PC Gone Mad Ch. 03


"Please, Sally, can I finish in you from behind?" he asked.

Sally grunted in mild annoyance, thinking she'd been finished for the afternoon, but agreed, "You can fuck me doggy-style but you have to pull out before you come."

Rachel interrupted mischievously, "I've got a better suggestion. How about John trying out your arse?"

"What! Rachel! No way! I don't take it up my bum!" Sally protested but Rachel leant close to whisper in her ear.

"Go on, Sally. You've never had it up your butt before have you? But you must be curious. Now's your opportunity to try it out. He's not big so it won't hurt," she said. "And I'll lick your bum, like you did for me with Lenny -- do you remember? You'll love it. Go on. Try it for me," she argued smoothly.

"Rachel. I'm really not sure I want to..." Sally started to say but Rachel pinched her nipples and kissed her hard before pulling her down on top of herself, with their mouths positioned at each others' cunts.

"Come up this end John and prepare yourself for a treat!" Rachel ordered before licking up and down Sally's pussy lips ending by tonguing her arsehole passionately.

Sally squealed in surprise and pleasure. "Oooh, Rachel! Oh fuck yes," she squeaked in disbelieving pleasure as Rachel slid her tongue firmly into Sally's little rosy butthole before wiggling it rapidly.

Ignoring Sally's protesting shrieks, Rachel pulled her tongue out and guided John to his prize. "Go on John. Push it in hard. She can take it!"

John inserted his knob in Sally's wide open arsehole before slowing pushing himself to his full length. "Oh, my god, that is so tight!" he exclaimed in incredulity before beginning to fervently bugger Sally who buried her face in Rachel's pussy to jerkily lick her while Rachel worked her own tongue on Sally's clit.

Sally was surprised that the joy coming from he sensation of Rachel's tongue on her clit more than outweighed the pain of John's cock up her bum as he continued to roger her anally.

Eventually the three of them orgasmed together, the two girls convulsing in mutual joy from each other agile tongues; Sally's clenching bumhole setting John off causing him to spurt mightily into her snug anus.

They collapsed on the bed in a sweaty spunky heap.

"Oh wow. That was amazing," John sighed happily.

Sally got up with a groan; her arse felt a little sore but moreover she was exhausted from the entire afternoon's exertions.

"Where's the DVD, John?" she asked.

"Oh, it's here, under the pillow," he replied sheepishly before passing it to her.

"Of course, where else would it be?" Rachel commented sardonically.

Sally made no further comment, just glad to have the evidence back in her control finally. She shifted slightly at the unfamiliar feelings in her butt. "Come on, I've got to go and have a shower before Ian gets home."

As the girls dressed, John looked on in wonder. "Thanks, Sally, Rachel. This is the best day of my life."

"That's OK", Rachel replied. "In the end we had some fun!"

"Sally," John asked in a wheedling voice, "do you think we could maybe do it again sometime?"

"John, I'm sorry but come on! I'm married! I really shouldn't have done any of this at all. It was a mistake. Please just be grateful with what you've already had," she replied, walking out of his room and down the stairs, despite his dejected face.

She waited at the front door for Rachel who seemed to be taking a long time to leave John's room, although she could still hear him begging her for a repeat performance and then Rachel murmuring an indistinct but lengthy reply.

Eventually they came down. John looked determined rather than upset. Rachel appeared uncharacteristically awkward.

Rachel immediately took her into the front room and closed the door behind her, away from John.

"Sally, I don't think he's going to take no for an answer," she said.

"What do you mean? He's got nothing on us. Unless there is another copy of that disc, after all," Sally said tetchily.

"No, it's not that. He says though that if we don't do it again for him, then he'll go and tell Ian."

Sally was distraught. "But he hasn't got any proof," she complained.

"I know but might be able to convince Ian by telling him things he wouldn't know unless he'd seen you naked: that mole on your bum or the one on the inside of your right thigh; the shape of your pubes or the colour of your pussy lips. Or even the cute grunting noise you make when you're being fucked or that little scream when you come. I just think it would put doubt in Ian's mind and unless you feel you can lie confidently to him..."

Sally knew she wasn't the best liar: she blushed too easily. She slumped on the sofa in despair. "What should we do, Rachel?" she moaned.

Rachel sat down and put an arm around her. "It's OK, Sally. I promise I'll support you. If you have to service him regularly then I'll do it with you. And I'm even willing to engage in more lesbian sex for him, if we really have to."

Sally looked up at Rachel suddenly suspicious of her motives but she looked concerned rather than devious. There was no way Rachel could have put John up to this just so she could have more opportunity to fuck Sally, surely? She shook her head at the meanness of her thoughts. Rachel had supported her with both Lenny and John with little complaint considering what she'd had to do. Despite how relaxed she was sexually, even she wouldn't be willing to sacrifice her body to the repugnant and callow John just to contrive sex with Sally.

Sally gave her a hug. "Oh, Rachel. I couldn't have coped with any of this without you."

"That's OK," Rachel replied, giving her a kiss full on the lips in return.

Taking a moment to recover, Sally asked, "So what does he want us to do, then?"

"Well," Rachel said, "I think if it were up to him, he'd have a full session with us every day! But I think he'll be willing to compromise at maybe once a week. What do you think?"

Sally considered. "Oh shit, I suppose we could do it once a week. Ian's often away so you could probably come over in the evening."

"Great," Rachel replied, again a touch over-enthusiastically for Sally's liking, "Just a thought though, he is eighteen after all and he's probably horny all the time so you might want to give him the occasional blowjob between sessions when you get the chance. Just to keep him sweet."

Sally shook her head at the thought of having to suck John's smelly dick more than she needed to. "I suppose but only, if I really really have to."

"Good. I think it would be for the best," Rachel said. "Right, come on then. Let's go and tell him the good news."

"Thanks so much Rachel, you're so good to me," Sally said.

Rachel replied with her typical cheeky smile. "No problem, Sally. That's what friends are for..."

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The funny thing is since you first wrote this PC
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