Bryony hadn't meant to look through the window. She wasn't really a snoop or voyeur. It was just an impulse. She'd seen someone naked pass close to the window and her curiosity just got the better of her.

She eased up and peeped in, and she could see this young woman reclining on the bed naked, while a naked man was playing with her, touching and teasing her while she was laughing at him.

The whole thing amused and excited Bryony, and she lingered. While she was watching the man suddenly stood and said something to the woman, indicating the door. Then he turned and left the room, giving Bryony quite an excellent view of what she considered to be a very nice erection.

While she waited and watched, the woman just relaxed on the bed, occasionally stroking her breasts and rubbing between her legs, throwing little glances at the door, obviously expecting her partner to return at any moment.

Bryony froze, barely stopping herself from screaming when a hand fell on her shoulder and a soft voice said hullo.

Twisting her head, she found the young man standing behind her, apparently still naked, and looking at her with interest.

"No need to stand out in the cold," he told her. "Come inside."

Bryony shook her head.

"I'm sorry," she gabbled out. "I don't know why I looked. I'll just be on my way."

"I'm Anthony. You can call me Tony. I feel that you really ought to come inside. Now."

Nervously Bryony preceded Tony inside, Tony's firm grip making sure she didn't change her mind. She was direct down the hallway and into the bedroom, where the naked woman on the bed regarded her with curiosity.

"Well spotted, love," remarked Tony. "Out there with her nose pressed against the window pane."

Turning to Bryony he introduced the woman. "This is Helga. She's German. May we be allowed to know your name?"

Bryony swallowed. "Bryony," was all she could think to say.

"Well, Bryony, I suspect that you'd much rather we didn't call the police and hand you over."

At the horrified look on Bryony's face, Tony nodded.

"I didn't think so. As it happens, neither Helga or I are adverse to a little exhibitionism or voyeurism. We just prefer it to be consensual. So we're going to allow you to sit there while we play around a little. You'll have a ring side seat, so to speak. And we won't take no for an answer."

Bryony flushed, looking at the chair by the side of the bed. Helga must have moved it there as soon as she saw that Tony had grabbed her. Embarrassed, Bryony went to sit down, only to be interrupted by Helga.

"Naked, Bryony, dear," she said. "We are, so you should be."

At Bryony's hesitation Helga smiled and held out her arms as if for handcuffs. Bryony started to undress.

Seeing Tony and Helga watching Bryony went to turn away while stripping, but was stopped by a firm command to face them.

Irritated and embarrassed, Bryony undressed, relieved that at least she was fit and her figure was every bit as good or better than Helga's. Bryony could feel the admiration in Tony's eyes, and couldn't help feeling a little excited and flattered.

"A couple of questions," said Helga. "How old are you and are you a virgin?"

Blushing Bryony answered. "I'm over eighteen and no, I'm not a virgin," she said defiantly.

Tony looked at Helga and laughed. "Only just would be added to both those answers, I think," he said, and Bryony's ears burned as Helga sniggered.

Helga lay back on the bed, legs parted.

"Watch," she said as Tony kneeled between her legs.

Bryony found herself unable not to watch, as Tony moved Helga's lips apart and positioned his cock between them. Then he very slowly pushed forward, sinking into Helga's willing flesh. Bryony found herself being strangely excited and appalled, thrilled by the action while secretly aghast at the size of the cock Tony seemed to possess. It might be only her imagination making it that large, but as far as she was concerned it seemed to dominate the room.

As Bryony continued to watch, Tony sank in full length, then slowly withdrew. Turning to her and winking, Tony then thrust down, embedding himself in one powerful thrust. Bryony felt her own pussy cringing in sympathy to Helga, uselessly she realised as Helga seemed to relish it.

To her surprise, Tony withdrew completely, pulling away from Helga. Helga rolled over on command, head leaning on her crossed arms and her bottom high in the air, offering herself.

Fascinated, her excitement growing, Bryony watched as Tony knelt behind Helga and started a slow entry. Bryony could feel herself clenching, waiting and wanting as Tony slowly entered Helga, endless seconds passing as he drilled in. Finally sinking in that last little bit, Bryony found herself gasping with relief, the sound she made matching Helga's sigh of satisfaction.

This time Tony started a slow movement, sliding in and out, tantalising both girls at once. Just as Bryony thought that things were going to heat up, Tony rolled away from Helga again.

This time Bryony felt sympathy for Helga. She must be feeling the need for some vigorous action. Heaven knew Bryony felt an itch that she wanted to scratch.

Now Tony was lying on his back, his erection waving in the air. What did he think he was playing at, wondered Bryony, her question being quickly answered as she saw Helga moving to straddle him.

Now it was Helga's turn to move slowly, sinking down upon Tony's shaft as though she had all the time in the world, until she finally settled, neatly straddling him.

Looking at Bryony, Helga spoke, passion thick in her voice.

"If I wanted to drive Tony insane this is when I'd do little wiggles like this." She gave some sort of twitch with her hips, drawing a gasp and a mild curse from Tony.

"I suppose you're wondering why we're showing you different positions," Helga continued, "instead of just getting down and dirty? It's pretty simple really. We just want to make sure that you know some of the positions you can choose now that it's your turn to be drilled."

Bryony blanched. She had absolutely no intention of letting some chance met stranger have sex with her. She shook her head.

"I'll pass. I may have to watch, but I don't have to participate," she said nervously.

Tony laughed. "Actually you do," he said. "When the options are cock or cop, I think I know which one you will choose."

Bryony felt her heart sink. She knew, too.

"But why?" she wailed. "You've got Helga and she's willing."

"True, but Helga just loves a bit of voyeurism, and seeing you get drilled will really spice things up for her. Seeing you take a cock reluctantly will be even more exciting for her."

Bryony flung a look at Helga and realised that Tony was right. There was an avid anticipation on Helga's face, and she was patting the bed, telling Bryony time it was time to play.

Tony took Bryony by the arm and gently pulled. She found herself standing and approaching the bed as though hypnotised, her eyes constantly turning to look at the erection swaying in front of Tony. Every time she looked at it, it seemed longer and fatter. How was she supposed to handle a sausage like that?

The position to choose, decided Bryony, was easy. There was no way she could lie back and see that thing descending upon her, and as for trying to sit on it! Blow that for a joke.

She climbed onto the bed, trembling slightly, and bent over, head on her arms and her bottom lifted. She promptly received a friendly swat to the bottom, and was told to lift it higher so that she could give her hips room to play.

She did as she was told, then felt her head being tilted so that she could see Helga.

"I want to watch your face as Tony takes you," Helga said smiling.

Bryony shuddered again and tried not to meet Helga's eyes.

Bryony could feel Tony settling into position behind her. She did not need this, she thought bitterly.

She found what she really didn't need was Helga's voice telling her, "He's nearly there. He's just about to touch you."

She tensed, then jumped when she felt the actual touch, like a large ball being pressed against her. She gulped, feeling Tony stretching her lips to allow him entry, and almost screamed when that large ball forced its way past her lips, seeming to fill her instantly.

"That's just the tip," Helga calmly told her. "Now you'll find it gets exciting.

Bryony thought that what was already happening was about as much excitement as she could stand. She crouched, tensely waiting wondering if he'd just slide in a little or thrust all the way home. She squealed as the answer came as what seemed like a mighty thrust drove that damned ball deep into her.

"Ah," said Helga, "He's taking it easy and just coming in slowly. You're lucky. That'll give you time to adjust."

Bryony glared daggers at Helga. If that was her idea of slowly edging in, just how much more was to come. She must have inadvertently asked that aloud, as Helga smiled condescendingly.

"That's only an inch or two," she said, soothingly. "Pretty soon you'll find he's starting to really sink it in. You'll enjoy it."

Bryony opened her mouth to swear, only to find a scream of shock emerge as Tony again pushed deeper. How much more could she take, she wondered. She could have sworn she was already filled, but she could tell by the gathering pressure that Tony was about to drive deeper.

Bryony wriggled her hips, trying to relieve the pressure, seeking a more comfortable position. As she did so she felt Tony thrust even deeper, and heard Helga laughing over her squeal.

It took three more frantic squeals before Tony was settled into position. Bryony felt him stirring inside her, making sure that she was taking him fully. Then he just waited, while she in her turn stirred restlessly, trying to ensure that she was properly placed for what was to come.

It only took a few moments and then the pair of them quieted.

"Well done, Bryony," purred Helga. "Isn't it fun seeing someone else get speared? In a few moments he's going to start really working your pussy over. Are you looking forward to that?"

What Bryony was looking for was a chance to take Helga behind some bushes somewhere, so she could take a baseball bat to her. Seeing that that option wasn't on the table she tried to compose herself with quiet dignity. A little hard to do she realised when the aforesaid baseball bat seemed to be stuck up your pussy.

Now Bryony could feel Tony dragging his cock slowly back, moving out of her, the bulbous head seeming to manage to rub against every nerve she possessed as he slowly withdrew. She found herself to be strangely hollow with that massive presence withdrawn, but still screamed with shock when it returned, hard and fast.

It seemed Tony and Helga both enjoyed hearing her scream, even if it was only from shock or pleasure. Tony would draw slowly back, holding while she adjusted to his absence and then slam it, bringing a range of sensations to her but invariably causing a shriek or scream.

Bryony's awareness had shrunk to Tony and the way he was using her, Helga's annoying comments finally retreating from her ears. She could vaguely hear Helga in the background telling Tony what to do, but her foremost thoughts were for what he was actually doing, which was driving her wild with the sensations being engendered by his cock.

Bryony could feel herself twisting and writhing, panting and trying to thrust herself closer to Tony, desperate to reach what he seemed to be offering. She could hear Helga snapping something to Tony and then he was thrusting hard and fast.

Bryony heard herself screaming as she shuddered, clinging to that thundering menace inside her, trying to hold it and ride it while everything came to pieces around her.

Some time later, Bryony found herself separated from Tony. He had finally left her, leaving her stunned and gasping at the violence that had assaulted her feelings, only slowly coming back to earth.

She found herself being encouraged to walk, and realised that they were letting her go.

Bryony was ushered out the door, and as she went she heard Helga making another crack.

"I suppose I should say don't let us catch you snooping again, but I think I might enjoy it if you do. Bye, Blondie, and don't forget to get dressed."

Bryony stood there, blinking at the closed door for a moment. What did she mean by that last crack. Then it registered. They'd pushed her outside naked. Her clothes were clutched in her hands. Bryony dressed.

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