Peeping Tom


First off let me tell you, I have not always been a peeping tom. In fact, up until last week I would have never began to even think about peeping in someone’s windows for sexual pleasure. Until the night my wife had me search the neighborhood for her damn cat. It’s a pretty enough cat, stays inside and hates my fucking guts! No love lost there, I hate it also. But naturally when it ran outside and wouldn’t come back when she called, I had to go find it. That or have a major fight on my hands with my wife.

I walked the street calling it’s name, knowing full well it would never come to me. Pissed, because I could be watching TV and drinking a beer instead of walking a dark street in search of a cat I could care less about. I saw it run behind some bushes near the black couples house that had moved in about 6 months ago. A nice couple, we had spoken to each other a few times. He stands about 6' 2"s and well built, She is a fucking knock out!

Me being a normal white male at 24, I have always had a jungle love fantasy. Sex with a beautiful black woman and with one as fine as LaTasha, it could only be he greatest thing that could happen to me. I walked quietly back to where I had last seen Zephyr (our cat) run too. Not wanting to get shot for being a burglar, I eased past the bush quietly calling his name. He heard me, looked and ran jumping the fence into their backyard. I went to the gate and called his name again as he ran away.

I could kill that little shit, putting me through this, Becky (my wife) knows he hates me and won’t come to me unless I’m feeding him or being a doorman for him. I was walking back to the street and happened to look in the window as I passed it, the curtains open a few inches and saw LaTasha standing in their bedroom. I had to stop and stare at her beautiful body, even dressed she exuded sexuality. Her breasts about a 38C and her hips flared out from her thin waist. And a ass, what a fucking ass on this woman, typical black woman’s ass, rounded and always stood out from her back about 4's. The kind of ass you could really hold onto when you gave her a good fucking.

I stood there as if I was hypnotized, I couldn’t have moved if you had shot at me. She was standing in front of her mirror admiring her reflection, her hands ran down her sides as she turned sideways, her back to me. Her hands went to the zipper on her dress and I watched as it fell to the floor, she kicked it away and stood in her high cut red panties and matching low cut bra. Her dark skin seemed to glow in the light as she did a slow turn, her eyes never leaving the mirror and mine never leaving her hot body.

This was too good to be true, her hands reached behind her and undid the clasps on her bra, freeing those wonderful globes of black flesh. Her nipples are a deep dark black contrasting against the more cocoa color of her skin and as thick as my pinkie finger, sticking out at least an inch. She held them up with hands, her fingernails painted to match her undergarments. I watched as her finger tips pinched and pulled at her nipples slowly, her eyes closed and her head leaned back a little. Her red lips opened and I saw her pink tongue lick them then run under her white teeth.

She massaged the marks where the bra had been on too tight, slowly raising each breast to rub them, easing the discomfort of being contained all day. Then her hands went inside the band of her panties, pulling them down slowly, a sexier sight I have never seen. This beautiful black woman doing the most sensuous strip for my eyes, had my dick trying to get out of my pants. I was not going to deny its attempt at escape.

I undid my pants and pulled my hard cock out. And started to jack off. What the hell was I thinking, jacking off in someone’s yard. Regardless of how beautiful this woman is, I could get shot, jailed, many things could happen. What happened was, I jacked off!

Her hands went to her hips and as she took a deep breath, her chest rose and her breasts stood out proud and happy to be free. She turned towards the window and I jumped back, I saw her shadow pass the window. Fearing she would look out I hid behind the large bush. Almost tripping on my pants as I did.

I waited a minute then went back to the window and peered inside again. She had gotten her robe and placed it on the bed. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, the cool evenings breeze felt wonderful on my balls as it went by. LaTasha had sat on the floor with her legs opened wide and was stretching her hands to her toes. Her hairy pussy opened enough that I could see her pink inner pussy surrounded by the black outer lips and the coarse thick hair covering her pussy.

Every time she stretched her hands to her feet her gash would open wide, exposing her inner wetness. I only wished that I could have my face between her thighs when she stretched like that. To be able to kiss such a pretty pussy, but I knew it could never happen. She did her stretches for 5 minutes or so, then stood up and with her back to the window she started bending over and touching her toes. That wonderful ass staring me in the face every time she bent over, and her gash opening to show me her pretty pink inner world.

Her hips flared out and her black ass shaped so fine had my cock ready to explode, but I wanted to make this last as long as I could, so I slowed my eager hand down. She finished her little exercise and sat on the edge of her bed catching her breath. I watched as her hand slid down to her hairy pussy and she rubbed it lightly. Her eyes closed and her finger spread the coarse black hair away from her thick pussy lips, her fingertip making small circles on her clit as it stood out and glistened from her sweat and pussy juices.

I watched as her red tipped fingernail entered her slit, the pink pussy swallowing it to the second knuckle. Her hand worked in and out of her, the finger showing her wetness on it. Her other hand went to her firm breast pulling and tweaking her thick nipple. I was pulling on my cock in unison to her finger as she fucked herself with it. Her head rolling side to side as her orgasm was getting closer. Her dark brown eyes closed and her long eyelashes fluttered when she came fiercely, her wide hips bouncing on the bed as she tried to get more of her thin finger in her hot wet pussy.

I came in a rush watching her as she came also, then she took her finger from her seeping pussy and sucked it down her mouth. Her thick red painted lips in a perfectly shaped O as she sucked on it and tasted her pussy juice from it. A smile came to her lips when she removed her finger from that sexy mouth. My legs still shaking as she rose from the bed to go take her nightly shower.

I put my sticky cock back in my pants and quietly left her yard, it had been about 30 minutes or more since I had left looking for the cat and I headed home. Walking in the front door I told my wife.

“I couldn’t find that damn cat anywhere!”

“Oh honey, he got home about 5 minutes or so after you left. Thanks for looking for him though.” she smiled sweetly at me.

I glared at the cat and he looked away like “Fuck You Too Asshole!”

But all in all it turned out great for me, I left the house looking for one pussy and saw an ever better one. I have started taking a walk in the evenings now, and for some reason I can always find a pretty pussy waiting for me to watch it. In fact I have found 3 other ladies that love to exercise in the nude at night. 2 white women and a nice looking Mexican lady, I have even started taking tissue’s with me for just such an occasion.

Author's Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-)

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