Pearls Before Wine


"We want our guests to tarry long with us. Let us make their stay here a pleasant one. I shortly will awaken the Emperor Marius with a delightful surprise. Do ye likewise. Later today I shall be showing him the sights of our beautiful city. I do not doubt he will wish to share my bed again tonight. In fact, I suspect he will not wish to wait that long to drink again from my private temple and allow me to melt the steel of his weapon in my furnace. If anyone should venture to the palace gardens this afternoon," she grinned, "please do not let thyself be seen."


Fanura judged well when her unwitting captive would awaken and she was at his side when his eyes fluttered open. "What...? Where... Oh, oh!" Marius moaned. Then he saw the beautiful young black woman smiling down at him.

"Good afternoon, My Lord, the Emperor," Fanura smiled and kissed him softly on the lips.

"OH, my head!" the Emperor moaned. "What? What happened?

"I fear thou didst partake too liberally of our Nurian wine. As for later ... Surely My Lord has not forgotten last night. I never shall! My Lord was magnificent!" Fanura's flattery was purposeful, but not insincere. She had indeed come many times on the barbarian's thick cock. The Zuma weakened only his will; it fortified and stimulated his body. "Thou didst slay me with thy spear and gladly was I slain! Never has any man filled me as didst Thou. Aye! My Lord!" she gasped, her eyes widening in partial surprise, "I scarce can believe my eyes! Thy weapon is again ready for battle."

Marius winced at her words. Fanura knew he was well aware of his erection, an inevitable result of seeing her firm breast and hard nipple just inches before him. Aware, but not pleased at that moment. As his large penis throbbed to life, so too his head throbbed with pain. He moaned again, partly with arousal, partly the ache in his forehead. "Thou art in pain, My Lord. Here, take this potion; it will assuage thy distress."

Marius shook his head, "'Tis nothing."

Fanura smiled and persisted, pressing a goblet she had prepared to his lips. It was sweet to his tongue and he drank. "Yes, My Lord, drink it all. It will cause thee to sleep and thy pain to cease."

"Sleep again? But I have just awakened. The day is well begun. My officials will expect me at noon for Council," Marius protested.

"Ah my brave, noble Lord," Fanura smiled. "Do not concern thyself for them. Thou didst not battle alone last nigh. I heard Aldos slay Dolphia many times, last not long before dawn. Thy Council can wait."

"Nay, Queen Fanura. Duty is everything for a Corthon. We cannot allow the weakness of the flesh to deflect us from our appointed tasks."

"It is as I feared, My Lord. Thy strong will is preventing the potion from giving thee its balm. Rest thy head on my bosom and I will make thee to sleep."

"I must ... not" Marius replied, struggling not to pillow his head on the Queen's perfect breasts. Fanura could see the potion beginning to make his eyes heavy. She would help him down the path to sweet oblivion.

"My Lord, it is thy weapon, drawn and ready for battle that does not allow thee to sleep. Let us battle again as we did last night, thy sword and my sheath. Gladly would I have thee conquer me again!" And before the drowsy and aroused Emperor could react, Fanura had straddled him and positioned her moist cunt lips at the tip of Marius's engorged cock. "My sheath awaits thy mighty sword, My Lord."

"Fanura! No! This cannot be! A Corthon man never allows a woman to ..." A gasp of pleasure cut short his protest as Fanura lowered herself over the helpless man's stiff cock. Slowly as first she began to ride him.

"Speak no more, My Lord. Let my sheath upon thy sword ease thy pain. Aye, thy manhood is too hard; let me make it soft for thee. Yea, My Lord, thrust deep and I will warm and please thee. Deep, My Lord, my sleepy Lord. Loose the hold on thy body, My Lord. Let me take thee deep. Release thyself into me, My Lord, deep into me, deeper and thou willst sleep. Release, My Lord and sleep. Release ...release ...RELEASE!"

Fanura had felt his orgasm building and his consciousness sink beneath her whispered words. With a final twist of her shapely hips and a clinching of her cunt muscles she triggered his climax. Surprisingly, the flood of his hot seed released an irresistible warmth within her, too and she came, collapsing on his hairy, heaving chest. It was several long moments before she was again in control of herself, but no harm was done. The Emperor was safely entranced a faint smile on his face. Amazingly, his thick cock was only now deflating. Fanura let herself relax, enjoying a few more minutes in the Emperor's strong, though now limp, arms. She was aware that his penis still dammed up her pussy, not allowing his thick sperm to drain out of her. It was a pleasant sensation and stirred a feeling of tenderness for her imperial captive.

Her pussy twitched at the thought of what could result if they continued to "battle" thus and she were incautious. Since she had become a woman, her mother had taught her to drink a potion of Mea every morning on three weeks of each four. "Do so and THOU, and not thy need for a man, canst decide when and with whom to have a child," her mother had advised with a knowing smile. Fanura employed Mea, as did most of the elite of the Nurian women. Now she was beginning to wonder if after twenty-five springs, the time was not approaching to put in practice the other part of her mother's advice.


The treaty of accession was to be signed on the first day of the month after the New Moon festival. The rains had ceased, yet the harsh dry heat of summer had not yet come upon the land. The sun shone merely warm on the lush landscape around them. The treaty was being signed on the portico of the temple of the Goddess overlooking the newly whitewashed city below and the green valley and fertile fields beyond. Originally scheduled for the fourth hour, the ceremony had to be postponed until noon, as Marius and his men had greater difficulty than usual in arising from the soft beds and softer arms in which they slept. "Ladies," Fanura had told her council the night before, "I intend to see that Marius has an especially good and strenuous night, sleeps deeply in my arms, and arises tired and happy. Do ye likewise."

All was in readiness as Queen Fanura and her council of priestesses met Marius and his council of warriors. An official of Corthon palace protocol would have been surprise that rather than sitting on opposite sides of the long table, Corthons and Nurians sat side by side. Yet is seemed quite appropriates to the Corthon men, who only an hour or so earlier had been entwined in the arms of their lovely companions.

The formal toasts over, Marius arose to speak. Fanura smiled reflecting that unlike the banquet a month ago, no pearls were needed to disguise the Zuma in the wine. The men no longer noticed the drug and indeed, would have felt quite uncomfortable were it not supplied. "Queen Fanura," Marius said, trying to sound severe with the woman whose bed he had so recently shared. "There appear to be changes in the treaty. It was crafted by our legal scribes and was carefully considered by the Corthon Senate. No change is possible."

"Aye, My Lord. I asked that a few clarifying words be added in the spirit of thy invitation to join the Corthon Empire. Thou didst ask us to 'open our gates as a maiden does her thighs to her lover.' I believe My Lord will agree that we have opened to you more than our gates." The men looked embarrassed as the women at their sides giggled and snuggled closer.

"But this treaty states that no legions, save the Emperor's guard will be posted in thy land," Marius pointed out.

"True, My Lord. Now that we are wedded to the Empire, no enemy will dare attack. Thy legions will be freed to defend thy northern marches. We can deal with raiders as always."

"Aye, My Queen, but internal order?"

"Does the bridegroom send armed servants to watch over his bride, My Lord? I dared hope that My Lord would do his own watching," Fanura smiled. Marius was not sure if it was an accident, but at that moment his eyes fell on Fanura's ample breast and he could not suppress a noticeable stiffing of his prick.

"But my Queen, soon I will return to Cortho. Business in the capital demands it."

"Speak not of thy leavetaking, My Lord. Cast me not aside as Aeneas did poor Queen Dido. The marriage of Nuria to Cortho is but consummated and the honeymoon is not yet begun. Stay yet the season. Surely thou dost not wish to return to Cortho just as the cold rains and bitter winds of the North sweep thy capital."

"But the Senate will be expecting a report and the first tribute."

"Report the plain truth; the capital is wherever the Emperor lays his head." Between my legs, drinking from my womanhood. What better place for the capital of Cortho, Fanura thought, suppressing a smile. "Do not thine own laws say thus? As for gifts, My Lord, with thy permission, I shall send each Senator, Tribune, Praetor, and Pontifex the finest fruit of our land, a Nurian maiden for to wife with a rich dowry." Fanura smiled at her words. Yes, the Nurian women would take dowries that included many large flasks of the Zuman essence. Perhaps next year when their new wives became "homesick" for their native land, a goodly number of Senators and other high officials would join their Emperor in Cortho's new Southern capital.

At each clever reply, Fanura saw the Zuma-addled heads of the Corthons nod ascent. "Set, then, thy hand to the treaty, My Lord, and let the marriage celebrations begin." She smiled over that the Emperor who was gazing at her almost in adoration. As she placed a quill in his hand her other hand found his manhood beneath his tunic, squeezing gently. "Tarry here with me, My Lord," she whispered. Marius's doubts and objections floated away. He certainly did not want to feel the miserable cold of a Corthon winter. Less did he wish to leave the bed of this delightful woman who filled his nights and days with pleasure beyond his previous imaginings. Carefully he appended the initials to the document -

C. I. M: Corthun Imperator Marius.


The heat of the dry season arrived making it difficult for Marius to conduct Imperial business around mid-day. Not that he conducted very much at other times. Marius held Imperial court only during morning hours, hours that grew shorter and shorter as the Emperor, exhausted by long nights of vigorous lovemaking with Fanura, arose later and later. Should he awake too early, his shapely black mistress would hurry back to his bed to take his cock into her warm pussy and to send him back to sated sleep.

With the heat, Marius and his men were introduced to the delightful custom of siesta after the mid-day meal, a custom made more delightful still by their company in bed. Marius and his men took their noon meal with Fanura and her court. They were always quite drowsy when it was over. One by one each was led away by his lovely companion to a separate bedchamber. Marius could hardly object when his beautiful mistress put him down for his nap. There, beneath pukahs moved by naked servant girls, Fanura took him to her bed and let him suckle her breasts until he was moaning with arousal. Then she mounted him and sent him off to sleep by riding him to a volcanic climax.

With the daze (and days) of sex, Marius did not realize that more and more Imperial affairs were transacted in his name by Fanura and her court. She now wore the imperial Signet. It had been thus since the the arrival of the Santhian Ambassador. News had reached Marius in Fanura's chamber just after a long slow siesta session with Fanura that, as usual, had left the Emperor limp and happily drowsy. Fanura gave his eyelids a little kiss and offered to attend to the matter. It had not seemed proper, but after making love to Fanura, Marius was in no condition to refuse his lively young bedmate. As he drifted off to post orgasmic slumber, Fanura slipped off his ring and scurried to greet the visiting dignitary.

When Marius remembered to ask that she return it some days later, Fanura teased him, "Oh, does My Lord not have more urgent business to conduct here?" drawing aside her short tunic and inserting her fingers into her ever moist slit. "Is this not the taste," she asked placing her dripping fingers in his mouth, "of a woman in dire need of thy sword. Come to my bedchamber, My Lord and slay me. I have need of the sweet death thou bringest." It was more days before Marius thought again of the ring and them only to realize he didn't really need it.

As Fanura spent more and more time on Imperial business, she began to allow her servants to keep Marius sated and happy. She first brought Rini to their bed, stoking his vanity by telling him he was "too much man for one woman." Eating Rini's ripe young puss as Fanura rode him sank Marius into stupor before either woman was fully satisfied, but Queen and servant knew how to solve that problem. When he awoke to find them making love, it aroused him enough for the two women to exchange roles: Fanura gave her sex to the Emperor’s mouth as Rini rode his cock. Gradually Marius accepted Rini and then others into his bed during the long afternoons. Sucking their soft breasts and allowing them to ride him to orgasm, had the same soporific effects as did their Queen's ministrations. It was exhausting trying to satisfy so many pretty women and his attention to Imperial business suffered still more.

As the summer drought burned the landscape to dull brown, a challenge arose. The wild tribes of Zaria in the West were causing increasing trouble. A decisive blow was called for, but Fanura did not wish to rouse the Emperor from the lethargy she had carefully crafted. The danger, she decided, could become an opportunity and set a plan in motion. Several weeks later a Corthon messenger reached the palace with news from the frontier. Fanura was summoned. Leaving the Emperor in the post coital bliss of an early morning hand job, she rose and persuaded the messenger to refresh himself before delivering the message to the Emperor. The young man's "refreshment" in the arms of two temple priestesses gave Fanura time to complete preparations.

When the messenger, exhausted by the ardent priestesses, stumbled into the imperial chambers, the Emperor was lying breathless beneath the Queen, having just come most satisfyingly up into his royal lover's warm wet pussy.

"Grave news, sire! The Zarians have attacked Quoma. The Nurian defenders fled and many women were taken away." Fanura smiled secretly. The Zarians had taken the bait. A few years with these Nurian temple prostitutes disguised as peasant women would tame the tribe, but meanwhile for form's sake, they must be chastised.

"Villainy!" roared the Emperor, trying to arise from beneath the young woman. "Guards! Bring my armor. Bring my sword." The unaccustomed exertion told on the Emperor who was growing flabby from too much food, wine, and sleepy lovemaking.

"Do not concern thyself with these Zarian raiders, My Lord," Fanura smiled and pushed another goblet of wine into Marius's limp hand. "I shall deal with these swine in thy name. Thou hast more important matters to attend."

"My Queen, it is not meat that thou shouldest deal with affairs of arms while I remain always within thy palace. Of what 'more important matters' couldst thou speak?"

"The most important matter of all, My Lord," Fanura smiled. "I have brought thee the daughter of a powerful prince and, if I err not, she is ripe this night for thy potent seed."

"What? Thou wouldst that I remain behind to breed a foreign wench while thou leadest our soldiers into battle?"

"The woman is Rotha-Na, from Parthia, My Lord. The old King is without heir. Make his daughter's womb swell with thy man child, and another kingdom will be mine, er, thine."

"Can I not service her another day? I would smash these insolent Zarians with mine own strong hand!"

"Strong it is, My Lord, but stronger still the weapon thou wieldest here, in thy loins! Lo, I feel it stir mightily!" the wily woman said, placing her hand on Marius's cock.

"Fa -nu -ra!" he groaned.

"Yea, My Lord, the sword of thy strength is ready. Plunge it into the girl's belly and make her thy concubine." The Queen clapped three times and two serving girls led in a tall dark beauty with almond eyes, struggling to break free. "Look on her My Lord. See the proud breasts, breasts that thou canst make heavy with milk to give suckle to thine Imperial Offspring. See the wide womanly hips that shall bear thy child. Dost thou not think her comely? Aye! Thy sword leapeth in mine hand."

"But is this not the one brought in chains, but days ago?" Marius asked, unable to take his eyes from the gorgeous woman. "Did she not cry aloud that she would never consent to be my mate?"

"Indeed she is the one, My Lord, but she is but a woman. Her mind is weak and her body is susceptible to the potions and philters of thy priestesses and enchantresses. She has been with them for these days. Now she burns with lust for thee. Even now her temple weeps with the joyful anticipation of thy manhood. Lie with her until the new moon and thy seed will find its fertile field. Make her belly grow fat with the fruit of thy loins."

"But Fanura, Th... th...," he swallowed as his eyes feasted on the scarcely clad maiden in front of him, unable to formulate his sentence.

"Zarian raiders?" Fanura finished his implied question. "My Lord, surely thou willst not let this beautiful flower wither on account of a few Zarians who are foolish enough to defy thee." The Queen lifted one of the thin veils that barely hid the young woman's charms. Her own ebony skin contrasted with the alabaster thighs of the Queen's imperial captive.

"My Lord, thy humble servant will rid us of this Zarian nuisance. Thy Empire and thy people need the issues of thy potent loins to remain strong." With a tap of her hand, she made the writhing young woman spread her thighs a little.

"Behold My Lord, this ready vessel. The high priestess assures us she has never born fruit. At thy command my serving girls will ready her that thou mightest pour her full of thy potent liquor.

"But how knowest, my Queen, that the time draweth nigh for conception? Perchance we shall return and she be yet ready."

"Ah, my proud Lord! I am a woman and I know the signs of a woman's body when it crieth out for child, but verily, I pray thee, prove my words."

Fanura nodded to the woman. "Shew thy readiness to My Lord, wench!" she commanded.

The servants released the writhing girl and Marius suddenly realized her struggles had not been to escape, but to fling herself on HIM. In a twinkling, she had flown to the couch where Marius reclined and had thrust her pussy into his face. Before he could think of resistance, her musk had overpowered him and Marius began to lick the copious intoxicating fluids that leaked from her vagina.

Fanura smiled as she saw Marius loose himself between the young woman's ample thighs. "Taste and prove, but carefully, My Lord, lest the potions she has been given affect thee, too. Do not drink too deeply of her flowing fount or the desire to breed will overtake thee as it has her." Even as Marius ate the aroused woman, Fanura was slowly stoking him. "Aye! "Thy sword is drawn and ready. My Lord is too generous to his concubine, to pleasure her in this way. Wouldst My Lord make her come with thy powerful tongue? Lo! Thou castest a woman's pleasure upon her! Her cup overfloweth. Drink it not My Lord!"

The Emperor's enchantment was too deep to heed Fanura's ironic warning. As the woman's cum squirted onto the helpless man's face, the crafty Fanura she gave his cock a final jerk and made him erupt into her hand. "Ah, My Lord, my generous Lord! Thou hast spent thyself giving pleasure to this foreign woman. Even if thou willest, thou canst not now accompany thy troops as we smite the Zarians. I perceive that slumber overtaketh thee. Thy concubine is similarly spent. Sleep in her arms, My Lord. Take her this night and every night 'til my return. She is eager to please thee. Fill her with thy efficacious seed and make her grow heavy with thy child."

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