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Peeping Tom


Hearing rustling amongst the hay bales Tom the ostler went to investigate. Peering through a hole in the bales he couldn't believe what he saw:

The maid was lying sprawled across a bale with her brown hair pulled out of her bun. Her black dress was undone revealing her large breasts with nipples pink and erect. Her skirts were hitched up revealing no underwear but a neatly trimmed pussy. Between her legs was the lord of the manor. His nose was buried in her pussy as he licked her hard clit and a finger slid in and out of her soft wet sex. She arched her back and moaned as he drew her closer and closer to ecstasy.

At her head was another man, one of the lord's friends. His trousers were down around his ankles and the maid clasped his red hard cock in one hand as her other ran over a breast squeezing it. The friend's eyes were closed from extreme pleasure as she alternated between his erect cock which he thrust forward as her hand ran up and down its length. He drew it closer to her mouth and she pulled back the tip's shield to lick at the inflamed head with its drip of cum. The friend remarked in a tight voice from having to hold back, "I can't stand this any longer. I'm going to come soon."

The lord looked up, lips glistening from the maid's soaking clit, "I'm not ready yet."

"Then come here mi'lord and I'll help you along." The maid smiled with a slight French accent to her voice. Her hand beckoned to her master and he approached her, undoing his tight trousers as he shuffled over on his knees. His cock bounced out and she took it in one hand, "It does not seem to need any help."

"Good." The lord sat himself on the bale of hay and pulled the maid who protested slightly on to his lap. She pulled off her dress completely as it was getting in the way. She enquired, "Am I to have one at a time or both?"

"What would you like?" The friend asked with a leer.

"Please yourself, I take it anyway a man needs." She smiled with a knowing look of what the friend wanted.

"Excellent." He spat on his hand and began to rub it along his cock.

The lord was pushed down by the maid on to the bale. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her on to his hard eager cock. She leant forward and her breasts dangled in front of him. He reached out and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard making her squeal with pleasure. As she slowly moved up and down his cock, drawing the pleasure out for both of them his hands moved to her buttocks. He gave each a squeeze before one found her arsehole and gave it a gentle probe. Her neck arched backwards as she silently enjoyed the pleasure.

She felt someone kneel over her and it was the friend. The lord held her buttocks apart for his friend. The friend guided his own fat cock into her arsehole and though the maid whimpered she felt her muscles give way and it slipped in. She found herself pressed between the two men with one stroking her clit and the other sucking at her breasts. She shivered from the heightened pleasures that weren't going to stop.

The friend was the first to come. He leant hard against her, pressing her body into the lord. His hand covered her mouth so she couldn't cry out as he thrust himself deep into her arsehole, as far as he could before he exploded and cum began to ooze out. He lay there for a moment before slowly drawing himself out.

With him gone from her back the maid sat upright a little and smiling down at her lord she began to clench her muscles round his cock and every time she came up she almost slipped off his cock to tease his sensitive tip. He moaned and would force her back down on to his cock's whole length. He felt his balls tense and then he came in her and with a shudder he closed his eyes. The maid turned from looking at him with a pleased smile on her face. Looking towards the wall of hay she saw Tom and gave him a wink and kiss as if to hint she would have him next.

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