tagInterracial LovePeak of Desire Ch. 10

Peak of Desire Ch. 10


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The sound of coyotes howling at dawn roused Erica from sleep, and as consciousness slowly returned, her eyes were met with the sight of a pinkish purple sky. Her gaze then swept from sky to earth, and she took a moment to appreciate the horizonless landscape that stretched out before her.

She rolled onto her side, and as her gaze fell on Cody's handsome face, she noticed he was deep in slumber. His lips were slightly parted, and each time he exhaled, she felt the warmth of his breath against her skin.

Offering him a lingering look, she noted a slight furrow between his brows, and reached out a finger to try and smooth the crinkle away. Judging from the intent look on his face, she figured he was dreaming, and she began to wonder just what exactly was going on in his unconscious world. A few moments passed before he let loose a grunt, then he mumbled garbled speech.

She lay there watching him for a few moments, the close proximity of their faces causing their noses to nearly touch. His chest rose and fell with shallow breaths, and the pained expression on his face displayed a vulnerability that touched her to the core. Finding it difficult to look away, she continued to watch him for awhile longer, noting the way his eyes moved rapidly back and forth beneath his eyelids.

This led her to assume that the dream he was having was pretty intense, and wishing to provide a bit of comfort, she reached out her hand and tenderly grazed it against his cheek. The touch of her palm caused him to flinch, and he gave a little cry, shoulders slightly jumping as he was startled awake.

"Sorry honey, I didn't mean to scare you." Her face was filled with deep concern.

Disoriented from the dream, his eyes darted upward to land on Erica's face, and as his gaze focused on her, his features began to soften. Clearly pleased to have her by his side, he snuggled closer against her warm body, wrapping an arm around her waist as he buried his head in the crook of her neck.

She brought a hand up to gently stroke his hair, languidly running her fingers through his dark locks. "Bad dream?"

He nodded, then released a little sigh. "Recurring nightmare."

"Mind if I ask what it was about?"

Erica could feel the tenseness in his body, and as she placed a consoling hand to his cheek, she realized it was slightly sweaty.

For a few moments he said nothing, then finally he gave a muffled response. "Don't feel like talking about it right now."

Taken aback by his hasty words, she said, "Oh, okay. No problem."

Feeling disappointed, she couldn't help wondering about his reluctance to discuss the dream. She guessed he must have had good reason for it, but hadn't they'd spoken about a variety of other topics, as well as shared their bodies in the most intimate of ways?

It seemed to her that once you had sex with someone, you should feel comfortable discussing just about anything, but apparently Cody didn't feel the same. Ever since they'd first met, Cody had been pretty much an open book, so his sudden closed-offness was definitely out of character.

Deciding that all she could do was shrug it off, she simply laid quiet beside him, casting her eyes on a rocky hillside that was kissed by the golden glow of early morning light. After five minutes of lying in silence, an ache in her bladder signaled need for release, so she pulled back the flap of the sleeping bag and made a move to slip out from beneath it.

Her movement, however, was halted by Cody's hands, which tightly gripped hold of her waist. He pulled her back down so that she was lying next to him, then nuzzled his mouth against her ear.

"And where do you think you're going?" He huskily asked.

"To use the bathroom." A pleasured murmur passed her lips as he tenderly grazed his lips along the edge of her earlobe.

"Not before you give me a kiss."

Her mouth curled into a smile, and she tilted her head back, inviting him to claim her mouth. His lips devoured hers with searing passion, palms sliding across the bare flesh of her thighs.

Rendered helpless by the power of his lips, she allowed herself to be drawn deeper into the kiss. Their mouths would have remained fused together if not for Cody pulling back, and as she was freed from the oral embrace, she found herself in a bit of a daze.

Clearly pleased with the effect he had on her, he offered a prideful smile. "You're free to go now."

He released her from his grip, then rolled onto his back and tucked his hands behind his head. A contented sigh escaped his lips as he gazed up at the sky, and he crossed his legs at the ankles.

She rolled her eyes playfully at him, then shook her head at his smug display. "Always the modest one, aren't you?"

He directed his gaze to her, and with an innocent look on his face, he said, "I didn't say a thing."

"You don't have to. It's all over your face."

He chuckled, then stared back up at the sky. "

After slipping out from beneath the warmth of the sleeping bag, she rose onto her feet, then walked toward her backpack which was sitting next to the cooler. After retrieving a toothbrush, baby wipes and a bottle of water, she slipped into some shoes. Then she headed off to answer the call of nature.

After relieving herself behind a large boulder, she washed her face and body, then brushed her teeth. She then headed back to their campsite and upon reaching it, she saw that Cody was sitting on a folding camping chair that was placed in front of the fire pit. He'd placed a pot on the grill, and was spooning instant coffee into two enamel mugs. As she reached their campground, she slipped into the long t-shirt she'd been wearing the night before, then took a seat in a chair that was located right beside him.

"Sorry I can't offer you anything better than instant coffee. I used to have a French press, but it broke on my last camping trip."

"It's cool. I prefer instant over the real thing, anyway."


"Yep. I also prefer fake maple syrup, concentrated orange juice, and the cheese that comes in a can."

A sound of disgust passed his lips. "Are you kidding me? That stuff tastes terrible."

"Not to me, I love it."

He shook his head in disbelief, then said, "You're a vegetarian. Aren't you supposed to be healthy?"

Erica pulled her shoulders into a little shrug. "Hey, I'm only human. Just like everyone else, I've got my weaknesses."

His lips tugged into a smile and he lifted the pot off the grill of the fire pit, then poured hot water into the mugs.

Picking up a plastic container from the ground, he asked, "Creamer?"

She gave a nod. "Two spoonfuls."

After scooping out the powder and adding it to her cup, he passed the mug to her. Then he added some creamer to his own cup. They enjoyed their coffee without saying a word, simply content to stare out at the unique scenery that lay before them. Other than the sounds of them sipping, and the occasional rustling of reptiles scuttling in the dry brush, they were surrounded by stillness. Then suddenly his voice cut through the silence.

"That dream I had. It was about my father."

Noting his somber tone of voice, she turned her gaze on him. Sensing he was going to once again speak, she patiently waited for him to continue.

"It's the same damn dream every time. Never changes." He took a sip of his coffee, eyes remaining focused on the clusters of boulders that dotted the landscape. "He leaves the house, heads down the street, and then I run after him."

She continued watching him, noting the way his Adam's apple bobbed as he gave a dry swallow.

"Of course I can never catch up to him. I just keep running in place, yelling out for him to stop. But he just keeps on walking."

His voice had grown thick, leading her to guess that a lump of distress was caught in his throat. She fiddled with the mug in her hands, briefly directing her gaze to the dark liquid in the cup.

Continuing to relay his dream, he said, "When he gets to the end of the block, he turns to me and waves. Then he just disappears, and that's when I always wake up."

Feeling the urge to ask, yet hesitant to actually do it, she allowed a moment of silence to pass. Then she finally inquired. "So your dad...is he still around?"

"Physically no, but spiritually, yes."

She felt as if she should speak some words to comfort him, but what exactly was one to say in a situation such as this? Words of condolence seemed most fitting, but a part of her felt as if the words 'I'm sorry for your loss' would come cross across as lame and cliché. So instead she remained quiet, her facial features softening in response to his melancholy mood.

"He was on his way home to celebrate my fifteenth birthday, but he never made it. I knew something was wrong, because my dad never broke a promise. He was the most solid guy you'd ever meet." He took the last sip of coffee, then set the mug down. "By the time we found out, it was well past midnight. The police came to the door and let my mom know. Then she woke me up and gave me the news."

"How'd it happen?" She softly asked.

"Hit and run."

Erica took hold of his hand, then threaded her fingers through his and lightly stroked the pad of her thumb against his skin. The entire time he'd been speaking, Cody's gaze hadn't diverted from the view in front of him, so she hadn't been able to look into his eyes. Yet she didn't really need to, as she could clearly feel the heaviness that hung in the air. An emotional wound had been opened from the dream, and it was obvious he was trying his best not to display his internal feelings.

"Did they ever find out who did it?"

He shook his head. "Whoever it was got off free and clear." For a few moments he said nothing, then his jaw suddenly tightened. "They just left him to die like a dog, like it was no big deal they'd just run down a man."

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze, then offered a little sigh. "I'll never understand how people can do that. Surely it must haunt them for the rest of their lives."

"Even if it does, that doesn't make me feel any better. It was his life that was lost, not theirs." Anger was evident in his voice, and his body had grown visibly tense.

Erica nodded, casting a glance at a lizard as it scuttled into the crevice of two large rocks. "I can't even imagine how difficult it was for you. To suddenly lose one of the most important people in your life..." She blew out a heavy breath and shook her head. The mere thought of losing one of her own parents caused her heart to tighten.

"When he died, a part of me did as well. But at the same time, I like to think that I carry a bit of him inside me. He taught me to be brave, and to always go after what I wanted, no matter how impossible it may seem."

She glanced admiringly at him. "And that's why you have such a fearless spirit. Because your dad put it in you."

"Yep, and I think that's part of why I push myself so much. Because I know he's out there watching over me."

She gave him a little smile. "You can feel him around you, can't you?"

Cody nodded. "I see him in my dreams, too. He comes to me pretty regularly."


"Yep. The week after he died he started showing up in dreams, having conversations with me. At first I figured it was just wishful thinking, that it was purely my imagination. But the dreams kept coming, and he would mention random stuff that was going on in my life. So then I knew it was real, that he was actually communicating with me. And ever since then, we've been in contact."

"That's pretty amazing. Must be a pretty rare thing to have that happen. Especially on such a regular basis."

"I think it can happen to anyone, you just have to be receptive to it. My belief is, he's been able to come through because he taught me from an early age to open my mind to all sorts of possibilities. That's had a huge effect on pretty much every area in my life."

"Sounds like he taught you a lot. I'm guessing he was a really open minded person."

"He definitely was." He stared out at the desert landscape for a few more moments, then directed his gaze at her. "You've never really talked about your parents before. What are they like?"

"My mom's basically an older version of me. Free spirited, adventurous, loves trying new things. And my dad is just a really laid back, simple kind of guy."

"And what do they do for a living?"

"My mom has a pottery business, and my dad illustrates children's books."

"Interesting. So they're both creative people."

"Yep." She drank the last bit of coffee in her mug, then set it down on the ground beside her. "What's your mom like?"

"If I could only use a few words to describe her, I'd say she's kind hearted, generous and incredibly strong. Simply put, she's amazing." His eyes shone with admiration.

"I imagine she must be. Having to deal with your father's death, and raising you all on her own. I don't know her personally of course, but I can tell she's done an incredible job."

"She really has. One of the most inspiring people I know."

Cody's obvious adoration of his mother made Erica's attraction to him all the more stronger, and she found it cute how her inquiry about his mother had instantly brought a little smile to his lips. There weren't many things that attracted her more than a man who deeply respected his mother.

"What type of a job does she have?"

"She owns a little store out near the reservation with my sister. They sell woven Navajo rugs and jewelry. Most of the rugs are woven by my mom and grandma, and the jewelry is made by my sister and a few other family members."

"Cool. Sounds like a nice business."

"They've had the store for going on ten years now, so I'd say it's doing pretty well." He stood up from the chair and headed for the cooler which was located a few feet away, then opened the top and began to look through it. "You hungry?"

"Starving. What have you got in there?"

"Cinnamon rolls..eggs..a couple of apples." He dug deep into the cooler, then said, "Oh, and I brought along something special for you."

"What?" She eagerly asked.

After retrieving the package from the cooler, he held it up for her to see. "Veggie bacon."

As she caught sight of the familiar label, she said, "How thoughtful of you. It's my favorite brand, too. Thank you, sweetie."

Clearly pleased by her positive response, he gave her a smile. "Lucky guess on my part. I just blindly picked it out." After retrieving a small skillet from his backpack, he set it on the grill of the fire pit. Then he added some oil and cracked a few eggs over the skillet.

"Need any help?" She started to get out of the chair, but as he shook his head, she sat back down.

"Naw, It's cool. Just relax, and I'll take care of it."

As the skillet heated up, the eggs began to crackle, and the scent of them cooking began to fill the air around them. She watched as he stuck a fork into the pool of yellow liquid, stirring it around until the eggs became a fluffy mound. Then he scooped a portion out onto a paper plate, and after sticking a plastic fork into the eggs, he handed them to her.

"Munch on those while I fry up your bacon," he said.

"Mmm, smells great. Thanks honey." She dug into the eggs hungrily, enjoying the taste and texture of them. After a couple of bites, she asked, "If you don't mind me asking, what was your father like?"

"He was a really funny guy. Always cracking jokes and making people laugh. But the thing he really had a talent for was playing guitar." He scooped the remaining scrambled eggs onto a plate for himself, then placed a few strips of veggie bacon into the skillet.

"Did he play professionally, or just for fun?"

"Professionally. He fronted a band, so sometimes he would spend days on the road traveling to gigs around the southwest. But when he was home, we were pretty much inseparable. Wherever he went, so did I."

Sizzling noises came from the skillet as Erica's veggie bacon cooked, and turning his attention to the grill, Cody used a spatula to flip over the strips of fake meat. He then directed his gaze back at Erica, offering her a deep, soulful look. "My dad used to always tell me, live your life as if you'll die tomorrow, and I used to think it was a morbid saying." A faraway look came into his eyes and he lightly shook his head with a sad little smile. "It wasn't until he died that I realized just how great of a statement it is. That's what life is all about, you know? Living it to the fullest, because you never know when your time will be up."

Then suddenly, as if broken from a spell, his eyes shifted to once again focus on her. "Well enough philosophizing. I'll just finish cooking this bacon, and then I'll warm up our cinnamon rolls."

Erica nodded, then gave him a weak smile. She'd never felt skittish about discussing death, but for some reason, talking about it with Cody made her nervous. She wasn't sure why exactly, but she guessed it had something to do with the fact that he had a heart condition.

Sure he'd told her that it had been repaired as a kid, but she still couldn't help wondering about the long-term success rate of such an operation. And being the way that he was, even if there was a risk of something happening, Cody would never mention it to her. He was the type to downplay dangerous situations, not bring light to them.

As she watched him finish cooking their breakfast, she felt a surge of amorous feelings toward him, and knew without a doubt that this was a sign she was falling hard for him. Ready or not, she was headed down that path, moving toward a future that was unpredictable, yet certain to never offer a dull moment.

* * * *

At just past seven on Saturday evening, Cody and Erica arrived back in town. Once they arrived at Erica's trailer, Cody put the truck in park and they both exited the vehicle. After grabbing her backpack out of the back of the truck, he followed her to the door. She slipped the key into the lock, the pushed it open and walked inside.

Cody walked in as well, and after setting her backpack down next to the couch, he grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her against him. His mouth connected with hers ravenously, as if the mere taste of her lips provided him with a life sustaining energy. Then their lips parted, leaving them to look into each others eyes.

"I had a fantastic time," he said.

"So did I." Her arms were looped around his neck, fingers gently stroking the bottom of his hairline.

"So I guess you know what question is coming next."

A smile touched her lips. "I've got some free time coming up on Wednesday."

"Anything special you'd like to do?"

"Nothing I can think of right now. But if something comes to mind, I'll let you know."

"Cool. Then I'll see you on Wednesday."

"Already looking forward to it."

As their lips met for one last kiss, Cody palmed her round ass, causing Erica to emit a muffled moan. She felt his crotch press up firmly against her own, and as their kiss deepened, Erica knew she was powerless to do anything but allow him to work his magic.

Weakened from the intensity of their oral embrace, she felt her legs grow weak, and as a result stumbled back a few steps. Still holding her by the waist, Cody coxed her toward the rear of the trailer. As he took a step forward, she took one back, and within a short amount of time, they reached the bedroom. She took a seat on the edge of the bed, her face barely a few inches away from the bulging tent in his pants.

Filled with a level of desire she'd never experienced before, Erica slid her hands beneath the hem of his t-shirt, then undid his belt buckle so that his raging erection could be unleashed. A pleasured little murmur fled his lips as she undid the button on his denims, but before she could slide the zipper down, there came the sound of the screen door creaking open.

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