tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaying the Landlord Ch. 06

Paying the Landlord Ch. 06


It was Thursday. My fucking with Marcus happened on the Tuesday, and I went back to him that Tuesday. We spent several hours continuously fucking, my pussy was sore the next day but that didn't stop me from spending the entire of yesterday impaled on his monster cock.

Mr.Allen had been by yesterday but nothing special really happened, I just let him fuck me in the ass and slap me about, I was disappointed to say the least. After he left I went downstairs to Marcus' apartment and let him have his way with me.

It was 10.30am and I opened my front door and sat down on the sofa. I had just been to Marcus. As soon as my husband left for work, I was downstairs sucking Marcus' cock and licking his shitty asshole just like he told me to. I had the taste of shit in my mouth but I didn't care.

I couldn't believe what a whore I had been turned into, my brain had been completely taken over by my pussy. My pussy that for so long has been neglected by my husband. I was a 34 year old woman, I had been married to Stephen for 2 years and our sex life was shit, for me anyway. My first ever orgasm was at the hands of a tramp, I couldn't enjoy sex with Stephen anymore, I wanted to be treat like a slut, I wanted to be fucked in all my holes, I wanted men to treat me like a piece of dirt and have their way with me. I wanted dirty, smelly men, men who were ugly and unable to get a woman as hot as I was. That was what I wanted!

I was wearing my tight rubber dress that I wore when I was raped by those tramps, Marcus wanted me to wear it so I looked like a whore. I stood up and walked into the bedroom to look at myself in the mirror. My mascara had ran down my face due to the vicious throat fucking I had just received.

I slipped out of my dress and examined the distinctive specs of cum on my dress. The last time my dress was exposed to male semen I gave it a good wash with a damp cloth, any other time I would so the same but not now.

I brought the dress up to my face so it was just under my nose, it still had a strong smell. I eased my tongue out and dipped it into the cum. I briefly stopped before I took a good lick of cum off my dress. It tasted heavenly for a slut like me. I licked all the cum I could find of my rubber dress, Mr.Allen would of loved to of seen this. As I licked, I slid my hand between my thighs and slid my fingers into my sopping cum filled cunt. My God Marcus could cum like a horse, not that I would know though.

I pulled my fingers from my cunt and examined the white sticky fluid entwined between my fingers. I sucked on each finger one by one, sucking the cum off, slowly moving from one finger to the next, I wanted more.

I scooped my fingers into my cunt an produced a big blob of cum, I immediately swallowed it without hesitation. I let out a long sigh as enjoyed the taste of salty cum and my cunt juices entwined in my mouth. I scooped as much cum out of my pussy as I could and sucked my fingers clean.

Mr.Allen was very late today, he didn't arrive till 3pm so by that time my cunt was soaking wet. I had masturbated myself 4 times just waiting.

"I'm afraid I cant be staying long today Helen as I have things to do, so please tell me when is Stephen at work next?"

For the first time in months Stephen was working a night shift, I didn't like him doing them as I hated being alone in the apartment all night. I begged for him not to take the shift but he said he didn't have a choice.

"Umm he's working a night shift tomorrow night, umm 8pm till 6am." I told him.

His eyes lit up.

"He's working a night shift!"

I didn't know if he was talking to himself or me so I just nodded.

"That is brilliant, absolutely brilliant," he grinned, "Oh Helen tomorrow night I'm going to take you out for a night you won't forget!"

What did he mean by that? Well my pussy sure as hell liked the sound of that, it almost came all by itself there and then, it was so wet I could feel the front of my underwear dampening.

"Helen I will be round at 8.30, and I expect you to be dressed like a whore, and I mean stockings, miniskirt and boots!"

With that he left with the biggest grin on his face I had ever seen, what the hell would he have me do now?

I kissed Stephen goodbye and in truth was trying to rush him out the door, my pussy was making me shiver in anticipation. I went straight into the bedroom and laid across the bed all of my slutty clothes. One by one I modelled in front of the mirror trying to decide what was most slutty. I decided against the tight latex dress I had worn many times as I wanted something different.

I finally decided minutes before Mr.Allen's arrival to go with a pair of high heels, a beige set of stocking suspenders, a short plaid miniskirt and a tight boob tube. My breasts were so large they held up the boob tube so I didn't require a bra, and for good measure I went without underwear also. The boob tube was beige and I could see the dark areas of my nipples quite easily. I put some cheap make up on and straightened my blonde hair so I looked like a cheap hooker.

Mr.Allen arrived and liked what he saw.

"Oh Helen, oh yes that's my girl", he grinned.

He ran his chubby little hand up my thighs and stroked the stocking material. He kept going until he reached my bare cunt.

"No underwear I see, oooh you're so wet."

It was true, I could almost feel my juices running down my legs as he slid his fingers into me. He then started to grope my breasts and pulled one from my top. He started to roughly pinch my nipple. He spun me around and bent me over the sofa, I could tell he wanted some before we left, I wanted some also but I knew his cock was too little to satisfy my raging pussy.

As I bent doggy over the sofa, he hitched the back of my skirt up and leant forward to start licking my pussy. He thrust his tongue into my wet hole and it felt good. I hadn't been eaten out for so long, I forgot how good it was. I fucked myself back against his tongue when he slid his tongue into my asshole.

"Oh my God, oh, oh", I moaned.

It felt so good with a tongue in my ass, I was getting a good rimming, I've always wanted one but Stephen would never do that for me he thought it was disgusting. Perhaps the one thing that I hated about Stephen was his reluctance to try anything new. He was very religious surprisingly enough and frowned upon things like slutty outfits and stuff.He was very predicatble.

Now however I was enjoying my first ever rimming. Mr.Allen did have a small cock but he was excellent with his tongue.

"Oh Mr.Allen lick my asshole, oh Mr.Allen yes!"

I knew he liked me calling out his name. He then pulled his tongue from my ass and slid his cock straight into my asshole.

"Ahhh, ohh fuck it's tight!" I moaned.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and began to fuck my ass like a man possessed. Surprisingly enough I could feel his cock very well and it was making me come. He kept slapping my ass and calling me a whore as he banged me hard.

Not surprisingly he couldn't last for long before I could feel him twitching and pumping his load into my asshole.

"Ahhh, yes Helen, oh Helen you fucking slut!"

He pulled himself out and the cum came pouring out of my ass.

"Helen, I expect you to eat all of that cum, and not waste a drop."

I did as I was told and fingered my ass as to get as much cum out as possible. I couldn't really taste the shit if there was any, his spunk was foul tasting enough as it was. When he was satisfied I had done a good job, he told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up as I wasn't going to wear underwear and didn't want me to leak onto the upholstery of his BMW.

As we left the apartment blocks, we took a new route to the one previous. Last time we travelled to the dead beat side of town where I was humiliatingly degraded by the homeless, this new route I was somewhat familiar with.

10 minutes into the drive, I recognised that we were driving down somewhat of a secluded area, I could just make out all the trees either side of the road as it was very dark, and quiet.

A little further down and we took a left turn into a small car park. There were trees all around the area and one or two street lamps. We pulled into a space which was rather secluded, a weeping willow tree leaned over the car and made us quite inconspicuous. I noticed that there was 2 other cars in the car park. Both looked quiet and empty. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and saw that it was 9.40pm.

"What are we doing here?"

I got no answer, just a yellow smile.

We waited in silence for almost 20 minutes.

At around 10.15pm I had gotten bored, I had sucked Mr.Allen's cock twice already just to pass the time. As I was sucking him for the third time, he stopped me and said that it was time. Time for what I thought. I looked up and surveyed the parking lot. It had gotten fuller. There was probably around 6 cars now, all dark, I could only just make out figures of people in the cars, most of them only had one person in them.

I saw one car that was rocking backwards and forwards, he wasn't alone I thought.

"Helen, can you just make out that building in the distance?" I was asked.

I looked and strained my eyes due to the lack of light. Yes I did notice a small building that I hadn't quite noticed before. I asked what it was.

"That Helen is where you will be going."

I looked at him, I was a little scared as it was pitch black outside and I didn't know what awaited me in the building.

"Don't worry Helen I will be coming with you. Oh and you should know where to go when you get there."

With that he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a small digital camera. It was one of those that had the flap that came out at the side so you could video record stuff. I wasn't really up to scratch with the latest advancements in video technology and such like.

"Are you going to record me!"

"We don't have a problem with that do we Helen." His tone of voice hinting that I faced a slap around the face otherwise.

I decided against questioning him. He opened the flap part and pressed a button and a little red light came on. He moved the camera up and down, surveying me with it.

"Come on Helen, smile for the camera, gee whiz you got one hell of a body!"

He was directing the camera over my breasts at this point. I felt uncomfortable with myself being on camera, but at the same time it was turning me on.

"Now Helen, I want you to get out and walk across to the building, I will be following you."

Apprehensively I got out of the car. I had to walk straight across the car park to get to the building, which would mean walking in direct view of all the cars. I began walking and I could feel all the eyes in the cars watching me. My tits were bouncing away as I shook my ass in my miniskirt as I walked. My heels clattered against the tarmac, even the car that was rocking had now stopped. My pussy was so wet at the thought of all these eyes on me. I finally reached the other side and approached the trail leading to the building.

I squinted in the dim light to try to get a good view of what it was. As I got closer I realised what it was. Public toilets.

I looked back to Mr.Allen and true to his word he was following, camera in hand. I saw him usher his hand as if to tell me to go in. I looked back at the toilets and saw that the door closest to me was the Men's. I took a big breath and walked towards the door.

As I slowly entered, the smell of urine almost knocked me over. I don't know why but Men's toilets always smell terrible. I walked in and the floor was a cold blue marble.

I had to walk left as there was a wall that is always by the front door in public toilets that allows for privacy.

I turned the corner and saw that it was empty. 3 urinals stood against the right wall, 2 sink basins were on the left, and directly ahead were 4 toilet cubicles stretching against the top wall. The lights were very dim, but still allowed good sight. The walls were white and you could hear the occasional drip from the broken taps. It was pretty rundown.

There were paper towels dotted across the floor and the odd pool of water. The mirror was surprisingly untouched and the walls covered in graffiti. The cubicles had seen better days, they also were covered in graffiti and generally smashed up.

I walked into the middle of the room. I shivered. It was a little cold and I was scared.

Mr.Allen eventually followed. It sounds strange but I felt a little safer that he was here.

"Come with me Helen."

Still armed with his camera he ushered me towards one of the cubicles. He surveyed all 4 and finally decided that one of the middle ones would do. He pushed me inside and made me sit on the toilet. The cubicle was surprisingly big and we both managed to fit in easily. He closed the door behind us and locked it. He stood there with the camera on me.

I looked to my left and saw a hole cut out in the cubicle wall, I saw the same on my right side as well. What was that I thought.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted when I heard footsteps enter the toilets. I held my breath in anticipation. The footsteps got closer and closer. I heard them enter the cubicle next to me, the door closed and I heard the familiar sound of flies opening.

I looked at Mr.Allen and he motioned me to put my finger into the hole with the person next door. I apprehensively did so. I put my middle finger through and circled the hole. Mr.Allen then motioned me to withdraw my hand, so I did.

I waited with baited breath to see what would happen next. All of a sudden a cock was thrust through the hole. I was taken aback by it, there was a cock poking through a hole in the wall, that's not something I'd ever seen before. I leant forward and wrapped my hand around it. It was warm and not very hard at the minute. I slowly stroked my hand over it. It gradually got harder I leant forward and took the head of it into my mouth. I sucked it slowly while still stroking the shaft. It had gotten a lot bigger now, possibly around 6inches long.

I heard the man on the other side groaning as I sucked his cock through the hole. I took my mouth from it and began to rapidly jerk his cock. I was getting very turned on. I was sucking a stranger's cock through a hole in the wall oh my God! I had completely forgotten about Mr.Allen stood there recording it. I was literally creaming, I could feel the toilet seat I was sat on getting wet and slippery because of my cunt. I couldn't help but start to play with my clit as I sucked cock.

I wanted to moan so I did.

"Oh yeah I love sucking your dick Daddy, oh yeah!"

I think that put him over the top, me talking like a whore, it did me also. He pulled his cock from the hole and I peeked through to see him jerking his cock hard and fast.

"Ahhh yeah, come in my mouth baby, ahhh!"

He thrust his cock back through the hole and I opened my mouth to receive his load. He groaned loud as he dumped his load onto my mouth. I swallowed all of it. He pulled his cock from the hole after dumping himself into my mouth and left. I was so fucking horny it was unbelievable.

He left and it went quiet for a minute or two. I looked up at Mr.Allen and he had a big grin on his face and a little tent in his pants as he recorded it.

Soon enough someone else came in. I heard him shuffling around to get his pants down.

"Is there anyone else there so I can suck your dick?"

I was being a fucking tease and it was turning me on no end.

He pushed his cock through and it was nice and big about 7inches long. I wasted no time in jerking his cock.

"Oh yeah, your dicks' nice and big!"

I grabbed the base of it and sucked his whole length to the back of my mouth. I sucked him hard and when I could sense that he was close I started to jerk him harder.

"Come in my mouth, I wanna taste that come baby!"

As he shot his load in my mouth, Mr.Allen got closer with the camera and I wiped his cock all around my lips and including the cum to put on a good show.

"It tastes so good!"

After he left another cock came through and I did the same, only teasing Mr.Allen a little more.

"Hmmm, do you like me sucking his dick?" I smiled at the camera. Mr.Allen smiled, I was such a whore.

"Oh God I love sucking your dick it makes me so wet, please come in my mouth mister!"

When he came in my mouth I decided that I needed cock in my cunt. The next cock to come through that hole I was gonna fuck!

The next cock came through and I couldn't believe my luck. It was a black cock and about 9inches long. I knelt over it and sucked it all the way to the back of my throat. I hitched my skirt up and started to finger my cunt, it was so wet and hot! I sucked that big black cock and he was enjoying it. I took it from my mouth and told him I wanted him to fuck my cunt through the hole.

I turned around and backed myself up against the cock. I bent over the toilet seat and reached around to grab a hold of it. I held it against my pussy lips and backed onto it. It slowly slid into me and I backed onto it as far as I could until my ass hit the wall. I fucked his cock slowly because too fast and it would keep falling out. He just held his cock there for me while I did all the work.

His black cock felt good in my shaved white pussy, Mr.Allen managed to get the camera between my legs so he could record me fucking a black cock.

"Oh my God oh yes, I love your black cock Daddy! Oh yeah Daddy I'm gonna come all over your big black dick, oh yes, ahhh, ahhh!"

I came all over his cock, and he flooded my pussy with his cum. He pulled out and I bent over to wash his cock for him with my mouth. I loved the taste of my cunt on a man's cock.

All of a sudden the black cock started to pump out another liquid, and it wasn't white and thick. His piss hit me straight in the mouth and tasted very tangy.

"Ahhh, oh my God, you filthy black bastard!"

His piss went all over my face and over my clothes. Mr.Allen was laughing and told me to drink it all or I'd get in trouble.

"But he's pissing on me!"

"So, you've eaten out a tramps asshole so shut the fuck up!"

I knelt there while this black cock pissed all over me, a pool of piss surrounded me, and as the whore that I am, I put my mouth around his cock and swallowed all of his piss until he had drained his bladder in my mouth.

"Oh Helen, its not over for you yet," Mr.Allen smiled.

He opened the door and I was confronted by 4 men, all with their dicks out jerking themselves off. Mr.Allen grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the cubicle. I stood there looking at these cocks, some big some small, some thick, some bent and I knew they were all for me.

I walked over and knelt down before them, before I knew it I was being ravaged by them. Hands were everywhere, cocks were being thrust into my mouth, my hair was being pulled, my tits were pulled out and sucked and bitten. My pussy was almost in overload, all these cocks, where would they all go!?!

A big cock was thrust into my mouth. He held the back of my head and skull fucked me. The other three stood around me jerking themselves. This one was fucking my mouth hard, he would push it all the way to the back of my mouth and make me gag. He kept doing it and I could feel myself going to be sick. I quickly pulled his cock from my mouth and I threw up vomit all over the marble floor. They all burst out laughing with cries of 'she can't handle the big dicks!'

One of the men shouted, "I reckon she should clean it up, for the caretaker's sake and I mean with her tongue!"

They all laughed unanimously and even Mr.Allen was laughing.

"You heard them Helen, you lick up your vomit."

I leant down and started to lick my puke off the floor. It tasted warm and lumpy, it was worse than licking a tramps asshole and I should know. I kept gagging as I did so, I even threw up again just to lick it all up again. All the men were cheering. I was on my fours licking up my vomit when my skirt was hitched up from behind, I went to look behind me when my face was violated by the big cock again. It was ruthless. It was skull fucking me hard. I then felt something rubbing against my asshole and sure enough a cock was thrust into my asshole.

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