Peggy Sanford & the Secret Society Ch. 01


Peggy trembled with his touch. The Master moved his other hand under her skirt and started stroking both bare thighs above the elastic tops of her hose. She gasped out loud and steadied herself by holding on to his shoulders. He cupped her panty covered vulva and felt the warmth and wetness of her womb. He then moved the elastic of her panties to one side and began to finger her pussy. Peggy was dripping wet and the aroma of her sex was prominent in the room.

Unbeknown to Peggy was the audience that she had in a room adjacent to the sitting room. All the guests observed the actions through a two-way mirror. The mirror in the sitting room was impressively ornate and one would never suspect that it was a two-way mirror. The Master's fingering of Peggy's pussy caused her to spread her legs open causing her tight mini skirt to ride up her hips a little and form tightly around her curvy buttocks. The black men in the other room were getting excited and had their cocks in their hands jerking off. The white women had removed their panties, had their skirts pulled up to their waist and they were rubbing their pussies.

Back in the sitting room Peggy was moaning aloud as the Master continued his seduction. He reached behind her hips and fondled her shapely ass cheeks then he hooked his fingers in her panties and slowly peeled them down her legs and let them gather at her ankles. Peggy felt a mild orgasm pass through her body and she knew then there was no turning back. The Master stood and walked her toward the day bed and she stepped out of her panties along the way. He stood behind her and unzipped her mini dress and then pulled it down over her hips to the floor. She stood there in only her thigh high hose with her back to him as he admired her shapely ass. He played with her bottom a little more before turning her to face him. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out like little cocks from her firm tits. Her pussy was sopping wet.

Peggy was unaware of the activities behind the mirror but the orgy had started. Each of the black men had a white woman kneeling in front of them sucking on their dicks. The women continued to finger fuck themselves as they sucked the men.

The Master pushed Peggy back on the day bed and she fell splaying her legs wide open. He then stripped off his clothes and let them fall to the floor. The Master was well endowed and Peggy took notice that he was indeed larger than Marcus. The Master inserted his cock into her wet pussy and it slid in easily due to her excited state. The cock felt good in her and she welcomed its presence. He fucked her slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Peggy humped her cunt up at him trying to keep his cock in contact with her clit. She had numerous orgasms before he stiffened and filled her womb with cum.

The drugs had a lasting effect and Peggy tried to get him to keep fucking her. He withdrew his deflated penis and she plunged her fingers into her cunt trying to put out the flame in her pussy.

The Master spoke to her, "Do you want more? I can see that you need more cock, do you?"

Peggy screamed at him, "Yes I need more give me more cock. I need to cum again."

The Master smiled and then turned toward the mirror and nodded. Soon three more black men entered the room with their big black dicks hanging out of their pants. They all dropped their clothes and one by one they fucked Peggy until they came in her pussy. She didn't care now who fucked her as long as she was being fucked. Then four more men entered the room and they fucked her as well. As the seven men recuperated they fucked her a second time as she urged them on and begged them to make her cum.

Peggy's pussy was dripping with cum from the fifteen man loads and her own juices. The Master rolled her over so that her knees were on the floor and her upper body was bent over the day bed. He pulled her hands behind her and tied them with a thin strong filament. Then he produced a ball gag which he inserted in her mouth and tied behind her head. She tried to protest but the sounds were muffled by the gag. Now Peggy was scared. The Master caressed her ass cheeks and tickled her asshole. He then squirted some cool liquid right into her asshole and then pushed one finger into her rectum.

Peggy looked over her shoulder and saw his impressive cock in an erect state. His cock looked ominous with its glaring purplish black mushroom head. The Master spotted the apprehension in her eyes as he relished in his feeling of dominance and power. Peggy tried to say something but her efforts were lost on the gag. The Master fingered her with one finger for quite a while before adding a second finger. Peggy groaned at the invasion and felt her anus being stretched wider. He slid two fingers from the same hand into her pussy again and finger fucked her pussy and asshole simultaneously. The presence in her pussy helped ease the discomfort in her bung hole and prepare her for the ultimate degradation.

The Master removed his fingers from her ass and lined up the head of his dick with her anus. He pushed steadily forward into her rectum as Peggy groaned silently into the gag. The initial pain was excruciating as it always was for Peggy but the pleasure was incredible for the Master. She was clearly not an anal virgin but he had not been in any hole this tight in a very long time. The mushroom head of his dick cleared her sphincter and he eased his dick further and further into the depths of her writhing body.

As he withdrew his dick a little he added more lubricant and than plunged it back in completely filling her rectum. He picked up the pace as his big black dick began to slide easier in and out of her ass. Soon he began to pound her ass hard, his hips slapping her buttocks and his bloated balls hitting her pussy lips. The feeling in Peggy's rectum had turned from pain to bloating and cramping and she grunted into the gag as he pounded her tender ass. She felt him stop, stiffen and then unload an enormous amount of cum into her bowels. She felt ashamed, humiliated and wonderfully wicked.

The Master fucked her slowly releasing every drop of cum in her ass as her anal muscles involuntarily milked him dry. As his dick softened he let it plop from her ass with an audible sound and a trail of cum. He smiled as he looked down at his beautiful white woman with her magnificent ass glistening with sweat and man seed. He knew he would have her ass many more times before he tired of her and used her for entertaining his guests.

Peggy felt him untie her arms and then release the gag. Her mouth was dry from the gag and she breathed heavily. She looked around the room and was surprised to see the seven black men and seven white women in the room. The men had been fucking the women dog style while they watched the skewering of her ass. Now three of the men approached Peggy and positioned her on the floor so that one could fuck her ass, one could fuck her pussy and the other shoved his dick in her mouth. Peggy was then triple fucked multiple times by the other black men until they had emptied their balls. The white women were then summoned to suck all the black seed from Peggy's pussy and asshole. Peggy was surrounded by the seven white women who took turns sucking Peggy's pussy and rimming Peggy's ass. The women also sucked on Peggy's tits and caressed her body as she was being cleaned of all black cum. Peggy lost count of the number of people abusing her body. The Master moved in front of her and fed his big dick into her mouth.

"Pay homage to the dick that first fucked your ass," he demanded.

Peggy as if in a trance followed his orders and sucked his cock into her mouth. It took a long time for him to cum before he finally filled her mouth with his seed.

"Now you belong to the Bahamas Master," he bragged.

Peggy and the other white women were led to a room with a large bath. It actually looked like a small pool. The women were instructed to bathe and then get dressed. After the bath and dressing the women were escorted to the front door. Peggy noticed that there was a limo for each woman. One by one they entered the car and they were driven back to the place they were staying. When Peggy arrived at the house she went right to her assigned bedroom, stripped off her clothes and went to bed. She was exhausted and every hole in her body ached.


Peggy woke up the next morning and she noticed that the clothes had been picked up. She went into the bathroom and everything she would need for personal grooming was there. Peggy freshened up and then walked naked into the kitchen. There was juice, fresh fruit and pastries and the coffee was in an urn. Peggy had a light breakfast and then took stroll on the private beach. The white powdery sand felt wonderful under her feet and she felt refreshed. Peggy waded into the ocean and the cool water felt good on her body. She swam parallel to the shore line and as she did she wondered if an eel would come up and put his tail in her pussy. Peggy giggled at her own mischievous thoughts as she finished her swim. Peggy walked back to the house and got another cup of coffee and then returned to the beach. She stretched out in a lounge and let the sun bake her already tanned body.

Peggy sunbathed for about an hour and then she returned to the house to wash the suntan lotion and sand from her body. She showered and dried off and then she walked naked back into the main part of the house. Peggy made a drink for herself and then she sat out by the swimming pool and gazed into the horizon and she listened to the gentle waves hit the beach. Peggy was lost in her thoughts when she was interrupted.

"Good afternoon Peggy my name is Thomas and Mr. H. told me that you were here for my enjoyment," the striking black man said.

Peggy sat up and stared at the black man trying to focus on him as her eyes adjusted from being in the sun. Peggy watched as the man who she now realized was naked approached her. Thomas stood right next to Peggy and encouraged her to take his big black dick in her mouth. Peggy did as she was told and she soon had Thomas rock hard. Thomas then told Peggy to sit on his dick and then he laid down on one of the lounges. Peggy moved over to the other lounge and positioned herself over Thomas' big black erect dick. She straddled his body and lowered her pussy onto his dick. Peggy took her time as the big black dick filled her womb and the she began to rock back and forth fucking herself on his dick. This time Peggy felt in control and she liked being in charge. Thomas reached up and fondled and squeezed her tits. He rolled her nipples in his fingers as he drove his cock up into her pussy. Peggy was going wild as she rode his cock. Just then an unfamiliar black figure moved in front of Peggy.

"Peggy this is my friend Benny. He heard what a great cocksucker you are why don't you show him," Thomas said.

Peggy looked at the handsome black man with his big erect dick sticking out from his body. Peggy was lost for words and she didn't know what else to do but take his dick in her mouth. Thomas continued to fuck her from below and fondle her tits as she sucked on Benny's dick. Then unbeknown to Peggy another black man moved behind Peggy. He was already erect and he had thoroughly oiled his cock before getting behind Peggy. Thomas held Peggy tightly pulling her down to his body and causing her ass to rise slightly. Benny held her head firmly between his hands as he fucked her face. The young man aimed his dick at Peggy's asshole and began to push in. Peggy tensed up.

"Relax Peggy, that's Aaron and he is going to fuck your ass. We know you love it in the ass, Thomas said again.

Even though Peggy had her asshole stretched by Mr. H. the last time, the fit in her ass was still incredibly tight. The pain was excruciating as Aaron's dick worked its way deeper and deeper into Peggy's ass. Her eyes welled up with tears and she felt her anal channel being stretched to new dimensions. Everyone had remained still until her ass was penetrated and now the three men picked up the pace again fucking Peggy in all three of her orifices. Peggy could only go with the flow and let her self be used as they had intended. The pain had subsided somewhat and now she felt more of a bloating and cramping sensation. The three men had established a rhythm and their dicks were now gliding easily in and out of Peggy's holes. The cramping had stopped and now Peggy only felt somewhat constipated with the dick in her ass. The young man in her ass suddenly stiffened and fired a barrage of cum into her ass. She had never felt that full as her asshole was flooded with his seed. Once again the warm liquid did feel somewhat soothing in her recently ravaged asshole.

Aaron pulled his semi-hard cock from Peggy's ass and she could feel the cool air touch her anus. She also felt his cum trickle out of her ass and run down between her thighs onto Thomas's big balls. Peggy had just started to relax and focus on the two dicks in her pussy and mouth when she felt Aaron's cock back at her asshole.

"Not again," she thought to herself.

Once again Thomas and Benny held her securely as Aaron's cock was pushed into her ass. Once again her rectum was stretched to accommodate the new intrusion and once again Peggy experienced the same feelings, initial pain transitioning to bloating and cramping and then the feeling of fullness. The three men again established their rhythm and worked Peggy's body. This time she felt Thomas stiffen and shoot his load into her pussy. Her holes were flooded and drenched with black male seed and as she felt the hot spunk flowing into her holes Benny caught her off guard and came in her mouth.

Peggy couldn't believe all the sperm that filled her holes she seemed to be swimming in it. As the bodies untangled the men changed positions and a different dick entered Peggy's pussy and soon another entered her mouth. Then a third dick entered her asshole. Peggy's body was consumed with lust and she just allowed her self to be manhandled and used for their pleasure.

Thomas was the last one to fuck Peggy's ass. Peggy was lying face down with cum still oozing out of her ass and pussy. Thomas lifted the almost lifeless body of Peggy up by her hips until her asshole was level with his hard dick. Peggy kept her face down on the lounge and turned to one side. Thomas slowly slid his thick dick into Peggy's well used asshole. Peggy just emitted a low moan as she felt Thomas's thick cock enter her ass. Peggy had lost track of how many times the black dicks had fucked her that day but she knew that all three had been in her ass. All she knew was that she had been repeatedly stretched more and more each time she was butt fucked. Now she felt Thomas stretch her even further as he sank his cock all the way into her ass. He then began to fuck her slowly watching his dick chamber and re-chamber in and out of her shapely ass. Thomas stroked a few more times before he felt his orgasm build in his balls. One deep thrust and then he flooded Peggy's ass with another huge load of cum that mingled with the numerous loads that previously filled her ass. Peggy looked as if she was in a trance as the big dick filled her ass.

Thomas pulled his softening cock from Peggy's ass and he watched as his seed ran out of her enlarged anus. Peggy squeezed her muscles as if she were trying to poop and forced more cum out of her anal channel. Peggy slumped on the lounge and Thomas left her to join the others for a drink. She could still taste the semen in her mouth and her pussy was dripping cum. Peggy used the outside shower as the three big black bucks sipped their drinks and watched her. Peggy showered for a long time and let the hot water warm her body. She douched the best she could in an effort to get most of the semen out of her ass and pussy. Peggy then dried off and dressed and walked up to the bar to get a drink. Thomas was now sitting there enjoying a drink by himself as his friends had already left.

"I am expecting more company today Peggy. I have more black brothers coming here to sample your charms. You made Benny and Aaron feel very good and I will expect the same from you when the others arrive," Thomas instructed.

Peggy wondered how many black dicks would penetrate her body before the day was over. She would find out soon enough. After lunch nine black studs arrived at the house and Peggy was put through the paces. She was triple penetrated time and time again until each of the black bucks had cum three times each. Peggy was rewarded with nine cum loads in each her mouth, ass and pussy. She was filled to overflowing and cum leaked from her body as she made her way to the shower. Peggy's belly was full of semen and she felt as bloated as she ever had. She douched the seed from her ass and pussy as Thomas watched.

Peggy then was allowed to eat dinner and relax for awhile before the next crew of black men arrived. Peggy was shocked to see another nine men enter the house and then she was in for a repeat performance of the afternoon. All the while Thomas watched Peggy's debauchery. When the other men finally left, Peggy cleaned up once again and this time she was allowed to go to her bedroom and rest up for the next day.

"We are hosting a party her tomorrow evening so get plenty of rest tomorrow," Thomas said and then he left the house.


The next day was another repeat performance for Peggy as she enjoyed the food, the beach and the pool. She remained naked all day and she liked the feeling of being without clothes. The day was uneventful until after dinner but Peggy was glad as her body needed a rest. After dinner Peggy was given another outfit to wear to the party. She pampered herself getting ready and then she donned the sexy dress. Peggy walked in the main part of the house where the guests had already arrived.

Peggy saw that there were at least ten black men in the room and three young women. One of the girls was white with blonde hair and the other two girls were black. All three of them were very attractive. They all wore tight fitting mini dresses that showed off their shapely legs. Peggy assumed that the black girls lived on the island.

The black men were all over six feet tall and they were all very fit. Peggy spotted Benny and Aaron talking with one of the black girls. They spotted Peggy and raised their glasses in a mock toast to her. Peggy nodded back in their direction. Then Peggy spotted Thomas moving through the crowd toward her and he had two drinks in his hand. He approached Peggy kissed her on both cheeks and welcomed her to the party.

"I'm glad you could make it," Thomas teased knowing full well that she didn't have a choice.

"Wouldn't miss it," Peggy replied somewhat sarcastically.

Thomas handed her a drink and said, "Come with me and I'll introduce you to some people."

Peggy followed Thomas around the room as he introduced her to everyone. She knew she wouldn't remember half the names by the time she was done. Peggy did male note of the other girl's names. The blonde was Sheila and the two black girls were Diana and Haley. Peggy noticed that Sheila had the ace of spades tattoo on her ankle. The black girls did not have a tattoo. Thomas took Peggy by the elbow after the introductions and whispered in her ear for her to go with him. Thomas led Peggy into another room and closed the door. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Thomas's kisses soon moved to her neck as Peggy groaned in submission. Thomas told her to take her panties off and hand them to him. She did as she was told and reached under her mini skirt to remove them. Peggy was embarrassed realizing how wet they were and how swollen and moist her pussy was. Thomas held the panties to his nose and inhaled Peggy's excitement. He was pleased with the aroma from the moist panties.

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