tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeeping on Jennifer Ch. 02

Peeping on Jennifer Ch. 02


The hours after my discovery of Jennifer giving a hummer to her young boyfriend were exciting yet predictable.

Mom, and later dad, were all over Jennifer, asking about college life, her studies, her activities and of course, whether she'd been dating.

I had to laugh to myself when she said her studies were consuming her time. "There aren't enough hours in the day, I think I was a little ambitious taking six courses when every one else is taking five," said my pretty sister, flipping back her long hair.

I couldn't help thinking to myself how she must be acing drama, because she gave no indication that she was merely seconds from being caught in the act or orally copulating by our dear mother. That would have led, no doubt, to her receiving a strong paddling from dad upon his return from work.

No doubt about it, Jennifer owed me. And she owed me a lot, even though the photo of her and her boyfriend was only semi-incriminating. I studied it intently in my room before dinner and before locking it up (first I inserted it into a sock and then I placed the sock into an old shoe) in a case which I kept below my bed.

The memory of that photo was etched into my mind. The good news is that it wasn't blurred. That was my worry since I had only pointed and shot the photo. Only the top of Jennifer's head --- from the top of her eyes to her long blonde hair --- was caught by the camera, as the rest of her face and whatever mouth action she was performing on her boyfriend were obscured by the boy's bare ass.

Still his pants were around his ankles and head was thrown back in ecstasy, clearly indicating he was enjoying my fellating sister. While only the top of her head was visible, there was a reverse view of her spread legs on the pool table and while I couldn't see down below the whole mystery of what was between her legs brought me a massive hard-on. It was an erotic photo, despite the fact that the stars were unidentified.

After dinner I went to my room, only to be started by a knock on my door.

"Jonathon!" said my father.

"Yes, dad."

"What did you spill on the pool table?"

"Huh?" I replied, having not one iota of an idea of what my dad was talking about.

He grabbed my collar and matched me down to the basement and pointed at a stain several feet away from the end bumper. At first I had no idea what it could have been, until thinking of that afternoon. It had to have been Jennifer's love juice, her cream stained the felt.

By then the commotion had brought mom, and soon Jennifer, to the basement. Looking at the face, I saw she was busted and obviously frightened about the discovery. I held the cards, and could play them and rat out my sister or fold with a full house.

My father stared at me as I shuffled from foot to foot.

"Dad, I'm sorry," I said. "I hadn't noticed anything, but earlier today I..."

Glancing at Jennifer, I saw the terror in her eyes.

"Dad, I, well, I think I must have spilled a little water somehow, but I will clean it up."

Dad was not amused. "You can't just clean up the felt, it's stained and it will have to stay that way until we re-cover it, and I just did that last year. You are so inconsiderate, Jon. Why can't you be more like your sister?"

Shit, that wasn't good. He was really pissed.

Dad grabbed the top of my collar again and smartly matched me upstairs and into the study. He pushed me toward his large oak desk.

"Drop your pants! Take the position!"

I knew arguing, and clearly not changing my story now, would do only harm. I couldn't believe it, he wanted to spank me. I stammered and made excuses, but he wouldn't budge. "It will only get worse," he sternly stated. Defeated, I took the position, dropped my pants and briefs, and accepted my fate.

Twenty paddles later I got dressed, humiliated by the spanking, tears running down my face, and took a slow, painful walk up to my room.

If you have never had a paddling, you just won't have an idea of how painful this spanking way. My ass hurt. A lot. And my pride hurt even worse. Here I was, 18, and still getting spanked. I slunk up to my room and wondered why I hadn't dropped the dime on my sister.

Probably because I knew she is in a lot more trouble than me if the truth over her afternoon rendezvous was learned. In any event, I fell asleep on my stomach that night, but woke each time I turned over from the pain in my backside. I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep.

A gentle tap on my bedroom door startled me at 1 a.m. It was Jennifer.

"Jon? Jon? Are you awake?"

"I am now!"

My sister slipped into my room and sat on the side of the bed.

"I just wanted to thank you for what you did today, especially for warning me about mom getting home and I can't believe what you did with dad," said my sister. "I can't believe that over the years I have treated you like a little kid...you were a true gentleman today. I can't thank you enough."

I looked at my sister, beautiful in her baby doll nightie. I know she's my sister, but she was quite beautiful in the slight night light.

"Well, Jen, I might have a few ideas on how you can repay me," I suggestively said, joking with the beautiful girl. "But seriously, I think it was just a flash of stupidity."

"Whatever it was, I appreciate it. Thanks."

I looked at Jennifer and blurted out a question. "Jen, are you a virgin?"

She seemed shocked by the question, but after a bit of coaxing she admitted to having lost her virginity in the back of Tommy Burke's dad's Honda Accord after the senior prom. That surprised me, because she went to the prom with Eric Thompson.

Giggling, she related the story of young Eric, the preacher's son. He never even kissed her, but she realized the only way she'd be able to go to the prom and have fun was with him to repel dad's inquisitive mind. "I went with Eric, but actually made a date to meet Tommy there. I knew I couldn't ditch Eric, but I didn't have to be by his side all night."

Jennifer apparently tired her date on the dance floor, then, while he was resting, she snuck outside for some R and R with bad boy Tommy. "It was so naughty, so very hot, I didn't plan on making love with him but it happened. He got me hot and well one thing led to another."

The story had me spellbound.

"So then you began seeing Tommy?"

Nope, it was a one-night thing, he was dating Marcia and dad was all over me all the time it just didn't work out. I heard he and Marcia are getting married in June.

With that she leaned over, kissed the top of my head, turned and left the room. Pervert I am I watched her perfect ass sway across the room. Not surprisingly, I jerked one off thinking of that sweet ass before going back to sleep.

Over cereal in the a.m. I told myself over and over that Jennifer was my sister and I shouldn't have naughty thoughts about her. Still, I came to the realization she did owe me something for my honorable behavior, the question was, what?

That afternoon I came home and found Jennifer and Colin, her now identified boyfriend, watching a movie. I went upstairs, but later while heading for the bathroom I heard Colin pleading for a little something. Jennifer, undoubtedly thinking about the prior afternoon, declined, and the boy soon left disappointed.

That gave me an idea.

Heading downstairs, I spoke to my sister.

"Looks like Colin left a little early."

"Yea, he was a little, uh, disappointed in something or another."

Smiling, I joked that I thought I know what the problem was. "You guys could have gone downstairs, I wouldn't have been a bother."

"Yea, right, you'd probably photograph anything and everything that went on," said Jennifer, glaring daggers at me. "You shouldn't have taken those photos."

I promised her I'd tuck my camera away for good, never to take any more explicit shots, if...

"If what?"

"Well, here's the deal. I want to watch."

Jennifer gave me a confused look. "Watch what?"

"Watch you have sex, I bet I could learn something."

"No way, Jon, no way."

"Oh yea, way, remember what I have and what I did for you. I will stay out of sight, I will never tell anyone and destroy the photos, but I want to watch you guys. Come on, Jennifer. You won't even know I'm around."

My sister called me a perve, but soon came to the realization that a little exhibitionism would clear up all debts.

"Okay, but Colin can't know."

"Of course, and you won't even know I'm there. I think I can work something out in the laundry room, I'll fix a spot up, but you really won't know if I'm there or not."

I couldn't believe she went for this crazy plan, but my sexy sister somehow did. And promised a show the next day.

The hours sped by like a blur as I waited with heavy anticipation of the possibility of catching the two lovebirds in the act. Jennifer only required that I be secluded and unobservable. The next morning I made that so, carving out a two-inch hole in the laundry room wall with a perfect view of the pool table. The deal centered upon her wearing a provocative outfit and performing on the table...this time with towels protecting the light red felt.

Moving into my hiding spot a little after 2, I waited nearly a half hour before the two lovebirds came downstairs. As directed, Jen put on a CD, just a little bit of background noise to mask any sounds from my secluded vantage point.

I watched as they embraced and made out for several minutes. Colin fondled Jen's ass, lifting the short skirt up and caressing her boy short encased buns.

"Suck my dick Jennifer," said the anxious boyfriend.

As if in a trance, Jennifer dropped to her knees and pulled down her boyfriend's zipper, dropping his jeans to his ankles. She rubbed her face against his underwear, spending a lot of time nodding her head on his manhood. She then slipped down his briefs and smiled as his dick popped into view.

I watched as Jen rubbed the dick against her cheeks before starting to lick the tasty cock, starting underneath at the base and licking slowly out the shaft. She licked the hardened rod stem to stern for about a minute before ovaling her mouth and sucking on the tip.

That action brought groans from her impressed and impressive boyfriend, whose dick had to be more than six and a half inches long and two inches wide. "Oh Jennifer, you look beautiful," he said, stroking her hair.

It wasn't a perfect hiding place, but it was close, and the view was unbelievable. I could clearly watch the two in the act, and it was unlike anything I could imagine. Jennifer was mouthing the boy as if she knew I was there, tentatively. But that slow pace actually was turning me on more. Instead of a quickie her nervousness was clearly extending the act.

Jennifer's head bobbed up and down on the boy's manhood, and he rocked in time with her oral assault. Every once in a while Jen slowed then lifted her head off the cock, trading that act for one of licking from top to bottom of the dick. It was an awesome sight, made more riveting by the way Colin would rub the cock all over my sister's face.

His dick throbbed as Jennifer finally re-inserted the meat into her mouth, sucking in earnest. Colin's hands caressed her head as he helped Jen suck the dick in and out of her hot wet mouth. "Oh, I'm close," he groaned before slowing to a stop on the outstroke only to have Jennifer grasp his dick and jerk it off into her mouth.

"I'm cumming!" yelled the boy, oblivious to his surroundings and the possibility of someone hearing his cries. "Yes, yes, yes!"

I watched as Jennifer's cheeks bulged and then as she savored then swallowed the sticky load. She continued to suck the cock for several minutes before tucking it back into his underwear. "There you are, nice and clean," said the naughty college girl.

Colin was impressed and he seemed to glow as he pulled up his pants. "That was incredible," said the boy, kissing her cheek (I noticed he didn't kiss her mouth) before grabbing her hand and walking upstairs with my satisfied sister.

Several minutes later Jennifer came back downstairs.

"Did you get off on that Jon?" said my sister, suppressing a smile.

"Nope, sis, but it was quite the view," I replied, shaking my head. "I mean, it's so different watching in person rather than on dad's pornos!"

Jennifer laughed, "You know about dad's pornos?"

"Yea," I replied. "Found them my accident."

Jennifer nodded the once again said she couldn't believe she had done it in front of me, but I reminded her that it was a deal and that I wasn't really doing anything terrible. "Hey, remember the time you walking into the bathroom and caught me, uh, jerking myself?"

"That was gross, Jon. You're my brother and it was just gross."

"Yes, but remember those photos!"

"Yea, what about them?"

I reminded my sister that while I got to watch her, it clearly wasn't enough. Especially since I not only covered for her with mom and then later dad, but also that I had to endure the spanking as well as a lack of trust of my folks. No, to be even I needed a little more.

That's when I dropped the bombshell.

"I want you fuck him next time," came my command.

I thought Jennifer was either going to choke me, and I was close

My sister slapped me. "You are a fucking pervert."

I glared at her. "Sis, your ass is mine and you know it. If dad gets those photos...heck, if I just let on that you are a little looser your days will be hell and you know it."

"But Jon, I've, we've, well, Colin and I have never, well, you know, made it. I don't want to. Please," stammered the shaken girl.

I thought for a minute, then startled her with a new request. "How about we substitute Tommy, then, how about I watch you and Tommy screw? That would really make things a lot more even, and besides, you have already had sex with him."

Jennifer smiled at my reasoning. "I don't even know if he'd do it, he's engaged."

We discussed the possibilities for a bit, with Jennifer emphatic that the engaged guy wouldn't risk it. I thought if he was a real guy he would.

Jennifer listened and the realization of the truth of my words quieted her concerns. She shook her head but I knew when she didn't totally dismiss the request that there was hope. She walked around the basement, glared at me, shook her head then asked if that would make us even.

"I'd say so, but it would have to be good."

Jennifer left the room but later that night stuck her head in my room and merely said, "tomorrow, 2 o'clock, be in your hole."


"He agreed to come over and fuck you?" I asked.

"No, silly, I asked him over to talk about wedding gifts. He has no idea of your, of our, plan," said my smiling sister. "You know, this might be fun!"

That's the spirit.

To be continued...

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