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Shane just finished working another twelve hour shift. The past seven days were exactly the same; get up, go to work, go home, eat, sleep. He wasn't even sure what day of the week it was anymore, until Kevin, his work buddy, asked if he wanted to go check out the strip club for "Halloween Whorer" night.

Shane was tired. Working in a warehouse was already back-breaking work. It kept him in better shape than his paper-pushing friends, but he found himself physically and mentally put to the test this past week, working to fill a rush order that had to be done all over again because some jack-ass in production couldn't read a spec sheet properly. But just knowing that the week was behind him, Shane felt a sudden surge of energy fill his body as he thought about Kevin's suggestion, like a flickering fluorescent light warming up to a full glow and steady hum.

Not only was Shane excited about his week from Hell coming to a close, he was intrigued by the strip club's new owners' attempts to re-vitalize an awful pit of filth and dirty old man lust. The dancers were either clearly past their prime, or struggling single mothers who were average at best, who simply did not want to be there. He went once when he first moved to the city and hadn't been back since. It was just too depressing.

The word at work was that the new owners, two brothers from Las Vegas, did an amazing job of turning the place in a modern and temping destination with real entertainment.

"Shane? Do you need a week to think about it or what?" asked Kevin as they walked across the staff parking lot. Shane realized he had only agreed to go to the club in his head.

"I'm just tired still. I'm sure I'll wake up once I'm there. Let's go. I haven't seen the new place yet."

"You must be the only guy left who hasn't. We need a night of tits and ass after the week we've been through. How about I come by to pick you up around ten? Parking might be tight, there's a new bar that just opened down the street." Kevin motioned with his head that suggested the bar was to his immediate right, but Kevin was just an animated talker. "Maybe that whole area will come back to life after being a scary-ass place past twenty years."

It was Halloween night, so trying to park two cars made no sense to Shane, either. Hopefully, they will hook up with some horny women later, and he could easily get dropped off with his one-night fuck before Kevin goes home with his. He imagined the night ahead. A stage full of women rolling around with big tits and round, tight asses and spread legs. Then off to the neighbouring bar, and maybe a nice hungry pussy to fuck hard after last call. Shane noticed his dick was starting to stiffen at the thought. He agreed to see Kevin in a few hours and bolted in the other direction to his old truck. Then he headed home to eat, shower and shave.

Shane had been in the city for about five months now, and hadn't had a good fuck since. His old job in his hometown no longer existed, so moving to the city was his only option. He had been so preoccupied with the move and his new job, he had no time to think about women or what they had to offer. But tonight he felt like he had just woken up from a sexual coma. He was going to enjoy lusting after the fairer sex tonight. Shane smoked a cigarette as he waited anxiously for Kevin to arrive. He poured himself a shot of spiced rum and downed it in one gulp, as if drinking quickly would make the night start faster. It worked. He could hear Kevin's SUV pull up the driveway. On the drive there, Shane noticed there were no more children out. Their night of fun was over, but his was just beginning.

When they pulled into the parking lot they already knew there might be a line at the strip club. It just made Shane's anticipation greater and the reward that much sweeter once he got inside past the bouncer. They were greeted by a young brown-eyed brunette in a French maid costume, her pale breasts spilling out of the low-cut black lace bustier.

"Welcome to Halloween Whorer," she cheerfully sang. Shane thought he was happy to finally be out on the town before, but now he was ecstatic.

Kevin walked ahead of Shane, straining to find some free chairs. Shane, on the other hand, was barely walking at a normal pace. He was busy trying to look at it all at once. The seating area was dark, but there were spotlights on stage, and rope lighting all along the double runways that met in the middle to form a U-shape. At the corners were mini stages with poles, each with a girl twirling and spinning around them. In the center was a larger stage with 2 poles close together. Two pony-tailed girls were dancing topless in green and white cheer leading skirts. When he saw the brunette fondle the blonde's huge breasts from behind, and then give each nipple a pinch between her fingers, he felt his cock growing thicker.

"Jesus fuck" exclaimed Shane.

"I told you" smirked Kevin as he motioned to two empty chairs that no longer had its table. A group of drooling young frat boys had claimed a whole corner of tables and chairs. Kevin walked over and spoke to the teens and put his hand on a small table.

"Hey guys, mind if we use one of these? Is doesn't look like you're getting much drinking done anyways". Only one boy out of the group looked at Kevin, the rest were understandably distracted. He nodded and went back to staring at the dancers.

"First-timers," laughed Kevin.

Shane understood how they felt. He's seen his fair share of strippers, but in his small town, he saw the ones who needed to travel outside the city to get venues. While he knew that not all strippers are created equal, he had no idea just how much so. Plus he never seen so many girls out at once. It felt a bit like an all-female orgy. A busty blonde "nurse" with fire-engine red lips and fishnet stockings to match came by shockingly fast to take their drink orders. He reasoned that drunk, horny men spent more of their money. It was truly the greatest sight Shane had ever seen. A vampiress was laying flat on her back on the stage in front of them. She was wearing thigh high patent boots, and a black satin cape with red lining. Both arms were covered in black lace fingerless gloves ending just before her elbows. She slowly lifted both legs straight up into the air, revealing her narrow black bush between her legs, and her gaping, wet pussy as she opened her legs wide. She moved one of her gloved hands over her mound and spread her pussy lips open with her fingers, revealing her pink bud as she bent her knees and raised her ass off the floor of the stage just enough to give the patrons in the club a better view. She started rotating her hips in little circles, and Shane imagined his stiff rod slamming hard into that hot and ready gash. She rolled over onto all fours, and Shane got a perfect view of of her glistening pussy and her tight asshole as she rocked back and forth, reaching between her legs, still fingering her clit.

A soft glow of spotlight caught his eye. On the far side of the stage, he saw a girl with long, blonde curls dressed in a white lace corset with matching thigh-high stockings and heels. A gold halo headpiece sat upon her platinum blond head, and small feathered wings wobbled with each step. She was coming closer. Her breasts weren't very big, but their pointy shape made her large pink nipples stick straight out, perfect for nibbling and licking. She wore no underwear, so her garter belt framed her slight blonde bush like a piece of art. She was almost bare, it was groomed thin and short, just enough hair to let you know she was the real deal. He had never seen such a light bush before, and he wanted to spread her lips and lick every inch of her pretty pink parts. Her face was just as bewilderingly beautiful. Her blue eyes were made up with white and sparkly silver shadow; it made her look like she was indeed a gift from the heavens. She smiled as another girl leaned in for an open-mouthed kiss.

He was so taken aback with the angel that he didn't even notice the she-devil who was walking on the opposite side of the stage to meet her in the middle. This girl was a striking brunette, her long, dark hair was straight with strips of red highlights falling around her devil headband. Her corset was red patent leather, with cut-outs for her breasts, which were enormous. They were accentuated with an elaborate jeweled collar that hung low enough to settle into the valley of her mountains. He could see the remnants of summer on her chest, as there were fading triangles on each breast showing where her bikini top would have been. It made her large, brown circles jump out even more. Her nipples were begging to be sucked. It looked like she had body oil massaged onto her tanned skin, making it practically glow in the spotlights. Her full lips were painted a deep wine, and he imagined them around his now throbbing dick. He'd grab onto that wild black hair and pull her mouth up and down his cock.

Shane's attention had turned to the nurse waitress, who brought another round of drinks. It was Shane's turn to get this round, and he fumbled for his wallet for enough cash for both the drinks and a tip. He pulled out another cigarette and turned back to the stage, but the angel and devil dancers were gone. Shane cursed under his breath. He definitely wanted to see more of that.

After a few more drinks and the parade of beautiful costumed women was almost over, Kevin asked Shane if he was ready to go to the bar to see if they could get lucky.

"You can go on ahead, and I'll meet you there. I want to see if they bring out the angel and devil girls one more time."

"Angel and devil girls?" asked Kevin, as he flicked the ashes off his cigarette.

"Yeah, they were fucking hot. You didn't see them?"

"Nope. No idea what you're talking about."

"Well, they weren't on stage for too long, that's for sure. You missed some sweetness, my friend."

"I'll bet. I'm gonna take off. See you later." Kevin grabbed his coat and the pushed the last of his cigarette into the ashtray before he turned around and left.

Shane decided to leave shortly after that. A pussy in the hand is worth two on the stage, after all. He started walking down the street, and after only a minute realized he didn't know where he was going. No matter, it couldn't be far. He held a cigarette in his mouth while he felt his pockets for a lighter. He realized Kevin still had it.

Shane was startled when he heard a man's raspy voice call to him, "Hey, buddy. I gotta light....here."

Shane looked behind him and saw a tall dark figure leaning against an old brick building. He almost didn't catch the lighter tossed to him from the man in the shadows. He wasn't expecting anyone to be be waiting in the shadows like a creepy mother fucker. He lit his cigarette and brought his hand back to toss it back.

"Nah, you keep it buddy. I ain't needin' it anymore." He paused for a second. "Hey, are you's lookin' for a little show? I'se gots some women in here that like to show guys like you a good time."

"Uh, no thanks buddy. I'm just heading to the bar."

"But I gots some real hot women in here. Dressed up special for the holiday. My She-devil has the biggest titties you'd ever seen. An' my Angel gurl has the sweetest white blond pussy, you'd almost die jus' to see those legs open even a little bit."

Shane's mind began to swirl. It sounded like the dancers.

"C'mon buddy. Best thing you could do tonight is see my girls. They'z jus' waitin' for a stud like yerself. No tricks, jus' treats."

Shane took a step forward and stammered, "Uhh..."

"Fifty bucks. Worth every penny," creepy guy winked.

What the hell, Shane made a ton of money on overtime this past week. This was a sure thing, the bar was not. He slid the folded bills into the beefy palm of the host, who then opened the door they were both standing in front of. He was shown a black door at the end of the hall. Shane slowly made his way down through the darkness. He paused at the door slightly, and pushed it open.

The room was small, the walls lined with dark red curtains. At least they were red to him, he couldn't tell for sure because the lights were emitting a red glow. One wall looked reflective, and he realized one of the curtains was behind a pexi-glass type of window. A metal folding chair with peeling paint was in the center of the room. He sat down and swallowed hard.

He heard the clicking of heavy boots getting closer. And then the curtain behind the window started parting slowly. He noticed the top of the curtain had a manicured hand moving the curtain to one side. When the curtain was fully opened, he saw her. She looked into his eyes, and she smiled a wicked smile. It was her. The dancer from the club. She used her hands to gather her long black hair, and she tossed it over her shoulder, cascading over her left breast. They were so round, so huge, such a perfect canvas for her large nipples. As she began to sway, she used her hands to start playing with her tits, pushing them up, together, pinching, and twisting, until they hardened up and turned into nubs.

Shane's cock was getting hard again. She-devil backed up and hoisted herself up onto a small but solid table. It had a satin sheet on it, and looked to have some pillows underneath it. He heard more footsteps as he and the She-devil locked eyes. It was the Angel. She walked in front of them both, did a little spin while holding her long blond locks in a pile on her head, revealing her beautiful pale and toned back and her little feather wings. She ended her teasing spin facing away from Shane, and let her curls bounce back down her back. She then reached up and then all the way down to the floor, revealing the folds of her gloriously pink pussy lips. She rocked her hips only twice, and got up to walk in front of her friend.

Shane unzipped his pants in record time. He didn't even notice how painfully hard he was until he had a chance to gather his bearings. His cock flung out of his shorts and he began to stroke himself. Angel knelt down in front of She-devil, pulled her red lace panties aside, and started licking her cunt. She-devil continued to push her tanned breasts together, her nubs sticking out so far he thought he might be able to suck on them from where he was sitting. Angel stood up and began doing what Shane desperately wanted to do himself. She started licking and sucking on those huge nipples. Her tiny hands looked even smaller trying to cup those massive breasts. They jiggled and bounced with her movements. Her tongue flickered over those juicy nipples over and over again. She-devil threw her head back and moaned, as Angel inserted two of her fingers inside She-devils wet cunt. Shane's cock was about to explode.

Angel and She-devil gave each other a knowing look. Then Angel walked over behind one of the curtains, out of Shane's sight. He heard a click and a creaking sound.

"Please join us, won't you?" It came from Angel.

Shane practically jumped out of his chair. He started trying to push the curtain away as fast as he could, but ended up getting tangled in the process. Angel giggled. She-devil just smirked as she got off the table. Shane finally found the door opening and was face to face with Angel. She grabbed his belt loop of his jeans hand and led him to the table. She propped him up against it and both she and her friend were kneeling in front of him.

"Oooh, he's thick," cooed Angel to She-devil, smiling.

"I want to suck your cock," pleaded Angel, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

"I want to suck your cock, too," added she-devil, running her hands up his chest.

How could this be happening? Two beautiful women were begging to suck his cock, right now, right here.

"Abso-fucking-lutely," Shane grinned. His cock was touching his stomach, so he pushed it back down towards the two waiting mouths. It was so hard it hurt a little to push it away from his body. He he took a handful of hair in each hand, one blond, one brunette.

Both girls both began to lick his genitals. Slowly at first, and then hungrily. Shane tilted his head back and groaned. "Holy fuck, yeah. That feels great."

Angel was licking his balls, sometimes taking them entirely into her mouth, while She-devil took the length of his shaft deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Shane's cock grew even harder. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd have two gorgeous girls sucking his cock.

"You taste good," exclaimed She-devil. She tried to get more pre-cum by concentrating on the hole on the tip of his penis.

Angel pushed Shane away from the table and laid herself down in front of him, spreading her legs wide. There, laid before him, was the incredible blonde pussy he was just fantasizing about a few hours ago, waiting for him to taste, explore, and fuck. He dove right in, licking, nibbling, running his tongue up and down the moist folds, over her clit, inside her pussy as far as his tongue could reach. It was all so delicious he thought be might cum then and there. He heard She-devil groaning. He looked up and saw that she had straddled Angel, and she was getting eaten out by her blonde friend.

"Fuck that's hot. You're fucking filthy girls, aren't you?" asked Shane.

"Umm hmmm. You have no idea." agreed She-devil. "Why don't you fuck her now?"

"Oh, yes please!" chimed Angel.

Shane rammed his throbbing dick deep into Angel's sopping wet cunt in one swift motion. She squealed in surprise. She had misread him. He pulled out and saw his shaft was covered in her juices. He began pumping furiously, watching his cock going in and out of that beautiful, sweet pussy. She-devil crawled on top of Angel on all fours, raising her ass into the air just inches away from Shane's face. He could feel her heat and see her glistening juice starting to run down her lips. She was hungry for some pussy action. Shane shoved his tongue inside her and eagerly devoured her gash, moving quickly and timing his tongue with what his cock was doing to Angel. Then he put two fingers past her folds and deep inside her pussy while he explored the tight button of her ass with his tongue, teasing at first, and then shoved his tongue in deep. He could feel her whole body shiver.

"Oh yes, play with my ass, FUCK yes" screamed She-devil. She was pushing back in rhythm. Shane pushed a finger inside her and backed up to get a good view of both girls. It didn't get any better than this, two wet and spread pussies that were all his.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to come" yelled Angel suddenly. Shane pumped faster and grabbed her little pointy tits, finding their centers and pinching them hard.

"OooHHH GOD, YES!" Angel screamed and bucked her whole body upwards. Shane kept pumping her, his cock was on fire. He felt her body shutter and then collapse under him, and he pulled his cock out. It was She-devils turn to get a stiff rod up her steaming cunt.

She-devil was well aware of this. She pushed him down on the table, and straddled his body. She slammed her dripping wet pussy down on his shaft, closing her eyes as she took his whole length. Shane groaned and grabbed those two giant beauties that bobbed in front of him. She-devil started pumping her body up and down, hard and fast. Shane let out an animal-like grunt and grabbed a giant, round tit in each hand. He squeezed them and felt their heaviness. He had a hard time keeping her nipples in between his fingers, she was bouncing so much, but he held on and pinched and grabbed. A moan escaped from her throat, and she leaned over and stuffed a hard brown nipple into his mouth. He hungrily accepted and gave it a bite. She gasped as he felt her pussy clench around his cock. He licked and sucked on her big tits, like a starving child, coming up for air only when absolutely necessary. Angel positioned herself behind them, and started to suck on his balls once more. Shane was not going to last much longer, She-devil had better cum soon. He started to finger her clit.

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