tagIncest/TabooPeeing with my Nudist Family

Peeing with my Nudist Family


I know it's been a long time since I posted a story because sometimes life just happens and time gets away from you. This is my first incest story and it includes some pee play for those who like that. Since this category is Incest/Taboo, I hope it's okay. Much of this story has been inspired by some very sexy conversations I've had with sexy ladies in the Nudism chat room. It is a story about our summer though it's also a story about discovering being a nudist family, too. I hope you like and will be very kind with your comments and ratings! I know I'm not a great writer but I hope you like it. Oh yeah, and everyone is of legal age, promise!


My husband travels a lot with his job and so he is gone a lot during the week and only home on weekends, leaving behind me and our two daughters, who are eighteen and twenty years old. Whenever he leaves, our happy little home turns into an all-girl sorority house with all the open nudity and raunchy talk that takes place. Both of the girls go to college locally and still live at home. Of course, sometimes, they still fight like sisters, but that's to be expected since they are sisters.

For all of their lives, I've tried very hard to be a good mom but now that they are both adults, I don't feel the need to hide from them as much. Tiffany (the oldest) began testing the waters ever since she graduated from high school. Even when her dad was home, she would casually stroll from the bathroom across the hall back to her bedroom wearing only her panties and sometimes, she will walk around the house in only a tight t-shirt and panties in front of both me and her dad. Whenever Dad is gone, she won't even wear that much.

This past summer, after Brianna (her little sister) graduated high school, things really changed as soon as the first Monday after her graduation. I sat at the table drinking coffee and looking at my phone as first one daughter and then the other showed up for a bowl of cereal completely naked. I wasn't wearing anything more than a long t-shirt that I pulled on after waking up, but it still felt remarkable seeing both of my beautiful girls completely naked in front of each other and me.

I asked, "Did we suddenly become a nudist family and no one told me?"

"Tiffany is naked all the time," Brianna pointed out and I knew she was telling the truth. "She hardly ever wears any clothes unless Dad is home."

"Are you complaining?" I asked, hoping to avoid an argument before it got started.

"No," she grumbled as she dripped a drop of milk on her bare chest and scooped it up with her finger.

"Pig," Tiffany teased her sister, but that simple little gesture really got to me. I knew my youngest wasn't a little girl anymore. She was a full grown adult, the same age as me when I left for college and the adventures I had there. I had no doubt that she wasn't a virgin and I had guessed she was the wilder of the two because she seldom had a boyfriend. Instead, she had guys she would date and would never refer to them as a boyfriend.

"Yeah, well you're a slut," Brianna shot back at her sister after being called a pig.

"Stop it," I warned both of them.

"You're just jealous," Tiff said, always needing to get in the last word.

"At least I don't have to play with myself every single night," Brianna said, glaring at her sister as I fought back gasping in surprise. Our house is small and our girls have always had to share a bedroom.

"That's because you do it in the shower," Tiff said. "With the showerhead." Tiffany turned to me. "And she never cleans up the floor afterwards. Some mornings, it's like a flood in there. That rug in front of the bathtub is always soaking wet because of her!"

I'll admit that I sat there rather stunned at their argument. I was stunned enough after seeing both of them coming down to eat naked; and now this?

"And you still do it every day," Tiffany added.

"At least I don't do it in front of you!" Brianna charged.

"I'm not in front of you, l'm in my bed and under my covers. Can I help it if we have to share a room?"

"She's lying!" Brianna cried, looking for me to moderate. "She doesn't do it under her covers. She used to, but not any more. She does it right where I can watch." She narrowed her pretty blue eyes at her sister and glared at her. "I bet you like when I watch, don't you?"

"Stop it," I said, barely able to make the words come out of my mouth.

"Why not? You like girls as much as you like guys, don't you?" Tiff shouted back.

"You too!" her sister shouted back and it was just too much for me. This was a crazy argument for them to be having and it needed to stop.

"Me too," I tossed out, laughing as both girls suddenly forgot their argument and stared at me with big eyes and gaping mouths. "Well, I do," I said with a smile, getting up from the table for another cup of coffee.

"Does Dad know?" Tiffany asked, sounding stunned.

"What do you think?" I asked her, heading back with a full coffee cup. I think my playful smile gave her the answer she needed. After setting down my coffee cup, I pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it on the floor. "And there, now all of us are naked."

"Mom? Are your nipples hard?" Brianna asked, staring at my chest. I have really long nipples. So does she. They are always long where it looks as if I am always excited whether I am or not. The only way you can know for sure is to touch them. They don't get a lot longer when I'm excited, just stiffer. Because Bri has nipples like me, she can usually tell the difference.

"Probably," I said, testing one out by pinching it. "Yep," I reported, smirking at their stunned look. That's when I noticed that Tiffany's nipples had grown hard, too. Both Bri and I have tiny titties with our big, long nipples. Tiffany has bigger breasts but smaller nipples. Still, it was easier to tell with Tiffany when her nipples were hard because they grew a bit longer and darker. "So are Tiff's," I pointed out.

Instinctively, Tiff covered both of her boobs as if she just realized she was topless. Well, actually, she was completely naked, but only her chest showed above the tabletop. I don't know if she crossed her legs, too.

"Oh please," I said, laughing at her. "You don't have anything I haven't seen before."

"All of us have seen it," Bri added.

"What about you?" Tiff asked her sister. "Are your nips hard, too?"

"Mine have been hard," Brianna said without checking and I believed her. It didn't take much for her nipples to get hard. I knew that because she had complained about that to me in the past, asking me if I was the same way. I am. "Want to check?"

"Pervert," Tiffany said, blushing deeply and part of me couldn't help but think that maybe Tiffany did want to check.

"You can touch mine if you want," I offered, making her blush even more even though that's not what I was trying to do. I've had other girls, even straight girls, who were interested in feeling my nipples.

"I'm okay," she said, squirming a bit in her chair, something that didn't go unnoticed by her sister.

"You're wet, aren't you?"

"Maybe," Tiff said with a smirk. "You want to check?"

"Maybe Mom does," Brianna suggested, laughing before she asked, "Have you really been with another girl?"

"More than one," I assured her, patting her hand.

"And Dad knows?" Tiff asked.

"Dad's been there when it's happened," I said, past caring about whether I was shocking them or not. Well, no, that's not true. Actually, I was enjoying their shocked expressions as they saw their Mom in a new light. "And with more than one guy."

Okay, again, to be honest, I didn't mean for that last part to come out the way that it did. What I had meant to say was that I had been with other guys since getting married to their father, but that's not what I said or how I said it and I don't think it really mattered because the way I said it was true, too.

"Are you and Dad swingers?" Tiffany asked in a soft, shocked voice.

"Oh hell no," I quickly said without explaining. "But we have lots of fun and, sometimes, it's with more than each other." Truth is, we had tried swinging and we didn't really care for the people we met. Lifestyle people are different. Some of them are nice and, sometimes, we still party with lifestyle people, but we don't participate in the munches and lunches or the meet-and-greets anymore.

"Oh wow," Tiff said, looking across the table at her sister before trying to restart their argument. "Mom's a freak like you."

"Tiffany steals your toys," Brianna said, unwilling to let her sister take a swing at her without punching back. My girls are so predictable like that.

"Okay," I said, only a little surprised she had discovered my toy drawer. "I have plenty of them."

"Like a whole drawer full," Brianna giggled, revealing that she's seen them, too.

"Yep," I said without shame. "And I love each and every one of them in their own way."

"Oh God," Tiffany said, blushing again.

"Including the butt plugs?" Brianna asked, letting me know that she has really looked in my drawer. If she was trying to embarrass me, it didn't work.

"Mm, especially those," I said with a big smile. "Have you ever been with two guys at the same time?"

"Maybe," she said, finally blushing a little, which was hard to make her do.

"Do you mean, like, dp?" Tiff asked and I couldn't tell if she was asking me or her sister.

"It's fun," Brianna said with her head down as she shoved more cereal into her mouth. She gave me a tiny glance, as if checking to see my reaction.

"Mm, it is, isn't it?" I said, patting her hand. "It's intense." I looked directly at Tiffany and asked, "You ever play with your butt?"

"Oh my God! I can't believe my Mom just asked me that!"

"Tiffany likes girls better than guys," Brianna said.

"Girls can still play back there," I said, evening the playing field again. "Even with each other." If anyone should know that, I would.

"I know," was all Brianna would say in reply, but I caught her squirming a little, too.

"In fact, that's one of my favorite things to do to a girl?"

"Fuck her up the ass?" she asked and I still had the impression she was trying to shock me.

"Well, that and go down her back there. I love eating girl ass, especially if they've never done it before."

"Oh God," Tiffany said in a soft, low tone that I think was supposed to be a gasp of shock and surprise. Instead, it sort of came out as the kind of gasp you make when something suddenly sends a shiver of excitement through you. Smiling, I winked at her. Her eyes went wide again for a moment, but then a little smile appeared at one corner of her lips.

"I think we should become nudists," Brianna announced.

"Even when your Dad comes home?" I asked.

She nodded as she worked on swallowing her last spoonful of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. "But only if he does it, too."

"You just want to see Dad naked," Tiffany accused. Before drinking from her bowl, Bri just shrugged as if it wouldn't be a big deal. "And hard," her sister added.

"Maybe," Brianna giggled, looking for my reaction. "Do you think he would get hard in front of us?"

"I don't think guys can control that sort of thing," I said, already knowing he would. Bruce loves being naked and he's usually either hard or mostly hard the entire time he is naked. Whenever the girls were gone, we would spend our time naked, a lot of time naked.

"But would he?" Brianna asked.

"I think so," I said, unsure about it. I knew he had noticed Tiffany's attempts at casual nudity and liked what he saw. I knew he had noticed and liked it before he had ever admitted it. Later, I had even teased him about it.

"Do you mean get naked in front of us or get hard in front of us?" Tiffany asked Bri.

"Both, I guess," she said with a playful grin. "I'm okay seeing him hard. I think it would be fun."

"Meaning, you want to have fun with him," Tiffany said in that antagonist tone she uses when she's trying to start a fight.

"That's Mom's job," Bri said.

"You are such a pervert!" Tiff said, building her case. "You want to see them have sex, don't you?"

Bri just shrugged.

"Mom!" Tiffany whined.

"Your Dad is allowed to have sex with anyone he wants," I said. "Anywhere and anytime. We both are."

Tiff tried twisting my words. "You hear that? Mom just said it's okay if you have sex with Dad."

"I hope he has a big one," Bri said from the sink where she was rinsing out her cereal bowl.

"It's big enough," I said, laughing at the idea. Later, I would remember this part of our conversation and wonder if I that's when I had given Bri permission to fuck her Dad but, then again, lots of things happened very quickly after that strange breakfast.

* * * * *

Tiffany was right about our house being small, because it was. It was the most house we could afford when we bought it. But one of its nicer features would be the tall privacy fence that circles our backyard. We have a nice deck on the back of our house, too, with a hot tub in the corner surrounded by a gazebo with its own little shower. That's nice on hot summer nights because it doesn't have a roof and you can look up and see all the stars. When the girls were little, they would use the hot tub as a swimming pool and there were plenty of nights when the girls were sent to a babysitter so Bruce and I could entertain around that hot tub. What I'm getting at is that it wasn't a new thing to me for our backyard to be clothing optional.

It was after breakfast when I realized the potted plants in the corner our low deck needed watering. I love my plants and always talk to them as I hand water them from a big watering can that I fill from the faucet outside. In colors of deep blue, purple, and bright red, I love my flowering ladies. Feeling as if it had been decided that we were now all nudists, I didn't twice about stepping out to the sunny deck and talking to my girls.

"Mom?" Tiffany said from the patio door, looking shocked. "Why are you naked?"

"I thought that was our deal?" I asked, noticing that she was still naked, too.

"But you're outside."

"No one can see," I said, surprised I needed to point that out to her. "That fence is ten feet tall for a reason."

"So, this is okay?" she asked, squinting as she stepped into the sun.

"Sweetie, you've seen me sunbath out here," I reminded her.

"I know, but you were always laying down when you did that," she said, as if that would make a difference about being naked outside. She walked farther out on the deck, looking around as if it was the first time she had seen our backyard. "I guess you're right. It really is nice out here."

I laughed at her and kept doing what I was doing. I noticed how she kept looking at me. Maybe there was something about seeing me in the sun that made seeing me naked look different to her, I don't know.

"Is it really okay if Dad gets naked with us, too? I mean, even if it makes him hard?"

"Even if he doesn't get naked, he'll get hard around us, dear. Especially if we're naked."

"Yeah, I guess," she said, frowning a bit. "But doesn't it like hurt a guy if he stays hard for too long?"

I asked where she had heard that and she told me about how one of her boyfriends had told her that. Later, I asked Bruce and laughed, saying the guy was probably talking about having a case of blue balls, a condition that can happen to a guy if he stays hard too long without getting off. But in the course of that conversation, Tiffany and I got to talk about some other things, too. I asked if she preferred girls and she said she wasn't sure, except she was off guys for a little bit. I told her a little bit about my college adventures, though only a little bit. Tiffany is funny because she embarrasses easily and shuts down.

Taking a chance, I asked her, "So, you like girl butt, too?"

She blushed, but she laughed, too. "So much," she managed. A moment later, she added, "And you have a great ass."

"Aw," I said, accepting her compliment. "I should, I work hard enough to keep it." I work-out regularly, trying desperately to keep my figure and I think I do okay with it. Still, it was nice hearing that from her. That's when I told her, "The first time I did anything anal was with a girl."

"The first time I liked it, I was with a girl," she said in a quiet voice as she continued blushing. "Now, I like it a lot."

"I like doing it to girls," I confessed.

"Yeah, me too," she said, flashing a big smile and I could tell she was thinking about what we had said over breakfast.

Taking another risk, I asked her, "Do you really play with yourself in front of Bri?" She nodded. When I asked "Why?" she only shrugged. "Is it because you like being watched or because she's your sister?"

"Mom!" she protested.

"I'm just asking," I said, putting down my watering can and pulling her into a tiny hug. "You can talk to me, honey. I won't judge you." When I pulled away from my tiny, reassuring hug, I saw how her eyes dropped immediately to my tits and part of me just knew she was looking at them because she had felt them pressing up against her softer, bigger tits. "What if she wanted to help you do it?"

"Mom!" she protested again, except it was softer.

Taking her hand in mine, I pulled her hand to my chest. "Feel," I said, letting her squeeze my stiff nipple. My eyes fluttered as she tweaked my hard nipple. "Does that feel good?"

"Does it feel good to you?" she asked in her quiet voice.

"Does this feel good?" I asked, tweaking one of her nipples as I stared into her emerald green eyes. I couldn't think of a better way for her to understand how good her hand felt on my nipple than to let her experience the same thrill.

"But you're my Mom," she said, although she didn't drop her hand or brush away mine.

"Yes, I am," I said, suddenly more excited than I had any right to be as her words sunk in. "And you're my daughter," I whispered back. "And Bri is your sister."

A funny expression passed over Tiffany's face that took me half a heartbeat to recognize as she closed her eyes tight for a moment and inhaled sharply. She was excited, too. Maybe as excited as me. When I guided her other hand to my other nipple, she didn't resist. "Your nipples feel so good," she sighed.

"I bet I feel the same as Bri," I pointed out since we have the same type of nipples.

"Do you really think so?"

"I do," I said, now lightly caressing both of Tiffany's breasts, too.

"What if she catches us doing this?"

"What's she doing?" I asked, not stopping and neither did she.

"She's in the shower," she said with a smirk that instantly told me that meant she was probably masturbating. "She's in love with that showerhead. It's always on pulse and she never hangs it back up."

"What if she's doing it and thinking about you?" I asked.

"She's probably thinking about Dad."

"What about you?" I asked, sliding one of my hands down her flat stomach and cupping her pussy. Tiffany always kept a skinny landing patch right above her slit and nothing more. I didn't ask as I slipped a finger between her nether lips and felt her heat. She felt as wet as me.

"Mommy?" she asked, wide-eyed and frozen in place. "Why are you touching me?"

"Because you want me to, don't you?" I asked, ignoring how much I wanted to touch her, too.

Like she did whenever she was nervous about something, Tiffany bit her bottom lip before nodding her head very slowly, as if nodding her head slowly made it more obvious how she felt about it.

"Touch me," I said, unsure if she would. She blinked a couple times before sliding a hand between my legs, too. Her fingers moved as intimately as against my body as mine did to hers. "Can you feel how wet I am?" Another nod. "Because of you," I admitted.

"Because I'm a girl?"

"Because you're my daughter," I said right before pressing our lips together and shoving my tongue deep inside her mouth. She moaned and kissed me back as she began rubbing my pussy harder and faster. I felt her slipping two fingers inside my hot, wet pussy. She didn't keep them there, she knew it was more fun rubbing my swollen aching clit, but I knew why she had done it. She wanted to feel how hot and wet I was because I that's why I had done the same thing to her.

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