PC Gone Mad Ch. 02


He was already playing with his cock while staring at her cum-covered tits. "It would be a shame to waste it, darling," he said.

Sally let out an acquiescent sigh before dipping her head down to lick her breasts clean with long controlled swipes of her tongue, the combination of large high tits and a long agile tongue making it more than possible.

"Yeah, baby," Lenny exhaled as he watched.

A guilty Rachel looked on as Sally swallowed his spunk for a third time but Sally herself was feeling exultant inside. Surely they had recorded footage already that they could use to blackmail him. They'd both been pointing their arses at the camera as he thrust his fingers powerfully in and out of their pussies. Nobody would believe his he had a wrist weakness now.

And even right now, Lenny was masturbating forcefully obviously become more and more aroused by Sally's show despite his recent ejaculation.

"Help her out, Rachel," Lenny ordered.

"What? What do you mean?" Rachel asked.

"Lick her tits," he grunted despite the fact that virtually all the cum was gone.

Rachel caught Sally's eye and winked. She leant in to kiss her on the cheek and murmured quietly, "Just go with me on this. It'll drive him mad. It'll be even better if we can film him bringing himself off..."

Sally gasped as Rachel began kissing her way down her neck to her bosom and shrieked charmingly when Rachel's tongue snaked out to flick her left nipple.

"Oh, yeah, girls," Lenny groaned as his hand began to blur on his erection, amazed at the show the girls were putting on.

Sally closed her eyes as Rachel began to suck her nipples in turn. While Lenny had been masturbating her she had been surprised to find herself getting wet at his rough touch. And now she could feel herself getting even more aroused as, for the first time, another woman gently bit her nipples and squeezed her breasts.

"Oh fuck, girls, please. I need you now!" Lenny exclaimed.

Rachel looked up from Sally's bosom with a wicked smile and wagged her finger. "Just enjoy the show. No touching!"

Lenny let out another animal groan but sat back against the headboard and continued to play with his dick, eager to see what they would do next.

Sally, almost rigid in a mix of fear and unfamiliar lust, started in shock as Rachel began kissing her on the mouth and dropped a hand between her legs. She quickly realised however, that Rachel was only pretending to touch her pussy and that her kisses were closemouthed and only for show.

Even so, Rachel's right hand was still cupping her and lightly stroking her engorged clit sending shivers through her body.

"Please, Rachel," she whispered, "surely we've got enough now."

"Just a bit more," Rachel murmured. "I want him on the brink of exploding before we leg it," she added maliciously.

But by now it was just too much for Lenny. "I can't wait, girls. I need to fuck you," he said as he started to move up the bed towards them.

"Wait!" Sally screamed in panic as he approached. "I can hear my mobile! I'll be back in a minute."

"Er, and I need to go to the loo!" Rachel exclaimed.

They ran out of the room together, breasts bouncing, ignoring Lenny's frustrated, "Fucking get back here soon!"

They ran to the master bedroom.

"Right. What now?" Rachel giggled as she started to get dressed.

"Um. Gosh. I'm not sure. Why don't I say that it was Ian on the phone and he's on his way back?"

"OK. I'll get him out and you get the camera," Rachel agreed.

Sally couldn't help glancing at Rachel's perfect body as they both clothed themselves, wondering at how excited she'd got at Rachel's touch.

"Rachel?" she said as she pulled up her skirt.


"Have you had a lot of, um, experience with, you know, women before?"

Rachel laughed. "Oh, a bit. Don't worry. You're a good-looking woman and it was fun to tease that prick! Was it your first time with a woman?"

"Oh, yes! I've never even considered a woman sexually before," Sally answered blushing.

Rachel stepped close to Sally. "Why? Did you like it?" she breathed.

Before Sally could answer they heard a door slam downstairs.

"Oh, my god! It must be Ian!" Sally shrieked. She ran downstairs but instead of her husband coming to catch her in this impossible situation she found... no-one.

An inconceivable thought flashed horrifically through her mind.

"Oh, no," she moaned as she sprinted up the steps two at a time.

She was met by Rachel coming out of the spare bedroom.

"He's gone!"


"His clothes are gone too!" Rachel panted.

"What about the camera!" Sally shouted.

But when they opened the cupboard all they found was an empty tripod.

Rachel slumped back onto the bed. "Oh, fuck," she hissed angrily. "This was a fucking stupid idea in the first place."

Sally cried, "What are we going to do now?"

"I don't fucking know," Rachel replied venomously. "What I do know is that that bastard has got a tape of us sucking him off as well as us snogging each other."

Sally was in tears as they continued to wrangle for the next five minutes, paralysed into indecision.

They were startled by the doorbell ringing insistently.

Sally and Rachel glanced at each other before moving out onto the landing to look out of the window.

"It's him," Sally wailed.

"And I can't see the camera," Rachel added.

They trudged despondently downstairs before Sally opened the door.

Lenny stood there with a big smile upon his face. "Hello, girls. You've been a bit naughty haven't you?"

"What do you want?" Sally challenged.

"Well I rather think the question is what do you want?" Lenny snidely replied as he slipped past them into the lounge.

They followed him in as he sat down on the sofa.

"Imagine my surprise when, somewhat mystified by your abrupt exit, I investigated a little red flashing light in the wardrobe and found a camera trained on our exploits!"

"Oh fuck," Rachel swore with feeling.

"Now, I've had a look and I've got to say you girls are very photogenic. You, Sally, looked particularly good with my cock in your mouth and when you were licking my spunk of those gorgeous big tits. And your arse, Rachel, looked stunning while I fingered your lovely cunt."

"What do you want?" Sally limply replied after a pause.

"Well, girls. I reckon that there a lot of people who would like a good look at two professional girls sucking off an ugly old bloke like me. I mean I could sell the video for a lot more than I'm ever going to get working in your poxy job."

"Please, Lenny," Sally begged thinking of her marriage and career.

"You fucking cunt," Rachel said furiously.

"I think, darling, I'll be fucking your cunt, actually," Lenny replied maliciously. "Or actually, I might try out your perfect arse. It felt lovely and tight when I fingered it, although I bet you've had a few cocks up, you slag."

Rachel looked at a tearful Sally in resignation. "We're going to have to do what he says."

She continued. "Where's the camera?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. It's nice and safe," Lenny chuckled.

"Right, this is the deal, Lenny. We'll do whatever you want this afternoon but then we go with you and get the camera. If you try and slip out of the deal in any way, I will kill you."

"Of course, love. You'll get it back. I promise," he replied slimily.

Sally wiped away her tears as Rachel put an arm around her. "Look, it won't be pleasant, Sally, but one afternoon won't kill you. Let's just get this done."

Sally nodded bravely in response.

"Great!" Lenny said. "Right, let's get upstairs and you can get out of those clothes and get snogging. But this time, like you mean it."

Back in the guest bedroom, they undressed unenthusiastically until Rachel was naked and Sally was left in her stockings.

"Fuck me, you're both seriously good looking. I mean look at those tits," he commented as he squeezed them. "I don't know whose are bigger."

"Just pretend he's not here," Rachel said as she brought her mouth down to Sally's. This time she kissed her fully, slipping her tongue into Sally's mouth as she embraced her, breasts squashing against breasts.

After some initial discomfort, Sally allowed herself to relax and come to the unexpected realisation that she really liked kissing another beautiful woman. As Rachel cupped Sally's buttocks and pushed her cunt against hers, Sally let out a deep lustful moan.

After a few minutes of heavy lesbian petting, Lenny called them to a halt.

"Come here Sally and sit on this," he ordered crudely holding up his erection.

Sally reluctantly disengaged from Rachel to clamber onto the bed. Lenny lay back as she straddled him.

"Rachel, come here, you dirty little slut, and guide it in," Lenny ordered.

Ignoring his barbed name-calling, Rachel leant over him to grab hold of his cock and position it at Sally's slippery opening.

Lenny shouted in triumph as he pulled Sally down on to his cock.

"Oh, fuck, yes, that's good!" he screamed before guiding her hips back and forth until she'd taken the rhythm herself. "That's it, girl. Fuck me hard."

As Sally started to moan in reluctant excitement, Lenny said, "Fuck me, you're tight. Your husband must have a tiny todger."

"Don't be a bastard!" Rachel warned as a few more tears ran down Sally's face.

"Sit on my face," Lenny commanded, paying no attention to Rachel's anger.

Rachel swung her arse around unenthusiastically and gingerly placed her perfectly trimmed pussy onto Lenny's hungry mouth. She squealed as he immediately began to lick her long pink lips vigorously before sucking on her clit.

Meanwhile Sally, despite her loathing for Lenny, hadn't been able to avoid her rising excitement. And when Rachel spontaneously fell into her arms to kiss her again, she forgot that it was Lenny's substantial cock she was riding and lost herself in the moment.

It wasn't long before, regardless of her best efforts, an orgasm ripped through her body and almost immediately afterwards Lenny's insistent tongue brought on Rachel's own climax.

As the girls shook and shuddered on his flabby untoned body, Lenny began bucking his hips as he spurted uncontrollably into Sally's snug pussy.

"Oh no!" Sally exclaimed realising that a man other than her husband had just violated her most secret place and that she had allowed him to do so almost willingly.

As Sally stood up in horror, Lenny ordered Rachel to lick his cock clean.

Rachel made a face at him but didn't pause much before she began to slurp up a combination of his rank spunk and Sally's sweet juices.

"Lie down, darling," he said to Sally who hesitantly complied.

She was so upset at her betrayal that she almost didn't hear him instruct Rachel to lick her pussy and it was only when Rachel knelt between her legs that she realised what was going to happen.

"No!" she exclaimed but inside she knew she would do whatever was necessary to get the camera back. And as Rachel began to flick her tongue over her clit, she forgot her distress and once more allowed herself to become aroused. She even compliantly opened wide as Lenny slipped his semi-hard dick familiarly in to fuck her mouth.

After a period of slurping and sucking, Lenny pulled out of her mouth and positioned himself behind Rachel at the end of the bed. By this time, Sally was in ecstasy, having experienced a series of divine orgasms brought on Rachel's experienced fingers and tongue. She barely noticed Rachel's grunt as Lenny entered her from the rear.

"Sally, turn around and lick her cunt."

"What?" she asked.

"You heard. Turn around. I want you lick this slut's cunt while I fuck her hard."

"But I don't know how," Sally protested as she looked over Rachel's lowered head at the grunting Lenny.

"Just fucking do it!" he shouted before grabbing Rachel's hips to pound into her.

Sally half-heartedly swung her body around so that she was underneath Rachel who immediately began to lick her pussy again. Inches above her face was a sight she would never forget. Rachel's flawless pink pussy framed by a tiny tuft of hair split open by Lenny's angry red-grey cock as he inexorably slammed in and out of her, his heavy ball-sack brushed Sally's forehead and nose as it swung back and forth.

Sally took a heady breath, taking in Rachel's strong clean scent before tentatively flicking her tongue over her clit. Slowly at first and then more enthusiastically Sally licked up and down Lenny's shaft and over Rachel's pussy.

Over the next twenty minutes Lenny fucked Rachel to repeated orgasms while Sally herself came countless times under Rachel's loving ministrations. So the girls were a little surprised when Lenny pulled his cock out before he himself had come.

Sally looked up as he placed the hefty head of his cock at Rachel's tiny brown arsehole before shoving forward forcefully.

Rachel, caught by surprise, screamed in pain as he half-penetrated her before pulling herself away from him.

"Please!" she shouted. "I need lubrication."

"You stupid little tart," Lenny sneered cruelly. "You've treated me like shit from when you first met me. I'm going to fuck you up that tight arse of yours and you're going to pretend that you like it. You'll only get lubrication if Sally gives it to you."

"What do you mean?" a puzzled Sally asked.

"I mean with your tongue, you stupid fucking whore."

"Oh," Sally whimpered. She'd only just got used to licking another woman's pussy. There was no way she would even consider licking anyone's anus, no matter how gorgeous they were.

Rachel was almost crying, the first time Sally had ever seen her in such distress. "Please Sally," she begged.

Sally knew what she had to do. Closing her eyes she timidly allowed her tongue to touch Rachel's petite butt-hole. The taste was unpleasant but no worse than Lenny's cock and balls. More confidently she began to methodically work her tongue into Rachel's glorious arse using plenty of saliva.

"That's enough," Lenny impatiently ordered before grabbing Rachel's hips and positioning himself for anal entry once again. Rachel braced herself and this time, as he thrust in, she sobbed but didn't protest.

"Oh, fuck. That is so so tight," Lenny exulted as he pushed in and out her arse. "Lick my bollocks," he ordered Sally who complied immediately.

The tightness of Rachel's bum and the wet warmth of Sally's mouth on his balls obviously had a profound effect on Lenny as, very quickly, he ejaculated copiously in Rachel's poor arsehole.

"Shit, I don't think I can take any more," Lenny sighed as he slumped back on the bed.

"Are we done now?" Rachel asked, gingerly standing up.

"Yeah, darling. We're done. Although I'm still expecting a nice blowjob at work tomorrow."

Sally and Rachel exchanged glances before Sally nodded.

Rachel continued, "And we can go and get the camera now?"

"Yeah, all right. I only put it in a bush at the end of your drive, love."

They dressed in silence before Rachel and Sally tidied up the house.

Lenny tried to light up a cigarette causing Sally to protest, "Please! Lenny. Not in the house."

"Fair enough," he replied. "I should probably give up anyway. Not very good for you, you know," he added without a trace of irony.

They walked to the end of the drive and Lenny stopped at the hedge. "There you go, it's in there."

Rachel reached in and rummaged around. "Where?"

"Just here," Lenny replied as he reached in himself to retrieve the camera.

Abruptly he stood up, eyes wide in astonishment.

"Oh, fuck. It's gone!"

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