tagIncest/TabooPeakwood University: Orientation

Peakwood University: Orientation



"You're kidding!"

"Of course I'm not Mr. Evans. Peakwood University has existed for 150 years and has stood by this practice since the very beginning. It is a requirement for admission I'm afraid."

Tony looked at his mom, who was smiling at him curiously. He certainly hadn't expected this reaction from her. He turned back to the admissions officer, who was also smiling.

"But isn't college like, the time I'm supposed to be independent? If my mom is going to live with me, what's the point of even leaving Idaho?"

The admissions officer licked her lips, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She glanced at his mother with a half smile, her eyes knowing. Tony had a hard time believing that they had never met each other. They seemed to be sharing something he was not a party to.

"Mr. Evans, college is indeed the time to be independent. It is the period in your life in which you are supposed to be truly preparing for the real world, and the responsibilities of establishing a home of your own. But this is an isolated town, home only to our university's twenty thousand students. This university is its own city, and prides itself on being the last university in the United States to only admit male students. We might be accused of being sexist and discriminating, but we operate based upon our own traditions. We believe that is why our methods make us the highest rated university on the west coast. We are proud of our male student population, but we also acknowledge that a man's life can steer wrong without female influence. This is why all our students live with their mothers."

Tony sat for a moment, drinking in her words. At that moment he was sure he was dreaming. It wouldn't have been the first time he had dreamt of something so strange. Such insanity didn't exist in the real world though; he knew that.

He looked at his mother again. Erica Evans was looking back at her son mildly. She was judging his reaction just as much as he was judging hers. Tony let himself breathe for a few moments, hoping that he would just wake up in his bed. That was how dreams work after all, if you stop participating in them actively they just kind of slide away. But his mother's beautifully cut blonde hair still fell slightly over her bright, intelligent eyes as she stared at him, as real and in the moment as ever.

Her top, a sensibly cut white blouse with the top two buttons doing the work of exposing her beautifully smooth neck, did not fade. The admissions officer was still staring at him, and he got the distinct sense that she fully expected this kind of extensive, dramatic reaction, after informing him of something so large and potentially detrimental to his college years.

She turned to Erica, her full lips parting slowly as she threw just the slightest glance in Tony's direction before speaking,

"Would you mind informing your son that you have already agreed to this Erica?"

His mother's smile broadened.

"Tony, Sandra here spoke with me the other week when I was still on the fence about it. She convinced me that you deserve the best, and she has really convinced me that living with your mother in college truly amounts to the best. Plus, I wasn't comfortable letting you go to college. I just wanted to cling to you for a little longer."


Tony blushed; his mom could be so embarrassing with her constant fawning over him.

"Mr. Evans, we believe in the complete integration of our student's mothers into their college education. You will be academic and social partners with her at all university events. Your mother will receive some postgraduate college credit for her efforts, but our student's mothers come to our school because we are offering them a chance to relive the best years of their youth alongside their sons, isolated from the rest of the world."

Tony thought he could see a shadow of a smirk in the corner of the woman's mouth.

"You notice this building is off of the main campus, and you undoubtedly complained about our policy of only allowing a campus tour once a year. Everybody does. We do everything we can to cut outsiders off from the day to day functioning of our school's main campus. Now, you may ask why, and I promise the answer is simple. What is up on those hills, less than a mile from the ocean I might add, is its own world. No college dares to be like it. You should consider this opportunity a gift, Mr. Evans. Will you be attending our university this fall?"


Tony looked at his mom again, wanting desperately to say something about the strange turn his college admissions had taken.

Maybe it was the stress of the situation, or maybe Tony's own nature simply betrayed him, but he couldn't help but look at his mom's breasts through her shirt. They were big, huge in fact. They strained against her shirt. But still, they didn't look out of place on her.

She didn't look like some bimbo who just wanted to show the world the biggest funbags money can buy. As strange as was to admit, it looked like Erica Evans had a great deal more ownership of her own bustline than most women half her age. They were a part of her identity as a woman who had lived through a great deal, as well as having borne the burden of being a mother.

That made them mommy-boobs; Tony made up the word in his mind in a fraction of a second, almost as a product of pure instinct. Mommy-boobs, undoubtedly with fat, hard nipples.

Tony wanted to slap himself across the face for thinking something so filthy about his own mother, but that was the truth of it. After all, what kind of sick shit is having your mother live in the same room as you for all of college? It's enough to confuse anyone.

It was enough to get Tony's cock hard, as much as he tried to imagine that it didn't. And when he finally did respond, he swore he didn't even think of the words before they tumbled out,

"Yes I will."

"I'm glad to hear it. Orientation begins in August."

Chapter 1: Orientation

The biggest venue on the Peakwood University campus was the gym connected to Doveman Athletics Center.

The building was at the peak of a large hill overlooking the rest of the campus. Tony imagined that it been situated as it had to encourage students to be athletic just to get there, but he resented the fact that he had seen virtually none of the campus before being hustled into the tremendously cavernous space.

He tried to look through the massive window taking up the entire western side of the wall, but it had been shaded to prevent the new freshman from having to squint into the coastal California sunlight. But even if it wasn't shaded Tony would still not have been able to see much, considering how far back in the room he and his mom were.

The mother-son duo was in a sea of folding chairs crammed together. Tony vaguely remembered the admissions officer mentioning that something like 5000 freshman boys had been admitted, and with each boy having his mom in tow that brought the number to something like 10,000.

Tony cast his eyes up and down the seemingly endless aisles. He could see hundreds of boys sitting next to their mothers, trying not to look embarrassed. While parents do typically attend portions of college orientations, they also typically leave right after.

The time kids spend with their parents at orientation is often giddy and full of the excitement of living in a new place defined by their own rules. But merely by sitting in the Doveman gym seats, each boy was sending the message that he had agreed to attend college, all of college, with his mother. Each and every boy had agreed to share a dorm room with his own mother.

Tony had thought a great deal in the months between when the admissions officer had informed him that he would be living with his mother and the orientation about why an entire university might have such a strange policy regarding student life. Peakwood was certainly considered the most prestigious university in California except Stanford and Berkeley. There were congressmen, great writers and great businessmen who had come out of Peakwood. Those interviewed were always asked about the mysterious Peakwood University, and they usually just laughed the question off.

Tony assumed that it had to do with abstinence. By cutting off any thoughts of sex the boys would be more productive students, and their grades would probably be higher. All male schools still existed, but they were usually Catholic. Peakwood University had no religious affiliation. Abstinence was not usually a secular idea, but Tony supposed in a kind of dispassionate, objective way it made sense. Abstinence took a lot of the temptation out of life.

But by having students live with their mothers? The only rational explanation Tony could think of was the one the admissions officer had provided, female influence. In that same kind of objective way that made sense as well. But there was something sexual about it, despite every rational instinct which went against such an illogical and socially unacceptable instinct.

Tony snapped out of his own thoughts when his mom pushed some of the Peakwood welcoming materials into his lap, tapping happily a picture of a woman receiving a massage,

"Bet you didn't know they have a spa. What other university would have something as cool as that?"

He looked at her evenly. Her eyes sparkled; her breathing was accelerated. He had never seen his mother so happy and excited. It was off-putting.

"I bet you'll be more interested in that than me, Mom."

She turned back to the orientation materials with a hint of a frown playing across her face before she reassured herself that Tony's opinion of his situation was going to be changed very dramatically, very quickly.

Peakwood had the freshman registration formula streamlined, Tony and his mom had been stopped by security and let through after showing them Tony's acceptance letter. Like the admissions officer had mentioned the campus was very strictly closed to outsiders without special permission, and the big men who studied the Peakwood University student identification card he had been sent in the mail over the summer against the information provided on the acceptance letter seemed to drive the seriousness of this particular Peakwood policy home with their every move.

The Evans' car, with all Tony and Erica's stuff in a little trailer behind it, was picked up and driven to Meaten Hall, the largest dorm on campus that would be their home for the next nine months or so. Tony had wondered why he didn't get to at least move his own stuff into his new room, but the blonde upperclassmen mom acting as valet just smiled at him and mumbled something about how he had better things to do that day. She walked away before Tony got a chance to ask her what she meant.

And so Tony and Erica were left in front of the massive Doveman Athletics center, which was pumping music. Moms flanked the different sets of doors into the gym, cheering on the students as they shuffled by, not entirely sure how to react. Tony could at least appreciate school spirit, the source was just a bit foreign to him.

When they had finally found a seat, only after Erica had sought out an information table and grabbed as much welcoming material as she could get her hands on, they looked over the "Schedule of Events" flyer inserted into a massive folding map of the campus.

They realized they were waiting for university president Archibald Concerro to deliver his opening remarks. But as it turned out, that was all the schedule of events listed. Tony couldn't help but wonder why the university had even wasted the paper necessary to print the flyers.

When the president finally took the stage, it was something to behold in its absurdity and overdramatic theatrics. The lights went out and the Peakwood University logo, a lone pine tree overlooking a valley, erupted on the massive screen in the front of the room.

As this happened, the trademark opening strains of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" echoed around the room, and lasers started to glance off the screen and shoot into the crowd. Archibald Concerro burst out from behind the screen a minute later and reveled in the applause his dramatics evoked from the stunned crowd like a preening peacock showing off for its mate. Tony was laughing the whole way through, so was his mom.

Tony had read Archibald Concerro's work. The dean with the funny name frequently contributed to the New York Times, offering boilerplate liberal op-eds that spoke to his hippie upbringing and lifelong California residency.

That moment was the first time he had ever seen the man in person, and it wasn't what he expected. With such a strange name he had expected an old man with a twisted face, instead stood a man with movie star looks who was probably 40 but looked not a day over 30. He was wearing a shiny gray collared shirt and a white jacket, which was hideously gaudy, but somehow just made him look more confidently imposing.

He stepped to the microphone with a grin and gradually the mummers of the crowd began to die.

"Ladies and gentleman, most of you probably know me. My name is Archibald Concerro. I am the tenth president of this institution, and I have proudly carried on its traditions exactly as my predecessors have. And in that spirit, I would like to formally extend a huge..."

He paused needlessly for a few seconds for dramatic effect.

"...leopards welcome to your first academic year at Peakwood University!"

There was thunderous applause again.

"Now, I'm sure you've been confused ever since you were told that you would be living with your mothers. It's a strange requirement, and it deserves to be addressed before anything else on this very...busy day. Its them, elephant in the room after all"

Every boy in the room leaned forward, eager to have a mystery that had been dogging each and every one of them solved.

"But did any of you wonder why Peakwood requires its own test prior to admission? The one you all took online and never got the scores for? That's because it wasn't that kind of test; it had no academic purpose. What you took was a personality test. Its the best personality test that science has yet produced, and it can be tailored to test for specific elements of personality. Your test was designed by an independent team of scientists given a grant by this university of 20 million dollars. It is produced in this manner once every twenty-five years, not that we would ever need to replace it. It's that well written, I assure you. It. Is. Never. Wrong."

He said this so firmly that Tony believed it without question.

"What was your test seeking to find in your personalities? Can't you guess yet? Are your brains still that locked in convention? Look around the room college students, and put two and two together! Our test is designed to determine your willingness to fuck your mothers."

There was a half-second of gasping echoing around the room, and then suddenly Tony's vision was lost in a flash of white. There were yells, and he got the sense that he was not the only one who had just been blinded. When Tony's eyes adjusted from the shock, the president was standing at the lip of the stage, laughing merrily as he rocked slightly, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

"You'll treasure that picture some day, I promise you. Its going to be framed and hung in the lobby of my office, and you'll all get your own copy when you graduate in four years. Sorry for surprising you, but that's a little tradition we have here. The look on a student's face when he discovers the true nature of Peakwood is quite simply priceless. Now, maybe you haven't noticed, but your moms certainly don't seem too surprised by this jarring news do they?"

Tony looked at his mom, who was smiling at him evenly. The sparkle in her eyes suddenly seemed very naughty.

"We practiced this next part ladies. Take it away!"

Erica stood up from her chair along with each and every other mother in the hall. For just a single, delicious moment, all five thousand of the matronly beauties seemed to be exchanging a knowing, triumphant look. Erica took a step from her chair and stood in front of her son. What she did next caught Tony completely by surprise; she jumped onto his lap.

Tony grunted as his mom giggled, her face now a foot above his. Tony had spent most of the day trying not to steal glances at the cavernous cleavage that had been peeking out of his mom's sleeveless white silk blouse, but now it was impossible not to look. He had just been given carte blanche to look.

Erica had expected this of course, smiling down at her enraptured son and shaking her chest slightly. She was wearing a bra, a little white lace number, but it was too small for her. She wanted her big girls to swing free, but she was content to just let the cloud of breast meat inches from her son's face sway back and forth, colliding and separating and colliding again.

Tony could feel a heat against his crotch, and honestly wasn't sure if it was her or him or both. His mouth hung open slightly as she shifted her weight on him, and he realized his cock was now iron hard and resting against the mound hidden in her pants.

He couldn't help but wish at that moment that she was wearing a skirt, so that he might feel what felt like the softest ass he had ever imagined as it was truly meant to be felt, bare but for what he just knew was a tiny thong. He had sifted through his mom's dirty panties on more than one occasion, and he knew that all she owned were little tiny g-strings, brazilian cuts, and lingerie. He had always imagined what they must look like molded to her curves.

Tony had forgotten where he was. He didn't care about school, he didn't care about a "normal" college experience, not anymore.

The president had to yell over the chaos to be heard,

"You should be proud knowing that you are one of only a select group aware of the true secret that is the key to the academic and social prestige of Peakwood, but you are entrusted with living with it and not sharing it with the outside world. The penalty for breaking silence is a lawsuit guaranteed to ruin you and your entire family. Now I'm sure you realize why we've managed to keep the secret for so long. But why would you put in danger the situation I have just handed you?"

He smiled, taking off his jacket and throwing it behind him on the stage.

"I feel that I might have lost your attention, and that's fair. I don't blame any of you, and I won't bore you with academics and procedure right now. Its all in your pamphlets anyway. So let me contribute to the mood rather than ruin it. Now that you are all aware of the secret of Peakwood University, I think you should get a real taste of what life actually looks like on this campus. Well, a fantastic team of senior students and their moms decided a few months ago to put their filmmaking skills to use. It is my great pleasure to share with you the fruits of their labor."

Huge shields slid down the outside of the building, cutting off all outside sources of light. The moment they completed their slow journey, the electric lights in the room simply, turned off.

The only source of light left in the room was the Peakwood logo. Tony looked up at the beautiful woman now silouhetted against the the light of only the screen and realized he hadn't actually spoken to her since hearing the truth about his new university.

Erica didn't mind of course. She knew how much of a shock the news about Peakwood had been for her son. But she knew that the best thing for him once he had heard the news was reinforcement that he wasn't being lied to. That was why she had let her breasts sway for him without so much as a word, presenting herself to her future mate like an animal in heat.

Eric knew that Tony was a shy kid, despite the fact that he had no reason to be. The few friends he had in high school really loved him, and he was loyal to a fault. Erica had always blamed his shyness on his fear of girls. He was somehow convinced that they were naturally turned-off by him. This was absolutely ludicrous, considering he was physically fit and extremely handsome. But there was also his cock. As much as Erica had always tried to avoid the thoughts when they crept into her mind, they kept doing just that. She would see him walk around the house in just his boxers at night. She could see it swinging and swaying and making her husband's cock seem absolutely insignificant by comparison.

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