wife's asshole. You will stick it in far enough for me to feel it flicking against my shaft. When you must pull out, to take a breath, you will lick my balls, and immediately ram you tongue back into Sherrie's asshole. Do you understand?" Troy said sternly.

Rather than answer, Dean leaned forward and plunged his tongue into his wife's asshole. Troy smiled, as he felt Dean's tongue swirling around her anal passage. Turning his attention back to Sherry, Troy again spoke. "As for you, my dear, I've done some reading, and I'm going to do a little titty torcher. It's something that I've only recently read about, and I'm curious to give it a try. While I'm trying some new things, with your tits, you will tell me everything that transpired between you and Joan today."

"Yes master." Sherry began. "I will do my very best, to please you, and tell you everything."

"Good girl." Troy said, as he grasp both of her breasts and squoze them tightly.

Sherry gasp, but answered, "Yes master, as you wish," and then she smiled.

Troy also felt Dean pushing his tongue deeper into her asshole, and swirl it around. "Damn, this feels good!" Troy thought to himself.

"After you and Dean left this morning." Sherry began. "I went upstairs, and found Joan doing her hair." Troy began to play with Sherry's left tit. Placing a hand on ether side, he would slide them up and down, twisting and turning the teat, for his personal enjoyment. "She was dressed in a tee shirt and jeans. I was naked." Sherry continued. "I ask her if I could please give her a pedicure and a massage?"

"Facing me, she looked me up and down, and kind of turned up her nose at me. It was clear that she didn't like me being nude." Sherry stopped, took a quick gasp of air, and then bit her lower lip. Troy had just pinched her nipple, with his thumb and forefinger, and twisted her nipple almost a full 360 degrees around.

As Sherry's body tensed up, Troy could feel Deans tongue fervently working her sphincter. Troy smiled, looked into Sherry's eyes and she continued. "After some real humble begging, she finally consented to 'give it a try', and see how it went." Troy took a harsh clamp out of his bag, and tightly pinched it onto Sherry's left nipple. She sucked in some air, but continued with her story.

"She wouldn't 'get naked' with me, but did undress and put on a robe. I got the stuff that I needed, and we met back in your living room." Troy, now had some twine, and was tightly wrapping it around the base of her left tit. "I knelt on the front room floor, at her feet and began to gently rub her feet with lotion."

Dean moved back, for the first time since Sherry began to tell her story. Immediately, he lowered his head and sucked Troy's entire scrotum into his mouth. Gently, he cupped both balls, with his tongue, then, just as quickly, just as softly, he released the sack and returned his tongue, to Sherry's asshole.

"Placing cotton between her toes, I applied the nail polish. Then I slowly and softly blew on her toes, to dry the polish. All the while, I continued to rub and caress her feet." Sherry stopped, for a moment, and looked into Troy's eyes, and then down, at her breast, it was starting to turn to a darker color. Troy smiled as he lifted and dropped her breast. He enjoyed the feel, texture, and image that he was creating.

"As I continued to rub lotion, over her feet and ankles, I could tell that she was enjoying my ministrations, and was beginning to relax." Sherry paused, and took in a silent breath, to steel her movements and steady her voice. "I moved slowly, as not to upset her. I quickly put a second coat of polish, on her toes. This time, to speed drying time, I placed my mouth over her toes, and gently breathed hot air on her feet. After doing this for a couple of minutes, I could tell that the polish was dry, so I carefully reached out with my tongue and ran it along the bottom of her toes."

While Troy listened carefully to Sherry's story, he was also enjoying her boobs'. They were not large, but were nearly twice the size of Joan's. Age had taken its toll, they sagged slightly, and the skin, though beautiful, showed signs of being slightly loose and showed some wrinkles. He cupped a breast in each hand and smiled as he rolled and compared them. One hung loose and free, as if full of soft sand or pudding. The other was much firmer, being tied tightly around the base, with twine, it was a darker shade of pink. Reaching into his bag, he retrieved a clamp, and harshly applied it to her left nipple.

Sherry took a deep breath, but continued her story. "She didn't protest, so I began to slowly suck and lick her toes. Joan allowed me to continue for a little while, during which she closed her eyes and softly moaned, more than once. Finally, she told me that, 'that was enough of that,' and pulled her foot from my mouth."

"With gentle persuasion, I was able to have her lay down on the front room floor. I then rubbed her legs. When I got close to her crotch, she pulled her robe shut and told me that that was enough. I quickly grab one of her hands and began to rub her hand and arm. Upon reaching her upper arm, I was unable to reach her shoulder, so I ask her to please pull the robe off of her shoulders."

"She sat up opened the robe and pulled it down around her waste, and then laid back down. I didn't want to have her change her mind, so I moved quickly, and knelt above her head, and rubbed her shoulders. Then I moved on to her neck. Looking down at Joan, her eyes closed, I knew that I should make a move. Adding more lotion to my hands, I began to massage and caress her breasts."

Troy again reached into his bag and retrieved a rubber band. Taking great pleasure, at her discomfort, he began to snap it against her tits. First beginning with her bound left breast, he literally covered it with little stinging, red, snap marks. If he failed to get a grimes or a gasp, he would simply flick her unbound breast, or even her free nipple.

Sherry continued, "slowly I rubbed her up and down the full length of her chest. Her nipples grew darker and firmer. I finally got bold enough to softly pull and twist on her nipples. All was going well, until I leaned forward to suck on her nipples. Even with her eyes still closed, Joan could sense what I was going to do, and she pushed my shoulders away. She told me that she would not have any of that! I apologized and ask her to please roll over."

"To my surprise, she said nothing more and I returned to her massage. I knelt at her side and rubbed her shoulders. Then I worked my way down her back and skipping her bottom, I again rubbed up and down her legs. She relaxed, and her breathing slowed, I straddled her back, and gently rubbed from her neck to her upper buttocks."

Troy began to tire of his little game, with the rubber band. Squeezing her bound left breast, he held it up and pulled on the clamp that still covered her nipple. Without warning, he grabbed the clamp, quickly pulled it off, turned it ninety degrees, and clamped it back on her sore, red nipple. Sherry gasps in pain. Troy could feel her whole body tense. He smiled; it felt good to feel her cunt tighten, on his dick. He could also feel Dean's tongue, vigorously working her bunghole.

Without comment, Sherry continued; "I then moved to her side and began to rub her legs again. This time, as I got to her upper thigh, I pulled her leg away from the other, and knelt in between her legs. Then I began to massage her hips and buttocks. I got bolder and rubbed down her butt crack. Instead of protesting, she moved her legs farther apart. I gained courage and circled her upper thigh, coming extremely close to her outer pussy lips. I could see that she was very wet."

"With a hand on each butt cheek, I leaned forward, and lightly touched her rose bud, with my tongue. I withdrew and rubbed her bottom some more. Still no response from Joan, so I again grabbed both butt cheeks and this time I took a long wide lick up and over her asshole. I couldn't breath, waiting for her response. I squoze her butt cheeks, Joan moaned, and ever so quietly said; 'do that again.' I stove my tongue into her bottom, just like Dean is doing to me now."

"Oh God!" Sherry gasp, as Troy pulled the clip off of her left nipple. He then grabbed it, and began to pinch and pull it, while also rolling it between his fingers. Sherry's body stiffened, but she quickly got control of herself. Though still holding her body stiff, she said nothing, but bit down hard on her lower lip. Then Troy quickly began to untie the twine wrapped around the base of her left tit.

"Dean." Troy stated calmly. "Have you forgotten something?" Dean had stopped his tongue work, when Sherry cried out. Now remembering his duty, he leaned forward and again tried to stick his tongue back into Sherry's bottom. Troy could feel Dean lapping at Sherry's rear entry, and occasionally slipping down and lightly touching the shaft of his penis.

Sherry opened her mouth, and sucked in a large breath of air, but said nothing. Her breast was now free of the cursed twine, as the blood rushed from her breast the pain hit her. Troy could see the pain, in her eyes. Even deeper, he could see that she was willing to endure this or anything else, just for his pleasure. A tear rolled down her cheek, and she smiled at him. He roughly grasp her wounded boob, and rolled, and caressed it, hoping to dissipate the pain.

"Don't you have a story to finish?" He ask.

"Oh! Sorry Sir. Yes Sir, I would like to finish, if it would please you Sir?"

"Yes dear, it would please both Dean and I." Troy smiled. At the same moment, Troy could feel Dean licking from his scrotum, up and into Sherry's asshole. Damn, he could get used to this treatment.

"Sorry Sir. It's just that it hurt so much." Sherry explained and returned to her story. "As I licked her asshole, I became more and more bold. At first I would just 'rim' her asshole, and then lick, kiss, and nibble on her bum cheeks, on ether side of her hole. I began to notice that she was moving her bottom up to meet me, every time that I would lick her bunghole. So I took courage, and plunged my tongue into her bottom. The deeper that I went the higher she raised up to meet me."

"I thought that I would try more. So, slowly, I 'rimmed' her dark hole. Then as I circled back around to the bottom, I lingered a second, then 'accidentally' dipped my tongue down and into her very wet pussy." Troy was now gently cupping her breasts, one in each hand, and was intently watching Sherry's face, as she told this story. He could also tell, by the way Dean was working, that he too was intently listening to his wife's story.

Sherry frowned, looking directly into Troy's eyes, and continued. "You would have thought that I had shot her. Immediately, she tightened up, and pushed me back, as she pushed herself up. Quickly, she stood up, grabbed her robe and ran into her bedroom."

"I was really scared that I had gone to far, and ruined this for all of us." Sherry looked down, and choked back a sob. Then she looked back at Dean, then back around to Troy. Before continuing, she grinned and violently wiggled her ass and tits, for her men. Troy smiled and let out a snort of a laugh, Dean tried to push his tongue in deeper. Solemnly, she began again. "I just didn't know what to do. So I picked up the lotion, and folded the towel that I had brought out. Then I just knelt there on the front room floor, facing down the hall, and waited for Joan to re-emerge."

Troy grasp one of her nipples in the finger tips, of each hand, then pinched them both, at the same time while twisting them firmly, and methodically outwardly. Sherry gasp, bit her lip and looked up. Troy could feel her whole body tense, then saw tears freely roll down her cheeks. He really liked the feel of her body tensing up, tightening on his engorged dick. He pulled and twisted her nipples, for simple masochistic pleasure, ignoring her discomfort. Then Sherry's breathing slowed slightly, she looked back down into Troy's face, and smiled.

Taking a deep breath, she began again. "It was a very long time before Joan came back out. She was fully dressed and was clearly intent on leaving without a word. I had to move quickly, or we could loose everything, so I quickly crawled over to block her way out of the hall. I threw my arms around her lower legs, and began to beg her to please listen to me. I told her that I would do anything to make things right. I told her that I was so very, very sorry, for offending her."

"I began to cry, as I told her how very much she and you had done for myself and Dean. Slowly, I released her legs and knelt before her. She moved around and sat on the coffee table, I moved to face her, but remained on my knees. I explained that Dean and I had nothing, and were going to be homeless and truly destitute."

Troy continued to gently maul Sherry's breasts. He could also feel her trying to tighten muscles around his penis. Closing his eyes, he internally made a couple of decisions. This "titty torture" was entertaining, and he would do it again from time to time, but it was not something that they would do on a regular basis. On the other hand, there was no reason to tell Dean and Sherry that he would only be doing from time to time.

Sherry continued; "I explained that Dean had come to you, and literally begged you to help us. I told her that Dean and I had never been as happy as we have become, living here with the two of you. We have never had so much, felt so much peace and love. I told her that we would literally do anything to please the two of you. I continued to cry, and told her that I would happily fulfill any whim, any desire she might have."

Sherry leaned forward. In so doing, more of Troy's shaft was exposed. Dean quickly took the opportunity to run his tongue up and down the exposed portion of Troy's penis. This felt wonderful, Troy smiled and pushed Sherry back, into a more upright position. Dean licked Troy's scrotum, then returned his tongue back into Sherry's ass.

"Joan looked confused and a little surprised. I stopped talking and just looked into her eyes. I didn't know which direction to go. I didn't know what else to say. I was afraid to tell her about being sex slaves to you, and I didn't think that she was ready for that little bit of information. For a few moments we just looked into each other's eyes. I still had tiers running down my checks. I could feel my tears dripping onto my breasts, but I dared not move."

"Joan finally smiled, and relieved the tension, she touched my cheek and placed her hands in her lap. She told me that I had misunderstood. She was not upset with me, and she herself was confused about he own feelings, and needed to sort though them. She went on to explain that she liked her feet, and really, really liked it when I had sucked on her toes. It had turned her on, but she was not a lesbian, so she was confused."

"She thanked me for the back rub, and told me that I was very good at it. Joan smiled and told me that she wouldn't let me massage her breasts, at first, because she thought that was way to intimate, and was afraid that she might give in to the strange new feelings she was fighting. She also told me that she was very wet. (Of coarse I already knew that.) Then when I massaged her bottom she nearing lost control."

"Joan explained that she loved having you play with her butt cheeks and asshole. She told me that it was one of her 'triggers'. Then when I had touched the vulva of her pussy, she had actually climaxed. It terrified her. She didn't know what to do, or how to react. So she fled. She told me that she had gone to her room and cried. She didn't know if she was a lesbian, or a bisexual, or even if she had ruined her marriage with you."

"I smiled and looked down. Joan saw this, and ask 'What that meant?' I played dumb. I didn't know what you had told her and I didn't want to cause problems. I tried to comfort her, and explained that I still considered myself to be a heterosexual, but that I would happily perform any sexual act that she ask of me. She looked at me with surprise, but I think, a little understanding."

"She ask me if Dean felt the same way? I explained that both Dean and I would do anything to please the two of you. I tried to explain to her that there was no act, no domestic duty, no sexual act, and no humiliation that Dean and I would not happily endure for the both of you. I leaned forward and softly kissed her hands."

Troy released Sherry's tits and let them hang. He moved his hands down to her thighs. Looking at Sherry, he realized how lucky he was, what a truly great treasure his friends were to him. Troy and Sherry smiled at each other. Sherry slid up and down on Troy's dick. Placing his hands on her hips, he sternly looked into her eyes. "That's enough young lady." Sherry stopped moving.

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