I stood there at the door rubbing my cock through my shorts. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Right there in front of me was Tim on all fours on the bed. My daddy was behind him fucking him real good.

Tim is our neighbor he is about 23, 6 foot tall dark hair and solid as a rock. I never expected him as being gay. My daddy was shoving all ten inches of his manhood deep into his bowels. I watched as I striped off my clothes. My cock was hard as a rock. I opened up the door my dad turned and smiled to me. I dropped down on my knees. I was eye to eye with his cock. He spread his legs and a crawled between him and Tim. Tim was huge. His cock had to be bigger than daddy’s. I licked the under side of his cock sack. I took one his balls in my mouth and started sucking on it. I took one of my free hands massaged my daddy’s balls while they against Tim’s.

I could feel my daddy starting to tense up and knew all to well that meant Tim was about to get a belly full of my daddy’s love cream. Daddy pulled out and placed the head of his cock in my mouth. The first wave went straight down my throat. I leaned in and started sucking him dry. He filled me up and made sure I didn’t lose not one drop.

Tim rolled over and watched as I finished off my daddy. After I cleaned him up I turned to Tim who was now sitting up in the bed stroking his cock. I started to crawl up the bed and help him out when my daddy pulled me to the foot of the bed.

“Not so quick sweetheart. I laid you some clothes out on your bed go try them on and then come back too see us.”

“Yes sir,” I said. He swatted my tanned ass as I walked out of the room.

“And hurry up. We shouldn’t make our guests wait too long.”

I went to my room and there on my bed was my Alabama Cheerleader outfit. Daddy bought it for me while he was on business in Tuscaloosa last fall. My daddy has been making me dress like a girl for 4 years now. I really shouldn’t say making me. He came home from work and found dressed in mothers sexy undies and bra. From then on my life changed forever. My mother works out of town a lot and we she is gone daddy and I enjoy ourselves. However this is the first time anyone else has joined in our fun.

I looked in the mirror when I finished dressing. I smiled to myself because I knew I was hot in my crimson and white. I ran down the hall back mom and daddy’s room. Daddy and Tim were gone.

“We are down here Peaches.” My daddy called out. Daddy always calls me Peaches when we are alone.

I went down the stairs to find Tim and daddy lying in the middle of the floor. Daddy was sucking on Tim’s enormous cock. They smiled as I walked into the room.

“He’s ready for you Peaches.”

I walked over to him and got on my knees and took daddy’s place sucking on him. I licked the head of his manhood. Tasting his precum. Savoring it. God he tasted good. I lowered my head even further slipping the head of his cock down my throat. Slowly I eased him out of my throat. Slowly his head was on the tip of my tongue. This was the first time I had been with anyone other then my daddy. I was glad daddy chose a stud like Tim.

I slowly sucked on him as my daddy finger fucked my boy pussy. He was rubbing lube deep as his fingers would allow. I pulled my head off Tim’s cock.

I looked deep into his, “will you please fuck me Mr. Sherman?”


I eased my way up his body. I lifted my skirt. My ass was inches away from his cock.

“You look beautiful Peaches.”

I could feel myself blush as I thanked him.

I lowered my boy pussy on the head of his cock slowly I slid all of his cock into me. I leaned forward and open my mouth. Our tongues met each other. He ran his tongue down my throat and I sucked on it. We kissed for eternity. Exploring each other’s mouth. He started sucking on my neck. I started cumming. I shot my load all over his chest. I rose up and smeared my cum all over his hairy chest.

“Fuck me lover.” I told him

Slowly I eased him out of my ass. Then I started bouncing up and down on his man hood. I was in heaven as cock filled me up. Tim grabbed hold of my waist and rolled me over onto my back. Never taking his cock out of me. He grabbed my ankles and started sucking my toes as he plunged even deeper into my boy pussy.

God it must have been a hundred degrees in our living room. We both were covered in sweat. I had forgotten all about daddy. There he was stroking his cock with one hand recording us on the video camera.

I closed my eyes as Tim ravished my body. He now had hold of my wrists as his cock was buried time after time into me. His pace quickened and lunged one more time into me. His eyes were closed and I knew he was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. He had the look on his face that my daddy has 22 times he has been with his Peaches.

“I’m Cummmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg,” he groaned as he filled my up with his love seed. I rubbed his chest. Twirling my fingers in his thick hair. Our mouths met again as we explored one another again. I could feel his cock deflating in my ass.

I never knew love before but I knew I was in love with Tim. We broke our kiss and he rolled off me. I lay there exhausted. Tim got up dressed and headed towards the door. My daddy walked him out. I heard daddy say “We’ll do cards tonight at John’s house.”

“Are you going to bring Peaches with you.”

“We couldn’t party if we didn’t have Peaches now could we?”

I smiled. I knew I was in for a treat tonight, daddy was finally taking me out.

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