Peak of Desire Ch. 01


"So anything interesting happen since the last time we spoke?"

She briefly thought about mentioning the gorgeous man who currently dominated her thoughts, but decided against it, not wanting to get too excited over something that had just begun. "Nope, not really."

"Whenever you say not really, it usually means yes. So give me the update."

She grasped a piece of tofu between her chopsticks, then popped it into her mouth. "Well, I did meet this really cute guy today."

"Oh yeah?" Stevie's eyebrows lifted. "So what's he look like?"

"He has long black hair, dark eyes, and an amazing set of cheekbones. He's basically the most beautiful man I've ever seen."

"Sounds like a heart breaker. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but avoid the guys that are devastatingly handsome. They always end up hurting you."

"Well there must be some exceptions to that rule."

"Yeah, but more often than not, gorgeous guys turn out to be bed hoppers. Just a word of advice."

"Well I'm not sure about the sleeping around part, but he does seem like a ladies man."

"So what does he do for a living?" She tucked a leg beneath her and leaned in a bit closer, as if preparing herself to hear a good story.

"He's a window washer."

"Really? That's pretty interesting. Did you actually see him washing windows, or he just told you that's what he does?"

"I saw him. He was cleaning one of those high rise buildings downtown. He must have been at least thirty stories above ground."

"Wow, it takes a special kind of person to do that job."

"Definitely." She tipped the can of root beer to her lips and finished the last of it, then threw it into a small wastebasket located a few feet away from her.

"So how did you two start talking?"

"Well, it's kind of a long story." Her lips curled into a little smile, and she recounted the events of their interaction, starting with her embarrassing display of clumsiness in the courtyard, and ending with a brief description of the flirtatious conversation they'd had.

"He sounds like quite an interesting guy. And the way you describe him..." She fanned her face, then said, "He sounds like quite the hottie."

She smirked at her mother's response. "He certainly is."

"So did he ask for your phone number?"


"Hmm, well it sounds like you two had quite the connection. I wonder why not?"

"She gave a shrug. "I'm stumped as well." She released a little sigh. "But then again, with the way he looks, he can have his pick of any woman. So I guess it's not all that surprising."

"Hey now, I don't want to hear that kind of defeatist talk coming from you. You're gorgeous, and you know it. You took after me, remember?" She gave her daughter a little smile, then smoothed her hair back away from her face. She then rose onto her feet and walked over to the wastebasket so she could scrape the remaining scraps of food from off the plate, then rinsed it off and set it in the sink.

Then she grabbed a jar of M & M's from off the counter and shook some out into her hand. "I wouldn't worry too much about it. If he's serious about dating you, then his actions will show it. Whatever you do, don't seem too eager. Act like you could care less, and you'll hook him in no time."

"Playing hard to get never works."

"I didn't say play hard to get. You can still flirt and show interest, but act casual. He sounds like the type who's used to women falling over themselves to impress him, so be different. Show him that you're to be pursued, not the other way around."

"Yeah, okay. I'll remember that advice."

"Don't just remember it, do it. I did the same with your father, and we've been married for twenty years. Believe me, it works." As she glanced at her watch, she gave a little sound of surprise. "I'm gonna have to jet outta here, hon. Me and your father have to get to our tantra yoga class."

"Okay, I really wish you hadn't told me that. I really didn't need that visual in my head."

She waved her hand in a playfully dismissive way. "Oh please, you're an adult, Erica. It can't be that difficult to comprehend that your parents still have a sex life."

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

Stevie rolled her eyes. "Get up and give your mother a hug, will you?"

She rose onto her feet and they embraced, then she walked Stevie to the door. As her mother pulled her car keys from out of her purse, Erica caught sight of her mother's fingers.

"I thought you quit smoking?"

She glanced up with raised eyebrows. "I did, for awhile. How'd you know I started back? I haven't had a cigarette all day, so I can't smell."

"You have nicotine stains on your fingers. Dead giveaway, mom."

She lifted her hand, and saw the brownish yellow color that stained her fingertips. "You're right. It amazes me how you always notice the smallest details. It must be all those true crime and detective novels you read."

"Please quit." There was a pleading look in her eyes.

"I will, eventually. I'm trying really hard, okay?"

She gave a nod in response.

"Take care, pumpkin, and we'll talk soon." She gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek, then made her way down the RV steps.

"Drive safe."

She offered a wave in response, then got into her car, giving a beep as she drove off.

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