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Peer Pressure - Melissa


This was originally posted to a.s.s. in June 1994; it has been reformatted from the original rich text sources but should be the same as archives of the original posts (except this is not broken into parts).

This work is not politically correct.

It contains adult subject matter and is intended for mature audiences. If you are offended by nonconsensual sex, lesbianism, BD/SM, watersports, etc. then I'm sure you will be annoyed by at least part of this story; feel free to complain but don't expect me to take you seriously.

This is a fantasy. No identification with actual persons or institutions is intended.

Chapter 1

Sullivan College was going to be a big change from high school, Melissa realized. She watched the cab drive off, half wanting to call it back and have the cabby return her to the airport. A moment later, the comely brunette was completely on her own. Well, her parents had said going to an out-of-state school would build self-confidence, but it wasn't as easy to believe now as it had been in the comfort of her home.

She'd been known as a tomboy back in Minnesota. Melissa's childhood had been spent worshipping her three older brothers, following them whenever she could. They'd always called her a pest, but it was meant affectionately, and some of the best moments of her life had been spent in rough-and-tumble football games. "The Pest" had learned to throw a baseball as well as any of the boys, and wore the same old jeans and ratty sneakers they did.

Melissa had gotten hooked on computers early when John, her oldest brother, had gotten an Apple II one Christmas. She loved the disciplined creativity involved in programming and had gotten involved in the school's computer club when the other girls in her class lived to flirt with boys and shop at the mall. Later, the faceless machines provided a refuge when her changing body distanced the boys from the easy camaraderie of her younger days; she was no longer the androgynous playmate they felt comfortable with. Melissa still thought of herself as "the pest" and was convinced no boy would relate to her as a girl, even if she'd had the inclination or courage to try such an approach.

Self-consciously Melissa retrieved her glasses from her purse and put them on so she could read the campus map. The purse was an obnoxious reminder of her body's unwanted changes. Her favorite wallet no longer fit comfortably in her hip pocket, and slight farsightedness required her to lug a pair of glasses with her if she wanted to read.

Her friends back home said the thin metal frames looked good on her, but the introverted teen habitually discounted comments about the beauty she was convinced she didn't have. In fact, in the last years of high school her body had ripened into a knockout figure that was imprinted in the minds of many of her old male classmates. Only her attitude and loose, concealing clothing partially disguised this fact.

Brushing back a lock of the dark, frizzy hair that had escaped her ponytail, Melissa looked down the campus. She heaved a sigh of resignation, slung her carry bag over a shoulder, and hefted the oversized suitcase before starting a slow march towards the building she'd identified as Gridley Hall.

The three floors of the U-shaped residence hall wrapped around a central courtyard. When she came close enough to scan the room numbers on the doors ringing the court, Melissa was dismayed to find her room, 301, must be on the top floor. Gridley didn't look like a building that had elevators.

Melissa found the nearest stairway and started the difficult climb to the top floor. She had made it halfway when a tanned student in swimsuit and T-shirt graciously relieved her of the suitcase and carried it the remainder of the way up the stairs. She was too flustered by the parting look he gave her to remember his name. Thank God, she thought, the movers will carry up the steamer trunk when it arrives later in the week.

Tiredly, Melissa trudged to the very end of the hall. The door to room 301 was open, and sure enough, "Melissa T. Bednar" was neatly printed on a post-it note affixed below the room number. The room was occupied, Melissa realized as she lugged her suitcase through the door and unceremoniously dumped it on the floor. Another girl was hanging clothes in one of the closets, surrounded by opened boxes.

The stranger stopped her work and deftly maneuvered around the debris to meet Melissa. "Hello, my name is Janet Mueller."

Melissa immediately found herself wanting as she observed the other's tasteful clothing and unconscious grace. She put on her best face and replied, "I'm Melissa Bednar. Pleased to meet you, I guess we're roommates."

Janet laughed lightly and agreed, "It looks that way. Quick, take the sticker off the door before some *other* Melissa Bednar arrives!"

Melissa was reassured by the light humor and began to feel better about the thought of sharing a room with Janet. Perhaps a little of the other's grace would rub off on her; the thought reminded her of the glasses still adorning her face and she quickly removed them and laid them on the empty desk. The distraction caused her to miss the envious look as Janet made an informed guess about the body hidden beneath the oversize shirt and windblown hair.

Janet broke the silence with another question. "Is this all you have?"

Melissa was brave enough to try a small joke. "*All?* This stupid suitcase was almost too much. I think my right arm is stretched." Janet giggled as Melissa completed the explanation. "No, seriously, I have my mom's steamer trunk coming, but it was too big to take on the plane. It should be delivered tomorrow or the next day." Reassured, she felt secure enough to try a question of her own. "Surely you didn't bring all *that* on a plane?"

Janet followed the glance to the boxes and smiled. "No, 'private moving service.' My brother lives an hour from here -- he drove me up from home. I suppose I should finish unpacking them."

Melissa succeeded in stowing her clothes in the small closet and dresser provided before they succumbed to wrinkling -- not that she particularly cared, but Janet looked like the type who would notice. Deciding the small remainder of her belongings could wait, Melissa elected to investigate the rest of her new home. Janet gave up on arranging her CD collection and volunteered her services as tour guide, although she admitted she hadn't had much opportunity to explore. A glance sufficed to cover the room's furnishings: two single beds, two dressers, two desks with chairs, a recessed sink with a mirror and small cabinet along one wall beside the closets. The best feature was undoubtedly the window, which yielded a fine view of the campus.

Janet led Melissa to the door on the other side of the sink and the girls walked into the bathroom. A shower, curtain pulled back, filled half the bathroom -- Melissa wondered at its size relative to their quarters. On the other side, the toilet was somewhat screened by a partition. With a shrug, Janet opened the door facing them. "It's okay, the upperclassmen don't move in until this weekend."

They peered into a room that was as bare as theirs had been a few hours ago. The two turned to each other in shocked amazement as each realized the center of the room was filled by a single queen-sized bed instead of the two singles they had expected to see! Hurriedly the pair retreated while their minds grappled with the implications of the furnishings.

"Maybe it's just a mistake? Put there by accident?"

"That seems unlikely. But, Melissa, I heard some seniors can use these rooms as singles, if they do well enough in the room draw."

"Oh, why didn't I think of that? That makes much more sense..." Melissa's voice trailed off momentarily as her thoughts returned the horrible, but now discarded, alternatives.

By unspoken consent, the pair elected to head downstairs and see more of the campus. They exited the room and closed the door behind them, after each had tested her room key in the lock. Janet resumed her commentary as they headed for the stairs. "These are supposed to be the best rooms in the dorm. Good view, neighbors on only one side, and the rooms below are used for storage -- we shouldn't have any problems with noise from other students."

Melissa wryly agreed, "As long as you don't have anything too heavy to carry up the stairs!"

Janet concluded, "and hope our suitemate isn't some acid rock freak!" Melissa laughed uncertainly; the joke was too close to her worries to be very amusing.


Melissa and Janet met their new suitemate Saturday afternoon. Janet had been holding up her part of a largely one-sided conversation relating to the previous day's placement tests and the merits of their fellow classmates. Melissa flipped through the first chapters of her introductory programming text. Both looked up at the sound of an opening door in the next room and exchanged excited glances at the realization their neighbor had arrived.

Janet and the stranger opened the bathroom doors simultaneously, then paused to assess each other as Melissa moved to peer over her roommate's shoulder. She didn't know what to think. The vibrant woman facing her had a model's body and carriage, and even *looked* familiar, but the clothes... They seemed practically obscene. Did people really dress that way?

In contrast to their own shorts and blouses, the stranger was wearing a lightweight purple sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up above her elbows, black leggings that looked painted on, and short boots. The sexpot pushed her reflective sunglasses up onto her windblown bronze mane as her face creased into a dazzling smile.

"Hi, I'm Jacqueline Barry. Call me Jacqui; everybody does. Really glad to meet you, you guys look like a major improvement over the losers we roomed with last year." She moved forward with hand outstretched; "You are?"

"Oh, right. I'm Janet Mueller, pleased to meet you, Jacqui." Janet shook the offered hand.

Melissa waved from behind Janet, "and I'm Melissa Bednar." In a wry voice, she added, "My friends call me Lissa." Cracking her own smile, she offered, "please come in and visit." Jacqui was only too pleased to accept and moved ahead as the freshmen gave way to her.

"Hey, nice," the beauty commented after a look around. "Can't chat much right now, I'm afraid, I've got more junk to bring up from storage, and I promised Anne I'd help bring up her stuff, too."

Janet rose to the bait and inquired, "Anne?"

Jacqui launched into her story. "Yeah, Anne Takasawa, she's my roommate. No way a lowly junior like me could pull a single in Gridley; Anne got a crappy number in the soph draw, but we doubled up and improved our position enough to get in."

The frosh's troubled expressions reflected the inevitable question.

"Oh, the *bed*. No, it's not what you think, we use it for partying. Look, two beds like you've got," she gestured at the furniture in question, "break up the room too much. Waste of space. The old queen works great, lots of people can sit on it, throw a cork board on top and you've got a great table for cards or whatever. Hell, this school doesn't give you any time to sleep anyway," she concluded.

It seemed reasonable enough, Melissa decided. Janet remained silent.

"Well, I gotta get back to work. Look, Anne and I will be here right after dinner. You can meet her, then we can go out, dancing or something, I can show you guys where the hot spots are around here. Sound like a plan?"

Janet relented; it would be good to escape one last time before classes really started. "Sounds like a plan," she agreed. Melissa, although slightly unsure about the thought of going bar hopping, nevertheless agreed to accompany her new friends. The three agreed to meet again at 7 PM, and Jacqui departed.


The older girls were a study in contrasts when they arrived. Anne, unsurprisingly, was a petite Oriental with straight, jet black hair. She spoke little beyond the initial introductions and obviously deferred to Jacqui. It was clear to Melissa who the leader of their group would be.

The quartet of young women departed Gridley hall at the appointed hour, and Jacqui led the group to her car. The frosh glanced enviously at the red Mustang convertible and complemented Jacqui on her fortune at owning such a great car when they were wondering when they'd have money to buy even a junker.

Soon they were headed down Fairport Drive with the wind blowing in their faces. Anne and Janet were squashed in the rear sets while Melissa, as tallest of the passengers, sat next to Jacqui. It was hard to tell what Jacqui was doing behind the reflective sunglasses, but Melissa got the impression she was being scrutinized. Uncomfortably, the brunette smoothed the skirt she now wore over her legs, and wished she'd foregone the pantyhose -- it was still brutally hot. Janet had chosen a dress for the occasion, elegant enough for a more formal affair. Anne had arrived wearing a denim skirt over a one-piece swimsuit, and Jacqui still wore her violet and black ensemble.

Over dinner, they learned more about each other. Janet was planning to become an attorney and ambivalent about a potential long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Franklin. Melissa blushingly admitted she'd never had a boyfriend at home, but knew a lot about math and computers. In turn, the newcomers discovered Anne was an Engineering major. Jacqui was studying journalism, modeled part-time for a local department store chain, and planned to embark on a career as a photojournalist following her graduation.

Later, much cheered and relaxed, the foursome declared the evening a resounding success and vowed to repeat the experience. The young occupants of room 301 retired to their respective beds early Sunday morning to dream of the upcoming adventures of their freshman year of college.

Chapter 2

College life seemed to agree with them. Melissa was flattered to have been approached for a date several times during lunch, although she wasn't sure she was ready to accept more than just meeting for a meal at the cafeteria. Janet was loosening up a bit too. Fall break and, coincidentally, Melissa's birthday, were upon her almost before she realized it.

Sullivan College traditionally gave its students a four-day weekend during October to provide a break in the pressure of the fall semester. Janet had already made plans to return home to visit Franklin and her family before Melissa shyly admitted her 18th birthday fell on the Wednesday before the break. Miffed that Melissa hadn't mentioned the event earlier, Janet nonetheless charged her suitemates with properly celebrating their youngest member's passage into adulthood.

Jacqui solemnly promised to see Melissa had a good time.


The evening started in typical fashion, although this time the four were nearly a matched set -- Jacqui and Anne had outfitted themselves with sleek dresses in honor of the occasion. All four coeds drew admiring glances at during the evening, but there was no question the birthday girl and her bronze-haired companion were the chief heartbreakers.

They returned to the dorm early to bid a regretful good-bye to Janet, who was hitching a ride home with her brother. The party promptly resumed as Jacqui broke out her bottle of Scotch to celebrate Melissa's arrival at drinking age. While Anne made a joke of pretending to "card" Melissa, Jacqui served out the shots.

Several drinks, and an indeterminate amount of time later, the conversation had turned to Jacqui's modeling experiences.

"No, really, Lissa, I mean it!" Jacqui continued. "You're gorgeous! You've *really* never considered doing any posing?"

"Honestly, no." Glamour was probably, Melissa thought, one of the few things she had less experience with than drinking. Except maybe sex... *Get your mind out of the gutter, Lissa!* She tried to return her attention to the conversation. "I wouldn't know what to do. *I* don't know what looks good."

Jacqui laughed. "Actually you don't really need to do anything except show up, look good, and follow directions. Hey, I have a tape from my last assignment. Would you like to see it?"

The proposal was unanimously accepted. Jacqui located the tape and popped it into the VCR, and soon the three coeds were lying back on the bed, bolstered by another round of drinks.

Melissa gazed raptly at the unfolding scenes with amazement. Jacqui was modeling swim wear, but a number of the suits were incredibly skimpy and she sensed she should be shocked by some of the explicit stage directions used. However, her mind felt numbed and, reassured by the steady presence of her friends on either side of her, she took in the tape with a calm that would have surprised her parents. Some 30 minutes later, her only comment was, "Jeez, Jacqui, some of those suits are practically pornographic. Not to mention that director. I guess I don't need to bother going on a field trip down to the Pussycat theater now."

Anne piped up, "You want to see a X-rated movie? We have some tapes here. Do you think we should watch one? Would that be okay, Mistress Jacqueline?"

The strange form of address escaped Melissa, who giggled and replied, "Sure, why not? All part of a college education, right?"

Jacqui merely smiled as she gestured for Anne to comply with the request, and refilled their drinks. Soon the three coeds were sitting in a row at the head of the bed, Melissa in the center, and Jacqui started the film.

The movie was about a housewife taken captive by a gang of robbers and forced to have sex with each of them, any way they wanted it. Melissa soon found that her panties were soaking wet, and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs to relieve the urge between her thighs. When the movie ended, the young virgin just sat there and stared at the blank television screen. Anne asked her how she liked the film, and Melissa could only nod her head.

Melissa felt Jacqui's hand on her knee. It wasn't long before the frosh's dress and slip were bunched up around her waist and Jacqui was gently rubbing Melissa's pussy through her panties. Melissa knew she should stop the model, but the feeling was so overpowering that she just sat back and enjoyed it.

Just as she was about to come, Jacqui stopped rubbing her and ordered, "Melissa, take off your panties." The confused teen hesitated for a moment and soon felt Anne's hands on her hips, pulling the offending panties down. Jacqui's fingers were quickly back on the brunette's cunt, and Melissa found herself squirming violently; she came with a pleasure that easily surpassed the self-induced climaxes to which she was accustomed.

Jacqui rolled off the bed onto her feet, then resumed control of the charged situation. "Anne, stop playing with yourself this minute. Lissa, stand over here in front of me and strip. Now." The aroused 18-year-old felt like she was in a trance, but did as she was instructed. Soon her dress, slip and bra lay on the floor next to her discarded panties. "Good. Now get back down on the bed, and spread your legs. Anne, eat her."

The Oriental's lips and tongue were soon working their way up her legs, and Melissa came when Anne brushed her pussy with her lips. Sweet juice ran from the trembling teenager's gash into Anne's mouth as she frantically licked Melissa's virginal slit. Melissa completely lost track of Jacqui.

Then Anne was gone and Jacqui had returned. Melissa started to regain her senses as Jacqui rolled her over onto her stomach. Soon Jacqui's lips were working their magic on the backs of her thighs, and Melissa could feel the warmth spreading through her body again.

Jacqui licked her bottom until it was wet with saliva and then spread Melissa's cheeks and shoved a finger into her ass. Soon the orgasms were tearing through the teen's body so fast that she just lay there trembling and screaming. Overcome at last, the drained beauty fell into a very deep sleep.

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