tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeeping Tom Ch. 03

Peeping Tom Ch. 03

byMany Feathers©

I had gone over to the grocery store late in the afternoon the following day, returning with several bags of groceries that I was juggling on my way over towards the elevators.

"Here, let me help you with those." I heard a voice saying. I turned almost dropping one of the bags at the sound of the woman's voice.

"Thank you," I said as she just caught it, taking it from me.

"You're Tom right?" She asked. "I'm Crystal." I think I blushed while looking at her, the familiarity of what I knew, even though I had never met her readily apparent on my face. She actually laughed. "I see that you've already heard about me...about us, David and I."

"And obviously, you've already heard about me too," I responded back as we stepped into the elevator together heading up to the third floor walk-way, where we'd then part and head off to our semi-connected condos.

Crystal was tall, at least six feet, a good two inches taller than I was. Her hair was blonde, short..and spiked, which looked really good on her, not to mention long tapered legs and thighs that told me she could very easily work as a model. Medium sized breasts that weren't overly large, but certainly hinted at voluptuous fullness as she hugged one of the bags against herself. I turned walking over to my door entry as Crystal followed, leading her inside my place seconds later as I set the bags down on the counter, reaching for hers. "Can I offer you a drink?" I asked. "Orange juice? Beer? Water?" I realized then I should probably pick up a few bottles of wine too.

"A beer would be lovely, thank you." She said taking one of the stools I had at the counter as I opened the fridge, taking out two bottles of beer for us. She smiled sipping on her beer looking at me as she did. "So...what have you heard anyway?" She half teased. I was again blushing.

"Well, only that you and your husband don't seem to mind being seen making love out on your balcony, though admittedly, I haven't had the pleasure yet."

"Oh...I am sure you will," she laughed. "Though I can say I certainly have. Enjoyed watching you yesterday over at Darlene's. She's quite the woman isn't she?"

"You might could say that," I agreed feeling my cock throb just a bit moving closer to the counter so as to hide the fact I was becoming aroused. Wondering as I did however, where she'd been while I'd been doing that. I didn't remember seeing her.

I knew very little about this woman, or her husband beyond the widely known facts I had heard. And I didn't want to come off as being some sort of a pervert having just moved in here. I needn't have worried.

"I don't recall seeing you," I finally said.

"No...you wouldn't have. I was laying on the bed, masturbating at the time, watching you through a pair of high-powered binoculars. I like doing that, it's almost as though being there. Like I said, it was fun watching you cum all over those amazingly big breasts of hers. Kept me horny all day just thinking about it."

And here I'd been worried about being thought of as some kind of a pervert. I actually laughed upon hearing that though, suddenly feeling much at ease. "Yeah, pretty interesting, living here I think. Only been here a few days now, and I think I've already cum more times than I did in my entire marriage," surprised at myself for even saying that to this woman I had only just met.

"Yeah, David and I were lucky to stumble into this place, as I'm sure you'll soon discover. A majority of those that live here, have come to understand the carefree uninhibited life-style most of us enjoy having here. So you can understand the nervousness when one of the units goes up for sale. We all wonder if it will be bought by someone who will at least be tolerant of some of the things that go on around here, or preferably...someone that will eventually join our interesting little family as we call it. And don't get me wrong either. David and I are not swingers or anything like that. We keep the intimacy of sexual intercourse strictly between us, though as you've already heard...we do enjoy the exhibitionistic aspects of that as often as we can. Simply stated, we enjoy it when people watch us fuck!" She took another sip of her beer, as I did. My cock swelling a bit bigger now as I stood behind the counter looking at her. "But...as Darlene's probably already explained to you, especially about her amazing parties...we're not above fondling and playing with others, something that David and I also love doing, whenever we get the chance."

Crystal set her beer back down on the counter top, and then reached up, undoing the top button on her blouse, followed by another, which she began undoing rather slowly.

"Nice to...hear," I said sipping on my beer, watching...not at all sure where any of this was heading. Once again, a bit stunned and amazed by all this, having just met her and all that. Obviously living here was going to prove out to be a whole new experience for me.

"Yeah, Rub was telling us...that you're quite the squirter too!" She undid another button, her white blouse starting to part, revealing what appeared to be a very lacy white bra beneath. The cups barely covering what appeared to be very dark brown colored areolas that were peeking out as she finished undoing the last remaining buttons. I took another sip on my beer...finding it empty, setting the now empty bottle down on the counter top next to hers as she slithered out of her blouse, now reaching behind, undoing the clasp on her bra, letting it fall. I was now staring at her exposed breasts, perfect little well rounded twins, fairly large dark colored nipples that were hard and erect.

"How'd you like to show me by squirting all over these?" She asked, now cupping and pressing her twin globes together.

I was rock fucking hard. And then her phone rang. She reached into her pocket pulling her cell-phone out, looking at the I.D., smiling. "Sorry...David," she said answering before I could say anything. "Hi honey...no, I'm back. I'm over at Tom's. Had to help him cart up some groceries. He invited me in for a drink."

I half winced at that, wondering...actually picking up my empty beer bottle before realizing it was, setting it down again.

"Yeah, you should come over and meet him," she said speaking into the phone. "I'm trying to convince him to cum all over my tits."

I needed another beer.


I took out two more, and then three upon hearing a knock at the door. It was already time to make a beer run. "Come in!" I called out, as David entered spotting his wife as she sat there on my barstool with her tits hanging out.

"Hey babe!" He said greeting her, walking over, though frowning slightly looking at her, and then at me. I was again wondering. Though about the same height as I was, this guy was twice as big as I was too. He could have easily been a body builder by the looks of it, not the kind of guy you'd want to run into in a dark alley. Maybe it was his bald head that made him look even more intimidating as he then extended his hand in greeting. I took it, shaking it briefly, feeling the maw of his paw overwhelm my own with a very strong, very firm hand-shake.

"Beer?" I asked handing him one.

"No...thanks, I don't drink," he said grinning at me. I now stood holding two beers, and then for something to do...turned putting one back inside the fridge as he spoke again. "Thought you said he was about to cum on your tits," he said suddenly. I almost dropped the beer, just managing to place it back inside the carton before turning again.

"No...what I said was, I was trying to convince him into doing that. I guess these aren't working very well," she added to that as I again watched her cupping her own breasts, wiggling them enticingly.

"Didn't say it wasn't working," I responded. As intimidated by her husband as I'd been...my cock certainly wasn't, still pressing against the front of my jeans as I stood there, lifting the bottle to my lips, only to see I hadn't as yet screwed off the cap yet. Crystal giggled seeing that.

"Works better if you unscrew it first."

"Or screw it," David responded looking down at his wife's breasts. "And I especially love screwing these," he then added to that, as Crystal reached over undoing her husband's zipper. Her hand reaching in, seconds later withdrawing his steely looking cock. At least that wasn't a monster, though I was half expecting it. Even then, I would have been hard pressed to measure whose was bigger...his or mine.

"Come on Tom, what do you say? How about joining David here? My tits could use a really good creaming!"

David stood there jacking his cock, pointing it towards his wife's right breast. "Yeah, come on Tom...join me. That's why they have two of them you know, though from what I hear...you could easily cover both all by yourself!"

"Word spreads quickly around here doesn't it?" I asked, though I now set my bottle of beer down on the counter again, stepping around in front of it, unzipping as I did.

"Now that's what I was hoping to see," Crystal smiled. She swiveled around in her chair so that David and I could now stand on either side of her, each of us fisting our own pricks now, occasionally rubbing them against those stiff hard nipples of hers. "I am so looking forward to Saturday," she sighed pleasurably. "So good to hear you'll be coming too. And speaking of which..." she looked up hopefully and expectantly, just as David groaned, grunted...and then began launching several streamers of his own spunk all over her right breast.

"Ah fuck that felt good...and looks good too," he added admiring his handy-work. "Go ahead Tom, let's see if you are as good at squirting as they say you are."

It was the one thing I did seem to do better than he had. Even though his own discharge was impressive in its own right. Moments later, I had turned on the hose, dowsing not only her left breast liberally with my cum-cream, but her right one as well, which between the two of us, had all but disappeared under a copious covering of white sticky fluid that she now smeared happily and pleasurably with her hands, massaging it into both breasts.

"Now that's what I call...a good tit creaming!"


My two new friends left a short time later. Like Rub had so often done herself, Crystal gathering up her blouse and bra, carrying them back over to their place, her frothy, foam-like covered breasts still sparkling with the results of our combined milking. I stepped outside onto my balcony, my last beer in hand, looking across the way, but saw neither Darlene nor Rub sitting outside. I figured Rub was no doubt working again, and as I only then recalled...Darlene was probably out showing a home to someone as she worked as a realtor.

And then it dawned on me. I had remembered seeing a business card, brochure...or perhaps a pamphlet sitting on her dining room table. It was from the same company I had gone through when eventually finding this place. I wondered then, if she hadn't been involved in some sort of condo pre-screening or something. I'd have to ask her about that, out of curiosity if she indeed had. It would certainly go a long way in explaining a lot about the people who lived here.

As I stood there thinking about this, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough, Steven had come walking out onto his deck. And as I had now come to expect and no longer found surprise in, he was likewise naked again. I turned waving, nodding my head in greeting at him, and then called out. "Hey Steven, would you care for a beer?"

"I have my own," he called back to me. "Why don't you come over here, and you can have one of mine!"

It was a good thing he did. I was out of beer. But more importantly than that, now that I had finally met David and Crystal, it was time that I finally met Steven. To begin with, it had been one of Darlene's suggestions that I do, and soon. She told me to explain to him what my own situation was, since he'd been through a similar loss himself. Though unlike me, soon to be divorced, according to Darlene, Steven had lost his wife due to a long suffering illness. He hadn't remarried afterwards, unable to find anyone he was as compatible with, and who understood and accepted his own unique life-style. He and his wife had been members of a couple's only nudist club. After her death, he had returned only a couple of times...with women he had started seeing, but according to Darlene, they'd been too uncomfortable in adopting or accepting that particular life-style. At least here...in this place, he could be more like himself until someone finally did come along. And the added bonus being...he could basically jerk off openly as well, whenever he liked. Which he'd just begun doing as he waved me over, inviting me for a beer.

Like I said. It was time to formally meet Steven, but there were also other reasons for doing so. I needed to incorporate his help come Saturday. And according to both Darlene and Rub, Steven would be the man I could rely on to do so.

Since we were on the same top-floor level, I took the walkway that went around and behind David and Crystals place, soon arriving at the door to Steven's place. The door was open, though I still knocked before stepping inside.

"Out here..." he called to me. No surprise there.

I walked out, soon joining him on his balcony. He was of course still naked, sitting there with what looked to be a partial erection. He pointed at the freshly open beer sitting on the table, inviting me to sit down.

"Was wondering when we'd finally meet," he said offering his hand to me over the table, which I accepted and shook before taking up my fresh beer. "And by the way...nice dick you have there, fun watching you cum."

Like I said before. It was going to be interesting living here.

I spent a reasonably, enjoyable time just sitting there chatting with him, getting to know the man better, and eventually telling him a little bit about my own problem. He grinned at that, not at all surprised that Darlene recommended that I approach him regarding her idea, and now mine.

"Sounds interesting. Certainly will add an element of curious entertainment to Darlene's party if what you believe is true. But sure Tom...more than happy to help out in whatever way that I can," he said finally agreeing to what Darlene and I had come up with. This indeed was going to prove to be a very interesting test for my soon to be ex-wife, if she in fact decided to even go through with it. I was still wondering about that, since this would indeed be something that up until now, she'd never really been very comfortable with. Walking in to a party where everyone else would be openly enjoying themselves, and no doubt in some instances with one another...I couldn't imagine Karen actually being able to do that herself.

Time would tell, with the party only a few short days away now.

And once again, I had to congratulate myself too as I soon after stood, heading back to my own place. The entire time Steven and I had sat there talking to one another, he'd continued stroking and playing with his prick. And oddly enough, the fact that he did...hadn't bothered me even a little. I was obviously starting to get used to this place.


I had now met just about everyone that both Rub and Darlene had told me would be there at the party. Other than a couple of outsiders that they knew, and always invited...the only people I hadn't met yet was the other gay couple that Rub had briefly told me about.

Robert and Daniel. It was interesting, because Rub had told me they were totally exclusive and committed to one another. And though they enjoyed attending Darlene's parties on occasion, enjoyed watching...and being watched, they never touched or got involved with anyone else. And though both Jan and Stacy enjoyed seeing the two of them together, and as I also learned, had even had their own parties separate and apart from Darlene's where the four of them did that, the girls still viewed it a challenge to see if they could get two straight guys to do what their friends did. And though I was still more than a little unsure about that myself, I figured that with it being a masturbation party only, seeing the two of them fooling around with one another would be no big deal. Especially as it would also play into the little scheme that Darlene and I had cooked up. I was leaving that aspect of the plan up to her to approach them with however. So hopefully she had...or would, as I hadn't met the two of them yet, and more than likely wouldn't until the party. Apparently they both slept during the day, and worked some sort of nightshift as bar tenders. So seeing them out and about, was a bit of a rarity.

Wandering around the complex, I stopped by the pool, surprised to see no one in attendance, though it was after all a workweek. I imagined that it got used mostly on the weekends and could easily imagine Jan, Stacy...perhaps Rub AND Darlene sitting out by the pool. Not to mention Crystal perhaps as well. I took note of all the units, two of which were currently vacant, and had managed to put names to each one of them save for the one unit sitting on the end on the bottom floor. Oddly enough, all the windows, curtains and blinds were pulled tightly shut. I wondered if this wasn't more of a winter home, or something along those lines for someone, as it appeared no one was there. And the fact that no one else had mentioned anyone else living here, had basically confirmed that for me. I turned intending to head back up to my place when I spotted Rub pulling her car into the parking garage. I decided to wait, and then walk back with her.

"Hey!" She said smiling upon seeing me. She looked cute in her "Starbucks" outfit, though I couldn't help noticing she'd undone most of the buttons on her blouse as she strolled closer towards me.

"That look help sell coffee?" I asked.

She looked down at herself, and then back up at me again, smiling. Most of her bare breasts were visible, she hadn't worn a bra today, though I wondered if she ever really did. "Nah...I like to flash the truckers on my way home," she said with a straight face. She laughed again at the raise of my eyebrows. "I'm just fucking with ya," she winked, shoving me off to one side as we strolled along together. "I don't have AC in my car, gets damn fucking hot on the way home in the afternoon, so it's about the best way I have of cooling off." Even as she said that however, she was already untucking her shirt, preparing to take that off as we started up the sidewalk together.

We were just approaching that closed up unit when I asked. "Anyone live there?"

She didn't even need to look to know what I was talking about. "I was wondering when you might get around to asking me about that. Hadn't said anything before as I didn't want to freak you out before you had a chance to get settled in here."

"Freak out?" Now I was freaking out. A little anyway. "What do you mean? He some kind of a creep or weirdo or something?" Not that I was having second thoughts necessarily about having moved in here...but if he was some kind of a child molester, or sexual predator...I'd have cause for rethinking my stay here.

"A creep? No. Maybe a little weird yes. Hardly anyone ever sees him. Something about having to stay out of the light for one thing. So about the only time he ever does come out is late at night. Even when there's a full moon, it's too much light for him even then. Anyway...he's also kind of the unofficial handy-man around here."

"Oh? And just how does he manage that? Work at nights while everyone's asleep?" The thought of that sort of bothered me too. Rub laughed.

"No, that also part of the weird part. Apparently, he's filthy rich, or well off anyway. Though why he prefers living here is beyond me. But...if anyone has anything they need fixing or repairing, they call the mole. "

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