tagInterracial LovePeak of Desire Ch. 16

Peak of Desire Ch. 16


*Well, here it is. The very last chapter. I want to thank each and every one of you for faithfully reading, voting, and commenting. It means a whole lot to know there are people out there who enjoy reading the stories I write. And I really appreciate you all for your incredible support. Really, you guys are awesome!! :)

Oh, and for those who are wondering, my next story will be a sequel to Tattoo of Love. I'm just beginning to brainstorm and outline the story, so it may be a bit of time before I post the first chapter, but I just wanted to let you guys know.

Alright, well thanks for reading Peak of Desire, and I hope you'll enjoy the conclusion!*


Surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight, Cody and Erica were lounging cross legged on the living room floor. The floor to ceiling windows in the loft gave them a fantastic view of the neighborhood beyond, and the evening sky, which was a stunning shade of dark blue, only added to the romantic atmosphere.

In addition to the two tall candles that were sitting on the floor between them, there were also a number of smaller ones placed along the mantle of the fireplace. This gave the living room a cozy feeling, and also threw flickering shadows against the wall.

Contentedly full from a takeaway dinner of gourmet vegetarian food, they were just preparing to indulge in a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries. Yet before Erica could grab one from the bowl, Cody retrieved one of the berries, then brought it up to her mouth.

Taking a generous bite, she savored the tangy sweet flavor of the fruit, noting how it mingled perfectly with the decadently rich chocolate. Craving another taste, she promptly followed up the first bite with a second.

"Good?" He asked.

She nodded, conveying her approval of the dessert.

After feeding her the last bit of strawberry, Cody poured her a bubbly beverage, then passed the chilled glass to her.

"Can't have chocolate covered strawberries without champagne, can we?" He asked.

"We can't?"

"Of course not. I've watched enough movies to know that."

Picking up on the humor in his voice, she offered a chortle, then took a sip from the glass. The bubbles in the champagne tickled her nostrils, and as the liquid hit her taste buds, she was rewarded with a crisp and refreshing flavor.

"Good stuff," she said, then grabbed a strawberry from the bowl and fed it to him. "Dinner was wonderful, by the way. Thanks for inviting me over."

"You're very welcome. I planned this all for you, so I'm glad you like it."

"I *love* it."

A smile spread across his face, and he poured a glass of champagne for himself. Yet instead of taking a sip, he glanced deeply into Erica's eyes, then began to speak.

"Let's make a toast."

She rose her glass, mirroring his intent gaze. Then she felt him take her hand in his and tenderly stroke it.

"A toast to our six month anniversary, and looking forward to celebrating many more.

"To us."

They clinked glasses, then took a sip of champagne. After setting their glasses down, their lips came together, and after half a minute of passionate lip locking, they finally broke for air.

"So, now what." Although Erica had posed the statement as a question, the look in her eyes told him just what she was anticipating.

"Now what, what?"

She gave a light chuckle. "What do you wanna do?"

"I've got a few ideas."

"Such as?"

"Follow me upstairs, and you'll find out."

Intrigued by his response, she rose her to her feet, and after taking her by the hand, Cody led the way to the stairs. Although it had been some weeks now since he'd regained full use of his legs, it still filled her with joy to see him walking without any assistance.

All the physical suffering, frustration and grueling physiotherapy it had taken for him to reach this point had surely been the most difficult thing he'd ever had to endure. Yet it seemed that dealing with such a challenge had not only strengthened his spirit, but also made him deeply cherish Erica for so faithfully being by his side.

Dimly lit by only wall sconces, the bedroom was perfectly set for an intimate night of lovemaking. The bed was adorned with red and white satiny throw pillows, and sitting on the bedside table was a bottle of massage oil, a can of shaving cream, a small bowl of water, and a razor. Thoroughly curious, she walked over to the table to have a closer look at the items.

"You've got quite a set up here. Just what exactly have you got planned for me tonight?"

"You'll see."

A little smile graced her lips in response. Suddenly catching sight of a small, black gift box with a red ribbon around it, Erica grabbed it off the bed and offered it a curious look.

"What's this?"

"Open it and you'll find out."

There was a glimmer in her eyes as she gave him a brief look, then she excitedly untied the ribbon and took the lid off.

Amused to see that a smaller box was hidden within the larger one, she gave Cody a smile, which he returned with one of his own. She lifted the lid on the smaller box, and saw a small charm that was carved into the shape of a bear.

The body was made out of sterling silver, but there was a small turquoise stone embedded in the upper half of the charm. Although the small object was in good shape, Erica could tell that it was an antique, and even though she didn't know the history behind it, she had a feeling it was very special.

"Bears are courageous and strong. Two of the qualities I admire most about you," he said.

Her lips tugged into a smile, and she listened as he continued on.

"You see that arrow in the middle of the bear?" He pointed it out, then said, "That stands for longevity."

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he looked hard and deep into her eyes. She returned his stare with one of her own, and without any words passing between them, she fully understood just how strong his feelings were for her. She knew that the extent of their love for each other could never be truly expressed, and overcome with emotion, she glanced back down at the charm.

Running her thumb back and forth against the turquoise stone on the pendant, she enjoyed the smooth texture of it. "This is lovely. Does it belong to your family?"

"It used to be my grandmother's. Not the one on my dad's side, but my mom's. She gave it to me just before she passed on."

Glancing up at him, she said, "I can't possibly keep this, then. It's way too special."

"Of course it is, but I still want you to have it. It's my gift to you."

"But don't you want something to keep in memory of her?"

"Other stuff was passed down to me as well, not just the pendant. And besides, she'd want you to have it."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"Okay. Well if you're absolutely sure." She made eye contact with him again, as if giving him one last chance to change his mind.

"Beyond a doubt."

He lifted the charm out of the box, and after prying open the jump ring, he took her wrist in his hand and added the pendant to her bracelet.

"So that's why you asked me to wear my charm bracelet tonight." A little smile graced her lips.

"Yep." Once the charm was in place, he said, "Now it's yours to keep forever." Then he gave her a gentle kiss on the hand.

Erica caressed her palm against his cheek, gazing deep into his eyes as she did it. "Thank you, sweetie."

"You're welcome." He leaned down to give her a slow, sensual kiss, and as their lips parted, he said, "Check out what's in the larger box."

"There's something in there? I thought it was empty."

Erica lifted the small gift box out of the bigger one, then pulled aside the tissue paper and caught sight of a silver key.

"What's this?" She lifted the silver object out of the box.

"What do you think it is?"

"Well obviously it's a key." Holding it in the palm of her hand, she offered it a wondrous look. "To your apartment, I'm guessing."

"Yep. So what do you think? Wanna move in with me?"

Clearly astonished, she asked, "Wait, you're asking me to move in?"

"Yeah. Why, do you not want to?"

"No, It's not that."

"Then what?"

"It's just I'd need some time to sort things out. For one thing, I'd have to figure out what to do with my trailer."

"You could park it in your parent's backyard."

"You're right, that would work. That hadn't even crossed my mind."

"Okay, so besides your trailer, what else would you need to take care of?"

She pulled her shoulders into a shrug. "Nothing, I guess. That's really the main thing."

"So there's no reason why you can't move in then." He looked deep into her eyes, seeming to dare her to come up with an excuse."

"No, I suppose not."

A small chuckle passed his lips. "I can see it in your eyes. You're scared, aren't you?"

"No." The slight waver in her voice belied her response, forcing her to reveal the truth. "Okay, so maybe I am a little scared. But that's just because I've always been on my own."

"None of your previous boyfriend's asked you to move in?"

"Yeah. But it just didn't feel right, so I didn't go through with it."

"I see. So I'm guessing this doesn't feel right to you, either."

"No, that's not what I said." She gave a brief pause, then continued. "I'm the independent type, so it's hard for me to just suddenly go from having my own place, to sharing an apartment with my boyfriend."

It's not hard for me. I'm willing and ready to do it right now."

"That's easy for you to say. You're not giving anything up."

"Neither are you. You can just park your trailer at your parent's house. It's not like you have to sell it."

"No, but I will lose my spot at the RV park. It's one of the very few ones that are located in the city, and I'm lucky I got in at all. I was on a waiting list for nearly a year before they gave me the approval to move onto the property."

Placing his palms on either side of her face, he looked steadily into her eyes. "Look, I understand you being nervous about this, and I know It's only been six months, but we've been through a lot together. What we have is solid, this isn't just a passing fling."

"Of course not, and I don't doubt we're going to stay together."

A downcast look spread across his face. "I'm sensing a but. You don't wanna move in, do you? Is that what you're saying?"

"I do want to, but I think it would be best if I start off spending a few weeks here, maybe a month. You know, that way we can see how it works out. We don't wanna just rush into this, do we?"

"Actually I do. I'm excited and I really want it to happen. But if you need more time, then I completely understand."

"Tell you what, how about we do a test run? I'll spend a month here with you, and if it works out well, then I'll move in. How's that sound?" "Sounds good. I like that idea."


She looped her arms around his neck, then tilted her chin upward and offered her lips. As he lowered his head to hers, she felt his breath ghost against her face, then there was the sensation of his lips pressing hotly against her own.

Grasping her hips with his palms, he gently guided her onto the bed. As her back hit the mattress, her hair fanned out beneath her, providing a contrast against the white comforter.

After a few solid moments of deep, passionate kissing, they parted for breath. Placing his lips against her exposed cleavage, Cody covered the swell of her breasts with voracious kisses.

Then bringing his hands around to the back of her neck, he deftly untied the straps of her halter dress. Within no time at all, he'd slid the garment off her body, revealing her provocative lingerie.

The bra she was wearing was made out of purple satin and had black lace trimming, and her panties, which were constructed entirely out of sheer lace, provided him with a tantalizing view of the cleft between her legs.

The look in his eyes was one of utmost desire, and it was clear for her to see that he was eager to remove the flimsy undergarment that encased her curvy form.

She was anxious as well, but since she knew how enjoyable the buildup was, she contentedly laid beneath him and lost herself in the sensation of his hands and lips on her skin.

Grabbing both of her breasts in his palms, he gave them a light squeeze. Then he brushed his thumbs back and forth a few times, causing her nipples to pebble beneath the thin satin fabric.

His palms slid along her belly, traveling lower until they reached the softness of her thighs. He caressed the sensitive inner skin with the tips of his fingers for a few moments, then moved them upward where they met with the heat between her legs.

Just barely resting the tip of his finger against her panty clad slit, he began tracing patterns against it. A soft moan passed her lips in response, and she squirmed beneath his feather light touch. Simultaneously frustrated and titillated, she willed him to apply more pressure, but he seemed intent on continuing the tease.

Although his touch was feather light, it caused a trickle of wetness to seep out from between her folds, and within a short amount of time, the crotch of her panties was soaked.

Moving his finger up to her clit, he began tracing circles around it, first spiraling inward, then working his way back out. He did this a few times before finally heeding her desperate little noises, and as he flicked his thumb against her swollen button, she responded with a throaty moan.

He then brought his hand up to her chest, and after undoing the front clasp of her bra, the cups snapped away from her breasts.

He took one of her nipples into his mouth, greedily suckling it until it stood fully erect, then gave her other swollen peak the same attention. Then he pulled his head away from her breasts and cast his attention on the lower part of her body.

Erica felt his fingers slip beneath the hem of her panties, and after pulling them down her thighs and off around her ankles, he tossed them to the floor.

Eager to disrobe her lover, she grabbed hold of his belt and tugged it loose, then unzipped his pants and guided them down. He assisted her by pulling both his trousers and boxers down his hips, and after kicking them off around his ankles, he removed his shirt.

The sight of his toned, naked body generated a tingle between her thighs, and she gazed up at him with eagerness in her eyes. Bringing his hand to the spot between her legs, he languidly slid a finger along the line of hair that led to her tight slit.

"How attached to this are you?" He asked.

She took a glance down at her landing strip. "I might be okay with letting it go. Why?"

"I'd like to shave you bare." The tip of Cody's finger grazed the lips of her pussy, gently caressing the velvety flesh. "You ever been shaven bare, then had your pussy eaten out?"


"You let me shave you, you'll see how incredibly sensitive it feels. All your nerve endings will be exposed, which means it'll be twice as pleasurable." He sandwiched his index finger between her tender folds, then slowly pushed it in until it was buried to the hilt.

This caused Erica to arch her back, followed by a soft cry fleeing her mouth as he pumped his finger in and out a few times. He then slowly withdrew his digit, and after licking it clean, brought his face closer to hers so their lips were nearly touching.

"Once I finish shaving you, I'm gonna spread you open nice and wide, then lick you until you scream."

The intensity of his gaze, coupled with his erotic words sent a wild thrill through Erica's body, and her wetness increased.

"I haven't even given you permission yet," she said.

"Not verbally. But the way your body is trembling tells me you want it."

Her body truly was shaking with anticipation, and speaking in barely a whisper, she said, "Alright. I'll let you shave me."

This brought a smile to Cody's lips, and after giving her a deep, wet kiss, he grabbed a medium sized towel from the space on the mattress beside her. "Lift up," he said gently.

She followed his request, and once he'd slid the towel beneath her, she allowed her butt to rest against it. He grabbed one of the satiny red throw pillows, and after placing it beneath her head, he gave her a tender look.




He gave her another kiss, then grabbed a bottle of shaving cream from the bedside table. The cream felt cool against the bare skin of her pussy, and after spreading a thick layer, he went to work at shaving her.

The first touch of the razor caused her to tense slightly-not out of fear, but out of sheer excitement. Eager to watch him at work, she lifted her head up slightly to get a look, but the words he spoke cautioned her against movement.

"Careful, honey. Lie still until I'm finished."

Resting her head back on the pillow, she said, "Okay." Then she closed her eyes and completely relaxed her body.

With great care and tenderness, he maneuvered the razor in a gentle, downward fashion. Each time the cutting edge swept across her skin, it made a soothing sound, and the feel of Cody's fingers on her as he held her skin taut only added to the sensual experience.

After half a dozen swipes, he sloshed the razor in a bowl of water that sat on the bedside table. Then he resumed shaving her, using the same patient, methodical motions. It wasn't hard for her to fall into the rhythm of it, and completely at ease beneath his hands, she offered a few words to convey how pleased she was.

"Mmm, feels nice," she murmured.

"Glad you're enjoying."


Her breathing was even and calm, and the clean, fresh scent of shaving cream wafted into her nostrils. After taking the last swipe, Cody wiped her down with a warm, damp washcloth to remove the stray hairs.

"All done," he said.

She opened her eyes, and lifting herself up onto her palms, glanced southward. Completely shaven without a single hair left, her pussy couldn't have possibly looked any smoother. Unable to resist the urge, she reached down to touch it, and found that it felt nice and sleek.

"Like it?" Cody asked.

"Yeah, I do. You did a good job."

His lips curled upward, and he grabbed the bottle of massage oil off the bedside table. After squirting some into his palm, he spread it across her smooth sex. The small circles his fingers made against her skin earned him a sound of contentment, followed by a little sigh.

"That really feels nice."

"Guess I'll have to make a point of doing this regularly, huh?"

"Maybe," she softly said.

Having finished rubbing in the oil, he grabbed hold of the towel beneath her, then said, "Lift up, baby."

She did, and after pulling the towel out from under her, he placed it, along with the razor, washcloth and shaving cream back on the beside table. Then turning his attention back on her, he gave a command.

"Spread your legs nice and wide, so I can get in deep."

She eagerly obeyed, and once his head was between her legs, he blew gently against her skin. The sensation was nothing short of delicious and she lifted her hips slightly in response.

"Feel good?" He asked.


"What about this?" He gingerly pulled her labia apart, then slid his finger up and down the length of her wet slit.

"Uh-huh," she said in a sort of whisper.

She expected him to push his finger in next, yet instead was greeted with the sensation of something warm and wet. Not having been prepared at all for the feel of his tongue, she released a husky moan and gave a sharp buck of the hips.

His tongue probed her feverishly, and as he sealed his mouth to her glistening sex, he began ardently eating her out.

"Oh!" A desperate moan escaped her lips, and grasping his head, she held it firmly in her grip, as if fearing he might suddenly pull away.

Clearly he had no intentions of doing so, and as the pace of his tongue grew quicker, she bucked wildly against his mouth, panting his name. Just as he'd told her, her pussy was ultra sensitive, and every flick of his tongue sent pleasurable little jolts through her body.

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