tagFetishPeggy Spanks Me Ch. 02

Peggy Spanks Me Ch. 02


There I was, spread-eagle, face down on the bed. My wrists and ankles were tied to the four corners of the bed frame. Standing over me, trying to decide what exquisite tortures they were going to visit upon my helpless body, were two naked, sexy women.

My wife, Peggy, was a known quantity to me. Mandy, one of my assistants at the office, had stayed after a party we had given at our home. It was the first time Peggy and I had indulged our fantasy of adding a third party to our sex life. So far it had been spectacularly successful. I had been sucked off by Mandy while Peggy spanked her. Then I was pleased to fuck Mandy while Peggy licked both my cock and Mandy's cunt. In between the two, I strapped Mandy's ass while she sucked and licked at Peggy's cunt.

I was not blindfolded, but I may as well have been. The view I had of the headboard gave no clue as to what preparations were being made behind me. I could not twist my head far enough to gain any information. In any case, I did not have long to wait for the first act.

I felt a pair of hands caressing my back. Turning my head, I saw that it was Mandy, returning the favor of the back rub I had given her in the hot tub. It felt good, especially since she had applied some scented oil to her hands. They slid over my muscles with a deceptive serenity. I knew my wife too well, however, than to relax too much. My hands and legs were restrained for a reason. When I felt Peggy's hands, similarly lubricated, begin to knead my calves and the back of my thighs, I knew things would soon escalate.

Let's see: tied face down, two pairs of oily hands on the back of my body, both working inexorably closer and closer to my defenseless ass. Hmmm....

Mandy moved onto my ass cheeks with her kneading. I couldn't help a moan escaping my lips with the pleasure. I felt Peggy's hand reach beneath me to reposition my genitals from under my belly to expose them between my thighs. Then she told me to raise my hips so she could place the firm bolster under my hips. With my legs spread apart, I was thus left totally open and exposed. Mandy kindly placed a pillow under my head for comfort. This let me know she had obviously been in my position herself at some time in the past.

The hands now concentrated on my ass cheeks and my cock and balls. Peggy fondled, gently squeezed, and stroked my cock and balls. Mandy kneaded my ass cheeks and repeatedly slipped the edge of her hand between them, sliding it over my tender asshole. As if at a signal, both pairs of hands left my body. I heard whispering and a giggle. Then Peggy's mouth was at my ear.

"Are you ready, Teddy?" she snickered and I got a chill. I was eager, yet anxious.

"Okay," I replied nervously. Then I felt a hand slap my right buttock soundly. Peggy had been on my left, so I knew it had been Mandy. Again, the hand descended, harder. Peggy had moved out of view. Another swat! This time, it was on the left. They both began to swat my ass with their hands, taking turns and spacing the swats a few seconds apart. I jumped and jerked with each one. The bolster under my hips raised me almost exactly the length of my dick off the bed. So my cock was pleasurably, yet almost painfully poking into the mattress as each swat drove me forward.

That didn't last, however. The hand spanking stopped. Then I felt my genitals seized again. I felt something being applied, wrapping around my "equipment". It was tightened, but not painfully so. I realized it was another leather tie when, after being tied around me, I felt it being tugged up, pulling and stretching my genitals. The long remainder of the strap was passed between my buttocks so that, when tugged, it applied pressure to my asshole. Whoever had hold of the thing began to tug and release, tug and release, bouncing my package up and down and teasing my anus. It was rather pleasant, while threatening a potential for great pain if the torturer was not very careful. I found the riskiness added a thrill to the sexual pleasure of the entire experience.

My contemplation was shattered when I felt and heard the SMACK! of a paddle on my ass. My reactionary jerk tightened the strap around my balls, briefly giving me a sharper pain there. I resolved to react less to the swats that were no doubt to come.

And come they did! I tried to distract myself from the sting by counting. I had already missed a handful, but by the time the paddling stopped I had counted 97. The pressure of the strap on my balls disappeared as the strap was removed.

My ass stung and tingled. The oil that had been applied had made the punishment more severe than it would have been on dry flesh. Now I felt more oil. This time it was being drizzled down the crack of my ass. It oozed slowly down toward my opening. A hand there stopped further progress and rubbed it around and into me. I knew I would be penetrated by more than that fingertip before we were done. I was eager for it by then.

Mandy's voice came from behind me. "Ted, does it feel good when I slide a finger up your ass?" The question was accompanied by a demonstration. It felt great, and I said so. She repeated the penetration in a fucking motion. Then she pulled it out. "How about this?" she asked, and added a second finger, pressing them against my anus. They slowly penetrated, stretching me farther open.

"God, yes!" I groaned. I was lost in the pleasure by then. It wasn't just that my ass was being played with and penetrated, but the fact that it was Mandy doing it added a special fillip of what I can only describe as "nastiness" to the scenario. So I decided to become more active.

"Try three fingers, Mandy. Please. But gently, please," I managed to actually ask this woman to stick three finger up my butt! I felt supremely decadent and submissive. I heard Peggy chuckle. I wondered what she was doing.

"He's such an ass slut, Mandy. He loves his ass fucked," she said. Mandy laughed. Her laugh was not an evil one, rather, it sounded as if what we were doing was turning her on as much as me. I hoped that was the case, because I was looking forward to sliding my cock into her tight asshole later.

I didn't have to wonder what Peggy was up to for long. She appeared next to my head. My eyes widened when I saw that she was wearing the leather harness with its 7" flesh colored cock and ball strapon dildo. We had used it before, but it had taken several tries to manage to get it into me. The dildo was about an inch longer and a bit thicker than my own cock. Still, the times we'd succeeded had left me quivering and oozing cum from my cock onto the towels beneath me.

Mandy held my cheeks spread while Peggy got into position behind me. I felt the tip of the dildo press against me. I bore down to relax my sphincter and it began to slide in. A half inch, then out. An inch, then out. When I felt the thick knob slide past my tight ring, I groaned. That was Peggy's signal to stop and wait a few seconds. Then she slowly pulled it out again completely. After repeating the insertion and removal a few times, my sphincter was sufficiently relaxed that she could proceed to gradually slide it deeper, working it gradually all the way into my rectum. Finally I felt the bulge of the rubber balls against my own hot oily scrotum.

Here Peggy paused and leaned forward, resting her breasts on my back. Bringing her mouth to my ear, she said quietly, but not in a whisper, "I love you, Teddy."

"I love you, too, Peggy," I replied. whenever my ass was full of "her cock", I got an inkling of what it must be like to be a woman on the receiving end of a dick.

Peggy began to slide slowly in and out of me. While she was working me into full relaxation, Mandy was busy. She rubbed my back again for a few minutes, then disappeared. I felt the restraints on my ankles being untied. Then she moved to the head of the bed and released my wrists. Thus freed, I was able to maneuver my body. I pushed the bolster from beneath me and raised my ass more. I moved up to my knees and spread them to give Peggy better access to me.

When Mandy reappeared at my side, she had one of the vibrating dildoes we sometimes used. She sat on the corner of the bed near my head and began to use it on herself while she watched.

As Peggy rode my ass, Mandy handled the dildo with one hand. Her other hand went to her own ass. She slid her still-oily fingers into her back door. I watched for a minute, then told her to turn around. When she had her back to me, I pulled her into a position in which I could tend to her ass while she continued to fuck her cunt with the buzzing dildo. I ate her ass as if it was a pussy. She was soon screaming into and through another orgasm.

Peggy increased the speed and length of her strokes. She was pounding the dildo into me and I was taking easily. Its friction transmitted through the tissue of my rectum to my prostate. I started to shake and groan. My mind was not exactly in a normal state of consciousness by then. No coherent thoughts formed. It was sheer pleasure and Peggy slowed her motion as she felt my sphincter tighten and begin to throb as I came hard. There was not a lot of semen left in me by then, so it simply dribbled out of my cock and onto the towels. I found tears in my eyes, the pleasure was so great. Peggy slipped the dildo out of me slowly, so that it was not too much of a shock. I collapsed on the bed, feeling empty and satisfied.

"It's best to just leave him for a few minutes," she told Mandy. They left the room and I gradually came back to myself. I rolled to my back and stretched my cramped legs. After ten minutes or so, the women reentered the bedroom. They carried warm washrags and thick towels.

They treated me as if I was a sultan, tenderly bathing me with the cloths. Mandy tended to my aching asshole with a mother's tenderness. But I could see anything but a mother when I watched her wiping and cleaning the oil from me. Her body was taut and her breasts had a slight bobble when she moved. Peggy wiped my face and chest before moving to my cock and balls. One time, as they both worked on me, Mandy raised her head to look at Peggy. Peggy leaned forward and kissed Mandy's lips tenderly, then nuzzled her neck for a second before giving her another lover's kiss, this time I saw her tongue slip between Mandy's lips. Mandy groaned.

We returned to the hot tub then. Peggy had thought to bring out more bottles of water. We cuddled and let the bubbles and heat repair the damage done by the strain and stress of our sex.


I went through the charade at the office of telling Mandy publicly that we were sorry to lose her talents. She had announced at the morning meeting that she had taken another job at one of our competitor's offices. We had a going away party for her. she cleaned out her desk and left the building.

I arrived home that evening to find Peggy in the kitchen. "How did it go?" she asked.

"Really well," I replied. "everybody really was sad to see Mandy go. But it was necessary."

"No shit!" Mandy's voice came from the doorway to the hall. She padded naked across the room and kissed me sloppily. "How in the hell could I keep my hands off you at work? Or you me? It's much better this way, Ted."

"I know. This weekend we'll rent a truck and move the rest of your stuff here." We sat down to a great dinner for our first night of being roommates. Pasta with chicken in a cream sauce. Garlic bread and lots of shredded Parmesan. We clinked our wine glasses, the dark purple liquid glowing in the candle light.

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