tagBDSMPeeper's Payback

Peeper's Payback


It was a hot and arid mid-August afternoon last summer when I decided to make a stop at a grocery store not far from where I live. The cute mothers and teenage girls were there as usual but on this particular visit I saw a woman I will never forget. She was as at least six feet in height and had a body that I found extremely attractive: ample beasts, very narrow waist and a sizable butt and thighs that let her knee length skirt wave as she walked. Her angelic face had dark brown eyes and a turned up nose. She was heading for the shortest check out line so I ditched half my grocery list just to follow her out of the store. For some reason I followed her car since she was heading my same general direction. Less than a mile later she pulled into her driveway and I continued past. I drove home but couldn’t stop thinking about her body and how seldom I see women of her stature. I really wanted to see her again but it was not my nature to stalk someone like that. It was a frustrating dilemma but one that I would have to get over. Or at least I thought.

Later that evening I realized I had failed to buy some essentials and so I returned to the same store. I walked past the pharmacy and bought a travel size tube of moisturizer on impulse. This particular brand is great for masturbation since it never dries out and has no fragrance. I was looking forward to using it on this particular night thanks to the Amazon beauty I had seen earlier. When I was driving past the woman’s house I craned my neck to see her standing in her kitchen reading mail or something. I slowed down to a stop in the shadows next to some high hedges. I got out and scrambled up next to the kitchen window. I knew she couldn’t see me so I just stood in her rhododendrons and watched her go about her business. While she perused the letter, her free hand pulled her blouse up and out the top of her skirt. I could tell bedtime was near. Just then a man walked up from downstairs and exchanged dialog with her. I couldn’t really tell what was being said but soon the lights were out and they retired to the bedroom toward the back of the house. I hadn’t pictured her as a married woman until now.

I knew it was easier for them to see movement in a darkened house so I made extra sure I was stealthy. I was prepared to run in anticipation of a motion sensor light but there weren’t any. The house had a big, turn of the century style look and the windows were up high - an advantage for me. The slightly open curtains provided another obvious advantage.

I couldn’t believe my luck as the woman began to undress. She had already removed the blouse and then stepped out of the skirt and disappeared into her walk-in closet. I was fearful that was the extent of my show but she soon reappeared with a bathrobe in hand. I wondered where the husband had gone. I figured he was in the bathroom since the light was on in there. She reached back in a classical way and unclasped her brassiere. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as the satin fabric fell away! Her nipples were unusually long - about an inch- and to my surprise were both pierced and adorned with rings. I was in heaven as her pendulous boobs swayed together as she bent over to pull her panties off. Her long-nailed fingers slid under the sides of the waistband and moved downward. Soon the crotch reluctantly fell away from her pussy. Her hips moved back and forth as she shimmied the silky treasure down her thighs. She stepped out and with her left heel brought the panties up to the side and to her waiting hand. This woman’s pussy was completely shaven which revealed long folds of her inner labia. Right in the middle dangled a single ring; a clitoris ring. By this time my face was flush and I was hard as a rock. I uncapped my tube of moisturizer and pulled my dick from my slacks. I pumped on my cock furiously and began to feel the rush of ecstasy right as a man’s booming voice shouted, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”

I quickly tucked my hard on away and replied with an unconvincing, “I…I’m looking for my cat.”

“Bullshit! You’re a Peeping Tom looking for pussy. Get out here where I can see you!”

It was the woman’s husband about whom I had forgotten.

I stepped out from behind some shrubs still explaining to him about my lost cat.

“I’m not buying it. Get down on your knees right now - hands behind your head!” he barked. “You can tell that to the police when they get here. I’m making a citizens’ arrest.” My first thought was to make a run for it but before I could act he had already snapped a pair of handcuffs around my wrists. I noticed he also had a handgun tucked under his belt.

“Please, sir,” I begged. “Please let me go.”

It was at that moment the woman peeked out a window to ask what was going on. The man replied, “Call the police, honey. We’ve got a pervert out here.”

He was powerful and pulled me to my feet like a rag doll and walked me around to the front of the house and into the light. “Don’t try anything else stupid,” he said.

The woman leered out the screen door in her robe with a look of disgust on her face.

“This guy was watching you undress. Do you know him?” he asked.

“Nope,” she said as she examined my face and body.

Once we were on the porch he ordered me to my knees and then face down.

The two went inside for a minute as I studied the door mat wondering my next move. The door opened as the two returned and began to drag me through the doorway.

“Pull off his pants!” the woman ordered.

“What? I thought you were going to call the police.” I asked.

She responded, “You’ll wish we’d called the police, you pervert. We’re going to teach you a painful lesson, pretty boy.”

The woman had an accent - perhaps Spanish or Portuguese.

That explained her beautiful body.

The man grappled with my belt and buttons and swiftly pulled my pants off. The fact that he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants without delay or reservation startled and worried me. He had a another pair of cuffs ready for my ankles and at that point all hopes of any escape were dashed.

The man thrust one hand around my inner thigh and reached the other hand under my armpit to drag me downstairs as the woman disappeared back into the bedroom. I was brought to a big room that was half the size of the basement. It was a stark room with a daybed and a couple long workbenches. On one wall there was a Brazilian flag. On the other was pegboard with hanging crops, quirts, belts, whips and restraints. My heart pounded not only out of fear but also a strange, lustful anxiety. Somehow I’d welcomed this scenario as my entire life’s fantasy but didn’t envision a man administering my punishment.

I was really hoping for the woman’s return.

The man undid my right cuff, refastened it in front of me and lifted my wrists over the end of a pipe in the unfinished ceiling.

He picked up what appeared to be a souvenir bat - a small baton. He examined my body while perfecting his grip.

“What are you going to do with that?” I asked.

“I am going to give you a sound beating. No one peeps on my wife and gets away with it.”

He then delivered the first blow to my abs. I was prepared and tensed up for several more shots. He beat my quads for a minute before it became unbearable.

“Please sir, please stop,” I begged.

“You should have reconsidered your actions!” he replied. “You’re not the first punk to ogle my wife - or to be punished for it.”

Then he struck the back of my legs and then my calves. I noticed he carefully avoided my joints and bones as he continued with the beatings. He repeatedly beat my buttocks and worked his way up my lower back. I could only tighten the target muscles for so long before the agony set in. I was aching and exhausted by the time he beat my upper body and arm muscles. The heavy cramping was nearly as bad as the blows.

Then the woman walked downstairs wearing only a fuchsia colored latex miniskirt that seemed a size too small. She seemed completely uninhibited in front of me topless with her nipples erect. She approached me while crossing her arms in a revealing way that only lifted her boobs. Her eyes were so dark brown that I could hardly see her dilated pupils. Her heavy black eyeliner was extremely sexy and I could no longer suppress my erection. I followed her eyes as she glanced down to see my bulging briefs. She gasped and smiled as she slid her fingers down beneath the fabric to grab hold of my shaft. Her husband took the opportunity to land an agonizing blow to my nuts that sent my body writhing in indescribable pain. I was depleted and tenderized by the time he set down the bat. My wrists hurt from the burden of my entire weight on the handcuffs. The man handed her a blade and gave her a lustful kiss. She then proceeded to cut off my T-shirt and underwear from which my cock was still peeking. Her hands caressed my chest as she pulled away the shredded cloth. She glanced at her husband who had momentarily turned to get something. Quickly, she grabbed my head and plunged her tongue in my mouth before the man turned around.

“What is your name?” I asked her.

Her fingers slid into my mouth as her other hand wadded up the remains of my underwear. Before I could react the fabric was stuffed between my teeth and my resistance muted.

“Shhhh,” she said. “This will help you get through what’s next.”

“Oh, my name is Paola, but you can call me ‘bitch’,” she said with a wink.

This seemed dauntingly routine for the two of them; something that I wouldn’t have imagined an hour earlier.

Her husband returned with two leather belts and handed her one. He looked at her for a second, probably wondering what we were talking about. She remained in front of me while he took place behind. In no time, both were delivering blows to my body that sent me writhing in pain. I wailed and cried as the two worked me over. No part of my body was spared as the whips came down. My erection was long gone in spite of the fact my dream whore was meting out my punishment of a lifetime. The heavy nipple rings hardly moved as she struck my flesh. I could see Paola’s perfect white teeth as she grinned with each forceful blow. Her body had a sheen of perspiration and after a few minutes she set down her whip and rolled up the bottom edge of her shiny skirt. It quickly rolled like a window shade up the contour of her big hips and around her waist. Now her matching rubber panties were in plain view and being pulled aside once again revealing her long, gorgeous labia. She then reached for a vibrator.

“Are you ready?” her husband asked her.

“Go.” she demanded.

He continued to whip me as the woman sat on the bed and vibrated herself at my expense. The buzz resonated as the device rubbed her clit ring. She slid the vibrator between her tits and rubbed her nipples and rings.

I felt I was going to pass out as the whip repeatedly lashed the previous welts. I couldn’t help but watch as she worked herself into orgasm - an orgasm that didn’t come a moment too soon.

On cue, he ceased the whipping and tossed the belt to the side. His callused hands reached under my arms and lifted my weight free from the pipe. He placed my hands behind my back and refastened the cuffs. I could tell he enjoyed the sound and feel of the steel clicking in place as his breath whistled from his nostrils. He shoved me over to the edge of the bed.

“Service the wife, bitch!” he commanded.

I was kneeling on the floor as the woman slid her panties down to her calves. In one motion she hooked them over my head and behind my neck. She drew her legs up and reeled my upper body onto the bed and my face against her snatch. I was no match to those powerful thighs. Paola fished the fabric from my mouth and gripped my head tightly against her. The smell of rubber and sun oil lingered about her pussy as I willingly nibbled on the folds of skin. There wasn’t even a hint of stubble as she squirmed up and down.

For some reason I whispered, “I love you, bitch.”

Suddenly she arched her back and squeezed my head as she came - something she did repeatedly. I noticed her eyes were closed as she pulled and twisted on her nipple rings. I glanced occasionally around the room to see where the man had gone. In a mirrors’ reflection I saw him return wearing no clothes except for a leather mask. This was an obvious indication something bad was in store.

He was sporting a hard on with a cock-ring and priming himself with my tube of moisturizer. He was not in the best of shape and had hair all over his body.

I was hoping his intentions were to bang is wife next but the sudden realization that my bent over ass was vulnerable prompted me to get up and out of his way.


“Who said you could get up, slave?” said his wife.

I was still handcuffed and face down as Paola climbed over and sat on my back while facing her man. Her big, round butt prevented me from even turning my head as she straddled my back. Her long hands plunged between my bruised butt cheeks and spread them as her man began to penetrate my ass hole. It was very slow going but I screamed and pleaded to stop. I recall offering money - in the thousands - in return for their mercy. But my offer fell on deaf ears as the head of his cock sank deeper and deeper and his entire length descended into my bowels. I could hardly breathe as I was impaled with his agonizing shaft. His wife cheered him on and also taunted us.

“Fuck his cherry, TJ” she repeated. “Fill him up!”

She knew his masculinity was on the line. “Show me who’s the man, you big pussy; fuck him harder!” -or something to that effect.

He was cursing and clinching my waist with each pounding. Paola began grinding her crotch into my back squeezing my arms.

I was disgusted by the guy and could sense a lot of anger in the room - mostly between the couple.

I could hear the bed and springs squeak as the frame thumped against the wall.

I was phasing in and out of consciousness as his pace increased. I could feel his heavy sack slam into mine as he pulled and pushed side to side but I sensed it was nearly over. I couldn’t believe Paola subjected me to this. She seemed like a nice woman but her dark side had surfaced.

I believe he would rather have called the police but was going to get as much mileage out of me as possible. He knew he had carte blanche over me as the trespasser but this was getting extreme and Paola wasn’t helping.

TJ decided at the last minute to pull out and his wife quickly commandeered his pulsating cock. I could tell by the muffled groans she was enjoying load after load. Although this was the most unpleasant of experiences, my cock was surprisingly rigid as the depraved couple soon discovered. TJ pulled me off the bed and had me standing in a head lock while his wife dropped to her knees and began to take my shaft in her mouth. His cock was still semi-erect as I could feel it against my inner leg. My cuffed limbs were aching. My body still burned from the whipping and my ass hole was ripped and numb from the ordeal. But I was still strangely aroused and as the woman dug her nails into my taut sack and sucked on my cock, I exploded with the long-awaited orgasm of my life. She continued sucking well after my load was spent.

I was surprised to hear some of the offensive things TJ called his wife as she sucked my member- Words like ‘whore’ and ‘slut’. I was a little confused as to who was in charge. Apparently TJ was dominant and his wife was okay with that. She must’ve liked that arrangement because it certainly wasn’t his looks she adored.

TJ undid my cuffs as his wife picked up the belts and clothing. Nothing was really said as I was escorted up stairs and to the door. I half expected to be stuffed in a footlocker or chest but the show was over. I wanted to say something in the way of an apology but I was quickly led to the back door.

“Wait for me in the bedroom,” TJ ordered as Paola disappeared down the hall. I noticed TJ still held the handcuffs as he helped me along and I limped down the porch stairs.

“Don’t ever come around here again.” TJ advised. “You wont be so lucky next time.”

“Thank you, sir.” I said.

I was about to drive away when TJ handed a business card to me. The edges were illustrated with barbed wire but was otherwise blank except for a phone number.

What was the significance of this?

I was still feeling slightly adventurous and drove around the block to park. I cut through someone’s yard and back to the couple’s window where it all began. I suspected there was unfinished business between the two and was proven correct by what I saw: Paola was already on her knees and elbows while being fucked from behind. Her wrists were cuffed together as TJ pumped in and out of her upturned ass. I could barely hear their voices but it seemed it was a question/answer session. He would give her buttocks a hard slap after each of her answers.

Her responding screams of “OH!” were loud and clear, however.

(The spank seemed pretty insignificant in relation to a cock being buried in her ass hole but that’s okay.)

Her panties were halfway down and her rolled up skirt was being used as a handle. This was fantastic and, of course, I once again brought myself to orgasm. I watched until they were finished and then gave the window a light tapping. Both looked over as I turned to limp away quickly. Something told me that being seen doing the nasty wasn’t the worst thing for either of them.

I drove home naked, battered and bruised but with my pride and record in tact.

I called the number but hung up after hearing a message requesting I leave my name and number. I still have the card but am undecided on my next move.

Stay tuned.

PS: If I fail to provide you a sequel soon, just know that my new name is probably Suzy and I’m doing the couple’s housework in a latex mini!


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