tagNovels and NovellasPeggy Sanford a Worldly Woman Ch. 01

Peggy Sanford a Worldly Woman Ch. 01


Author's note: I had planned to take a break from writing and submitting stories to Literotica when I reached 300 submissions. I know I said that when I reached 100 and again when I reached 200 submissions but many of you loyal readers asked me to continue. Many of you also sent me story lines and topics to write about, some more detailed than others.

Recently I received an e-mail from Peggy Sanford who has written several stories for Literotica and you can see Peggy's profile and photo under Peggy46. Peggy has asked me to write stories about her based on her profile and fantasies and she had also asked that I use her actual name in the story. So to that end I am dedicating this next series to Peggy Sanford.

Peggy told me that no topic is off limits and after reading her profile I see that the subject matter is wide open. Peggy seems very adventurous and in a way reminds of women in my life whom I have written about; specifically my secretary of five years in the story, "An Affair to Remember," and a friend Carol in the story, "A Year She'll Never Forget."

I anticipate that I will continue to receive e-mails from Peggy and that she will provide suggestions for story lines as I write this series. I am looking forward to writing about Peggy and I hope all of you will enjoy reading about her. As always all characters are at least 18 years of age and all other names are fictitious. The stories will be fiction based on suggestive behavior.


Peggy Sanford at the age of 46 years is a beautiful woman who has maintained her youthful looks over the years. She has long brown hair and a shapely 5'3" tall, 105 pound, 35C-23-36 figure. Peggy is still a head turner particularly when she is not wearing a bra, panties or both. With two teens in college and a 70 year old husband who travels for months at a time playing golf all over the world, Peggy is very much a free spirit and at times a very naughty lady.

She works at an insurance company as an in-house claims representative and she also works as a part-time model. Peggy can often be seen in the Sunday newspaper supplements wearing fashionable clothes and sexy lingerie. Living in southern California allows Peggy access to the beach where she can work on her year round tan and check out the young hard body studs. Peggy is also active in sports and plays tennis and golf at a country club where she and her husband are members.

On this particular Friday afternoon Peggy was looking forward to spending the weekend at Del Coronado Beach. However before she left work that day she was called into her boss's office and she knew exactly what he had in mind. Mr. Ronald Gibbs or Gibby as he preferred to be called was a dirty old man by name although he was only 50 years old. He was as horny as a three puckered billy goat and he had a thing for Peggy. Gibby was very generous and took good care of Peggy with pay increases and bonuses. He was also very lenient with her work hours and often let her have extra time off.

Of course what Gibby got in return was great office sex with Peggy. Gibby was married and he did not fool around outside the office and he really didn't need to as Peggy kept him satisfied. A day didn't go by that Gibby didn't have his cock in Peggy's mouth at least once. Peggy loved to suck cock and he loved getting blow jobs from her. The thing that Gibby liked most was that she never refused him whenever he was in the mood to have his cock sucked. Gibby liked to fuck Peggy too but only when they had time and he was in the mood. Gibby liked fucking Peggy from time to time because it was slam bam sex. Peggy would remove her panties and stretch out on the small conference table in Gibby's office. She always looked sexy on the table with her mini skirt pulled up to her waist and her bushy pussy on display. Peggy always wore thigh high elastic top hose so that her pussy would be accessible when she removed her panties. She always looked hot with her nylon clad legs spread awaiting Gibby's cock.

Gibby would just drop his pants and underwear to his knees, step up between Peggy's legs and shove his average size cock into her steamy pussy. Peggy was a hot number and it didn't take long for her to cum. In fact she often had two or three orgasms before Gibby came. Gibby never ejaculated in Peggy's pussy as he would always finished in her mouth. Peggy preferred it that way which was fine with Gibby. Peggy liked swallowing cum and she also wanted to keep her pussy clean during the work day.

That Friday afternoon Peggy sat in the side chair next to Gibby's desk as Gibby stood up. Peggy unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants and pushed them along with his underwear down to his knees. Gibby looked down at Peggy and lifted her face with his hand. Peggy smiled at him and she marveled at his confidence. Peggy took his cock in her hand and ran her tongue over the head of it. Then she wrapped her mouth around it and slowly moved her head up and down taking him as deep as she could without gagging herself.

Peggy was indeed an excellent cock sucker and she soon had Gibby on the verge of cumming that day. Peggy bobbed her head up and down on his cock pursing her lips together until she felt Gibby shiver. Peggy would remove her mouth briefly to prolong his orgasm. She would lick the underside of his cock and his balls driving him wild with desire. Peggy sucked his balls into her mouth and tickled his perineum with her fingers. Peggy let her hands run over his hard abs and loins which caused Gibby to tremble as a tingling sensation ran through his body.

Gibby couldn't take anymore and he grabbed Peggy's head and pulled it back onto his cock. Peggy knew this time he would cum in her mouth and she was prepared for the surge or the volume of his ejaculation. Gibby held her as he unloaded in her mouth. Volley after volley of cum bounced off the back of Peggy's throat and she swallowed as quickly as she could. Peggy managed to keep all of his cum in her mouth and she sucked him dry. Peggy loved the way she controlled him now as she lovingly sucked and drained his cock. Gibby was trembling as Peggy nibbled the head of his cock and massaged his tight scrotum.

Feeling weak in the knees with chills running through his body, Gibby pushed Peggy's head away from him. She looked up at him and smiled as she licked her lips. She loved making him cum and she loved teasing him to the point when he had to push her away. Gibby pulled up his pants and underwear and straightened out his clothes. Then he dismissed Peggy for the day and she left his office. Peggy was pleased to get a head start on the weekend as she had to get a few things done before making the trip down to San Diego and Del Coronado.


Peggy loved hanging out at the beach at Del Coronado. There were always beautiful people there and she always got lucky when she stayed there. Her husband was in Scotland for the past two weeks and he wasn't due home for another month. Peggy was always on the prowl when she was home alone as she had a very open marriage. Peggy and her husband both had multiple sex partners earlier in their lives but now only Peggy was sexually active.

It was Saturday morning about 10:00 AM when Peggy stretched out on a lounge chair on the beach. She always liked getting there early so that she could pick out a good location. She was still impressed with the number of it hard bodied men and women that frequented the beach. She was struck by three very handsome young men coming out of the water. They were all in top physical shape and with their short haircuts Peggy assumed that they were military personnel.

The three young men spotted Peggy and they moved their blankets and gear to near where she was seated. As it turned out the three young men were juniors at San Diego State University. The three young men were polite and they introduced themselves as Nick, Rob and Tony. The three of them studied Peggy closely as if they were sizing up their prey which made Peggy feel very naughty at the moment.

They made easy conversation with Peggy and they took frequent dips in the ocean. Each time they returned with their bodies glistening with water, Peggy felt that familiar surge in her belly and decided to take a dip in the ocean. When she stood up her bikini bottom was wet in her crotch and she made sure that the three young students noticed it. Peggy stood at the water's edge letting the waves caress her body up to her knees. She smiled to herself as the one student Nick came up behind her.

"Go on in the water's great," Nick yelled to her.

"It's a little chilly," Peggy replied.

"Nonsense you'll get used to it," Nick replied and with that he scoped Peggy up in his arms.

"No stop it, I don't want to go in, I don't want to get my hair wet," Peggy playfully screamed.

But Nick ignored her and carried her out to the breaker line and then dropped her in the water as he did he let his hands run over Peggy's tits and her shapely ass. Peggy noticed the quick feel as she was dunked in the ocean and she was flattered by the young man's attention. Peggy stood up quickly and her 5'3" frame was into water up to her shoulders.

"There that's not so bad is it?" Nick teased.

"I'm freezing," Peggy yelled.

"Well here I'll warm you up," Nick said as he pulled Peggy close to him

His hands covered her body as Peggy faked trying to squirm away. Peggy's back was to Nick and she could feel his erection in his bathing suit against her ass. Very impressive she thought to herself. Nick's hands went to Peggy's tits and then dropped to her bare abs. Peggy tried to act put out but she felt the familiar tingling again and she wanted it more than Nick did. Nick slipped one hand right inside her bikini bottom and he rubbed Peggy's pussy. It happened so fast that Peggy froze at first and then she relaxed. Nick had not removed his hand from her bikini bottom and now he had a finger in Peggy's pussy. Peggy just sighed as she felt her pussy heat up and then Nick snaked his other hand under her bikini bra. Nick found Peggy's tit and rock hard nipple and he knew he had her, although it was really Peggy who had Nick where she wanted him. Peggy let him fondle her tits and finger her pussy below the surface of the water.

"Are you staying at the hotel?" Nick asked her.

Peggy said, "My room number 702 in 15 minutes."

Nick released her and put the finger from her pussy in his mouth and sucked it clean. He smiled at Peggy as she left the water to pick up her belongings and head back to her room. At least when Peggy left the water her entire suit was wet and no one could tell her pussy was on fire. Peggy picked up her towel and gear and said goodbye to Rob and Tony.

The students waited 15 minutes and then headed into the hotel and proceeded to Peggy's room. When they arrived at the room Nick knocked on the door and announced himself when Peggy asked who was there. Peggy opened the door and all three students pushed their way into her room. Peggy had removed her bikini and she was naked under the hotel robe. The three young men moved around her until she was somewhat surrounded on three sides. Nick grabbed her from behind and pulled her body back against him. Peggy acted shy and held tightly to the robe.

"We thought that a woman like you might like some extra loving today," Nick said as he pulled her into his body even tighter.

Peggy felt him and there was no doubt that his wonderful manhood was straining at his shorts and pushing at Peggy's lower regions as he held her. Here she was with a handsome man and she was becoming aroused by her feelings and the closeness of his body. Nick turned her toward him and pulled her tightly against his body. She allowed him to hold her tightly up against his manhood and she was exhilarated by the hard cock pushing below her waist. Nick lowered his mouth to hers holding her head in his strong hands. She felt herself opening her mouth and pushing her tongue out to tussle with the strong opponent pushing into her own mouth. Peggy's lips crushed against the young mouth, her lipstick was being smudged, but she didn't care as her head was held firmly as the two tongues fought ferociously with one another.

Nick's hand was on her robe and rubbing the cheeks of her ass. Peggy could feel his big hands on her cheeks, pushing and then releasing her bottom, grinding her body onto his impressive manhood. Peggy had temporarily forgotten about Rob and Tony who watched the seduction. Peggy realized that her robe was being gently pulled up the backs of her legs.

"Oh yes please, please," Peggy cooed.

Nick replied by kissing her open mouth once more and Peggy responded, forgetting about her appearance. She could feel that her robe had been drawn up over her naked ass. He squeezed the firmness of each of her cheeks, pulling her onto his cock again, slipping his hands over her buttocks to feel the skin of her shapely firm ass.

Peggy knew that her legs were on display but still she instinctively opened them a little as the two of them held to each other. She was wet between her legs and there was no doubt what was going to happen next. Peggy groaned as she felt another pair of hands begin to massage her bottom and she felt the nearness of another body behind her.

"Oh, please, oh please," she cooed again.

Nick still held her tightly and she just went with the erotic experience. As the new hands encircled her waist and caressed her ass, Nick held moved her hand down onto the rock hard cock at the front of his shorts.

"Take it out Peggy," Nick ordered.

As if in a trance Peggy fished the big cock out of Nick's shorts and felt the warmth and thickness in her hand as she brought the young cock out in the open. Peggy's felt another boy's fingers explore the lips of her cunt and rub her clit. Just as it had happened many times before with multiple sex partners, Peggy was being led down a sexual path where she was their plaything and object of their desire. She was extremely proud that her body could still stir the sexual wantonness of these young men. Nick moved backwards and bent Peggy forward a little so that she could take his vibrant erect cock into her mouth. Peggy was now bent over sucking Nick's prick as she held it in position with her hand. Meanwhile Rob was at her rear and with her robe bunched around her waist he was easing her legs wider apart.

Rob whispered, "You have a beautiful ass and pussy Peggy, so fuckable."

She obediently opened her thighs exposing her cunt lips to Rob's probing fingers. Peggy held Nick's cock perfectly in her mouth as she sucked and nibbled and bobbed up and down on it. She felt Rob's firm hands on the tops of her thighs and then she felt the warm skin of another cock brush against her ass cheeks and prod her cunt lips. The wetness of her body opened her pussy easily and the thickness of Rob's cock pushed aside her lips and slid into her.

Peggy gasped as Rob's first thrust pushed her forward causing Nick's cock to hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged but she recovered quickly and returned to licking and sucking every inch of the beautiful cock in her mouth. Peggy thought how she must look at the moment in her own hotel room, her robe up around her middle and being fucked doggy style while gobbling a giant cock down her throat.

Tony stood nearby watching the scene stroking his manhood through his shorts. Tony could see Rob's cock entering with long, regular, penetrating strokes that almost lifted Peggy off her feet. Rob held her firmly by her hips and Nick held onto her head. Tony watched Nick's thick cock as it slipped down into her throat before easing out to momentarily rest between her lips and then slide back down again.

Neither of them was rushing the experience as they wanted to enjoy Peggy's body. They wanted to savor her submissiveness and the eagerness with which she had given herself over to their sexual advances. Peggy was helpless in their dual grasp and beautifully exposed. She wanted it to go on and on, thrilling her and fucking her deeply. She didn't think about it any longer, she just listened to her body and went with the flow. As she sucked, nibbled and pushed back onto the young cocks in her the feeling was incredible.

Peggy groaned as Rob rammed up into her cunt with each thrust and Nick held her hair gently as he controlled her head movements over his cock. Nick held his cock with one hand as it moved in and out between Peggy's willing lips, until finally he had reached his pinnacle, then he withdrew slightly and held Peggy firmly so that he could shoot in her mouth and over her face. Peggy was in such an aroused state from the cock pounding into her at the rear that she paid no attention to Nick's positioning. Then his thick ejaculation shot into her mouth and splashed all over her face. Nick held his cock close so that his milky seed hit Peggy's cheeks, chin and forehead. Peggy also felt the liquid enter her mouth as she held her lips open in an attempt to capture it all. She felt the fountain spew all over her face and her tongue darted out to lick round her lips. She felt the warmth as cum dribbled down her face as Nick held her head in place. He then pushed his wilting member back into her mouth again and urged her to suck him dry.

"Lick it, Peggy, lick me clean," Nick ordered and Peggy obligingly sucked and licked until every drop was taken into her mouth.

Rob still held Peggy and he was still thrusting his vibrant cock into her from behind. Tony now wanted to enjoy the woman who was their plaything. "Let's take her into her bedroom," said Tony as he watched Rob enjoying himself.

Rob eased himself out of Peggy's succulent body. Peggy raised herself to a standing position and Rob enveloped his arms around her waist to tease her cunt lips with his fingers again. Peggy was on a high as she had almost been brought to orgasm. She held Rob's fingers on her cunt and guided the boys to her bedroom. She felt wonderful and knew that she must have looked stunningly sexual to the three boys. She didn't care that her robe was bunched up around her waist, or even that her face showed traces of Nick's dried semen. Peggy still held Rob's fingers tight onto her vaginal lips as the four of them entered her bedroom. Once in the bedroom the four of them removed all of their remaining clothes. Peggy was opening her legs wider to accept Rob's intruding fingers. She was overcome with desire and she wanted to rub her own clit frantically. She wanted so badly to cum.

"Oh please, please, fuck me, just fuck me," Peggy pleaded.

Rob was grasping her bullet-like nipples, tweaking and pulling them playfully. Peggy was enjoying the tug on her nipples and the fingers up inside her cunt. Her eyes closed and she emitted audible sighs of enjoyment.

"Do you want to lay down Peggy? I am sure that you are ready to lie down, are you?" Tony asked already knowing the answer.

Rob and Tony gently guided Peggy to her own bed and had her lie comfortably on her back. The three students stood at the side and the foot of her bed. She looked sexy and vulnerable in their presence. Peggy's fingers made their way back to her pussy and she caressed her clit as she watched Tony climb up from the foot of the bed and kneel between her thighs. He leaned in towards her and moved his face close to her pussy.

"Oh my God, oh no, oh yes," gasped the wanton teacher as she felt the first caress of Tony's firm tongue on the wetness of her cunt.

His tongue pushed her lips open and darted in and out. Tony then licked and pushed at her protruding clit, sending Peggy into spasms. Peggy's hips lifted up and down off the bed to meet Tony's lapping tongue as he gripped her open thighs and licked, slurped and nibbled her pussy. Every now and then Tony would push his fingers into her to open her cunt lips.

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