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Peachtree Avenue


Sean Jefferson only had one offspring, his gay son Dante. The news had come as a shock for sure, but also not entirely unexpected. Sean liked to think he'd known before his wife Heather had - the biggest clue had been when Dante had asked for a Madonna boxed set for his fifteenth birthday rather than any of the radio rock that Sean had subtly been trying to get him into for a couple years at that point. It had been strange at first, but he and Heather had warmed up to the newer, more flamboyant Dante as he'd grown into young adulthood and gone off to college. Their son was healthy, happy, and confident, and that was all they could really ask as parents.

Dante also had a very active social life, and even when he was back home from school, he was often out and about, which meant that Sean and Heather didn't have to adjust their schedules too much when it came to their sex life and their... unique arrangement. Sean had a good enough rapport with his son to know that Dante would never let them hear the end of it if he ever found out about Ruby.

If he didn't think it was utterly horrifying that both Sean and Heather indulged in role-playing while in the bedroom.

"Ah!" the young woman in Sean's lap cried, her tight sex fluttering and clenching around his girthy cock spreading her wide. "Oh, fuck yes Daddy... fuck yes..."

Sean growled and ground his hips against hers, feeling her sopping wet groin pressed to his. "Yeah, that's a good girl..."

Heather pressed up behind Ruby, tilting her freckled, pale face back and giving her a deep kiss on the lips with plenty of tongue. "She is, isn't she? Aren't you such a good girl for us?"

"Ahn, yes! Yes!"

Sean leaned back into the mound of pillows at the head of the bed, putting his arms behind his head. "Be a good girl, Ruby..."

Ruby stilled, breathing deeply to catch her breath. She was a slender young woman of twenty-two, a natural ginger but with the hair on her head dyed the color she took her name from. Freckles dotted her face and chest, running down her slender gymnasts'' arms. Her tiny tits and flat belly were pale white. She was shaved smooth between her elegant, muscled legs, and Sean let out a contented growl as Ruby raised her hips with a smooth motion, her cunny sliding up his condomed cock. "You want me to take charge, Daddy?" she cooed, rocking back and forth slowly.

"Very much so, baby girl," Sean growled, nudging her back down his thick shaft with a heavy palm.

Ruby began to ride him slowly, her mouth falling open and her eyes closing as she slowly, achingly rode him, sheathing his cock inside her sopping wet cunny with slow, gentle rolls of her hips. "Oh, fuck, Daddy, it feels so good..."

Heather crawled around the pair of them so that her head was on eye level with Sean's. His wife was still a stunning creature at fifty-one, elegant like an oak tree, thick and sturdy. Being a volleyball coach at a community college demanded a certain level of physical fitness, and Sean couldn't deny his wife's commitment to the sport had kept her looking fine as hell.

She tucked herself into Sean's side, her lips by his ear. "God I'm so fucking wet watching this," she purred. Her fingers slithered between her own legs. "I'm gonna pop soon just from watching."

"How do you think this feels?" Sean huffed, barely able to think through the haze of pleasure at the young, nubile creature riding his cock.

Heather licked her lips and sat up, putting a gentle hand on Ruby's belly. "My turn, sweet thing."

Ruby nodded, her pale face red as a tomato. "Okay..." she panted. She lifted herself off Sean, and he breathed deep as the tight ring of her labia gripped him tight, then set him free.

Heather wasted no time. She quickly yanked off the condom Sean used whenever he fucked Ruby and straddled him. Without that barrier between them, her pussy felt like molten silk as his wife settled down atop him, and set a frantic pace. Her heavy breasts bounced in time with the downstrokes of her hips, and her moans filled the room. "Come here, Ruby," she breathed. "Come to Mommy."

Ruby did as she was bade, straddling Sean's body and pressing herself into Heather. Heather pulled her even closer, and kissed the younger woman deeply again. Sean was treated to a delicious view of the slopes of Ruby's back, and plush curves of her heart-shaped ass, red from where the couple had taken turns spanking their "naughty girl" before moving to the bedroom.

The whole thing had started the year prior. Ruby was a student at the local Archway Community College, a gifted athlete who had wound up on Heather's volleyball team in her junior year. Sean and Heather had always had a bit of an open door policy when it came to their sex life, so long as it was just adding a third playmate to their sex life and not a one-on-one encounter. And when Heather had come back after that first day of practice sopping wet because she couldn't stop looking at Ruby, they both knew what had to happen.

The unexpected part had been Ruby's own... unique set of turn-ons. She got off on incest play, and got off hard. It had been incredibly weird the first couple times, but after about a month Sean and Heather had found that they really enjoyed indulging Ruby's fantasies. So whenever Ruby came over, she slipped into the role of the needy daughter they'd never had who lusted over her family. It reminded Sean of some of the porn videos he'd seen online, but only a million times hotter.

There were only two rules: Sean wore condoms with Ruby, and he only got to cum inside Heather.

"You did a good job fucking Daddy, baby," Heather purred into Ruby's hair. "But his cum is mine."

"But I want it," Ruby pouted, clinging to Heather. "I want to feel Daddy's hot cum in my little pussy."

"Only... when Mommy... says so..." Heather panted. "Oh, fuck, Sean! Sean, honey, I'm almost..." She trailed off, and Sean felt her pussy clench tight around him, not as tight as Ruby's, but still delightfully soaked enough that he let out a ragged groan and let go. The two of them came together in one last meeting of hips, Sean's cum rushing up into his wife in thick, heavy spurts. Ruby crooned softly and nuzzled Heather's neck, her tongue flitting across the sweaty skin.

They came down together, a giddy, sweaty mess. Heather rested her chin atop Ruby's head. "Thank you for coming over on such short notice today, Ruby. The both of us needed it."

Ruby giggled before sliding off Sean's stomach. She crossed her legs and brushed her hair back behind her head. "Seems like it. He came buckets."

"Because this one," Sean said, patting his wife's thighs, "has been teasing me all freaking week."

Heather got off Sean, and he flopped back against the pillows, his chest rising and falling with his breathing, his cock glistening in the bedroom lights. His wife scooted to the edge of the bed and gave Ruby a peck on the forehead. "Classes going alright?"

"Just fine!" Ruby chirped. She sat cross-legged and brushed strands of her long red hair back over her shoulder.

"Good," Heather said. She looked back at Sean and smiled. Then she did a double take at the clock on the bedside table. "Oh, shit, the athletics meeting is in twenty minutes! Augh!" She sprang off the bed. "Ruby, I need the shower first!"

Ruby shooed her away. "Go, go!"

Heather gathered a change of clothes quickly and hurried off to the bathroom. A moment later, the water started with a strong hiss.

Sean scooted up so his back rested against the bed headboard. He put his hands in his lap, covering his flaccid cock. It was the first time he'd ever been naked alone with Ruby, and the situation weirded him out a little. For her part, Ruby was already up and about, treating Sean to a lovely view of her rear as she bent over and slid her pair of plain blue panties up her slender legs. "So..." he began lamely.

"Hm?" Ruby half-turned to him. "Everything okay?"

More than, he thought as he enjoyed the simple delight of looking over he and his wife's playmate. "Yeah just... catching my breath."

Ruby smiled and went back to dressing. "You were into it today. Long week at work?"

"You'll learn that they all are in some way or another."

She snickered. "Heather seems to enjoy hers just fine."

It was always so surreal to Sean how Ruby could snap in and out of her fetish mode. One second they were "Mommy" and "Daddy" and the next she'd use their real names - it was doubly weird the few times he'd heard her call Heather 'Mrs. Jefferson.' "She has the tenure at Archway enough that she makes a decent wage," Sean said. "Same with me at the auto shop."

"Any cool cars come through lately?"

"Nothing really." Was she smalltalking him or going somewhere with this?

"Saw some guy tearing through the parking lot of the campus in some bigass, dick compensator truck," Ruby said as she put the rest of her clothes on, leaving Sean feeling extremely awkward that he was still naked. "Do you ever work on those?"

"Nah." Sean made a show of casting around for his boxers. "Not my thing, really. There's a modification shop about five minutes from us that does do that stuff, though."


He looked up at her, his fingers hooked into the elastic waistband. "Why? Wanting to get some work done?"

Ruby arched an eyebrow. "Phrasing. And no, just wondering."

Sean laughed, then got himself decent again. "Doing anything this evening?"

"Homework!" Ruby announced. "I came here directly from campus, so it's a microwave dinner kind of night."

Sean frowned. "No need for that, I think we've got leftovers in the fridge. Heather would never let me hear the end of it if I let you leave without some food."

Ruby blinked a few times, then smiled at him, and the expression made Sean feel warm and fuzzy. "That'd be great, Sean, thanks."

He coughed. "No problem."

Heather breezed into the kitchen as Sean and Ruby rooted around in the fridge, smelling like soap and shampoo, dressed in a blouse, miniskirt, and pumps. "Honey, is the lasagna still good?" Sean said, grabbing a Tupperware from the bottom shelf.

"Should be," she said. "Why?"

"I'm sending Ruby home with some food so she doesn't have to spring for the Lean Cuisine."

Heather snickered. "Just be sure to bring my container back, Ruby. I need those things."

"Relax!" Ruby said, accepting the plasticware from Sean.

Heather's keys jingled as she jammed them into her purse. "I'll be a few hours, Sean, see you later tonight." She pecked him on the lips, then hurried out the door. It closed with a loud bang behind her.

"Give me a little notice before next time, okay?" Ruby said with a flirty wink. "I've got a new lacey number I think you both might like to see me in."

Sean raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Ruby leaned in close to his ear. "French maid," she whispered, her soft voice raising goosebumps down Sean's arm. "Just for you."

Sean exhaled. He felt like they were tiptoeing close to a line, the two of them being alone without his wife in the room. "Don't save it just for us, now," he said. "Do that for your boyfriend or someone special to you."

Ruby giggled. "Why would I need a boyfriend when I have you? Well, you two I mean." She gave Sean a hug. "I really need to go though, Sean. See you next time!" Before Sean could say anything else, Ruby turned and breezed out of their house.

Sean stood still for a moment, his brain struggling to catch up with the rest of him. Had then been a slip of the tongue? Or was he just over-analyzing things?

He pondered that all through cooking dinner, going back and forth through various crazy scenarios. Obviously Ruby was physically attracted to both he and his wife, that went without saying. But from the beginning they'd all agreed that this was going to be more of a "no strings attached" arrangement. It couldn't have any - Sean and Heather had been married for almost thirty years, and Ruby was about that much their junior. There was a reason they'd never done anything anywhere other than at the Jefferson's house. Their close-knit community talked, and rumors spread like viruses.

Not that there was anything wrong with what they were doing. Despite the age gap, Ruby was in her twenties, perfectly capable of making her own decisions. But their fetish-indulging relationship carried with a certain set of assumptions. Sean scowled a little as he aggressively sauteed some onions. Fuck their assumptions!

Who's they? He asked himself.

Oh, you know. Vince and Elaine across the street, all them. The two of them were so normal, they'd probably have a cow at what Sean and Elaine got up to.

Sean while away an evening watching Netflix as he ate. Heather came back a few hours later and made a beeline for the kitchen, where he'd left a covered plate of chicken and rice in the microwave. "I'm starving," his wife said, plopping down on the couch next to him. She put her legs in his lap, the back of her muscled calves resting on his thighs.

His hand automatically rubbed her shins. "Good meeting?"

Heather held up a finger as she chewed a mouthful of food, then swallowed. "Sorta kinda. I'm going to be heading out of town this weekend."

Sean raised an eyebrow. "Doing?"

"A few of the other coaches were supposed to go to this athletics administrator

conference upstate this weekend, but Bev got the flu and can't go. They asked me to go in her place."


Heather waved her hand. "Apparently they paid for four spots at the conference and they can't get a refund because... reasons, I guess. I'll head out Friday morning and be back on Sunday, no biggie."

Sean thrust his fists up into the air. "The house is mine! Yes!"

Heather swatted his shoulder playfully. "No wild parties, you hear me?"

Sean caught his wife's hand and rubbed it gently. "Of course not." He made a grand show of kissing the back of her hand.

But later that night, curled up behind his wife under the covers, Sean was unable to sleep. His mind kept wandering back to Ruby - her body, her pretty face, the things she'd said that day. Something about them seemed off. The singular 'you' in particular. She wasn't developing a crush on him, was she? That could be a huge problem. No, that was ridiculous. Ruby was young, she'd probably only fall for someone her own age.


The next day, Sean was tinkering in the garage with the door to the ouside open when something rapped against the metal frame of the garage door. He turned. Ruby stood in the entrance to his garage, her figure outlined by the afternoon sun, the light catching in her hair and making it glow fire red. She waved the plastic leftover contained back and forth in the air. "Figured I'd drop this off on my way home," she said.

Sean got up a little too quickly, almost listing too far to the side as he grabbed the workbench to steady himself. "Ruby! Hi!"

She giggled as she stepped into the shade of the garage. "Hey, yourself." She set the Tupperware down on the bench and gave him a brief one-armed hug. "Is Heather home?"

"Not yet, no," Sean said. "She'll be along in a bit, had to make a pitstop on the way here. What's up?"

"I heard something about her going out of town this weekend, just wanted to ask her about it," Ruby said. "I was wondering if she's going to cancel practice or assign workouts or..." She trailed off, waving her hands in little circles by her sides.

Sean shrugged. I don't know what her plans are. To be honest, I leave her alone with all the team management stuff."

"It's a job," Ruby said with a smile. "Keeping a bunch of hot-headed women in their twenties all on the same page."

"See, now you got me thinking about hot women in their twenties."

Ruby raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Sean realized that they were fully visible to the world outside and dialed it back with a cough. "I mean, uh... do you want to come inside for a drink? Hot as hell out here."

Ruby nodded. "Sure!"

He held the door open for her, letting his eyes rest on her ass for a moment before climbing up the steps inside behind her. That surreal feeling of being alone with the younger woman (who wasn't his wife, he hollered at himself) settled in again, becoming even weirder as he did the simple domestic thing of getting her a glass of water.

"Thanks," Ruby said as she took the glass from him. Sean turned to set the Tupperware in the sink, and when he turned back around he was treated to the strangely erotic sight of Ruby tipping the glass back and swallowing the water in the big gulps, her throat bobbing with each sip.

Sean felt his work jeans growing a little tight at the sight. "Little uh... little hot out there?"

Ruby gasped as she plunked the cup down on the counter, a cute little high noise. "Just a little bit," she said, holding out the cup. "Can I have some more?"

So Sean got her another glass, and again watched her drink, trying to keep his mind from going down the path it wanted to, which was to think about her swallowing his jizz as he shot a load down that tight, warm throat. Ruby was a talent with her mouth and tongue, yes, but the rules meant that he'd only ever shot his load over her hand as she stroked him to completion.

Sean pressed his hips into the counter to conceal the bulge in his jeans, scrambling to find any topic at all to make smalltalk. "School going alright?" he managed lamely.

"Just fine," Ruby said. "I'm not taking that many classes this semester so I can focus on the team. We've got a really good group and I think we might be able to go far."

"That's good!" Sean said. "State championships?"

"That's the dream!" Ruby said. She set the glass down again, her fingers lingering on the rim of the glass. "Maybe after this hypothetical victory we three could have a little private victory party back here with just the three of us?"

Sean tried to be nonchalant, getting a glass of water for himself. "I don't see why not. I'm sure Heather will be all riled up if you guys do wind up winning. Because, you know, you have to do that first."

Ruby raised an eyebrow. "What? Don't think we can get the job done?"

Sean gagged on his sip of water, forcing himself to swallow. "Well, uh, I mean... what I meant to say was..."

Ruby giggled and walked around the counter to him, putting her hands on his arm. "I'm just pulling your leg, Sean, calm down."

The touch of her fingers made Sean's hair stand on end. He kept his body angled how it was, desperate to avoid cluing in Ruby that he was hard as a rock just from her being close to him. It was hard to talk to her in any kind of casual setting owing to him having been balls deep in her while she called him "Daddy" over and over again. That kind of thing kind of colors your entire relationship with a person.

Sean stiffened as Ruby moved her arms a little higher, looping them around his neck. "Are you okay?" she said in a low voice, the same low voice she dirty-talked him with. "What's wrong?"

He swallowed. "I feel like we're pushing a line here, Ruby."

"What? We're not doing anything wrong." Her hips pressed into his side. "Are we, Daddy?"

God, that fucking pet name. Much as he wanted to deny the truth, there was a part of him that was very into the fantasy that Ruby had introduced them too. He didn't think Heather was on the same level - she just got off on watching him fuck another women before taking control back and finishing him off himself. It was why they'd agreed on the rules.

But the rules were starting to feel a little malleable at this point.

Her hand slipped down his front to his jeans, fingers curling against the bulge in the denim. "You're already this hard, Daddy?" she purred. "Just from me being near you? You're so bad, Daddy."

Sean knew he should tell her to stop, force himself away from her if he had to. But he didn't want to. His heart thundered in his chest, the heat pooling in his groin and bringing him to an aching full mast within the confines of his jeans. Ruby squeezed his cock again, purring in his ear. "I know Mommy said you aren't allowed to cum in me, or that we can play on our own. But if she's gone..."

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