tagNonConsent/ReluctancePC Gone Mad Ch. 02

PC Gone Mad Ch. 02


Sally had a plan.

She ran a local branch of the government run Small Business Enterprise Scheme and had been a very successful to date. In fact her life had been going exceptionally well: thriving in her job, happily married, healthy and fit. She regularly exercised her tall full-breasted figure and considered herself attractive with blue eyes, dark hair and a taste in clothes that was stylish if slightly understated.

So, all in all, she had believed herself happy. Until yesterday.

It was less than 24 hours since her boss had ordered her to take on the employment of the frankly disgusting waster Lenny Slackitt. She had been forced to accept him onto her staff with very clear instructions that she had to satisfy all of his requirements as a disabled employee which, on the face of it, seemed a reasonable request.

Now Sally was in no way prejudiced against anyone in any way; she firmly believed in equality for all races, genders, ages, sexual orientations and levels of ability. But Lenny Slackitt had some very particular disabilities in which Sally was not necessarily convinced.

First of all he had Uncontrollable Sexual Addiction Syndrome or USAS which meant he had to ejaculate regularly. Then he had Acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or ACTS which meant that he couldn't satisfy his USAS by masturbating himself - he had to get someone else to do it for him! He also 'suffered' from Post-Coital Compulsive Nicotine Disorder or PCCND which, conveniently, meant he had to have a cigarette after orgasm. And finally he had been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome or TS which meant that he could swear freely with no consequence.

The more that Sally got to know him the more that she thought that he was just playing the system, using his supposed ailments to con sexual relief from attractive young women who were only trying to do the right thing. With her career as a senior civil servant in mind, Sally herself had been embarrassingly compliant, desperate to ensure neither her office nor she herself were in any way accused of bigotry.

And it hadn't been just her either. Her boss Jane had introduced him yesterday whilst blithely tossing him off for, apparently, the third time that day.

Then Sally had bribed one her team leaders, Rachel, a young shapely blonde who was rumoured to have slightly loose sexual principles, to provide him with more manual relief.

And then finally Sally had humiliated herself by giving Lenny two stomach-turning blowjobs, forcing herself to swallow his ejaculate the second time to convince him of her goodwill.

Going home to her husband last night, Sally had been utterly ashamed. As soon as she got home she'd made an excuse and had a long hot soapy shower, desperate to wash away the rancid smell of Lenny's foul genitalia.

The only thing that had kept her going and got her into the office this morning was the plan she'd agreed with Rachel. The plan to get rid of Lenny for once and all.

They'd spent half an hour last night discussing ideas to persuade Lenny to leave.

At first none of their ideas had seemed likely to succeed. They had considered bribing him with money but Sally couldn't risk diverting any funds from the department's budget and neither of them wanted to dip into their own pockets. They'd thought about offering him more than handjobs and blowjobs but didn't think he would then ever really leave them alone and in any case the thought of having full penetrative sex with him was beyond contemplation. They'd even considered appealing to his better nature but quickly discarded the idea, knowing it just wouldn't work.

Eventually they'd realised that they would have to blackmail him. And the only way they could think of was to catch him flouting his supposed disabilities. They would then be able to threaten him with exposure and the resultant loss of his benefits unless he went to work somewhere else.

Realising he would be able to fake explanations for any transgressions of his other conditions, they'd agreed that what they needed was proof that Lenny didn't really have anything wrong with his wrists. If they could capture him on video using his hands and wrists to do something strenuous, they knew they'd have him. But how?

At first Rachel had been sceptical of the idea Sally finally came up with but in the end she had agreed because she really couldn't think of any other way. Of course Sally had also had to throw in an increased benefits package for her to finally clinch her consent.

Knowing that all Lenny really seemed to care about was sex, Sally and Rachel planned on taking Lenny on a 'field visit' to one of their clients. However, what they'd actually do is take him back to Sally's house - her husband, Ian, was out during the day - and pretend to seduce him. Of course they wouldn't go through with it, maybe resorting to a handjob or, heaven forbid, a blowjob if it were absolutely unavoidable. What they really wanted was some evidence, to be captured on Ian's camcorder, that Lenny's wrists were, in fact, absolutely fine.

"But why on earth would he believe that we would even consider voluntarily having sex with him?" Rachel had objected at first. "He's old, ugly, dirty and smelly."

Sally had countered, "I can tell him that I was really worried that he was going to tell Jane that we were discriminating against him and that we wanted to buy his silence. I mean last night, he got upset that I didn't swallow his cum that afternoon so I had to make a real show of gulping it all down the second time I sucked him off."

"Oh, god, Sally, that's disgusting. I can't you believe you put that foul thing in your mouth let alone swallowed his rank spunk down."

"I had too, Rachel. But don't think it wasn't hard. I almost vomited all over him. I was just worried about my job," Sally had sighed.

"OK, I can see he might believe that. But how are we going to get him to use his hands? He didn't use them much yesterday. He seemed a lot happier for us to do it," Rachel had challenged.

"Hmmm. It gets more difficult but I was thinking that maybe if we can make him come quickly a couple of times, then offer him another go if he can get himself hard then he might, you know, play with himself."

Rachel had seemed sceptical. "I'll give it a go, Sally, but there is no way I'm letting him fuck me or putting his cock in my mouth."

Sally had paused to think. "What if I can get him to take a shower first?"

Rachel had considered. "Oh, fuck, OK. If he's clean I'll give him head but I'm not going to swallow or let him shag me."

Sally had been forced to agree.

The next morning she went over the details of the plan in her head while she waited nervously in her office. Her husband had left for work early and she wasn't expecting him back until late. She knew exactly where the camera was and how it worked. And Rachel was already in and looking exceptionally hot wearing a tight top, a short skirt and stilettos.

Sally herself was wearing a low cut white blouse, a pencil skirt and her sexiest underwear. She was confident that Lenny wouldn't be able to resist the two of them.

Lenny eventually rolled in half an hour late. He ambled into Sally's office and casually sat down opposite her.

"Hello, darling," he greeted her uncouthly. "I've been dreaming about that pretty mouth of yours and those great knockers. You going to come around here to suck me off or shall I come and sit on your desk?"

"Mr. Slackitt!" Despite her faith in the plan, Sally was beginning to feel nervous. "I mean, Lenny. Yesterday demonstrated that I'm more than happy to give you oral sex. But if it's OK I was thinking that Rachel and I might go out to see a client with you today. While we're out of the office, we'd have plenty of scope to provide you with whatever kind of relief you'd like. Discreetly."

"Rachel as well? Fucking hell, I wouldn't mind trying out her mouth. I'll bet she sucks like a dockside whore. All right then. When do we leave?"


Salle watched in her rear-view mirror as Rachel wanked Lenny off in the back of her car. They'd started the journey with the two girls in the front but, after 15 minutes of incessant whining about how horny he felt, an exasperated Rachel had got into the back and got Lenny's cock out.

"Ooh, that's good, darling. Why don't you give it a suck while you're at it?" Lenny drooled.

"No fucking way," Rachel refused but she kept tossing him at a gentle pace, wrinkling her nose at his obnoxious smell.

Judging the time right to initiate their plan, Sally took a breath before saying, "Lenny?"

"Yeah, love?" Lenny was obviously distracted while he groped Rachel's large bosom.

Sally continued, "I've been really worried that you're not happy with your treatment here so far. I really don't want you to tell head office that we haven't been looking after you or making proper allowances for your disabilities."

Lenny was listening now, obviously sympathetic to this line of reasoning. "Yeah, actually I have been feeling a bit marginalised by the bigoted attitudes I'm encountering. I mean the fact that young Rachel here can't even be bothered to suck my knob when she's obviously such a slag leads me to think that she is biased against the disabled."

"Why you..." Rachel started before Sally hastily interrupted.

"Well Lenny, we both feel a bit ashamed of our behaviour and we wanted to ensure that you don't escalate matters. I'm sure Rachel would normally love to, er, fellate you, as would I, but we can't do it here in public." Ignoring Rachel's dirty look she continued, "Would it be all right if went somewhere more private instead of the client? We'll be more than happy to show our gratitude to you, um, extensively."

Lenny looked suspicious. "What do you mean?"

Sally was blushing now at her forwardness. "Well we're actually quite close to my house and we could probably spend the rest of the day giving you relief."

Lenny seemed flummoxed at Sally's new attitude. "So what you're saying is that if I keep quiet at your disgusting bigotry, you'll spend the day in bed with me.

"Yes," Sally replied. Rachel grunted her begrudging agreement.

"What the two of you together?" Lenny asked, struggling to get his head around the concept.

"For fuck's sake, yes. What exactly don't you get?" Rachel barked.

"And you'll do anything I want?" Lenny was now smiling salaciously.

"Within reason, Lenny. Nothing dirty," Sally replied somewhat primly.

"Fucking hell. All right. In retrospect, I suppose this is the least you can do for me, considering how my feelings have been hurt. And I suppose I can overlook it just this once and not report it to your superiors."

Rachel's face clearly showed how she felt about Lenny's posturing although she didn't slow down her wanking and allowed him to continue fondling her substantial tits.

"Here we are," Sally said before Rachel could express her anger, pulling into her driveway.

"Bloody hell, I was close to coming. Still, probably best I didn't spunk over you nice leather seats. Not when I can spunk in your nice juicy pussy, eh?" Lenny laughed lasciviously.

"No, quite," Sally said. "Please put that away," she added nodding at his erection, "and let's get inside."

Checking they were unobserved, Sally quickly let Rachel and Lenny into her house.

"Lenny, seeing as we're going to be spending some time together, I was wondering if you could do us a little favour?" Sally asked in sugary tones.

"What?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well, would you mind having a shower before we get down to it?"

"A shower? I do struggle with washing what with my wrists. Perhaps one of you could help me?"

"Erm, I sure you could manage yourself just this once. I mean, look at what your reward is," Sally smiled seductively, doing her best to conceal her revulsion.

"All right, love. Just this once. Point the way," Lenny assented.

Once Lenny was safely in the shower, Sally and Rachel made sure the bedroom was ready, carefully setting up the hidden camera in a wardrobe so that the bed was in full view.

"This is the spare bedroom. I couldn't stand to do this in mine," Sally shuddered. "Right, he's coming. All we need to do is get some footage of him using his wrists."

"OK. Although if he wants anything more than a blowjob then I'm leaving, promotion or no promotion," Rachel asserted.

"Understood," Sally sighed.

Lenny walked into the room with a towel around his substantial waste. "Hello, ladies. Still got your clothes on? Come on then get 'em off!"

Lenny clothed was not a pleasant sight. Lenny almost naked was nauseating. Sally shuddered at the hirsute rolls of fat around his midriff and his flabby chest. At least he doesn't smell quite so bad now that he's had a wash, she thought to herself as he came and lay down on the bed, before whipping his towel away to reveal his familiarly unattractive half-hard penis.

"Come on then, girls. Let's see those tits," he said.

Rachel gave Sally a significant look before kicking off her shoes and peeling off her top and skirt revealing her lithe tanned body and expansive bust. She was wearing a white bra and thong set and looked, Sally had to admit, absolutely stunning,

Lenny obviously agreed. "Fucking hell. You're seriously fucking hot," he commented.

Sally undid her blouse and unzipped her blouse exposing a lacy black bra, matching knickers and hold-ups.

"Oh, shit yes. Come on over girls and get your mouths around this," Lenny growled holding up his erection for them.

Muttering obscenities under her breath, Rachel walked around the bed to sit on his right while Sally moved to his left.

Lenny's hands immediately began squeezing their fine breasts, weighing them in his hands as if he were choosing fruit.

"Lovely tits, girls. Go on get them out for me."

Without speaking they unhooked their bras, allowing him access to their astonishing breasts. Lenny rolled their nipples between his thick stubby fingers, cruelly pinching and tweaking them to hardness.

"Ow!" an annoyed Rachel cried, batting him away. "More gently!"

"All right love. You can't blame me for being a bit excited. Come on then, get sucking," Lenny ordered hungrily.

Sally looked up at Rachel before bringing her head down to end of his cock. She closed her eyes before sliding her mouth over his knob, sucking hard and lashing her tongue over him. She wanted to make him come quickly.

"Oh, yeah," Lenny groaned. "Fuck, yeah."

Disgusted, Rachel watched as Sally began to slurp up and down Lenny's straining erection.

Noting her reluctance, Lenny ordered, "Come on then, give my balls a lick."

Swallowing her repugnance, Rachel began to lick up and down his, admittedly, long and thick shaft. Checking that the smell was now bearable, she took one of his large hairy balls in her mouth and sucked.

Unsurprisedly, Lenny seemed to be in absolute bliss. Sally and Rachel quickly got used to working with each other and began to intuitively swap roles, agilely moving their mouths and tongues around his cock and balls, keen to bring him off as soon as possible.

"Oh, fuck yes. I can't believe this is happening," Lenny moaned in abject lust.

Rachel had been bobbing her head up and down on his dick for a while now, getting into a pleasant rhythm despite her visceral aversion to Lenny, while Sally licked his bollocks, but then she began to detect the first signs of disagreeably salty pre-cum on her tongue.

She pulled back to allow Sally to flick her tongue over his knob, keen to avoid any chance of his jism in her mouth. Sally immediately recognised the signs of his imminent orgasm. Steeling herself, she sucked hard on him while Rachel tossed him into her mouth.

Lenny barked his pleasure loudly as his penis spat out copious amounts of sperm, laving Sally's tongue with his thick cum. As her mouth filled, Sally wanted to pull back and spit but held herself there, not wanting to hurt Lenny's feelings, knowing that they had keep him keen to enact their plan successfully.

Once he'd finally finished coming, she sat back up on her haunches and made an effort to swallow noisily.

"Hmmm, lovely," she lied, licking her lips, much to Rachel's disbelief. "I'd like to do that again!"

"Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. That was absolutely fucking amazing," Lenny chanted as Sally began to lick him hard again. "Come here, darling," he said to Rachel, who allowed him to pull her higher up the bed so that he could lick and suck her tits.

Despite her abhorrence, Rachel couldn't help letting out a small moan as Lenny's tongue stiffened her nipples.

"Oh, you like that do you, you dirty little whore," Lenny gloated filthily although Rachel didn't reply. He slipped his hand down the back of her thong and began to toy with her arsehole with one of his ugly thick fingers.

Rachel tensed but allowed him to continue, thinking that maybe this would be the shot they needed of him using his wrists.

Meanwhile Sally's mouth was stretched around his revived cock. She sucked as hard as she could while playing with his enormous dangling testicles, carefully watching him finger Rachel's bum and hoping it was all being caught by the camera.

"Oh, shit, I really need to get into your pussy," Lenny eventually grunted before sliding his hand underneath Rachel to cup her cunt inside her g-string.

Rachel opened her mouth to protest but all she could do was squeal as Lenny's stubby fingers found her clit. She closed her eyes as she moistened under his rough treatment.

Aware, that Lenny's energetic handwork was now hidden under Rachel's writhing bottom, Sally realised she had to do something to get him back into the camera shot. She stood up and, catching Lenny's eye, peeled off her knickers giving him a good view of her dark pubic hair.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned. "Come here darling, I need to be inside you."

Instead, Sally got down on her hands and knees on the bed with her arse facing towards the camera and began to bob her head on his dick again. She nudged Rachel who, startled from her reverie, swung her body around to join Sally in her cocksucking.

Lenny groaned in frustration but didn't hesitate to pull off Rachel's damp thong before burying two fingers into her sopping pussy. It took a little longer to work open Sally's cunt, which wasn't yet wet, but with a little work within a few minutes he was frigging them both vigorously, enchanted by the sight of their perfect bums and pretty rosebud arseholes.

Although neither of them even liked Lenny let alone remotely fancied him, Sally and Rachel couldn't help moaning in arousal around his cock as he played with their dripping cunts.

Lenny's lustful grunts as the girls fellated him vigorously and the girls' muffled groans as he pushed his ugly fingers in and out of their wet cunts steadily increased in volume and frequency until, without warning, Lenny began spewing spunk into Rachel's hot sucking mouth.

Despite her loathing of him, Rachel had become somewhat caught up in the moment and she'd almost forgotten that it was Lenny's sizeable erection in her mouth and Lenny's thick powerful fingers in her pussy. Which was why she hadn't realised that he was getting closer and closer to climax.

It was only when her mouth filled with his offensive jism that she finally understood what was happening. Although she was definitely turned on, she wasn't so far gone that a mouthful of Lenny's cum had become in any way palatable and, without thinking, she immediately spat it out, by chance, all over Sally's breasts.

Sally, who until that moment, hadn't even realised that Lenny had come, sat up in surprise and looked down at her generous firm pale breasts and red nipples dripping with sperm.

"Sorry," Rachel sputtered, wiping her mouth clean.

"Oh!" Sally, who had been resigned to letting Lenny come in her mouth once again, looked up at him, wondering how he would feel about Rachel spitting and not swallowing.

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