Pee Party!


The two naked maids stepped forward. Beddy looked in wonder at their full, dark, European bushes. The curling tangles of pussy hair seemed so retro, compared to all of the clean-shaven American pussies that she was used to. The prospect of munching on these exotic, hirsute beavers had her getting horned up all over again. "Jessie, you're a genius!" she said.

"Oh, that's not all," Jessica said. "Ladies, as we eat your pussies, I want you to pee in our mouths, on our faces, and all over us. Understand?"

"Oui, Madame!" said Madeleine and Desiree together, as the kneeling Jessica and Beddy buried their faces in their respective crotches.

Beddy pressed her tongue deep into Desiree's lush, curly pubic patch, burrowing through the dense forest of hair to find the fat pussy lips underneath. Snaking her tongue up and down the length of the maid's lips, she could taste the tangy French dew seeping out from the inside. Desiree's hair tickled her nostrils, and the pungent aroma filled her head and made her nearly swoon. She ran her hands up and down the length of the maid's thighs, feeling the leg hair with her palms.

Jessica, meanwhile, pulled Madeleine's crotch to her own face, munching hungrily on the hairy valley between the maid's hips. She felt the coarse pussy hairs getting caught in her teeth, but she didn't care. The fuzzy, fragrant pussy was like no other she had ever enjoyed, and she was loving it.

The maids, as instructed, started to relax their bladders, and their pee soon began to flow. First in drips and drabs, and soon in full, forceful streams, their pungent pee flew out into the faces of the two American women, soaking their lips, coating their noses, and filling their mouths. Beddy and Jessica were in heaven, their mouths full of pee and their tongues tasting the tangy twats of the two hairy French maids, pussy sauce and urine soaking and coating their mouths, their faces, their chins, and their chests. They munched and swallowed, licked and tasted, moaned and shuddered in the incredible cacophony of textures, tastes, odors, and pleasures! Horny as hell, they each jammed a hand between their own legs, and sawed furiously on their own pussies as they munched and gnawed on the hairy, peeing, insanely sexy French pussies pressed into their faces!

Before long, Jessica and Beddy found themselves approaching yet another orgasm each, urged on by the texture of the pubic hair, the rubbery pussy lips, and the sweet, acrid flavor of the wonderful pee flowing all over their faces, along with their own manual stimulations of their overworked clits. "Jessie!" shouted Beddy, through a tangle of pussy hair, "I'm coming, darling! I'm coming.....!!"

"Me too, Beddy!" said Jessica. And sure enough, both women felt the waves and shocks of orgasms exploding from their groins, flowing through their chests and out their arms and legs, until they screamed in pleasure and fell to the floor, exhausted!

Looking up, Jessica saw Madeleine and Desiree still standing there, unfazed. "Thank you, ladies. You may go back to the house," she said. The two maids shrugged their shoulders and went back into the villa. They never would understand American women, they thought to themselves.

"Jessie," said Beddy, lying on the pool deck, completely spent, "I am so worn out, I don't know if I can even stand!"

"No need to stand, Beddy," said Jessica. "Roll over to the pad with me, okay?" The two women rolled and crawled back to the double lounge pads where they had tribbed earlier.

"I think I'm ready to pee again, Jessie," said Beddy. "How about you?"

Jessica also felt the pressure in her bladder. "Absolutely, darling!" she said. "Lie still."

As Beddy lay on her back, Jessica climbed on top of her, buried her face in Beddy's beautiful sopping pussy, and wrapped her arms around Beddy's thighs, pulling her tight. Jessica ground her own snatch down onto Beddy's face, which Beddy greedily began to lick and suck. Wiggling and thrusting their hips, and nibbling on each others' clits, both women relaxed their bladders and let their pee flow once more. Beddy felt Jessica's delicious urine flow down into her throat as she munched the precious nub of her clit, and licked up and down on the smooth, hairless pussy lips. Jessica sucked hard on Beddy's twat, as Beddy's stream of pee arched up into her face, her nostrils, and her mouth. Together, they sucked and nibbled each other to one more thunderous, earth-shaking, knee-knocking, pee-soaked orgasm!

Finally, they collapsed, rolling apart, and lay gasping on the pad, their chests heaving.

"Beddy?" said Jessica, between gasps.

"Yes, Darling?"

"You were right. You did know just what I needed!"

"Just going with the flow, darling. Just going with the flow!"

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