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Peggy Sanford a Worldly Woman Ch. 06


Author's note: I had planned to take a break from writing and submitting stories to Literotica when I reached 300 submissions. I know I said that when I reached 100 and again when I reached 200 submissions but many of you loyal readers asked me to continue. Many of you also sent me story lines and topics to write about, some more detailed than others.

Recently I received an e-mail from Peggy Sanford who has written several stories for Literotica and if you have a Literotica log-in and password you can see Peggy's profile and photo under Peggy46. Peggy has asked me to write stories about her based on her profile and fantasies and she had also asked that I use her actual name in the story. So to that end I am dedicating this next series to Peggy Sanford.

Peggy told me that no topic is off limits and after reading her profile the subject matter is wide open. Peggy seems very adventurous and in a way reminds of women in my life whom I have written about; specifically my secretary of five years in the story, "An Affair to Remember," and a friend Peggy in the story, "A Year She'll Never Forget."

I anticipate that I will continue to receive e-mails from Peggy and that she will provide suggestions for story lines as I write this series. I am looking forward to writing about Peggy and I hope all of you will enjoy reading about her. As always all characters are at least 18 years of age and all other names are fictitious. The stories will be fiction based on suggestive behavior.


Upon arriving at work Monday morning the staff was assembled in the conference room for an announcement. The company had accepted the recommendation of the consultants to improve the claims process. Gibby was being transferred to a field office and his replacement would be heading up the process improvement project. Gibby's replacement was a woman named Gloria who was in her mid thirties. Gloria came from a field office and she was apparently a rising star in the company. Gloria was an attractive 35-24-35, ash blond women at 135 lbs and 5'6". She had shapely legs and a luscious ass just like Peggy.

Gloria brought her secretary from the field office with her, a pretty blonde named Anna. She was very pretty at 5'7" and 120 pounds she looked good with her 34-22-35 figure without an ounce of body fat. Her well-tanned body was lean and tight. Her 34b tits were firm and it was obvious that Anna did not wear a bra. Her short mini-skirt accented her long tan legs.

The guys in the office were going gaga over Gloria and Anna but Peggy suspected that there was more between those two than boss and secretary. Gloria conducted the morning meeting and it was clear that she was no one to take lightly. She knew her stuff and she was all business. Gloria said that she would hold a one on one meeting with each of us during the week so that she would get to know everyone first hand.

Gloria moved right in to Gibby's old office and Gibby was out the door as there was reason for him to hang around. He had packed up his personal belongings during the morning meeting and he had left the premises. There was no time to wish him well in the field as he was gone by the time the meeting was over. Gloria was settled in the office in less than an hour and after lunch she began the meetings.

Peggy was seated in her cubicle working away and waiting for her turn to meet with Gloria. Peggy wasn't sure when her meeting would take place as it could happen at any time that week. About 4:00 PM Anna appeared in Peggy's cubicle and Peggy guessed it was her time.

"Peggy, Gloria will meet with you first thing tomorrow morning," Anna said in a very sweet voice.

"Thank you Anna, I'll be there promptly," Peggy acknowledged.

Anna smiled and leaned over Peggy's desk, "What are you working on?" she asked politely.

Peggy moved some claim papers in front of Anna and explained the case she was working on. Anna moved closer to Peggy and their bodies touched. Peggy felt awkward with the beautiful Anna leaning over and touching her. Peggy scooted her chair to the side a little bit to break the contact but Anna just moved closer and pressed against Peggy. One of Peggy's hands was on the front edge of her desk and Anna pressed her thigh against the hand. Peggy felt the soft firm skin of Anna's leg through her hose and chills ran through Peggy's body.

Peggy thought, "This girl is coming on to me." Peggy did not remove her hand however and Anna remained pressed against.

Anna leaned over and placed one hand on Peggy's shoulder as she leaned over and pointed to the claim papers. Peggy felt Anna's breast rest on her shoulder as Anna said softly, "This stuff seems so complicated."

"It's not really, once you get the hang of it," Peggy stated.

"I'm sure that you are quite good at it. Gloria said that you were probably the best claims processor in the office," Anna replied.

Peggy wondered how Gloria would know anything about Peggy's work but she dismissed it and said, "Thanks! I'm looking forward to working with Gloria."

"We should get along fine and we'll have a great time together," Anna said in sultry soft tone and then she took Peggy's hand and pressed it against her thigh.

Peggy let her hand be moved to the young girl's firm thigh and she held it in place. Peggy hesitated as she knew she was in a tough spot. If she refused to play Anna's game it might not sit well with Gloria. However if she made advances toward Anna, that also might sit well with Gloria. Faced with the two options Peggy decided to test the water with Anna.

Peggy moved her hand higher and under Anna's skirt. When Peggy touched the bare skin above the elastic top of the hose, Anna let out an audible gasp. Peggy moved her hand higher expecting to find the elastic line of a panty but when she didn't she assumed that Anna was wearing a thong. Peggy moved her hand higher and more toward the center and she still did not encounter any panty. When Peggy's hand touched the young bare vagina Anna flinched and then she smiled at Peggy.

"I took my panties off before I came to see you," Anna whispered excitedly.

Peggy smiled and thought to herself, "Why you little tart, you beautiful little tart."

Peggy then stroked the smooth young vagina causing Anna to gasp aloud again and then Peggy felt the first signs of moisture oozing from Anna's pussy. Peggy dipped her finger into Anna's pussy and located the young woman's hardening clit. Peggy then moved her chair around to face Anna and let her other hand wander under Anna's skirt and caress the girl's firm shapely ass.

Anna moaned softly as Peggy fingered the girl's pussy and fondled her sweet ass. Then Anna reached forward with both hands and placed them on Peggy's shoulders for balance. Anna's expression changed and her face twisted slightly as she orgasmed on Peggy's fingers. Peggy rubbed Anna's clit faster and the girl moaned in her climax. Peggy removed her hands from under the girl's skirt and she licked her fingers clean of Anna's juices.

"I think that is enough for today," Anna said weakly as she blushed.

"Well I'm glad you stopped by," Peggy replied.

"So am I, maybe we can get together some evening this week," Anna whispered softly.

"I'd like that. I have tennis Wednesday and Friday evenings but Tuesday and Thursday are open," Peggy said already taking control of the situation.

"I'll let you know," Anna replied and then she left the office.

"Well this should be interesting," Peggy thought as she returned to her work.

Minutes before 5:00 PM Gloria stopped by Peggy's cubicle. "Peggy we are scheduled to meet in the morning but I was wondering if you had dinner plans tonight. If not maybe we could meet this evening."

"That would be fine with me Gloria. I have no plans for this evening," Peggy confirmed.

"Great, please come to my hotel at 6:00 PM. We'll meet in the lobby and then go to dinner," Gloria directed.

"I'll see you at six," Peggy agreed.

Peggy called home and left a message for her husband even though she knew he probably wouldn't get it. Peggy stayed in the office until a little after five, then she freshened up and made her way to the hotel to meet Gloria.


Peggy arrived at the hotel and waited for Gloria in the lobby. Gloria arrived precisely at 6:00 PM and greeted Peggy. "I am so glad that you could join me this evening for dinner. This helps me get a job start on tomorrow. Let's go I made reservations at DaVinci's, I hope you like Italian."

"I love Italian and I love that restaurant." Peggy remembered the first time she ate there with a man she met on the plane. They say side by side with their backs to the wall and he fingered Peggy's pussy throughout the entire meal. When they went back to his room that might they fucked like animals. Peggy wondered if she and Gloria would sit side by side.

Gloria had the doorman get a taxi for them and then they were off to dinner. Peggy watched as Gloria got in the taxi first and she stared at Gloria's shapely legs as the mini skirt rode up on her thighs. Then Peggy got in and Gloria watched as Peggy's skirt rode high enough to show off the top of her hose.

"You have nice legs Peggy."

"You do too Gloria."

Gloria smiled and grabbed Peggy's hand and whispered, "I knew we would get along."

Then they chatted about work as the taxi rumbled over to the restaurant. All the while Peggy wondered if Gloria and Anna had a thing going. Peggy could just picture the two beauties naked in bed. Just then the taxi arrived interrupting Peggy's erotic thoughts and the two women got out of the taxi and entered the restaurant. Their table was ready and they were seated immediately. They had the option of sitting side by side or across from one another.

"What would you like to do?" Gloria asked.

"I kind of off like side by side but it's your call," Peggy replied.

"Side by side it is. I knew I would like you from the moment I saw you," Gloria beamed.

They took their seats side by side and then Gloria grabbed the wine list. She scanned it quickly and ordered a bottle of Montepoliciano without asking Peggy if she liked red. The two of them killed the first bottle of wine before they even ordered and then Gloria ordered another bottle with dinner. The two of them got along fabulously and they chatted as if they had been life long friends. Gloria was one of those touchy feely people and she kept touching Peggy as they talked all through dinner.

Several times Gloria would drop her hand on Peggy's thigh when she was making a point. She left it on Peggy's thigh a number of times and Peggy could feel the warmth through her nylons. Peggy could also feel the warmth in her pussy as Gloria was turning her on. Peggy had had a good warm-up with that visit from Anna and now her pussy was aching to be touched.

As if reading her mind Gloria leaned over and whispered in Peggy's ear. "I have a strong desire to run my hand up your skirt and diddle your pussy but I am using all my will power to resist."

"You can play with my pussy if you like. I am on fire right now and I could use a good diddle," Peggy whispered back.

"Let's save it until we get back to the hotel," Gloria suggested.

Gloria paid the bill and the two hot women left the restaurant. It was all they could do to keep their hands off each other in the taxi and in the elevator up to the room. Once in Gloria's room the women embraced and kissed and then ended naked up in Gloria's bed. Gloria turned to Peggy took her in her arms and kissed her. Gloria then pulled back a little looked into her beautiful dark eyes, then kissed her again with a little more feeling. Peggy's eyes closed and she returned the kiss. Gloria slid her tongue out slowly and gently slid it along Peggy's lips. Peggy's lips loosened and Gloria pressed her tongue a little deeper. She felt Peggy's teeth and pushed a little causing Peggy to emit a low moan as her mouth opened and let Gloria's tongue into her sweet mouth. Gloria slid it inside and her tongue met Peggy's and they probed and explored each other's mouth. Gloria pulled her closer and their firm breasts met and pressed against each other. Gloria could feel Peggy's hot body press against her hard nipples. Gloria stroked Peggy's warm back and her skin felt like velvet. They finally broke apart to catch their breath. They just looked at each other and smiled

Gloria stroked Peggy's face and put a hand behind her head pulling Peggy against her and kissed her. Gloria slid her tongue along Peggy's lips causing her to tremble slightly and it felt wonderful. She stroked her lover's arm gently over and over as they kissed. Gloria pushed her tongue into Peggy's hot mouth exploring every inch of the interior. Gloria could actually feel her own pussy tingle and her juices begin to flow in anticipation of what was to happen. The same thing was happening to Peggy and her body trembled slightly. They kissed for a long time, sucking on each other's tongues. Peggy lay still, not moving except to press her head forward toward Gloria's lips. Gloria stroked her hair and felt its smooth surface running through her fingers.

Gloria ran her hands down Peggy's arm, then moved it to her hip and then slid it upward over her chest. Gloria felt her new lover tremble as her hand came near Peggy's breast. She stroked Peggy's velvet skin and felt the small rise of her breast causing Peggy to moan. Gloria watched her hand move slowly over her lover's firm breast as she wanted to make this moment last. Peggy lay back and her breast seemed even smaller as Gloria ran her hand over it and slid it over her nipple. Peggy moaned softly and her thighs rubbed together as Gloria was making her hot. Gloria was making her self hot too.

"Do you want my hand down there? Do you want it on your pussy?" Gloria asked already knowing the answer but wanting Peggy to tell her that she wanted it.

Gloria's hand stroked Peggy's stomach and then Gloria moved her hand down a little and felt Peggy's bushy pubic hair tickle the tips of her fingers. Gloria was on fire with desire and own pussy tingled.

Peggy's breath rushed out as she gasped, "Oh, please! Please! I need it there! You are setting me on fire," she moaned.

"Are you sure you want it, want me to make love to you? Do you want my finger inside you?" Gloria asked teasing her further.

"Oh! Yes! Please Gloria, please! Do me. You are killing me!" Peggy cried out.

Peggy spread her thighs a little as Gloria slid her hand down and cupped her lover's pubic mound, curling her fingers down between her lover's thighs. Peggy's hips thrust forward against Gloria's hand as she just held her hand there, feeling Peggy's hot pussy against her fingers. Gloria kissed her again and Peggy's tongue thrust out to meet hers and their lips slid sensuously together. They breathed into each other's mouths as Gloria cupped her lover's sweet pussy and their hearts seemed to be pounding a mile a minute.

Gloria rubbed Peggy's pussy mound up and down before she let her middle finger slip inward. Peggy was very wet and Gloria's finger slipped between her pussy lips effortlessly and found her lover's hot inner flesh. Peggy moaned into her lover's mouth as Gloria rubbed her finger up and down Peggy's slit slowly, then curved it and slid it into her hot and very tight pussy. Peggy's hot flesh surrounded the finger and Gloria slid it in and out slowly, fucking her pussy gently. Peggy's body trembled slightly and her eyes went wide as Gloria pulled her very wet finger out a little and ran it upward feeling for Peggy's clit. Peggy gasped as her lover found the firm little nub. Gloria rubbed her finger up and down over it the way she liked to pleasure herself. Peggy pulled back from Gloria little grunts came from her wide open mouth.

"Oh God yes, please! Just like that! You're driving me crazy!" Peggy cried out and Gloria was glad.

Gloria ran her finger in little circles over Peggy's firm clit causing her to moan and sob in ecstasy. Peggy's body grew taut against Gloria and then she screamed out unintelligible moans and cries of pleasure as her sweet face became distorted with passion. Gloria rubbed faster keeping the same amount of pressure on Peggy's clit. Peggy's hips shot up and her head flew back as her throat muscles were wire taut and she screamed over and over as she climaxed. Gloria's finger became a blur as she stroked her lover's clit. Peggy finally gave one last long scream and her body went limp. Peggy clamped her legs together pinning Gloria's hand between her thighs and then she pushed her lover's hand away.

Peggy lay there gasping as Gloria took her finger and brought it to her nose. Gloria sniffed Peggy's nectar and then she slipped it into her mouth and tasted Peggy's juices. Gloria loved smelling and tasting Peggy's pussy juices and she almost came herself. Gloria reached out and stroked Peggy's pretty face as she lay there gasping for breath.

"Oh Gloria, that was fantastic," Peggy finally managed to say between gasps.

"The only thing I did was stroke your clit!" Gloria replied smiling.

"I know, but you got me so hot kissing me. Then it was just the thought of you making love to me," Peggy explained.

"I know and we have the whole evening," Gloria promised.

"You gave me a fantastic cum, now I want to give you one," Peggy said with a tremor in her voice.

As Peggy kissed Gloria her hand went to her breast cupping and fondling it. Peggy caught her lover's nipple and rolled it between her fingers, gently pulling on it. Gloria loved it and pressed her chest upward encouraging Peggy to play with her tits. Peggy fondled and played with Gloria's tits and nipples the same way Gloria had with hers. Gloria moaned and writhed on the bed and just when Gloria thought she could stand it no more, Peggy's hand went down her body, stroked her belly then moved lower to cup Gloria's pussy mound. Gloria spread her thighs wide for her lover as Peggy slid her hand down a little further and pressed her finger inward.

"Oh, yes make me cum. Make me cum. I'm so hot. Please!" Gloria cried out.

Peggy's finger moved down and slid up inside Gloria's pussy. Gloria moaned as it felt so good. Gloria knew her pussy was dripping and as Peggy's finger moved upward and inward, Gloria screamed when Peggy rubbed her clit. Peggy did it just the way Gloria loved her to do it, moving it around in circles over her hard nubbin. As Gloria lifted her hips upward toward her lover's finger, Peggy moved down a little and slipped her other hand into Gloria's pussy. Peggy pressed her finger down and found Gloria's opening and slid a slick finger inside her driving her wild. Peggy knew exactly how to locate the g-spot and when she did Gloria let out a scream.

Peggy had one finger inside Gloria fucking her and the other rolling her clit. Gloria came like she had never cum in her whole life. Gloria screamed and cried out as she thrashed on her bed. Peggy stayed with her with one finger thrusting up inside her hard and fast while she played Gloria's clit with the other finger. Gloria came explosively but Peggy didn't let up and kept finger fucking her and stroking her clit until Gloria had a series of absolutely fantastic orgasms. Gloria weakly pushed Peggy's hands away as she gasped for breath. Peggy moved beside her and kissed her cheek. They lay kissing each other gently until they recovered.

"Let's do a 69," Gloria suggested.

"I'd love to," Peggy replied timidly.

They stroked each other and kissed until they were both hot then they turned around and kissed downward. They kissed and sucked each other's breasts for a long while making their nipples pop up. Their breasts seemed to feel fuller and more sensitive than ever. Gloria loved the sensation of sucking on Peggy's puffy nipples and seeing how hard she could make them. Peggy's mouth felt wonderful sucking on Gloria's breasts and nipples also. They continued to kiss each other's body as they moved downward until they looked directly into each other's pussy.

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