tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeeping Tom Ch. 01

Peeping Tom Ch. 01

byMany Feathers©

I was currently in the process of a divorce. My job required that I travel a lot, and as such, I had come home quite unexpectedly from a trip out of town. Hoping to pleasantly surprise my wife, I was the one surprised as I walked in and found her in bed with another man. I had moved out shortly after that, and had most recently moved into the new Condominium I had found close to the office I worked in.

It was not a lavish place by any means, certainly affordable for me, especially under the circumstances. However, the grounds were nice, well-maintained, good security...and as I soon discovered, neighbors across the way that made my particular unit selection an added bonus.

At thirty-eight, I looked closer to thirty than to forty. I still had dark brown hair without a hint of grey in it yet, kept in reasonably good shape as I enjoyed running in the morning before heading off to work. I wasn't a workout nut by any means, but stayed healthy enough that I wasn't supporting any kind of a beer-gut either. Years ago, I had had my nose broken, which hadn't been set straight, so it was slightly off angle. Rather than making me look disfigured, or ugly, I'd been told it had instead given me a rather rugged looking appearance in a sexy way, so I'd never bothered with getting it fixed. But there was no real reason to worry about that either. After marrying my wife, all thoughts of other women (well except in the fantasy of my own mind perhaps) were out of the question, as I was...and had remained entirely faithful to her. Even now, we were still talking, but I was yet hesitant to forgive and forget. Sadly enough, this was the second time I had caught her in ten years, and it made me wonder if there had been other times, I wasn't aware of. Like they say, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Not sure what they say about the third time, but I say it would be, Stupid fucking fool." And I wasn't about to let myself become that.

It was in fact my very first weekend in my new place when things got really interesting. Though it hadn't been my intention to do what I did, circumstances that seemed far beyond my control seemed to dictate what did happen, and why. For one...it had been well over three month's now since I'd had sex with my soon to be ex-wife. Therefore, I was already climbing the walls from that. Sure...simple masturbation seemed a temporary solution, but the emotional stress I had been through had all but killed any kind of libido I used to have, so even that method of gratification seemed like a distant memory. I may not have known it at the time, but I was primed for some excitement, in whatever form it might come to me.

It was late in the afternoon by the time I had finished unpacking what little I had brought with me, putting it away. Most of my new furniture hadn't arrived yet, and wouldn't until Monday or Tuesday, so except for my favorite chair, and 50" flat screen, I didn't have much. Even my bed was nothing more than a blow-up mattress I had purchased to get by on until the following month when finances might permit me that luxury. As it was hot, I decided to walk out onto my cozy little patio, sip on a Corona, and get a bit more familiar with my surroundings and perhaps even a few of my neighbors. Little did I know at the time.

My deck basically had two safety railings that ran around it, decorative, though without any real privacy thrown into their thought when building them perhaps. I did notice that many of the other tenants in this complex had either erected plastic, or even in some cases, wooden screens that gave their deck patios a great deal more privacy.

The neighbor across the way wasn't one of them. Thiers's was just like mine. Two railings, entirely open. Perhaps it was being on the third level, like I was...that the thought of needing additional privacy on their balcony porch didn't seem necessary. Though for the six other units all on this level, we all had a clear view of everyone else's business so it seemed, though there was only one other unit situated next to mine that was open as well. Perhaps they didn't see the need either, a young couple who I met a few days later, introducing themselves as David and Crystal. At the moment however, it was the young woman across the small court that separated our respective units that caught my eye...and me hers as it turned out. Though that too I wasn't to discover for a few days yet.

Like I said, there I was, sipping my beer, enjoying the view, when the view suddenly got a whole lot better. Across the way, movement caught my eye, and I was just in time to see a young dark-haired beauty wearing an emerald green bikini come strolling out. She set down what appeared to be a pitcher of iced-tea next to her on the table, and then spread out a big fluffy looking towel down on the lounge chair she soon climbed into. I looked away, pretending to be interested in something else, not wanting her to suddenly look up and over at me, and find me staring at her. I needn't have worried. By the time I looked back, she had rolled over in her chair, face down now, looking the other way.

I was free to look all I wanted to.

From the quick scrutiny of her I had taken in, she was built like a brick shit house, perfect in every way. Large, but not overly large breasts, long...well rounded legs and thighs, and a nice tight ass that I could now even more clearly see, especially when she nonchalantly reached down and behind herself, actually pulling the bottoms up even tighter into the crack of her ass. Obviously, her intention of tanning them more than they already were. She had a great ass, and I wasn't normally an ass man, more of a boob man, but I found myself thinking about nibbling on that sweet ass of hers as I sat there. And that's of course when I realized I was sporting an erection. Something I hadn't felt now in one hell of a long time.

I had just about collected my wits, and had even congratulated myself on getting rid of my erection without doing anything, when she suddenly reached around herself once again, this time undoing the clasp on her bikini top. I think I got about a two-second look at the side view of her breast as it seemed to appear before she settled back face down into the lounge chair once again. Next thing I know, my once flaccid cock is suddenly hard again. I reached over taking a sip of my beer, only to find I had already drained it, now chastising myself.

"Good hell, what's wrong with me?" I actually said aloud to myself. "A two second view of the side of a bare breast, and I'm horny?" It was time for another beer at the very least. I walked back inside my condo, took another Corona from the fridge, indulged myself with a lime, and walked back out to my balcony. This time acting like it was my first trip out there or something. I didn't even glance across the way at first, scanning the horizon like I was looking for the second coming of Christ, lifting my beer to sip from it, and only then spinning on the balls of my feet, completing the perfectly choreographed performance. As I pulled away from my beer, now looking across the way, I was greeted with an entirely new, totally unexpected little surprise. She had turned over in her chair, now face up...two perfectly formed, beautiful bare breasts sitting there for all the world to see.

Well...me anyway.

The fact that she now had sun-glasses on made me a little nervous. And though the way her head was positioned, laying fully and completely back, I had to wonder if she had any kind of an idea, or could see me standing there gawking at her. I again feigned indifference, looked away, once more scanning the courtyard up-down, side to side, and casually strolled back over towards my own chair. I sat down, likewise hidden behind the covering of my own dark sunglasses which I'd had the forethought to put on before I had come strolling back out again. And now...I really was hard. Sitting there looking without trying to appear that I was. Wondering if she knew I was looking, or simply trying to pretend she didn't know that I was. Either way, she didn't seem to mind, and I was content to look for a bit longer at least, until my beer ran out again anyway, before heading back inside, where this time I'd remain. Leaving her to her privacy in being able to sun-bathe without being peeped on.

I had to laugh. I guess it really was official now. My name was Tom Matthews. So I guess that after all these years, I had finally made it official. I really was a Peeping Tom.

As I promised myself, I finished my second beer and headed back inside, carefully, and even quietly closing the sliding glass doors behind me as I did. I figured with the way the sunlight was sitting, that the glare and reflection pretty much kept my movements now inside the house pretty well concealed. Thus...standing just inside and back a bit, I still had a fairly decent view of my very young, very sexy neighbor, without her being able to see me. And then to my surprise, her sliding glass door opened, and another woman appeared. This one obviously much older, more along my age perhaps, and without a doubt, by the similarities in hair color, shape etc...more than likely the young girl's mother. She too was wearing a swim-suit, a two piece, not exactly a bikini, white in color, with breasts that hinted at being even slightly larger than her daughters. I wondered for a moment if "mom" might chastise her daughter for displaying herself like that, but she seemed to be ok with it, pouring herself an ice-tea from the pitcher, sitting it down, and then spreading out her towel on the adjacent lounge chair. What she did then however, blew me away. She simply reached back around herself, undid the clasp on her swim-top, and removed it. Unlike her daughter however, she stood there for a moment, actually cupping, as though massaging her very exposed breasts before taking her seat, settling back, and only then reaching for her iced tea. Daughter now sat up, moving her chair back into a sitting position. Mom and daughter now sitting side-by-side, bare breasts and all.

I realized only then, I'd been standing there stroking my cock through my very tented khaki shorts. A very large, very dark wet spot protruding through when I looked down at myself.

I actually felt ashamed of myself, and now really did feel like some sort of a pervert...worse than a Peeping Tom. It was time to go to the store and do some much needed shopping. I figured if nothing else, that would get my mind off my two very interesting neighbors. I couldn't help wondering where the husband/father was.

Oh well.


I still had a few things on my "to do list", and sitting there looking at my next door neighbors wasn't on the list, even though I wish it had been. I had a few groceries I needed to get, a few other odds and ends to pick up, not to mention a load of laundry that needed doing. Luckily for me, those that didn't have washer and driers in their units, had access to a very nice laundry facility down in the court-yard area. Two hours later I was back, put everything away, took a quick glance outside, but my neighbors had since then disappeared. I was almost glad they were, or I'd have started in on the new pack of Corona's I'd picked up no doubt.

It was time to do the laundry.

Gathering up what I did have, I made my way down the elevator to the courtyard, and then across to the laundry and exercise room adjacent to that. It was early evening, and I felt that most likely no one would be hogging all the washers and driers, especially as no one appeared to be using any of the treadmills, or exercise machines in the room next to it either. I walked in, hearing one washer and dryer actually being used. But there were five more than weren't. I started loading my clothes into a washing machine and started to open the new box of detergent I'd just purchased when the sound of a woman's voice behind me startled me.

"You really should sort those into whites and darks...or colors at least. You could end up with pink tighty-whiteys if you don't."

I realized then I was holding onto a pair of my white jockey shorts, looking for inadvertent skid marks perhaps, which likewise startled and embarrassed me as I hurriedly threw them back into the stack I had, as though having already come to the same conclusion.

"Yeah, I guess I really should," I responded, only then turning to take in who my unexpected companion was, and realizing that she looked vaguely familiar. Suddenly I realized, it was the young woman from across the way. A bit more demurely dressed now of course, though she was wearing a fairly short pair of shorts, along with a tight-form fitting tank-top. The second set of black straps at least told me she was wearing a bra beneath the tank, though I swore I could see a tiny well-formed set of protrusions, even then pressing against the material of her top.

"You're the new guy that just moved in right? I saw you earlier today," she added.

"Earlier?" I asked wondering.

"Yeah...while I was out sunbathing, you came out and stood next to the railing there, sipping a beer. Thought that was you."

"Oh yeah...guess I was," I said somewhat sheepishly. She had to have known.

"Bet that Corona tasted a lot better than the iced-tea I was drinking," she continued to smile. "Wish I'd had one...maybe next time you'll invite me over...neighbor," she grinned almost a bit too wickedly.

I lied, making a mental note not to walk outside with any beers for a few days. "Yeah, when I can afford another six-pack next payday," I told her. She frowned at that, nodding her head.

"We figured you were either divorced, or going through one. Most everyone here is, all except for the couple living right next to you, and the couple below us. Everyone else is either single, about to be...or looking. Though there is the gay couple next to us that have probably lived here the longest, along with the lesbian couple below us on the left side. Mom's divorced now too, almost a year now, which is one of the reasons I've living with her now. Moral support for the most part, though I also am helping her out financially as my father's still being a bit of a prick about all this. I like it here though. Nice and quiet, everyone seems to mind their own business, and no one complains much about anything. Kind of nice being able to sit outside and suntan in the nude without having a bunch of horny old letches staring at you."

Was she pointedly referring to me? "Yeah, I ah...didn't mean to appear to be staring at you," I stammered somewhat apologetically, if that's what she'd meant by her comment. "Didn't even see you at first...wasn't looking," (I lied) "But then when I did see you, I decided it was best to go back inside so you wouldn't think that," (Which really wasn't a lie.) She grinned at that though.

"Oh, didn't mind you looking, whether you were...or weren't. That's not what I meant by that when I said what I said. Being nude, open about it being casual is cool. It's the guys who look at you behind closed curtains, stand there and jerk off, and then go in and call the superintendant or something to complain about the girl sitting there with her tits hanging out that bothers me. Which is the main reason we moved in here in the first place. Last place we were staying at really was full of perverts. Especially one really old fat guy. Can't tell you the number of times I came in to get my laundry, only to find out that half my panties were missing. Even found one pair of them a few days later, laying on top of one of the washing machines, all crusty with his dried up yucky cum. Pissed me off too. They were one of my favorite pairs, didn't even bother washing them...just tossed them away before someone else came in and got grossed out seeing them, or worse, turned around and used them again like he had."

I was surprised by this somewhat intimate, albeit candid conversation about cum-filled panties and the like, and about being "Peeped" on, which I had done...though she was simultaneously trying to tell me that it was ok if I had been. I wasn't exactly sure what to think. And especially when she continued.

"Didn't figure you for one of those types. And hope that you aren't. Mom and I do a lot of nude sunbathing whenever we get the chance too, which is usually only on the weekends anyway as we both work. Though I only work part time in the mornings at a local Starbucks. I take classes in the afternoon, though Fridays are basically my free-days. I neither work, or go to school. That's my catch up on studies or assignments and then usually in the afternoon, a quip nap while grabbing some sun outside if I can." I nodded my head at her, still a bit bewildered by this conversation. "By the way, didn't catch your name yet," she said extending her hand to me. "My names Rebbeca, though my friends all call me Rub."

"Rob?" I asked, not quite sure I had heard her correctly. She giggled upon hearing that.

"No, not Rob...Rub. Stands for Rebbeca, Ursla, Benson. My full name. But like I said, my friends just call me Rub, or Becca."

"Tom," I said now shaking her hand. "Peeping Tom," I thought, answering instead: "Tom Matthews," and my friends...well, just call me Tom," I said feeling silly though she smiled at that.

"Well Tom, you want some help sorting your clothes?" She asked actually reaching over to begin doing that, but I quickly stepped over blocking her from doing so before she could. "No...ah, that's ok...don't have all that much, and nothing really red in here either, so not too worried about ending up with any pink underwear as you say."

Once again she grinned, and then moved over to the washing machine next to mine where she began removing the wet laundry. I swear she purposely held up a few pairs of delicate looking underwear, expecting them before tossing them into an open dryer behind her.

I turned on the washer, just as she started up the dryer, and then turned preparing to leave, just as she did...once again saddling up beside me as we left, following the path that would lead to the split path we'd leave one another at, heading our separate ways.

"By the way...you know why my friend's nick-named me Rub?" She asked.

"I thought you told me," I said. "You're name?"

"Sort of...but not entirely," she snickered. "They call me that, because I enjoy rubbing one out. Especially if someone is watching me at the time."

She left me standing there at the split in the path, heading off towards her place, leaving me to stand there staring after her as she soon after disappeared.

"Did I just hear what I thought I heard?" I said asking myself. And then slowly, almost painfully walked back to my place. I had another hard on again, and this time, I was bound and determined to do something about it.


I had fixed myself a light simple dinner, and then walked outside onto my balcony to have a smoke. I didn't smoke very much. A pack could last me almost an entire week, but there was something about having a smoke after eating, that or with a glass of wine. Not beer...wine. That was one of my own personal quirks. I took a drag on my smoke, looked about, once more pretending not to, and then looked across the way. I could clearly see the screen of my neighbors TV, which was as big as my own. I could also see someone sitting on the couch watching it, though whether it was "Rub...Becca" or her mother, I didn't know. "Rub," I said silently to myself, shaking my head. Thoughts once more abundant when she suddenly stood. It was her. And then she walked out onto her balcony. She still had her black tank top on, but it was clearly evident she was no longer wearing her shorts. The white panties she had on instead, as brief as her bikini bottoms had been. Maybe it really was no big deal, I mean after all, what was the difference between panties or a pair of bikini bottoms? Didn't seem to bother her either way, as she walked outside, saw me and waved. I waved back, sipping on my glass of wine, glad I hadn't brought out a beer instead. She'd have picked up on that too no doubt. Wondered if she liked wine. Figured I'd eventually find out.

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