Peeping Tom


Okay, so I'm "a dirty old man". I admit it. And do you know what? For one thing I don't give a rat's ass! And for another, tomorrow I'm going to be an even dirtier old man - and that can't be soon enough! I take another sniff at and kiss the spicy-smelling crotch of Tasha's knickers and stroke my rock-hard cock sensuously with my free hand. It stiffens even more and leaps spasmodically in my fist, jetting gouts of my hot slimy sperm over my naked belly, as I lie prostrate on my bed. Ah, Tasha! It can't be soon enough…

It would be easy to say that this all started last weekend, but that's not true. The fact of the matter is that it was seven years ago, almost from the first day I moved into this house. Then, I was in my mid-forties and my ex-wife and I had just divorced – our two kids had grown up and left home and Sally and I suddenly found we had nothing left in common, so we split our assets amicably and called it a day. My new neighbours, Brett and Lola Laney, invited me over to their place for a "welcome to your new house" drink almost immediately I moved in and we have been firm friends ever since. It was then that I met their two children as well, Alan, who was fourteen, and Tasha (Natasha) who had just passed her eleventh birthday.

Even back then, Tasha was simply stunning. She would never be tall, Lola was only about 5ft 5in and Brett would have struggled to clear 5ft 9in, but Tasha had the most gorgeous, just budding breasted, tight little body, and disproportionately long, shapely legs. Both of her parents were dark haired with almost olive skin and Tasha inherited these features. To set them off she had a cute little snub nose, a wide generous mouth, fetchingly crooked teeth and the most startling pair of deep-emerald-green eyes I had ever seen. She had a habit of talking to you with her eyes downcast, then flashing you a crackling stare from under her impossibly long eyelashes. My knees always turned to water whenever she did that to me.

For one so young, Tasha was very sexy in a gamin kind of way and she knew it. She was also very aware of the disturbing effect she had on older men. Right from that first time we met, she "paraded" her body for me, and, no doubt, for every other non-immediate-family mature male she came across. I don't care what all the do-gooders say about protecting juvenile females from "male predators". As soon as puberty starts kicking in most young girls are very aware of their bodies sexually and just love to test out their powers. If the truth were known, it's us older guys who need the protection! Don't get me wrong though. I am dead against any guy forcing himself on any female, no matter what her age is, but in particular if she is very young. At the same time though, if the girl initiates the contact, in full knowledge of what she is doing, and "traps" the guy into doing something foolish, I've never been able to accept any logical reason for the whole world getting upset about it and crying "Statutory Rape!"

Nevertheless, at first I felt very guilty at surreptitiously eyeing that tasty, young bit of tail and fighting off the urge to get her alone to see what her body was really like under her clothes. But eyeing was all it was, I never touched her. Over time the guilty pangs wore off and after a few months I started to admire her openly, at least when her parents were not around. And Tasha, realising that she'd scored another victory, became less and less provocative. Well, most of the time anyway. But, for the next seven years she constantly let me know she was around!

The Laneys had a dog, Duke, one of those stupid Boxer things that are all slobbery playtime and no brains. At times Tasha acted as though she was scared of the animal and would thrash her legs and try to shoo him off if he got too close. It was then that I would get delicious flashes of her inner legs and panties, plus a raised heartbeat and a sudden dryness in my mouth. At other times she would be in her nightclothes and wrestle confidently with the dog on the floor. More flashing limbs and smooth, writhing body! Much sexual angst from yours truly! One time, when Tasha was nearly fourteen, she was laid back in a big soft armchair with Duke stood with his front legs on the seat looming over her astride her slightly parted thighs. We were alone in the room whilst her mother and father were in the kitchen co-operatively making a pot of tea. She started cooing what a lovely dog Duke was and reached down and started scratching his lower belly. When the animal, not surprisingly, started getting a hard-on, Tasha, chewing at her lower lip, gazed speculatively at the gleaming red shaft emerging slowly from his sheath for a few moments then snapped one of those dazzling green stares in my direction. Pushing the dog away from her with a giggle, she rolled off of the chair, flaunting an enticing expanse of bare bottom up her nightdress, and ran off to her room laughing out loud at my obvious discomfort.

Did I say she got less provocative?

When I first met her, Tasha had a particular friend, Christine, who lived quite close by. The two young misses did everything together and seemed to live in each other's pockets, even spending hours on the 'phone to each other when they'd just finished spending all day with each other. It used to drive Brett and Lola crazy! Brett and Lola weren't exactly free spirits and kept a tight rein on both of their children, but Christine's parents were very, very straight-laced. I saw evidence of this one summer's afternoon when Tasha and Christine must have been twelve. My bedroom window overlooked the small courtyard in Laney's back yard where Lola usually hung her laundry out to dry. It was also a bit of a suntrap where Lola used to sit and read in the cooler months. There was a hose-point there that Brett used when he was watering the plants in that part of their garden. I can't recall why, but I was in my room and I heard water splashing and the girls giggling.

Being a "dirty old pervert" I couldn't resist taking a peek through the net curtains at what they were up to and was treated to a most enchanting sight. Tasha and Christine had obviously been sunbathing in their swimsuits on the Laney's back lawn and had got too hot, because Tasha had turned on the garden hose and was spraying them both down. The cold water made their thin, one-piece suits stick to their curvy, lithe young bodies and raised their youthful nipples into hard jutting points. Christine was a blond, larger and softer-bodied than Tasha and her suit's clinging wetness made her breasts look larger and her more like sixteen years old than twelve. Heavenly Jailbait; the both of them!

Not for the last time that summer, I found myself wishing that I was fourteen or fifteen with a legitimate reason for being out there with them, Then I heard Tasha call out, "Hey, Chris, watch this!" Then she pulled the crotch of her bathing suit out to one side and thrust the hose nozzle inside. "Oooh!" She squeaked, "This feels lovely! Come and try it!"

"Ooooooaaaah!" Christine wailed and ran out of my sight with her hands shielding her eyes. "Natasha!" I heard her call out from a distance, "Stop that straight away! You are disgusting!"

Tasha reluctantly turned off the hose and put it away, but looked at it very speculatively on her way to rejoin her friend. I imagine that the pounding water induced some feelings in her that she wouldn't have minded trying again!

The girls got to fifteen and then something happened between them. All of a sudden, Tasha seemed to acquire a whole bunch of new companions and there was no sign of Christine. I asked Lola what had happened, but never really got to the bottom of it. All I could establish was that it had 'something to do with boys'. I hazarded a speculative guess that Tasha and Christine had both had their eyes on the same boy and Christine had won. Of the two of them Christine was the more voluptuous and grown-up looking. Also, I knew from my own schooldays, the blond chicks got a lot more attention than the other girls did; even the redheads who were regarded as being very sexy. But Tasha was even more of a beauty than ever. Ever since I had known her, she had taken dance lessons – modern dance rather than ballet. Consequently, she now had the most superb dancer's body, small breasted, but with strong, smooth thighs and the most gorgeous ass one could ever wish to grasp with the palms of one's hands. That boy must have been a bloody idiot!

The years flew by and Tasha continued to incite my interest by appearing in front of me scantily dressed or moving in such a way that I couldn't help noticing her. I mentioned it once to my daughter Jenny one time when she was visiting. Relating to the way she behaved as a teenager, Jenny said that Tasha was most likely using me as a sounding board to explore and rationalise her sexuality and what her growing body was doing to her. Whatever, a month or so ago Tasha had her eighteenth birthday. Forget about all that 'tiny budding breasts' and 'faint dusting of pubic fuzz' and 'daddy's little girl' shit you typically read in sex and incest fantasies on the Web – females of eighteen are fully-grown women.

Yes, Tasha was now street-legal; even in America, that strange land where they allow kids to marry at thirteen, yet forbid the publication of sexually explicit material involving anybody under eighteen-years-old. Now I definitely had no qualms about ogling her feminine charms and daydreaming about the things I could do with her given her willing cooperation. But, since I was approaching fifty-three years of age, I knew there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell of anything like that happening; even though I was in better physical shape than most guys half my years and with fifty times their sexual skill and experience. "Never mind the quality, feel the width!"

I came back from an out of town business trip late last Friday evening. I knew that Brett and Lola were going to be away for the weekend - they had sent me an email asking to watch out for Tasha as she was going to be in the house on her own. Alan is away at University. I got up late on the Saturday and immediately got onto the computer to finish off a tender document I had to get to Singapore asap. As a consequence I didn't get my shower until about 10.00am

Back in my bedroom, finishing towelling off and preparing to get dressed, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye from over at the Laney's. Knowing that it could only be Tasha, I eagerly made my way to the window and slightly parted the nets so that I could get a clear sight of her. She was hanging out underwear and other feminine stuff on the line. She looked fantastic, dressed for coolness in a silky wrap-around sarong and a loose cut-off bodice that showed off her flat, smooth belly to perfection. Whenever Tasha bent over to pick something out of the laundry basket, the sarong clung closely to the crack of her shapely ass, showing the outline of her panties, and sending shivers up my spine. Also, her top fell away, giving me enticing glimpses of her firm little breasts and revealing to me that she was not wearing a bra. In no time at all my cock reared to attention and my fingers were dancing up and down my hot flesh while my mind begged: "Please, Tasha! Please stay out there for a while!"

It was that time in the summer when the young queen ants leave their homes and fly out to establish new nests – the morning air was full of them. Tasha must have thought one had flown into the wrap-around, because she suddenly stopped hanging up her undies and started shaking at the flimsy sarong. The insect must have got right inside, because, in the next moment, Tasha pulled the sarong wide open. To my delight, I found myself looking at the full sweep of her youthful, shapely legs all the way up to the most enchanting pair of sky-blue cotton panties I had seen in a long while. And my cock surged even harder in my hand when I saw dark tendrils of her pubic bush escaping from beneath the blue cloth cupping her prominent mound. Tasha was a "natural". She obviously didn't believe in that almost asexual "tailored" look for her pubic hair that so many young women follow these days. My desire to have her grew even stronger.

Tasha still hadn't found the flying ant, even after shaking the sarong vigorously. So, I nearly died when she pulled the material of her panties to one side and parted her legs to check that the insect hadn't crawled inside! The object of my darkest, most lecherous desires for all these years was now wide open to my eyes! I almost creamed on seeing her almost black, curly bush, her mysterious, purple-pink cleft with the hood peeking out from between its soft, pouting lips and the inviting curves of undersides of her ass cheeks! I'm sure I moaned out loud with agonised lust, but Tasha didn't show any signs of hearing me.

I fully expected my fantasy darling to complete her examination quickly and restore herself to a more modest state. But she suddenly seemed to shudder and her nipples sprang out hard beneath the light material of her top. Then, Oh My Dear God, she looked furtively around to make sure she wasn't observed and slipped her free hand into her crotch and started fingering her cleft and pushing one then two of them inside!

I nearly shot my load there and then, but fought off the impulse, hoping to coincide my cum with hers. Tasha half staggered, half ran to the nearby garden seat that her mother used for relaxing and reading on warm days and fell onto it, head thrown back, eyes tight closed, legs akimbo and fingers working headlong at her pussy. But, damn it to hell, her sarong had re-draped itself around her body, as it was designed to do, and, although I knew exactly what she was doing, I couldn't see any detail!

It only seemed to take a few seconds for Tasha's thighs to snap together, clasping her hand tightly in her crotch. And then she scrunched forward in a tight, heaving-chested ball with her forehead on her knees. Once again, I was watching Tasha have an orgasm. Only this time it was much more powerful than the one I had seen her have six years before when she was twelve! The other difference was that this time I didn't cum. I just stood there in awe, stroking my rampant cock gently and watching her wracking body as she slowly came back down to earth.

It took her nearly ten minutes to recover fully. Then she slowly, almost ruefully it seemed, removed her hand from between her legs to bring her fingers to her lips to lick and suck her sex juices from them. Young Tasha obviously masturbated one heck of a lot and, moreover, liked the taste of her own pussy! Then she stood up and quickly finished hanging out the rest of her washing, now seemingly totally unaffected by what had just transpired. I have a private theory that women are energised by orgasms, not drained by them like men are.

After Tasha had disappeared back inside the house, I allowed my erection to subside and threw some clothes on. Whilst I wasn't at the "blue balls" stage I still felt pretty full and needed something to distract my attention. That 'something' was to set up my camcorder on a tripod so that I could video Tasha when she came out to take down her laundry when it was dry. Who knows, if she was really horny today, as most women get at some stage in their cycle, I might get another show. And this time I would be able to play it back at my leisure, and many times over!

For the rest of the day I scurried back and forth to my bedroom like a startled rabbit every time I thought I heard a noise for over at the Laney's. I didn't even dare to go out to do some essential food shopping in case I missed seeing Tasha again! Then, at about 3.00pm I heard female voices. At least two of them and they were out by the washing line.

I rushed to my bedroom and started the camcorder going then did a rapid check of the field of view and focus. When I looked through the viewfinder I almost knocked the camera off of the tripod in my surprise. There was only one other girl there with Tasha - it was Christine. I hadn't seen her for a couple of years and, oh my, how Christine had changed. She was a big girl. And I mean a BIG girl. Standing at about 5 ft 10in she must have weighed in at around 170lbs. All of it solid female flesh and with not an ounce of fat on her! Now, I'm no student of women's bra sizes, but I would be astounded to learn if she was anything less than a 40DD. She was simply amazing!

The mike on the camera seemed to be picking up their voices quite easily, so I quickly plugged in some headphones and turned up the gain so that I could listen in.

"You did what?" I heard Christine exclaim.

"I felt so horny, I masturbated…over there on Mom's seat."

"Tasha, you are impossible! What if Tom had been watching? You know his bedroom is only just over that fence!"

They both looked in my direction and I prayed frantically that they would not detect the camera, or me. They looked back at each other.

"Oh, so what if Tom was watching!" Tasha grinned. "I've been teasing him for years. If he did see me, he'd have got a really good show for once. It's about time, the poor old bastard! And anyway, I was thinking about you when I was doing it!"

Oh, how the young can make one feel really good!

"Were you really?" Christine's heckling tone softened and she put her arm around Tasha's waist and drew her to her. "Were you really getting yourself off, all about me…?" And she leaned over to kiss Tasha full on the mouth. Tasha threw her arms around the big girl's neck and kissed her back passionately. And when Christine slipped her hand under Tasha's top to fondle her breast, clearly not for the first time, I nearly knocked the camera over again. But I recovered quickly and zoomed in for a close-up of her hand's busy movements beneath the material.

They broke for air and gazed into each other's eyes, breathing heavily. Christine lifted Tasha's top up over her pert little breast and then resumed her fondling. Tasha's nipple was truly beautiful, standing up full and proud under the influence of Christine's fingers. I desperately wanted to get my cock out of my pants, but decided that that could wait until later. The main priority now was to keep on filming.

"So, what were you thinking about while you were touching your pussy?"

"About what you do to me."

"I do a lot of things to you Tasha. Were you thinking of something in particular?"

Tasha answered softly, "What you do with your finger…you know, this one." And Tasha reached up to touch Christine's index finger as it caressed her bulging erect nipple.

"Do you want it now?"

Tasha nodded weakly, "Oh, please!"

"Well, let's move over to that seat then…"

"But, what if Tom's watching?"

"Then he'll get a good show! But, it doesn't look at though he's there."

I was safe!

Christine led Tasha over to stand in front of the garden seat. Kneeling before her, she swiftly removed the girl's sarong and then, kissing her belly and down her thighs as she did so, her sky blue panties. Tasha was now totally naked, except for her bodice, and was utterly dazzling. The bodice quickly followed the rest of her clothes onto the grass. My hand shook violently as I zeroed the camera in on her to record her beauty for my later delectation. Her breasts were a delight - not more than a handful, but pert and perfectly formed. Her belly was just slightly rounded with the faintest of dark lines of hair running from the deep indentation of her navel, down to her pubis. Her dark bush was thick and luxuriant. I moaned softly to myself, consumed with desire. How heavenly it be to rub my face among those lush, fragrant curls, lapping up her juices and inhaling her scent! Christine, meanwhile, sat back on her heels to gaze at the exquisite sight before her and whistled softly under her breath. Then she told Tasha to sit down.

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