Jake had come home from college for the weekend, expecting it to be no different than all other times he had visited on weekends, vacations, and holidays.

He'd get a few home cooked meals, his mother would do his laundry, and his stepfather, Paul--more his peer than stepfather, being Paul was seven years younger than Jake's mother, Paulina--would chill out somewhere doing "man stuff."

But this weekend, Paulina was going out of town to visit her brother, but she made sure Paul and Jake had been cared for anyway, doing Jake's wash on Friday night and cooking enough to get them through the rest of the weekend.

"By the way, how is Beth?" Paulina had asked her son. Beth was Jake's new girlfriend.

"She's cool. We just went out last night." And it was the best sex he'd ever had, Jake had thought, but didn't tell that to his mother.

"She seems like a very nice girl."

"Well, Paul likes her," Jake chuckled.

"Keep an eye on him," Paulina teased her son. "He likes the ladies with boobs and a booty."

"Yeah, it is kinda embarrassing when your stepfather thinks your girlfriend is hot. Not that I think she is, but you know......"

Paulina nodded. "Don't worry. Beth's way out of his age bracket; he's just teasing you. You know Paul. And I keep him busy enough in that department as it is," she winked.

How well I know, Jake thought. He'd heard the noises coming from their bedroom more times than he could count during his visits. No wonder he was so damned horny by the time he got back to school. Not that Beth ever complained; she enjoyed sex almost as much as he did.

"Then you don't mind if she comes over tonight?"

"She's in town?" Paulina asked.

"Yeah. She wanted to see one of her friends from high school before they move."

"Well, sure; I don't think Paul will mind. And it will save her money on a hotel. I know how college kids tend to be broke."

"By the way, I wanted to thank Paul for the check he sent last week. It helped with the books for next semester."

"I don't think you need to. Just seeing you do so well at school is thanks enough for both of us."

She then smiled again. "Why don't you call Beth and invite her over for dinner? I hope she likes Mexican, because I arranged to have some delivered tonight, since I will be leaving soon."

"Cool," Jake said, "I think she'll like that."

"And she can stay in the spare room. "

"Okay," Jake nodded, knowing full well not to even ask if he and Beth could share his room instead.

He knew how his mother felt about that kind of thing, and as far as Jake knew, neither she nor Paul had any idea he and Beth were sexually active. They'd probably kill him if they did....or maybe not, since he'd seen Paul eyeing Beth up in approval from time to time.

Nope, better pass on that, he thought. There was plenty of time for action when he and Beth got back to school.


Dinner went well; Paul was in his glory to see Beth join him and Jake. He had always thought if he were about twelve years younger and hadn't already had Paulina in his life, he'd no doubt make a play for a girl like Beth.

If it was anything that had turned Paul on, it was women who looked like women and not stick figures. Paulina and Beth certainly fit the bill there.

Beth had confided in Jake's mother once that before they met, she didn't really have boyfriends.

She had had platonic guy friends, but they always preferred her 'pretty' friends over her, so when Jake came into her life and wanted more than a buddy relationship, Beth couldn't believe her luck, and his mom and stepfather were wonderful too.

She may have not had the supermodel body that most kids Jake's age had gone for, but Beth was a pretty girl with clear green eyes, a nice round ass, 36C tits, and flowing blonde hair.

It was all Paul could do to conceal his hard on when he checked her out, especially around Paulina.

Beth had also found Paul incredibly sexy with his clear hazel eyes, athletic body and near-black hair, but she figured he was too old for her, plus he was married to Austin's mom.

Nevertheless, she had fantasized about him from time to time when she wasn't getting her brains fucked out by Jake.

Beth had even thought about having both men at once on occasion, and would scold herself for thinking like a filthy slut for fantasizing about fucking Jake's stepfather, no matter how hot he was.

Besides, it wasn't like Jake didn't give her all the sex she needed and then some. Little did she know, he had another surprise for her that night.


After dinner, Jake and Beth made their way to the game room in the basement, where they relaxed and watched TV.

"You've thought about it, haven't you, baby?" Jake asked at one point.

"About what?"

"I've seen you looking at Paul. You want him, don't you?"

"Jake, I---"

"Don't worry," he said, putting a hand under her top and caressing one of her firm tits. "He wants you too."

"But Jake, I really--"

"I saw a tent in his pants earlier anyway, and judging the size of that hard-on of his, I bet he's got a big dick that would make a girl like you scream, baby." Jake growled in her ear.

"Jake, you know you are the only guy I want," Beth protested.

"Then I want you to try something. Mom's going to be gone the rest of the weekend and Paul can get pretty horny. I think you should take care of both of us tonight. He's all for it."

"You've planned this?"

"I've seen how you two look each other over, and if he's thinking about fucking around while Mom's out of town, I'd rather it be with someone I know. And I trust you, baby."

"You want me to have sex with Paul?"

"Actually, I was thinking a nice PB&J session."


"Paul, Beth and Jake. A hot little threesome. Come on, baby; you're always saying about how you want to try new stuff in bed."

"But fucking you and Paul at the same time?"

"You got it, sexy."

Jake then grabbed her hand and pulled her upstairs. "We're going to have some fun."

"But what if he doesn't like it?"

"Oh, trust me, baby; he'll love this. We're going to give him the best night of his life."

Paul was already in his bedroom, his nakedness covered by a sheet, but not concealing his erection, which was making a tent in the center of the sheet.

Beth was shocked to see him like that, and even more amazed when Jake began to strip off his own clothes, freeing his raging hard on.

Jake began to stroke his cock. "Since me and Paul are naked, baby, I think you should lose some clothes too. Then I want to see you suck his cock before we all fuck. Show us what a hot babe you are."

Jake patted the bed and joined Paul in it as Beth undressed; still not sure this was real, before Jake guided her toward Paul's waiting cock.

As she took him in her mouth, she expertly downed his very erect cock to his stepfather's balls as Jake watched in wide-eyed appreciation.

"That's it, baby," Jake encouraged her. "Suck Paul's nice big cock!"

She continued sucking Paul expertly, no longer uncomfortable about her boyfriend watching her do so, giving Paul one of her expert blow jobs

When she swirled her tongue around the tip and started to take him deep into her throat again, Paul groaned.

He grabbed her head, forcing himself deeper into her mouth as he groaned with pleasure.

It hadn't been much longer after that that Paul could feel himself shoot a large load of cum down Beth's throat.

"God, Jake. Your girl here is sure one hell of a cocksucker!" Paul said when she had swallowed the last drop of his semen. "And I thought your mother gave great head!"

"Hey, Paul, come here. Let Beth get you hard again and then she can sit on your cock while I fuck her ass. If there is anything my woman loves, it's getting dick up both her holes, and now she can have both of them filled at once."

Paul thought he had died and gone to heaven as Beth stroked and sucked his cock to another healthy erection.

She went to work on Paul's cock with her mouth and her hands as Jake rubbed her pussy juices over the opening of her ass.

"You enjoying this baby? You enjoy having two horny men?" Jake asked as he pushed a finger and then two into her ass and he heard Beth groan in response.

Overcome by lust herself, she straddled Paul and placed the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy, moving down slowly until his entire eight inches was inside her wetness and then moved forward a little, presenting her much-ready ass to Jake.

Jake placed the head of his cock against her ass and pushed gently as he slid into her asshole.

Once he got the head inside, Jake slowly started to stroke in and out, going deeper with each stroke as Beth moaned with pleasure of having a hard prick in each of her holes.

"Damn Paul, her ass is so tight and fucking hot!" Jake panted as he continued to fuck Beth's booty with all his might, making her ride Paul's own cock even harder.

"Her pussy feels pretty good too," Paul agreed as Beth continued to ride him. "You know how to choose your women, dude. This one is one hot piece of ass!"

"Fuck me, both of you fuck me hard until I cum. Then I want both of you to cum in me!" Beth growled.

Jake buried his cock deeper in her ass, up to his balls. Beth's asshole was so tight and she seemed to be into fucking both of them as she continued grinding into Paul.

It felt so good and Paul, even while fucking his stepson's hot girlfriend, certainly couldn't remember the last time he'd been part of such a hot threesome.

He hadn't even done this with his wife and another guy the whole time they had been married. Not that he hadn't thought about it, or maybe bringing another chick into bed with him and Paulina. Like Beth, his wife loved to fuck.

Nevertheless, Paul was presently enjoying this young coed impaled on his throbbing dick, thanking his lucky stars Jake agreed to share her with him, at least for the weekend.

The matched stroking of both men in each her holes made Beth cum as Jake stared to quicken his pace even more; it got easier and soon he was moving as quickly as Paul.

They both felt her pause and then felt the shudder build. Her whole body shook hard as her orgasm peaked.

It went on for several minutes as she fucked and got fucked by both men.

Oh God, Beth thought, these two big cocks felt so good in her ass and pussy!

She then began to feel Paul's prick swell inside her, and she'd had sex with Jake enough times to know what that meant; Paul was about to cum at any minute.

"Cum in me, Paul, "she panted. "I want you to fill my pussy and Jake to cum in my ass."

As Paul's jism filled her cunt, it had touched off Jake's own orgasm as he exploded deep into her bowels.

Beth felt the sperm of each man filling both of her well-fucked holes, making her build another orgasm as the three of them came together.

Slowly pulling out of her, Jake collapsed back onto the bed before Beth climbed off of Paul; the three of them laying there panting before their breaths quieted down.

It had been the first time she had been with two men at once, her feeling as euphoric as she had the first time Beth had sex with Jake.

The three of them dozed off shortly after, drained and satiated from their new sexual adventure.

Neither guy would have to worry about being horny the rest of the weekend, as Beth happily serviced both of them with her mouth and body, doing both another threesome with them as well as fucking both Jake and Paul individually.

When Paulina came home, she never did figure out why her husband and son were in such a good mood....

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