PC Gone Mad Ch. 03


Sally glanced at the DVD and stopped in her tracks. "It's not the right one," she said despondently,

"What do you mean? That was definitely your arse on the right. I've had bloody good look!"

"No, look the DVD is the wrong brand. I'm sure it had green lettering on it not red. He must have made another copy!"

"Oh shit!" Rachel cursed with feeling. "Maybe he's not so stupid after all."

Just then John called down, "I'm ready."

Sally and Rachel looked at each other in panic.

"We'll just be a minute, John," Sally shouted up, at a loss for what else to do.

She crossed her arms as she faced Rachel. "Well, what the hell do we do now?"

"Oh shit, sorry, Sally. I just thought we could get away without having to do anything else."

"Are you OK?" John called down.

"Yes, we're coming up now," Rachel answered.

The two of them looked at each. "Let's just go up there and blow his mind, get the DVDs back and get out," Rachel suggested.

When Sally didn't reply she continued, "Look, he's not the prettiest of blokes but at least he's not a bastard like Lenny. Think of it as a friendly neighbourly gesture."

"Neighbourly! I don't know what you expect from your neighbours but lesbian sex and blowjobs are not on my list!" Sally replied.

"Come on, Sally. He's never going to get any from any girl unless he pays her. He's actually quite a nice guy and, if you're going to have sex with anyone at least it'll be someone a bit more worthy than Lenny."

Sally considered for a while but couldn't think of any alternatives. "Oh, bugger. OK. Let's do it."

They replaced the DVD in the player and walked upstairs to a small landing.

"I'm in here," John called from a room at the far end.

His room was small, covered in superhero posters and smelt as badly as he did.

True to Rachel's request, John was lying naked on the bed. His body was corpulent, a pasty white with an unpleasant covering of dark hair. His cock was small but eagerly erect, pointing up his body.

Sally stopped dead and swallowed back the nauseous feeling she was experiencing.

"Is it still OK?" John asked tentatively. "I know I'm not very, um, handsome but it's just that you said..."

In answer Rachel sat down next to him and reached out to grab his cock. She started to slowly and deliberately masturbate him.

"Does that feel nice, John?" she asked.

"Oh, fuck, yes. I can't believe this is happening to me. Thank you so much!" he cried with such gratitude, Sally couldn't help but smile.

"Please, please would you take your clothes off?" he asked.

Rachel looked up at Sally who took a breath before kicking off her sandals and unbuttoning her dress. She let it slide to the floor to reveal simple black underwear which nevertheless showed off her curves deliciously.

"Here take over," Rachel said. Sally sat down and took hold of his erection and continued to toss it slowly. She guessed that because he'd already come he might have more stamina this time.

Rachel stood up and, with a big smile, pulled off her top to reveal a racy royal blue bra, her nipples clearly visible through it. She discarded her shoes before peeling off her skinny jeans. Her thong matched her bra.

"What do you think, John?"

John looked back and forth between the two women. Sally had dark hair, pale skin and deep green eyes, Rachel tanned and blonde with blue eyes. Their figures were both outstanding- Rachel was slightly taller than Sally but Sally's boobs were a touch bigger. Both were stunning.

"Oh, fuck this is the best thing that ever ever happened," he shouted happily.

Rachel took control once again. "Right, John. Here's the deal. Sally and I will give you a blowjob. Maybe two if can get it up again. And you can touch us. Anywhere you want to. In return we want the DVD and all copies back. Do you understand?"

"Oh, yes. Yes, I do. And will you kiss each other and, you know...?"

Rachel looked at Sally who nodded tightly. "Yes, we'll give you a full lesbian show. With all the trimmings! But only if you promise to give the DVDs back."

"OK, of course! Wow. I just can't believe this. I'm so happy!" he enthused.

"Right then, John. Perhaps you'd like to start by touching us."

"OK!" he said eagerly. However despite his enthusiasm his hands were tentative as they reached out to squeeze Sally big tits through her bra.

"Wow, I really can't believe this is happening, Sally. I'd always thought you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, although you're just as beautiful, Rachel. And you're so nice too -- you always say hello to me and smile. I think about you an awful lot. I just can't believe I'm really holding your boobs. They're amazing."

Despite her disquiet at the situation, Sally couldn't help but warm to John. His enthusiasm was puppy-like. "I'm pleased you like them, John. You can be a firmer. Yes, that's nice."

"Oh, wow, yes, I can feel your nipples going hard. Rachel, Can I touch yours too?"

Rachel sat down beside him and John moved his attention to her breasts, weighing them in his hands while he tweaked her nipples through her bra. Quite quickly she stopped him though. "Here let's get them out so you can feel them properly," she offered.

Sally watched as Rachel unhooked her bra to reveal her firm golden tits her and brown nipples. John was obviously getting very excited to judge from the twitching of his cock in Sally's hand. Without asking he leant forward and began to suck on Rachel's boobs.

"Ooh, John. That's nice," she giggled before reaching out to cup and squeeze his balls while Sally continued to toss him.

"You're so beautiful," John murmured before turning to Sally, who discarded her bra to unveil her fabulous creamy red-tipped bosom which he promptly began to lick and fondle.

As he licked Sally's stiff nipples, Rachel shifted her body so that she could access his waving erection with her mouth. At the first touch of her soft pink lips and agile wet tongue, John moaned loudly in excitement.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, I can't believe this is happening. Thank you," he shouted in bliss as Rachel began to bob her head on his small but hard dick. He got back to sucking Sally's tits, whilst playing with Rachel's, all the time making sure he could see her big green eyes and warm pouting mouth around his cock.

After a few minutes, Rachel paused. "Well, John, I'm impressed. You're really holding on there. I thought you'd explode as soon as I started sucking. Good going!"

"Oh. Thanks. Well, I had a little accident downstairs which helped but I'm getting close now. Sally would it be all right if you, um, joined Rachel?" he replied in a daze.

Sally had begun to hope that maybe Rachel would do all the work as she had been quite happy to just have her tits sucked but, as John had asked so politely, she felt she had to comply.

The two girls shuffled down the bed and Rachel pointed his cock at Sally who, after a few tentative licks began to suck him, allowing her mouth to slip up and down his cock, trying to ignore his strong body odour, just happy that Rachel had already effectively licked him clean.

Rachel brought her head down to tickle his balls with her tongue. John stroked their heads in wonder at the extraordinary feelings of joy emanating from his well serviced genitalia as the girls moved their mouths around him, taking it in turns to suck, lick, nibble, bob and blow.

It didn't take long before John came, his first spurt, by chance, filling Sally's mouth. Hastily she pulled his cock out and gave it to Rachel who took the next few ropes of cum over her tongue. And then John looked on in awe as Rachel pulled Sally towards her for a big kiss, almost as if they were sharing his jism between them.

Sally was surprised by Rachel's snog but, remembering their promise to John for a lesbian show, allowed her to swirl her spunky tongue around her own, before swallowing his cum, which didn't taste as bad as she'd been expecting.

Rachel paused briefly to lick John's cock completely clean before glancing up at him.

"Why don't you sit back and watch. If you can get hard once more we'll do it again for you," she said before beginning to kiss Sally's neck and breasts.

Sally couldn't help but feel that Rachel was enjoying the girl-on-girl aspect of this whole situation a little too much, to the point where she was suspicious that maybe Rachel had some underlying sexual feelings towards her. The thought wasn't as disturbing as it should have been though and she gasped in pleasure as Rachel's cultured tongue flicked over her aching nipples.

"Oh, Rachel," Sally murmured as Rachel made a track of kisses down her toned tummy to her hot moist pussy. Her body convulsed in pleasure as she lightly licked her turgid clit before inserting two long fingers into her pussy.

John knelt forward and guided one of Sally's hands to his cock as he used his mouth on her tits. "Oh yes, John, that's lovely," she sighed as she lost herself in delight.

When she came, she almost barked out in relief such was the tension building in her. She relaxed back on the bed and looked down at Rachel's grinning face, peeping out from between her lithe legs.

"Nice?" Rachel asked.

Sally nodded happily.

"Rachel, please can I have a go?" John asked excitedly. His cock was semi-hard despite his two recent ejaculations.

Sally looked down at Rachel with a look of warning but Rachel replied, "Why not? Come down here and let me teach you all about pussies."

As Rachel showed John her cunt, explaining how she liked her clit sucked and exactly how he should insert his fingers and curl them a little to maximise her pleasure, Sally began to moan to the rhythm of another impending orgasm.

"Good John, that's it. You can lick harder the closer she gets. And move your fingers faster. Oh yes she's almost there," Rachel instructed obscenely before slipping down his body to take him in her mouth again.

Sally climaxed again after a little while, causing Rachel to look up from her task. "Is it my turn yet, darling?" she asked, standing up before lying down on the bed.

Sally reluctantly at first and then more passionately began to lick her lips up and down before sliding her tongue into her cunt.

John, not wanting to miss out, joined her on the bed, lying next to Rachel so she could continue to suck him while he flicked his tongue over her clit. This was too much for Rachel who grunted an orgasm out around him before recommencing her moaning as Sally continued to slurp.

Sally wasn't sure about how many orgasms Rachel eventually had before John came in her mouth but her tongue and fingers were tired. She sat back, her face covered with juices.

"How was that, John? Have we fulfilled our end of the bargain?" she asked.

John shook his head in wonder. "I always wondered what it would be like and it was a lot better than I ever thought. I suppose if I give the DVD back to you now, I'll never get to do this again." The girls tensed in apprehension but he continued, "But you've been so amazing and so generous that I've got to be fair to you. Thanks so much. You really didn't have to do all of this but thank you -- it's been the best moment of my life."

Touched, and a little relieved, at his earnestness, Sally decided to give him a kiss which he accepted enthusiastically before Rachel gave him a tonguey grateful snog.

They started to get dressed but John, after he himself had pulled on a dressing gown, asked them to stay naked just a little longer as he would never get to see their, as he put it, fucking amazing tits and arses ever again. Sally blushed a little but complied as Rachel strode out the room and down the stairs with her clothes in hand.

The girls allowed John to tweak and fondle them as they made there way down to the front room.

"It was in here all along," John said as he went to the DVD player and took out the disc. It was the same one they had seen before with green lettering on it.

"There you go, ladies, and thanks so much for everything," he said holding the disc with one hand as he sadly squeezed their peachy buttocks in turn.

Rachel and Sally looked at the disc and each other. "Er, John, this is a copy. Where's the original?" Rachel challenged.

"No this is it," John asserted. "I haven't got the facility to make a copy. That's the disc I found in the camcorder. It's been the centre of my life for the last few weeks -- this is it, I promise!"

Sally looked at him. He seemed utterly sincere. She had a horrible thought.

Rachel looked furious. "Now hang on a minute, we did everything you wanted you little..." she started before Sally interrupted.

"Wait! I think he's right. Ian bought some more blank DVDs. It was the first pack we bought that were green. Oh, shit. I think this is the right one after all!" she said despondently.

"What! You stupid cow! You mean we had to go through all that for no reason. We could have just walked out of here with the disc rather than suck his skanky cock!" Rachel was magnificent in her anger and splendid nudity.

"I'm so sorry!" Sally replied in a small voice. "I forgot."

"You forgot! Bloody hell, Sally, you forgot?"

"Well you didn't have to promise so much. We could have got away with a snog or a handjob but you had to promise blowjobs and lezzy sex!" Sally exclaimed, her breasts heaving.

"Oh. I see," John said watching the two naked ladies arguing. "I knew it was all too good to be true." He looked to be almost in tears. "I thought maybe you liked me a bit!" he cried as he ran out of the door and upstairs.

Sally and Rachel looked at each other. "Oh shit! I forgot he was there," Rachel said. "He seems a bit upset."

"Hang on where's the DVD?" Sally asked.

"Fuck! He must have it. Quick!" Rachel bounded out of the room, Sally on her heels, holding her breasts as she ran.

They found John in his room but there was no sign of the DVD. He looked angry now rather than miserable.

"Er, John. We're so sorry. Please don't be upset with us. This whole thing is very stressful and we made some errors in judgement," Sally pleaded.

"Well it's not my fault you decided to record a threesome with someone who isn't your husband and then left the camera outside for anyone to find!" he huffed. "I should have kept it and not told you. Or copied the disc or even uploaded it. I thought you were a nice person."

Rachel interrupted, "John, where's the disc?"

"Hidden. You won't find it though. But feel free to look. My mum's back in an hour and you can explain to her why you're here."

Sally looked around the messy room before begging him. "Please, John. We were really good to you. We've just been stupid. Please give us the DVD."

John looked from one to the other. They were both still completely nude and their exertions made the look even more attractive. His cock twitched.

Noticing, Rachel folded her arms before nodding. "What do you want us to do, John?"

"Well there is something," he said, taking a deep breath. "I want to have proper sex with you. Both of you. I want to try out your pussies in the same way I tried your mouths."

"Do you think you can get it up again?" Rachel gestured to his dick.

John smiled. "Yes, with your help."

Sally and Rachel looked at each other. Sally took a long breath and nodded.

"And then we get the disk?" Rachel asked.

"Oh yes, I promise," John agreed.

Rachel sighed. "Well come on then, Sally. Let's get to work."

John, a big grin across his face, shrugged off his gown. "What do I do?" he asked eagerly.

Rachel inspected his cock before grabbing it and beginning to roughly toss it. "First things first, we need to get you hard. How about you lie down and 69 with Sally while I lick your balls?"

Sally gave Rachel a hard look but dutifully lay down on top of John's bulk, snugly burying his face between her creamy smooth thighs. The girls looked into each other's eyes as they began to unconcernedly suck respective ends of his genitalia, now more used to his pungent smell.

Sally felt guilty once more as she began to enjoy John unsubtle yet enthusiastic licking, so she closed her eyes and concentrated on flicking her tongue over his glans, her nose bumping with Rachel's who was licking up and down his shaft. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before he was rock hard again.

"Do you want to go first or shall I?" Rachel asked Sally while she tickled John's bollocks with her red painted fingernails.

"I don't mind," Sally replied.

Rachel stood up. "Come on, big boy. Time to lose that virginity. Sally's going to open up those gorgeous long legs of hers and take you to heaven with her lovely tight pussy."

John shuffled around and held his cock at Sally's cunt, gazing rapturously at the small patch of dark hair and her long open pink lips, glistening with her juices. "I've dreamt about this so many times. I've always fancied you so much, Sally. You're making my deepest fantasy come true!"

"Thank you," he cried euphorically as he slid himself into her to the hilt in one smooth push. Sally closed her eyes as his bulk settled onto her and he began to thrust frenziedly in and out of her. His cock didn't really fill her as Lenny's had done but, when she allowed her imagination to wander, she could still feel herself getting more and more excited. Unexpectedly she couldn't get the thought of Rachel's laughing green eyes, the elegant tautness of her buttocks, the full generosity of her breasts and, most of all, the heady slick heat of her pussy out of her mind.

"Oh, yes," she cried in bliss, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Slow down, John!" Rachel advised, reaching over to fondle his balls with one hand while tweaking Sally's nipples with the other. "That's it. Slow and smooth and hard. Oh, yeah, she likes that!"

John wasn't the most physically fit and it wasn't long before his arms were feeling tired from holding himself as he fucked Sally. "Can we try a different position, now?"

Sally was frustrated at this delay but obediently rolled over and onto him to impale herself on his stubby erection. She immediately got into a wonderfully satisfying rhythm as she ground her hips back and forth, allowing John to raise his head to lick her large right tit while Rachel took the opportunity to suck on her equally big left.

The dual stimulation of her breasts and the insistent rubbing of her clit on John's rough pubes, brought Sally to an enormous shrieking climax in just a few minutes. "Oooooh yes!" she screeched, her cunt spasming in a rip-roaring orgasm around him.

She raised herself off John's cock and lay back at the head of the bed to watch Rachel promptly replace her on his knob with a big gasp. "Oh, yes, John. Feel me. Feel me clenching my pussy around your cock. Is that nice? Can you feel me squeezing?" she chanted in unison to the movement of her hips.

"Oh, wow," John groaned as Rachel took him gradually closer to his own release with her sinuous humping and her crude commentary.

Before he came though, he stopped her. "Wait! Please, I just want to do it from behind. This could be my last chance ever!" he pleaded, slightly pathetically to Sally's mind.

"Bloody hell. Ok," Rachel replied jumping off him and getting onto her hands and knees at the end of the bed. "In you go!"

John stood up behind her but couldn't insert himself until Rachel splayed her long thighs slightly to lower her bum.

"Thanks," he said gratefully as she guided him in with a hand. He immediately began to fuck her furiously, his big stomach slapping against her pretty tight bottom. Rachel, obviously keen to finish this quickly, pushed her hips back on him insistently but John pulled back a little, desperate to last a little longer.

This continued for a while longer until John, seeing Sally at the other end of the bed watching the lewd display with one hand tweaking her nipples and the other slowly frigging herself, decided that he'd like to be in Sally once more.

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