tagFetishPeeing in Zero-G Ch. 02

Peeing in Zero-G Ch. 02


Part 2 of 3: "What a Mess"

NB: Readers should be aware that my other published story entitled "Ghastling Wars Ch. 01" is a bridging story between this chapter and the original chapter.


+ The 27th Year of Copernicus

+ Planetary System: 129542

+ Earth Defence Ship - 'Sargasso' (Heavy Carrier)

+ Current Assignment: Cleansing of Ghastling Hive Asteroid 111

+ Soldier: 542

The corridor outside her cabin was a wide spacious affair designed to allow troop movement quickly throughout the Carrier. For a second 542 hesitated not knowing which direction to choose. To her right, the corridor lead to the troop billet stations where she would find no end of willing sexual partners. The other choice on the left lay the way to the Officer's Mess and the main feed to the ship's command nexus. Part of her wanted to seek solace in the arms of one her own but she realised that the images from her dream were still too strong. With a shake of her short cropped brown hair she strode off in the opposite direction from where her troops were stationed.

The Mess door automatically slid open upon her approach allowing a wash of noise to rush into the corridor. Stepping inside she deliberately kept on walking, an arrogant strut to her step as if she owned the place. Already she could feel the eyes watching her as she moved on through whilst seeking out an empty table. The place was busy, the second day shift cycle having just finished giving the place an extra influx of off duty crew. Finally she spied an empty spot against the far wall and headed towards it.

The Mess was a large open area segmented with frequent catchments areas built as wide 'L' shapes around the area. These acted as a safety measure in case the Carrier had to move quickly at short notice. The place was territorially marked out for Elite classified ship crew. Few of the troop Echelons even bothered to come here due to the high tensions that prevailed. Troops were nothing better than non-paying passengers in the eyes of a good deal of the Carrier's crew and sometimes resentments had a way of showing.

542 sank into the empty chair at the four slot table and stole a glance around her whilst her memory enhancements recorded what she saw. After ordering a drink from the ship's control interface she waited for several seconds whilst her order was processed. In the prevailing time she played back the scan in her head paying more attention this time to what she had seen. The result was not good. There was not a single white outfit in the entire room apart from hers. The primary colour was Crew blue with a few gold (Bridge command) and green (Tech) thrown in for good measure. The presence of the gold reassured her slightly as this reduced the likelihood of trouble somewhat as a result.

Sipping at her drink 542 enjoyed the sharp alcoholic bite as the fiery liquid slid down her throat. Closing her eyes she focused on hacking the ship's internal security system. Such a procedure would normally have been nigh on impossible for any but the highest level ranked Tech but with her upgraded software implants then the task was relatively straightforward. The hardest part was hiding her tracks afterwards.

As the various images flooded into her mind from the various cameras located around the Mess, 542 said a quick prayer for her fallen lover who had instilled her with such upgrades. Flicking through the images she suddenly realised that the cameras were not fixed in place but actually mobile units. Selecting one camera at random she unhooked it from its resting place and sent it off for a trip around the large room.

It was strange to see her own body from affair as the camera selected the image of her back. After taking another sip of her drink she instructed the camera to home in on her position. As her own image floated nearer she rotated the camera around in the air bringing it directly opposite her face. Opening her eyes she blinked several times. The camera was nowhere to be seen. Obviously this meant the camera must be incredibly tiny and suddenly she had a very naughty idea.

Closing her eyes once again she allowed the camera's image to flood back into her mind. Reasserting control of its motor functions the camera floated off on its tiny A.G. field seeking out the first busy table of ship crew. Activating the audio feed was no problem and 542 had to hold back a wide smile as she started to eavesdrop on the first conversation. The group of five, low level bridge crew, one and all, were discussing in soft tones the pleasures of stimulating the clit both to ones self and also to a willing partner. 542 listened on whilst conjuring up a mental image of the five women pleasuring her pussy. The ability she had with the invisible camera allowed her to float between the women and enjoy their wonderful sexuality.

The first woman, a short cropped blond with a young pretty face was leading the discussion with obvious excitement. The small buds of her erect nipples were clearly evident through the thin blue outfit she was wearing. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed and looked incredibly inviting to the watching voyeur. Lowering the camera down through the air, 542 manoeuvred it under the table allowing her a wonderful vision of the tight stretched jumpsuit over the woman's pussy. Her lower lips were beautifully outlined in the material and 542 could practically taste the woman's skin as she ran an imaginary tongue up the woman's pussy crack. The blond had perfectly toned legs leading up to strong thighs and a wonderfully round and wide posterior, the shape of which couldn't be disguised by her seated posture. The camera span around the woman's body allowing 542 to memorise every contour and rounded bend in the crew member's hourglass frame.

By now 542 had constructed a stimulating fantasy in her software enhanced imagination. In the part of her brain reserved for such thoughts, the five women had just finished pleasuring her pussy with their tongues and now waited in a naked line with their backs towards her. In her head 542 approached the back of the blond woman she was currently spying on with the remote camera. Coming up behind the woman's deliciously sexual body she moved her shaved pussy lips up to the blond crop of hair. Within seconds she had started to pee allowing her hot golden load to come squirting out of her pussy hole before spraying directly into the woman's hair. The blond crew member shivered with the excitement of being used as 542's toilet but remained in her submissive posture whilst the elite soldier continued her golden relief. Hot yellow pee flowed down the woman's back as 542 traced her hot flowing piss shower all over the woman's skin relishing every second of her imaginary toilet. Spent flowing piss reached the blond woman's bum where it followed the wonderful curve of her bare buttocks for several seconds before gravity claimed it and her spent golden urine started to drip to the floor.

542 continued her fantasy orgy whilst in real time still revolving the invisible security camera around the unsuspecting crew member. In her mind the blond woman had turned around presenting her bare chest for 542 to piss all over. Now her fast flowing squirting pussy spray was bouncing off and rolling in little streams over the woman's exposed tits. Even though this was pure fantasy on 542's behalf, she could clearly taste the erotic thrill it was giving her. She was now desperately wet between her own legs with her pussy juices in full flow.

Back in her mind, the blond crew woman had arched her body backwards her outstretched arms touching the deck and pushing her body upwards into the hot piss spray being trained over her naked body. Her blond pussy was lined with a thin trace of blond muff hair, just enough to break up the stream of pee rushing down from her belly button where 542 was currently directing the main flow of her pee shower. The imaginary sight of the woman's exposed pussy was simply too much for 542 to ignore and she immediately redirected her hot piss stream to squirt directly onto the woman's cunt. This had the wonderful effect of causing the woman to start taking a pee of her own. Suddenly a slightly yellow coloured, jetting stream of the woman's urine started to escape from her pee hole. Shooting clear of 542's piss shower, the blonds' pee fountain rained downwards where it pattered across the metal deck creating a growing pee puddle.

The fantasy racing in 542's head was running to new levels of depravity. In the real world she urged the camera onto the second woman in the group and took in her lovely details whilst adding her character to the story in her mind. The second woman was taller than the blond by her side but yet as wonderfully proportioned. Her breasts were larger and fuller and 542 wondered desperately as to how the red welts that surrounded her precious buds would look if exposed to the watching world. It took little effort to arrive at a conclusion and in her mind the long haired brunette looked up at her with eyes full of devotion. Her mouth opened wide in perfect submission as 542 moved her pussy lips into position. Barely a second later and 542 was peeing into that mouth watching with utmost glee at the sight of her hot golden urine washing over her full red lips and splattering down onto her tongue. Even whilst 542 continued to use her as a urinal, the brunette bent forwards to bring her face directly into the hot torrent of pee squirting her way. With infinite attention she started to probe around 542's open pee hole with a long and expert tongue before quickly moving up to pleasure her clitoris instead.

In the real world 542 let out a low moan of animal pleasure. Subconsciously one hand had moved below the table she was sat at and was in the motion of stroking her pussy crack through the thin and tight jump suit she was wearing. Her outbreak from her otherwise stony silence caught the attention of those seated nearby including the group she was currently spying upon with the camera. Five sets of eyes turned to rest on her and 542 felt her cheeks flushing in response. The distraction broke her feed with the security camera and her fantasy came crashing down in her mind. With deep embarrassment 542 coughed and raised a hand to her mouth to try and disguise what she just done.

People returned to their drinks ignoring 542 again but this did little to help the deep flush she could feel in her face. Staring downwards at her half empty glass she took another swig. The lingering fragments of her fantasy group orgy with the five seated women nearby teased her once again with temptation. She was very close to rebuilding the scenario and adding the images of the last three women to her masturbatory setting. In her mind she groped for the security feed to the camera but found the link severed. 542's forehead furrowed in concentrated as she traced the links through cyberspace to the ships core hub only to find a stream of tracer units seeking out her Net-course feed. Quickly she loosened the handles of her code insert probes, shredding their Ether like essences to the cyber winds.

Now she was annoyed. Her fantasy was gone and here she was sitting on her own in a room full of hostile strangers. She took another sip at her drink. The concoction was a potent affair and already she could feel the dull seduction of the alcohol pulling at her brain. The drawback of this particular drink was how badly it always made her want to pee and already after just a few sips she could feel the need in her bladder once again growing. Maybe this had a little to do with her little erotic fantasy she had just had about pissing over the group of crew women?

Shaking her head from side to side to clear her thoughts 542 decided that it might be fun to finish her drink and then go and find a suitably naughty place somewhere in the Carrier's bowels to squat and take a deliciously long and hot piss all over the metal floor. This alone would give her a big enough thrill to bring herself off afterwards. With this in mind 542 set about finishing off her drink oblivious to those around her. It was only then, with a sudden start when she realised that she had been joined at her table by two individuals. As this realisation hit her she snapped her head up only to witness two of the most attractive women she had ever seen. The one on her right was clad in a gold jump suit so tight and thin that the woman might as well be naked. Large full breasts were topped by deliciously portioned nipples poking upwards whilst incredibly red straight hair fell like a curtain of copper around the woman's heart shaped face. Amber eyes lit like dying suns stared outwards with burning intelligence, her thin lips pursed together in an inquisitive manner. Her hourglass figure was perfect in every curve and delicate roundness, strong lithe muscles flowing under the golden outer covering. 542 felt her hormones rushing in response to the woman's presence and angelical appearance. At the back of her mind she recalled a rumour how senior bridge crew enjoyed special privileges with rejuvenation therapy and if true, then this meant this women must be extremely high ranking.

She second woman spoke breaking 542's trance like stare at the senior crew member before her. Blinking rapidly she refocused on the other stranger who had joined her at her table. The woman was radically different in appearance to her colleague. Dressed in security red, the woman's skin was an ebony darkness, a radical contrast to the blinding white of the Carrier's Mess furniture. Black eyes sparkling with a cruel mirth studied her whilst a slight trace of a smirk or possibly even a smile lay upon her full red lips. 542 desperately wished she could stare down and look at the woman's tits highlighted as they would be by her outfit, but a cold sixth sense warning stopped her. Eyes locked, she silently challenged the black women to repeat her statement.

"An Echelon grunt commander here in our midst? What do we owe this honour to?"

542 didn't have the chance to reply before the copper headed angle said in a voice like running honey, "A rare honour indeed. Maybe she got lost and didn't realise where she had ended up?"

The hairs on the back of 542's neck started to rise her sexual interest in the woman being replaced by a quick, flowing anger.

"They are not noted for their intelligence," continued the ebony security woman. Her black orbs continued to hold 542's gaze.

"That is why they don't even have names and only numbers," came the soft and utterly seductive voice of the gold clad woman.

"Quite apt I think for cargo," insulted the black woman. Her black bob-cut hair shimmered in a slight breeze from the overhead air-con.

542's anger snapped. How she hated their arrogance. It reminded her of an old adage -- '"Crew do the flying, Troops do the dying.'

"You ship bred whores," she started, forcing to keep her voice low and controlled. "You think the test tubes you were bred in were as golden as this bitch's outfit." 542 pointed towards the command classed elite to her right. Even through her rage it was hard to ignore the woman's radiant and poignant sexuality. Her youthful appearance made a mockery of the unknown high level rank she most obviously held. The small set of symbols embedded in her jumpsuit's neckline meant nothing to the Echelon warrior.

"Bitch I might be," suddenly said the golden clad, copper haired beauty in a voice still soft but laced now with deadly menace, "but this is my ship that you and your kind are serving upon. When I want your respect I will ask for it. When I ask for it, you will give it. Am I clear?"

"Go to hell!" The words were out of 542's mouth before she realised it. The obvious implication of the woman's words was lost completely in 542's rising anger.

"I will show you what I think of your precious ship." She said in the quietest of whispers, her eyes flicking between the two women before fixing on a null spot straight ahead. In the sudden silence suddenly came a soft wet splattering sound from under the table. Shock slowly crept across the faces of the two crew women as realisation dawned on them as to what the noise implied. Slowly both of them lent downwards to stare under the table to where 542's golden squirting pee fountain was now in full flow and falling to the metal floor below.

Her yellow pee was squirting almost unimpaired by the thin material of her troop white uniform which was now staining around her muff as her hot effluent continued to pass through. Her pee stream was a fat flowing affair; a strong stream of piss issuing from her lower lips and passing through her jumpsuit before arching downwards to christen the deck with her bodily warmed urine shower. The puddle between her feet was already quite a size and was growing by the second as she continued to squirt her piss out of her pussy crack. Her hot flowing pee fountain fell rapidly through the space under the table making the loud pattering sound that had originally announced its arrival on the metal deck.

The two crew members stared in a mixture of horror, surprise and sexual arousal at the act being so brazenly committed by the female warrior sat opposite them. Witnessing her taking a piss in public like this, coupled with the transparency of her jumpsuit around her wet stained crotch was an amazing aphrodisiac. Already the black security officer was fantasying about lying under 542's golden shower as it splattered over her hardened bare tits whilst fingers in her own pussy massaged herself to a thundering climax. The copper headed goddess in the golden outfit was having similar thoughts and was immensely enjoying the piss spectacle being performed in front of her. All thoughts of insult for which the act had been intended had already been banished from her mind and replaced with a delicious repertoire of ideas on how she could enjoy this woman's lavishly toned body.

The golden stream of flowing pee issue issuing between 542's toned legs was now beginning to droop as she exhausted her piss supply. With one last defiant hard squirt of pee from her lower lips, she was spent. Refocusing her eyes she stared with a raging fury at the woman dressed in gold that had now emerged from watching the piss display going on under the table. There was a throbbing in her head, her anger was so great. The fact that everybody in the room had turned to stare at her table was only just beginning to register. Then to her utter horror she saw the feed on the main monitor display overhead. There was no mistaking the piss stained crotch on her white trooper's jumpsuit or the familiar outline of her pussy lips and slight bulge of her clit poking through the thin fabric. The entire Mess must have witnessed her act of peeing under the table, courtesy of the optical implants embedded in the black skinned security woman's eyes.

The view shifted as the woman in question emerged from under the table, the display on the screen changing accordingly. A deathly silence hung over the room and it seemed like nobody was even breathing. There a hunger of anticipation in the room with regard to the judgment the two senior crew members were about to pronounce on this insolent warrior women. It was only at that very moment with her life precariously in the balance that 542 finally recalled the significance of the copper haired women earlier statement; "on my ship." Not only had 542 insulted every crew member in the room with her impromptu piss over the Mess floor, but she had actually taken a pee directly in front of the actual Carrier's Captain, the most senior ranking person on board. 542 once again felt her cheeks reddening as rage turned to shame. Finally, after several long moments, the captain spoke and 542's judgment was sealed.....

To be continued...

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