tagFetishPeeing in Zero-G

Peeing in Zero-G


Heavy Carrier ‘Sargasso’

Planetary System : 129542

Current Assignment : Cleansing of Ghastling Hive Asteroid 111

The door to her living cubicle slid open in recognition to the id broadcast from her power armour. Leaving the dark corridor behind her she floated through into the radiant white light that illuminated her quarters. Cleansing beams of high radiation washed over her suit, sterilising it in the process. Splotches of iridescent ‘Ghastling’ blood boiled away into nothingness as the purification process ran through its cycle. After several seconds the extreme light dimmed and her helmet visor depolarised in response. Sending a neural link to her suits brain core she powered down her active response systems and then triggered the ejection code. With a short burst of pressurised air, the Mark V battle suit split around its outer circumference and started to release soldier 542 like a moth escaping its chrysalis.

The battle she had just participated in had been a long and bloody affair. The Ghastling warriors guarding this hive had somehow been different to the countless hundreds she had previously engaged in combat against. They had seemed more adaptive, almost intuitive with their responses to the tactics of the human warriors set against them. 542 had almost been a victim to this new changing strategy having grown so complacent over the countless years of relentless unchanging battle. Her armour had been badly scarred along its length, a long gash running from groin to left shoulder where she had been caught unawares in a nasty ambush which had cost three of her fellow soldiers their lives. If anything, the adrenaline levels running through her body at the moment exceeded her usual post battle state.

As the suit became two halves slowly drifting further apart in the null gravity it revealed more and more of warrior 542’s naked form. Genetically tailored from the time as an embryo in the gene tanks, her body was gifted with extraordinary abilities and stunning physical attributes. Long slender legs ran upwards to her hairless vagina and large perfectly formed bum cheeks. Her flat stomach was crested by her two breasts; the envy of any Greek goddess; firm and pert, tipped with rose bud welts around erect nipples. Short blond hair streaked with sweat; fell past her elfin ears stopping just short of her bare shoulders. Intense blue eyes stared out of a model’s face with a small petite nose and full red lips.

She found she was trembling as her armour detached itself from her naked skin. This was not from fear nor from nerves and not even from the after effects of battle. Rather it was with the deep sense of what was to come that was giving her an extreme case of butterflies. As the suit left her body, small jets of escaping air directed the suit away from her towards its storage closet. The door to this orifice opened automatically to except the incoming package, the suit vanishing from sight as the door resealed itself again without a sound. Now she was alone in her cabin floating naked in the warm air conditioning. The room itself was featureless, all devices hidden beneath seamless coverings. The only break in the sterile white room was on the far wall opposite the entrance door, a fake port hole giving the impression of a view directly into space. This was actually a convincing illusion, her cabin being buried deep in the heart of the carrier. At the moment the screen was showing the distant hulking mass of the hive asteroid coming into view as the carrier rotated around its orbit. For a moment she paused her attention focused on the distance mass. Then she shook her head to rid herself of recent memories. Small beads of sweat drifted away from her hair given freedom by her action. Forming small globules of suspended moisture they drifted away in the warm currents coming from the grills hidden in the walls.

Staring downwards past her erect breasts and to her hairless womanhood, soldier 542 took a deep relaxing breath and then started to relieve herself. Immediately her pussy lips parted to allow her pee hole to open wide emitting a wide gushing stream of golden yellow piss to come shooting out of her vagina. Her urine stream squirted away from muff and into the empty air of her cubicle. Had gravity been presented in the room then her shooting yellow stream would have immediately formed an arch falling downwards to patter over the bare floor below. However in zero gravity her toilet took on a completely different action. As soldier 542 pissed her relief out of her bare pussy lips, her golden stream flowed outwards in a straight line parting towards its apex moving outwards in a growing conical shape. The force of her squirting piss stream was enough to carry it a good distance across the cabin where her golden pee began to separate into individual parts; circular bubbles of piss floating free and moving off in all directions.

542 watched with great delight as the first of her piss stream hit the far wall immediately spraying it with her wonderfully golden pee. There was just enough surface traction on the wall to cause a growing stain to spread as more and more of her urine washed over it. Large and small globules of urine flew away from the wall lacking gravity to draw them downwards. Giggling like a school girl at her luscious naughtiness, soldier 542 reaching out with one slender arm to grab a small protuberance on the wall. Taking a firm hold she twisted her wrist and lower arm muscle to propel her body head over heels in mid air. Her pee stream was still squirting strongly out of her muff as she rotated like a Catherine wheel, her golden piss shower flowing around her as she spun. Body warmed urine radiated outwards in all directions as she continued peeing. The feeling of relief was like ecstasy flowing through her as she continued her toilet. All gene bred soldiers had been given a particular outlet for relieving their post battle stress. This just happened to be hers.

Round and round she spun. Between her long legs her golden flow of pee continued to squirt out of her hairless pussy. The cabin was rapidly beginning to fill with floating spheres of pee, a host of different sizes travelling in a multitude of different directions. Some of her pee had splashed across the walls, ceiling and the floor but most of it was still travelling through the air, occasionally colliding with another sphere to become bigger as surface tension formed the glue bonding them together. The feeling in her bladder was now one of immense relief. She had forgotten how much pee she could hold inside her body and judging by the amount floating around her body in the air of the room, she had best finish soon.

Slowly she reduced the strength of the pee squirt flowing from her pussy lips as she finished her current pee. Within moments her pussy lips had closed sealing off her pee hole. Now it was time to enjoy the after effects of her piss. Using the wall mount to pull her body backwards, she bent her legs towards her stomach giving a longer lead time until her feet landed softly against the wall by the door. Then she gave a strong kick with both legs and propelled herself outwards, floating free with only momentum to carry her across the cabin floor, a sizeable distance beneath her bare feet and its surface.

Warm globules of piss immediately impacted her body covering it with a layer of gold as she glided like an angel across the cabin. The sensation of bursting urine bubbles against her skin a constant thrill and she revelled in the sensation; something akin to sexual satisfaction now building within her. Seconds later she reached the far wall. Twisting in the air just before reaching it caused her bum cheeks to land flat against the large piss spot present there. A damp chill feeling emanated upwards from her backside, the metal of the wall having cooled the piss that had washed over its surface. Kicking again she launched back into the air, arms spread wide trying to catch as many pee bubbles as possible with her new flight. Her trajectory this time brought her up against the ceiling which she used to reorient her body downwards aiming for the floor. A split second before impact she sent a neural code to the rooms computer, restoring gravity. Instantly a hard force grabbed her and pulled her body the remaining distance to the cold floor. She closed her eyes and giggled uncontrollably as a rain of piss droplets fell down all over her as her spent pee droplets fell from the air above. 542 lay in a pool of her cooling piss enjoying the sense of abandonment and relief her piss had given her. Her relaxation was perfect; all thoughts of battle erased from her mind. Her heart beat steadily in her chest causing her breasts to rise up and down as she lay otherwise still gazing happily at the ceiling above and simply enjoying the sensation of being alive.

542 fell into a deep sleep, her naked form spread across the cold metal form. After 10 minutes the cabin computer made the decision to clean the room based on data flowing in from the built in sensors. A soft mist like rain descended from hidden outlets in the ceiling and powerful jets of warm air blasted down. 542 slept on unperturbed by this disturbance. It was only upon awakening that she discovered that the room had been cleaned. Picking herself off the floor she called upon the computer to open a small chute on the far wall. This was actually intended to take receipt of dirty clothing for washing by the carrier’s cleaning systems. However 542 far preferred to aim the deep groove of her pussy lips over its edge before proceeding to take a piss down the shaft listening with enjoyment to the sound of her pee splashing around inside the machinery of the star ship. This was exactly what she did now; coming to stand in front of the opening which was perfectly located just below waist height. As her golden stream shot from out of her vagina she played her piss stream over the four walls of the shoot enjoying the sight of her wee running down the metal. The soft hissing sound of her relief flowing from her hairless pussy filled the small cabin, heightening her thrill as she carried out her latest naughty pee. Once she had finished reliving herself into the laundry system she took a step backwards and allowed the aperture to automatically close. Another neural coded signal from her brain to the cabin computer triggered the sonic shower. From hidden devices embedded in the walls came a refreshing blast of energy playing up and down her lithe naked body cleansing it of sweat and piss. Once refreshed, a hidden drawer slid out supplying her with a ship issue jumpsuit which she quickly donned. Querying the ship’s AI with a signal pulse from her implanted neural link, she was able to ascertain that the canteen was just opening for the start of the latest crew cycle. Feeling hungry she decided it was time for food so after a careful check of her cabin for any traces of stray piss, she ordered the cabin door to open and stepped out into the low lit corridor.

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