tagNovels and NovellasPeggy Sanford a Worldly Woman Ch. 02

Peggy Sanford a Worldly Woman Ch. 02


Author's note: I had planned to take a break from writing and submitting stories to Literotica when I reached 300 submissions. I know I said that when I reached 100 and again when I reached 200 submissions but many of you loyal readers asked me to continue. Many of you also sent me story lines and topics to write about, some more detailed than others.

Recently I received an e-mail from Peggy Sanford who has written several stories for Literotica and if you have a Literotica log-in and password you can see Peggy's profile and photo under Peggy46. Peggy has asked me to write stories about her based on her profile and fantasies and she had also asked that I use her actual name in the story. So to that end I am dedicating this next series to Peggy Sanford.

Peggy told me that no topic is off limits and after reading her profile the subject matter is wide open. Peggy seems very adventurous and in a way reminds of women in my life whom I have written about; specifically my secretary of five years in the story, "An Affair to Remember," and a friend Peggy in the story, "A Year She'll Never Forget."

I anticipate that I will continue to receive e-mails from Peggy and that she will provide suggestions for story lines as I write this series. I am looking forward to writing about Peggy and I hope all of you will enjoy reading about her. As always all characters are at least 18 years of age and all other names are fictitious. The stories will be fiction based on suggestive behavior.


Peggy had just showered, put on her make-up and dressed in preparation for dinner. The afternoon had been a joy spending it with three virile college students. Peggy had washed her body thoroughly and douched all of the youthful semen from her vagina and her rectum. Peggy wanted to be squeaky clean in the event she met someone worthy of her attention. Peggy opted to wear a thong panty and go without a bra that evening. She wore a short cocktail dress cut about 8" above her knee displaying her shapely legs. The dress had thin straps and showed off her cleavage and provided nice side views of her breasts. The dress was snug around her bottom and hugged her curvy ass. Peggy was ready for a night out.

The restaurant was filled mostly with couples and Peggy ended up dining alone at a small table. After dinner she made her way into the lounge and again she found mostly couples drinking, socializing and dancing together. She took a seat at the bar in hoped that she would meet someone but if not she would head downtown San Diego. Peggy was open to making it with couples as she had done that several times and she had enjoyed it. However it didn't seem as though there were any swinging couples in the lounge. Peggy was about to leave when a cute girl sat down next to her.

"Is anyone sitting here?" the girl asked.

"You are now," Peggy replied.

The girl held out her hand to Peggy, "Janine," she said introducing herself.

"Peggy," Peggy replied taking the girl's hand.

"Are you here alone?" Janine asked.

"So far," Peggy sighed.

Janine ordered a white wine and then excused herself to go to the ladies room, "I'll be right back."

Peggy checked out the girl as she walked toward the ladies room. Janine was a cute pixie looking young woman who was almost flat chested. She was about 5'4", 110 pounds with short brown hair. Her figure was athletic but cute as she had shapely legs and a nice pert round bottom. Peggy decided that she liked the looks of the young girl.

Janine returned form the ladies room and rejoined Peggy at the bar. For the next several hours the two of them got along fabulously. They told stories, told jokes, laughed and drank their share of wine. They were both a little giddy when they finally left the lounge. Peggy had learned that Janine was a physical education teacher at a high school. Janine invited Peggy to her room for a night cap and Peggy accepted.

As they entered Janine's hotel suite Janine pushed Peggy back against the door and pressed her knee into Peggy as she pinned her against the door. Janine's hands were all over Peggy as she started kissing her passionately on the lips. Janine's kisses were so wonderful and eager as her hands cupped Peggy's face, Janine kissed her over and over. Peggy reveled in the thrill of all the emotions and adrenalin coursing through her body. Janine nibbled on Peggy's lower lip gently and Peggy gushed with exhilaration as their tongues intertwined. Janine shoved her tongue deep into Peggy's mouth causing her knees to almost buckle under her with the excitement of the moment. As Janine's wet hot tongue explored Peggy's mouth her hands roamed all over her body. Janine explored inside Peggy's dress, up her skirt and stroked the exposed skin of her thighs above her nylons. Peggy murmured into Janine's mouth as the caresses sent shivers through her body. Janine seductively stroked Peggy's breasts and thighs. Peggy's desire intensified as Janine stroked her pussy through her damp panties.

Janine dropped to her knees and raised Peggy's skirt pushing it up to her waist. Then she hooked her fingers into Peggy's thong panty and slowly peeled it down her thighs and off her legs. Janine then held the panty to her nose and inhaled the sweet smell of Peggy's sex. Next Janine steered Peggy back against the foyer table and helped raise her up until she was sitting on the table. Janine smiled wickedly at Peggy as she pushed up her skirt and then dropped slowly in front of her. As Janine spread her legs Peggy couldn't conceal a moan and she had to stifle her gasps with the back of her hand. Peggy could feel Janine's hot breath on her sopping wet pussy. Janine then started to place delicate kisses upon Peggy's naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Peggy's skin sent waves of excitement through her. Janine ran a fingertip down Peggy's slit causing her to groan with pleasure as Janine's fingers honed in on Peggy's engorged clit.

As Janine inhaled the sweet odor of Peggy's pussy her tongue darted out for an exploratory lick and then she lapped excitedly at Peggy's quim. Janine began to lick her from her little dark puckered asshole to her clit. Janine then pulled Peggy's pussy lips open and exposed her pink pussy as her tongue darted in and out of Peggy's now dripping cunt. Peggy felt as if she were being fucked with a little cock as Janine stiffened her tongue. Using her thumb Janine rubbed Peggy's clit and she also dipped her fingers into Peggy soaking wet pussy and located the g-spot. Janine then took one very wet finger and slid it into Peggy's tight asshole. Oh how good it felt to Peggy to have something in her ass again even though it had just been hours since she butt fucked. Janine sucked Peggy's clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Peggy groaned with the pleasure of the raw sex and her love of anal sex betrayed her. Soon the intensity in Peggy's ass, pussy and clit built up to the boiling point and she came noisily with her juices spilling from her and into Janine's waiting mouth.

Janine hurriedly took Peggy by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once in the room they frantically removed the rest of their clothes. Peggy knew it was her turn to pleasure her lover. Janine stood by the bed as Peggy moved behind her and placed gentle kisses all over her body. She started at Janine's shoulders and worked her way slowly down to her buttocks. Peggy was enthralled with Janine's body with her firmness and smooth skin. Peggy began to lick and kiss Janine's hips planting kisses all over her sensitive body. Peggy couldn't resist sinking her teeth into Janine's firm ass cheeks causing the teacher to shiver and gasp in surprise. Peggy turned Janine toward her and then kissed the inside of her thighs and worked her way steadily toward her pussy. Peggy kissed the area around Janine's pussy and inhaled the sweet aroma produced by the aroused gym teacher.

Peggy loved the smell of Janine's pussy and she was desperate to taste her. Peggy flicked out her tongue and once again tasted another woman's pussy. Peggy was pleased to find that Janine tasted as sweet as she smelled. Peggy began by probing Janine's pussy gently with her tongue and then found herself diving into the luscious pussy. Janine fell back onto her bed and Peggy moved to a sitting position between her legs. Peggy then began to lick her clit and she loved the way it swelled under her tender touch. Remembering her lesbian experiences, Peggy enveloped Janine's clit with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it emitting squeals of delight from Janine letting Peggy know that she was driving her crazy. Peggy was gaining confidence with her tactics as she started to lick Janine's pussy again tasting her sweetness. She ate her, licked her and probed Janine's sweet hole with her tongue and then slipped a finger into Janine's dripping pussy and finger fucked her while she sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

Peggy felt Janine's clit swell and stiffen a little more as she continued to hold the hard pearl in her mouth. Peggy lavished delicate kisses all over Janine's pussy and then returned to lustily licking her clit again. Peggy's tongue danced all over Janine's clit before probing her quim this time her tongue delved into every fold of Janine's now soaking pussy. Janine reached down and took hold of Peggy's hair and pulled her face tighter to her snatch forcing Peggy's tongue deeper inside her pussy and she ground her clit against Peggy's mouth. Peggy could feel Janine's body quake as her orgasm rose within her and Janine continued to push back against Peggy's face. Janine ground herself against Peggy as her breathing quickened and she moaned aloud and became uncontrollable. Peggy felt Janine's body stiffen and then she was cumming all over her face and Peggy's tongue hungrily searched out every drop of Janine's sweet nectar. Janine collapsed across the bed on her back as Peggy licked her pussy clean of all female juices.

"You know when I ate you before I noticed that you enjoyed having my finger in your ass. Do you like anal?" Janine observed and asked Peggy.

Peggy blushed at the question but replied, "Yes I do. Your finger felt great but I wished it was something bigger."

"Well it seems as if the lady would like a nice big cock in her ass," Janine said teasingly.

"Do you plan on growing a cock tonight?" Peggy laughed.

"Not really but I have just the thing for you. I never travel without my companion but let's get you ready first," Janine replied.

Janine rolled Peggy over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips so that her ass was in the air. Then she wet one of her fingers with her own saliva and rubbed it gently against the opening in Peggy's ass. Janine lubricated Peggy's asshole with her spit before sliding one finger into her pressing it past her sphincter. Janine pushed it in up to her knuckle and stroked it in and out of Peggy's nether hole causing her to groan loudly. Janine then slid a second finger into Peggy's ass and gently started to pry Peggy's asshole open. Janine then pulled Peggy's cheeks apart and spit on her bum allowing her saliva to dribble into Peggy's gaping hot asshole and then she probed Peggy's ass with her tongue. Peggy almost orgasmed then and there and she marveled in the technique of the wonderfully experienced Janine. Janine continued to eat Peggy's ass for a while longer dipping and probing Peggy's ass with her tongue. Then Janine stopped and went over to her bag and retrieved a large strap-on dildo and a tube of lubricant. Janine slipped on the harness and then snapped the large dildo in place. Peggy couldn't believe how much Janine resembled a boy with her athletic body, her short pixie hair, her almost flat chest and a cock sticking out from her pubes. Janine approached Peggy again with the lube in her hands.

Peggy felt the cool soothing liquid enter her ass as it flowed slowly into her and coated her anal passage. Janine began to rub the tip of the dildo against Peggy's ass, teasing her and causing her to push back against fake cock in frustration before Janine finally pushed it deep into her. Janine stroked the thick rubber cock slowly and deeply into Peggy's ass and soon they were both groaning in pleasure. As Janine thrust deeper and harder into Peggy's ass, the strap-on base rubbed steadily against her already swollen red clit. Peggy was moaning loudly now and Janine's fingers began to strum her clit as she fucked her really deep and hard. Janine thrust the strap-on into Peggy harder and harder, stretching her tight ass. The strap-on was rubbing Janine's swollen clit making it tingle and throb. Janine knew Peggy was close to her climax and she reached around Peggy and as she fucked her deep and hard and she teased Peggy's pussy. Janine stroked and pinched Peggy's clit and let her fingers slip into her wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on Janine went over the edge and came hard; her body trembled in orgasm and her juices ran down the shaft of the dildo and onto Peggy's ass as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, Peggy was cumming too, her body was quaking and her pussy was gushing. Peggy's cum gushed all over Janine's hand and Janine brought her hand to Peggy's mouth allowing Peggy to taste herself.

As they caught their breath and calmed down Janine was the first to speak, "You are more than welcome to spend the night here if you like."

"I would love to," replied Peggy and then two women snuggled up together and gradually fell asleep.

Sunday morning Peggy and Janine made love again and took turns fucking each other with the strap-on cock. Then they showered together and washed each other's bodies. Peggy borrowed one of the robes from Janine's room, bundled up her clothes and returned to her room. Peggy changed into her jogging clothes and then headed for the beach. Peggy stopped at Janine's room to return the robe.

"How could you possibly have enough energy to jog the beach today?" Janine sighed.

"Just a short run to get the body functions moving," Peggy replied and then they said good bye.

Peggy headed for the beach and there were other people out jogging and walking. As Peggy moved gracefully, people watched her as she jogged by. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail and sticking out the back of a ball cap. Her shorts were short and tight and she wore a halter top that showed off her flat tummy. Peggy jogged along the water's edge and every guy she passed turned to check her out. Peggy loved being on display and she loved the attention that her 46 year old body still got.

After her jog she stopped at the coffee shop outside the hotel and had a light breakfast. Peggy enjoyed people watching as she ate and sipped her latte. She would fantasize what certain people would be like in bed. It was almost 11:00 AM and she had to check out by noon so she hustled back to her room. Peggy changed into her traveling clothes, packed her overnight bag and checked out of the hotel. As she waited for the valet to bring her car around she knew that the other valets and bellmen were checking her out. Peggy purposely shifted her weight from one leg to the other emphasizing her shapely buttock. She also faked a yawn and a stretch so that her breasts stuck out. Peggy was an exhibitionist in a way and she loved the looks she received from both men and women.


The valet arrived with her car and she was on her way back home. On the drive home Peggy reflected on her weekend. It had been a success; first with the group sex and then with a lesbian lover. Peggy then thought back to her first lesbian experience. It had been when she first started to model and they were doing a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. Peggy was being fitted for one of the outfits. Monique an attractive French woman was handling all of the fittings.

Peggy was standing on a small platform wearing just her thong panty under one of the dresses. Monique picked up a measuring tape and beckoned Peggy to face the mirror. Monique placed the tape around Peggy's shoulders then she had Peggy lift her arms to measure her bust. The back of Monique's hands brushed against Peggy's tits as she measured her bust seeming to take longer then necessary. Peggy could hear Monique's rapid breathing. Monique then moved the tape to Peggy's waist and next to her hips.

"I think to get an accurate measurement I should measure under your skirt Peggy," Monique suggested excitedly.

"Do you really have to do that," Peggy asked nervously.

"Oh yes, it's the best way," Monique replied in a raspy voice.

Monique squatted down and her own short skirt rode up her thighs to display the tops of her thigh high hose. She moved her hands under Peggy's skirt and wrapped the tape measure around Peggy's hips. Monique caressed the firm cheeks of Peggy's ass as she pulled the tape together right in front of Peggy's pussy.

"It is hard to read the tape, could you hold up your skirt so that I can see it better," Monique said her voice cracking in the excitement of the moment.

A confused Peggy lifted her skirt and Monique looked right into her glistening pussy. Monique could see that Peggy was getting turned on and she leaned closer as if reading the measuring tape. Peggy could feel Monique's warm breath on her thighs and her pubes. Peggy was beside herself with excitement and she was incredibly turned on by the sexy seamstress.

"You know I think it would be easier if you just took off your skirt," Monique said.

Monique moved back slightly to allow Peggy to remove her skirt. Peggy took it off and tossed it in the direction of a chair. Peggy looked so sexy standing there in just her shoes and thong panty. Peggy had never felt so exposed and so vulnerable in her life. Then at Monique's suggestion she kicked off her shoes and stood totally naked in front of Monique. Monique took in all Peggy's beauty as her eyes roamed the tanned body of the model. Monique then stood and dispensed of the tape measure. She took Peggy in her arms and the two kissed each other deeply. It was a strange sight for one woman clothed and the other naked to embrace and kiss each other.

Monique worked her way down Peggy's body spending a lot of time caressing and kissing her firm tits and nibbling on her hard little nubs. Peggy was breathing hard now along with Monique. As Monique descended once more toward Peggy's pussy, her hands lovingly caressed Peggy's superb ass. Monique held on to Peggy's firm ass cheeks as she pulled her close to Monique's face. Then she buried her tongue in Peggy's dripping pussy and flicked it over the erect clit. Peggy came quickly but Monique wasn't done with her and continued to eat her pussy driving Peggy toward another orgasm. Peggy came and cried out in orgasm. Monique kept her mouth fastened to Peggy's pussy sucking it dry of all the delicious juices. Monique stood up and she and Peggy kissed again.

"Peggy now you should undress me," Monique told her.

As if in a trance Peggy moved toward Monique and began to undress her. Monique directed the action and Peggy undressed Monique with painstakingly slowness that drove Monique mad. Monique kept herself in great shape and although her breasts had a slight sag in them the rest of her body was well toned. Monique shivered with excitement and anticipation as Peggy caressed and fondled her body. She told Peggy that she had to lie down as her legs were getting weaker. Peggy guided her to the floor and nestled herself between Monique's legs. Monique's pussy was neatly trimmed and the auburn hair was striking between her legs. Peggy lifted Monique's legs up and placed them on her shoulders and then she began to kiss the inside of Monique's thighs, teasing her further.

Peggy reached up and fondled Monique's breasts. Monique gasped aloud as her nipples were very sensitive. This encouraged Peggy to focus on Monique's nipples and she soon had the older woman moaning in delight. Peggy fixed her mouth to Monique's vulva and went to work on her using her inexperienced tongue. Peggy located the clit under the protective hood of Monique's clit and gently nibbled it with her teeth. This sent Monique over the edge with her first orgasm but Peggy was intent on bringing the woman to multiple orgasms and she continued to work on Monique's pussy.

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