June was cold. She felt weightless, as though she had no body at all.

"June. Junie. Can you hear me?"

"Mmm.." June moved her head, and it was then that the pain came. Stars exploded behind her eye lids, and she felt sick.

"It's okay. You're okay, now."

She opened her eyes, but saw nothing. She struggled, but couldn't move. The voice that had been so reassuring a moment ago, was cold and cruel when it laughed.

"No point in struggling. Resistance is futile and all that. To be quite honest, I probably don't need to restrain you at all, considering the amount of blood you lost. It was a nasty accident, wasn't it?"

She couldn't remember. Had she been driving? She must have. Something.. no, someone had been standing in the road. She had swerved, and... no, that was all she could remember. The inky shadow silhouette of someone in the road, then the brightness of lights upon them. The slow, almost indifferent raising of their hand as if to block her car. The sound of glass shattering and metal screwing up like aluminum foil, and then the car horn. She remembered the dull unending sound of the car horn.

"Where am I?"

"Where no one can hear you."

"Who are you?"



She woke to feel her legs being moved. She realized she was lying on a bed of some kind. Her eyes were still covered. There was a mechanical whirr, and the bed lifted her into a sitting position. Her legs were spread apart, and put into what felt much like stirrups. As she began to struggle, restraints were tightened around her ankles and waist.

"Why are you doing this? Stop!"

There was no answer, just silence. The silence lengthened. Suddenly, she felt something cool and smooth resting at the entrance to her pussy. She jumped, slightly. She hadn't realized before that she was naked. A finger ran the length of her slit, dipping in, and sliding up and down. Despite her fear, or perhaps because of it, she felt herself growing wet.

"No one can hear you." The voice was singsongy.

"Please.." She said. "Please don't hurt me."

The finger immediately withdrew, as if offended.

"No one will ever know you're here. Except me."

"Please..." Her voice shook, and she began to cry.

In an instant, something cool and smooth had been plunged inside of her. It wasn't thick, but it filled her. It pushed in slightly, then was motionless. There was silence. She tried to push it out, but it wouldn't budge. She felt her wetness around the thing. It didn't move. She lay, half sitting, with her legs spread and raised, with some unknown thing thrust deep inside her.

She tried to push away from it, but could only succeed in pulling away from it maybe a half an inch. Eventually, she would get tired, and slide all the way onto it again. She felt herself throbbing around it, and grew wetter, eventually wriggling around in a vain effort to achieve some kind of release, sexual or physical.

"Well, well, well." The voice was amused, cold. "We've been a busy girl, haven't we. Getting all wet and ready for daddy."

A finger traced the wetness that had pooled under her ass, and up, pausing to rub her clit until she shuddered.

"Mmm... we're just raring to go, aren't we."

The thing, now warm and wet with her juices, was slowly slid from her, and she tensed, as if trying to keep it in.

"Now now, patience, love. There'll be plenty of time for that."

She was left spread open, wet and empty. Every so often, he would touch her. Trace his fingers along her slit, dip in, barely, then out again. Down, up, circle her clit, then nothing.


She had fallen asleep, finally, scared, and frustrated. When she awoke, it was to the feeling of something entering her. It was small, and round. Then another. Two small round things inside of her. Suddenly, they began to move, in and out, against one another, around, in and out, sliding and moving, fucking her with their small random movements.

She moaned despite herself, and thrust against them. Before she could even come close to climax, though, they were removed. Once again, to be replaced with the smooth thing. This time, though, it moved inside of her. He was fucking her with it.

"You're a dirty little girl." His voice was low this time, not the cold mocking voice of before, but a growl, full of lust. "You're a dirty little slut. You love it when I fuck your little hole. You get so fucking wet."

"Mmm..." June moaned despite herself, her hips pushing against the restraint.

"You love it when daddy fucks you with his toys, don't you. She tightened around it, and he felt the dildo jump in his hand. "Tell me how much you love it, Junie, tell me how much you like getting fucked by daddy."


"Come on, sweet heart," He was clenching his teeth, fucking her faster and harder with the toy. It wasn't enough, though, the dildo was too small, she was too wet, and it was driving her crazy. "Tell me how much you love it when daddy fucks you. Tell daddy how much you love getting your tight little hole fucked."

"Mmm... Ohh fuck... oh fuck... FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK me, you sonofabitch!"

And it was gone. She was empty again. She sobbed with frustration.

"Don't cry, sweetheart, daddy's gonna take care of you. Tell daddy what you want."

"Oh god, daddy... fuck me... fuck me... please..."


"FUCK ME, daddy, fuck my tight little hole."

"You are a dirty little slut."

"Fuck me with your big hard cock, daddy, fuck me NOW."

"All right, baby."

His cock slammed into her. It was big, and thick, and she yelped as his hips hit hers. He was very big indeed. He grunted, and she could feel his breath on her skin.

He thrust into her, fast, fucking her hard. His cock squeezed inside her tight wet pussy, and she gripped him hard.

"Oh fuck, baby, daddy can't last long when you do that."

"Untie me."


She gripped him harder.

"Untie me, daddy." She felt him fumbling, and her ankles were free. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him towards her. There was a mechanical whirr, and they were being lowered, so that she was flat on her back. He raised her legs so that they rested on his shoulders, and thrust into her.

Long, slow, deep strokes. She shook with every one, pulling him into her. She moaned, feeling his cock sliding tightly inside her.

He sped up, then, pounding into her. Her tits bounced until they almost hurt, His dick twitched and he thrust even faster.

"OH fuck!" Her voice was a gasping soprano, as she moaned louder. "Oh fuck daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming on your fucking cock. Oh my god, it feels so fucking good. Yeah.. yeah... ohh god... fuck me... fuck me..."

The bed rattled and banged against the wall behind it as he moved faster, groaning as he approached climax.

"Make daddy cum. Make daddy cum inside your hot little hole."

"Fuck me, daddy, fuck me hard. Fuck your dirty little girl. Fuck meee!!"

Hot cum spurted inside her, and she came again, shuddering around his still spasming dick.

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