tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 04

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 04


I really got myself into trouble this time. A girl that lives in my condo complex happened to have her video camera handy when I put on the show for the workmen. She threatened to give the tape to my husband if I didn’t comply with her demands. Even though I was an innocent victim in all of this, I’m sure my husband wouldn’t see it that way. I decided it would be in my best interests to abide by her requests.

The girl’s name is Linda and she works in the women’s clothing section of a local department store. Roger is Linda’s boyfriend and he works as a security guard at the store. She said that Roger was turned on once when he had the opportunity frisk a young female customer. After the search was completed, he took Linda into a dressing room and had his way with her. Linda wanted to repeat the experience, so she thought that having Roger strip-search me would surely turn him on.

Her plan was for me to try on some clothes and then attempt to leave the store while I was still wearing them. Roger would catch me and take me into the security room where he would make me remove the clothes, then set me free. It sounded simple enough so I agreed to her little scheme. Unfortunately, these things never go as planned when my nudity is involved. I should have known that I’d end up exposed to a bigger audience than just her boyfriend.

I went into the store, entered a dressing room and removed all of my clothes. As I stood there waiting in the nude, Linda walked through the store looking for just the right outfit for me to wear. She finally returned with a skimpy halter dress and nothing else! The dress barely covered my butt and the fabric was so sheer that you could practically see right through it. As I reached up to tie the halter around my neck, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my nipples were visible beneath the pale blue dress. In the light, you could also see the shadow of my neatly trimmed brunette bush, which was barely hidden by thin material.

I poked my head out of the dressing room and said, “Hey Linda, I can’t walk through the store in this dress. You can see right through it, and it’s so small, too. Where’d you find it, in the children’s section?”

Linda threw the curtain of the dressing room open and said, “Just get going. No one will even notice.”

She was wrong. As I walked out of the dressing room, everyone seemed to notice! The flimsy dress immediately began to attract attention and I started feeling a little self-conscious. Even with the dress on, I still felt like I was practically naked. My nipples were poking through the thin material and my pussy hair was even more visible in the store’s bright lights. As I walked, the back of the dress would flip up and expose the lower portion of my bare butt cheeks. I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to run back into the dressing room and hide, but against my better judgment, I decided to carry out the mission and hope for the best.

I acted as if I was going to leave the store, so Linda called security and accused me of shoplifting. A heavyset woman in a security guard uniform took me by the arm and marched me into a room at the front of the store. A man in his thirties was also leading a teenaged girl into the same room. The guy’s name was Don and he worked in the jewelry department. Don said that he saw the young girl stuff a necklace into her bra.

Suddenly Linda burst into the room and said, “Hey Margaret, where’s Roger?”

The heavyset woman holding my arm replied, “He went to a training seminar downtown.”

Then Margaret pointed to me and asked, “Is this your shoplifter?”

Linda muttered, “Yes, but…”

Margaret said, “Thanks. You can go now.”

I whispered, “Wait, Linda. Do something!”

Linda said in a disappointed tone, “Sorry, I can’t. I’ll loose my job. I have to get back to work now.”

Linda had a look on her face like she was really sorry, but that didn’t help my situation at all. She just walked out of the room and left me standing there with hardly any clothes on. Then, to make matters worse, Margaret picked up the phone and asked someone named Paul to take a break and come into the security room.

“Oh great,” I thought to myself, “She’s inviting another man to come in and feast his eyes on my scantly clad body.”

It turned out to be worse that I expected. When the door swung opened, not one, but two guys entered the room. They appeared to be loading dock workers. The older guy, who turned out to be Paul, took a look at my skimpy dress, then smiled at Margaret and thanked her for calling him.

Paul said, “I hope you don’t mind that I brought Adam along.”

Margaret answered, “No problem. I hope you don’t mind if I work while you take your break. I’ve caught a couple of thieves and it looks like I’m gonna have to search ‘em for evidence.”

Paul said, “I don’t mind at all.”

I thought to myself, “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind watching a couple of young girls getting frisked!”

Paul looked to be about fifty years old. The man had grey hair and he was missing his front tooth. Paul was ugly, but he looked like a perfect match for Margaret. Adam, on the other hand, was about nineteen and very attractive with a great body. The two guys sat down at a table in the middle of the room. Don pulled up a chair and joined them at the table. Even though I expected Margaret to frisk me, I felt pretty confident that she wouldn’t strip search me in a room full of men…but I was wrong!

Margaret turned her attention to the young girl. She was a fresh-faced blonde, about five foot seven, with long tan legs. The girl was wearing a tight yellow tank top with a strapless bra underneath. Her large breasts looked like they were about to spill out of the top of her shirt. The young girl was also wearing a very short denim mini-skirt with buttons all the way down the front. The skirt rode low on her hips, and there was a separation between the tank top and the skirt that allowed the girl’s belly button on her flat stomach to show. She was definitely showing off a lot of smooth tan skin and the guys seemed to be impressed. Margaret asked the girl to step up onto the table so that she could ask her a few questions.

I spoke up in defense of the girl and said, “You can’t make her get up on the table. All those guys will be able to see right up her skirt.”

Margaret pointed at me and replied, “Shut up honey. You’ll get your turn!”

All three of the men slouched down in their chairs, obviously getting into a position to look up the young girl’s skirt. She looked really nervous as she stepped up on the table. I started thinking about what it was going to be like when I had to get up there. After all, I was wearing a very short, semi-transparent dress and even worse, I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Those guys were going to have a clear view of my bare ass. The little patch of hair between my legs would also be showing. It was almost as if I was naked!

The young girl’s face turned red with embarrassment as she stood up there so helpless and vulnerable. Margaret asked what her name was and she said that it was Brenda. She also revealed that she was eighteen years old and admitted that she was looking at a necklace in the jewelry department. However, she denied stealing anything. Margaret told Brenda that if she removed the necklace from her bra, she could go free. The young, naïve girl still denied any wrongdoing, so Margaret ordered Brenda to remove her shirt and bra to prove that she didn’t take anything.

Brenda looked down at the guys, who were still looking up her skirt, then looked at Margaret and said, “Please don’t make me take my shirt off. These assholes are already treating themselves to a peek at my panties. I don’t want them to see anything else.”

Margaret replied, “You should have thought of that before you did the crime. Maybe this will teach you a lesson!”

Then Margaret and Paul smiled at each other. I guess Margaret was trying to get Paul excited by humiliating the young girl in front of him. It made perfect sense to me because there was no way fat Margaret was going to turn anyone on.

Brenda had everyone’s attention as she reached for the bottom of her tank top. She slowly lifted it over her head and her big bra-covered breasts came into view. Brenda paused for a moment, but Margaret urged her to continue so she reached behind her back and unfastened her strapless bra. The young girls big boobs were now on display and they were magnificent! Her breasts were natural, firm and full with round rosy nipples.

Everyone was focusing on Brenda’s big tits, so no one saw her wad up the bra and drop it. Unfortunately, when the bra hit the floor, the necklace fell out and busty Brenda was busted. Now she was doubly embarrassed. Her breasts were exposed in front of everyone and it also appeared that she was guilty, too.

The poor degraded young girl was about to get down off of the table when Don said, “I think I saw her put a necklace in her panties, too!”

Brenda cried out, “You did not! You’re a liar,” as the guys laughed and gave each other high-fives.

Margaret chuckled and said, “Well honey, we can’t be too sure. We already caught you once so pull down your underpants!”

Brenda started to reach under her skirt when Paul said, “You better make her take the skirt off first. She might be carrying a concealed weapon.”

Brenda cried, “No, don’t make me take my skirt off. Without it, I won’t have any clothes on. These guys will be able to see everything!”

Margaret was unmoved by Brenda’s plea for mercy. The guys started laughing again as Margaret instructed Brenda to remove her short denim skirt. Brenda reached for the bottom button and began unbuttoning the skirt. One by one the buttons were opened and the short skirt began to separate. Soon the guys had an unobstructed view of Brenda’s little white cotton panties. When the final button was unfastened, the skirt dropped to the floor. Now Brenda was standing on the table wearing nothing, but her skimpy bikini underpants. Her big boobs were still out there where everyone could see them, but now her panties were on display, too.

Brenda looked at Margaret and said, “These panties are so tight that you can tell there’s nothing in them.”

Margaret replied, “Well we can’t be too sure. Pull ‘em down!”

Brenda turned her back to the guys, hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slowly slid the panties down her legs. Her firm young buns were as beautiful as her breasts. She must wear a pretty skimpy bathing suit because there was only a thin tan line that ran up the crack of her ass. Brenda turned around and her smooth shaved pussy was now revealed to the guys as well. She was truly an amazing beauty from head to toe and there wasn’t a limp penis in the room.

Margaret picked up Brenda’s panties and handed them to Paul. She asked him to check the underpants for stolen merchandise. Paul inspected them and then he passed them around to all the guys. As Brenda stood there in the buff, she was mortified because the jerks took turns sniffing her panties. Paul finally told Margaret that the panties passed the inspection, but they’d better make sure she wasn’t hiding merchandise anywhere else. Paul winked at Margaret and she knew exactly what he wanted.

Margaret instructed Brenda to sit on the table. Brenda tried to hold her legs together, but Margaret told her to spread them, otherwise she wouldn’t get her clothes back. Brenda was facing the men as she spread her legs apart. She was totally mortified as all of the guys gathered between her legs, inspecting every inch of her pretty hairless pussy. They were taking a good long look at Brenda’s sweet young pussy lips until Don couldn’t contain himself anymore and tried to touch her.

Margaret called out, “That’s enough,” and rescued Brenda from the wolves.

Brenda stepped down from the table and reached for her clothes, but Margaret instructed her to stand against the wall. It looked like Margaret was going to make poor Brenda stand there in the nude while they addressed my situation. As I stepped up onto the table, Brenda just stood there with her beautiful breasts and bald beaver out in the open for everyone to see.

The attention was quickly diverted from Brenda to me. If the guys didn’t know it before, they now knew that I wasn’t wearing anything under my short halter dress. Margaret asked me what I had stolen and I replied that it was obvious I hadn’t stolen anything. I decided to take control of the situation thinking that maybe I could talk my way out of this mess. I slipped my fingers into the top of the halter dress and separated the material apart. My medium sized, but firm breasts spilled out where everyone could see them. My puffy pink nipples seemed to harden instantly as the guys focused on my bare breasts.

I said, “See everybody. I’m not wearing a bra so I’m not hiding anything on top.”

Paul said, “Well, I have to agree with ya there, but you may have somethin’ underneath the dress.”

I turned around, bent over with my legs straight and lifted up the back of my dress. With my head down between my knees, I could see that the guys were studying my bare behind. My legs were even spread far enough apart to give the guys a peek at my pussy lips.

I asked the guys, “Do you see any stolen merchandise?”

The guys said, “No, but we sure like what we see.”

Then I stood up and faced the guys. I decided to tease the guys a little and started slowly lifting the hem of the short dress. My bare breasts were still hanging out of the top of my dress, but the guys were now looking at my legs as I flaunted more and more of my smooth tan thighs.

As the hem approached the neatly trimmed patch of pussy hair between my legs, “I stopped and asked, “Have you seen enough?”

The guys yelled out, “Hell no!”

I raised the hem a little further and said, “Isn’t it obvious that I didn’t steal anything?”

The guys said, “No. We need to see more.”

I raised the hem of the short skirt just a little bit more. The lower half of my brunette pussy hair was now visible to the guys.

I asked, “Well you must have seen enough by now to determine if I’ve stolen anything. I’m going to let my dress drop.”

You could have cut the tension in the room with a knife. The guys started begging to show it all, so I lifted the hem of the short skirt all the way up past my belly button. Every bit of my brunette bush was now showing and guys were speechless. I noticed that Adam, the young guy, was especially excited, so I moved right to the edge of the table in front of him. I squatted down and spread my knees wide apart. Adam was getting a total beaver shot. He could see everything I had to offer. I gently raked my fingernails through the little patch of pussy hair and then I ran a finger up and down my moist slit.

I asked him in a sexy voice, “Am I a bad girl? Did I steal anything?”

He stuttered, “No, everything looks good to me.”

With that I stood up and jumped down off of the table. My dress blew up giving the guys what I thought would be one last peek at my bare butt. Unfortunately, it also allowed the tag on the dress to fall down and Margaret realized that the dress was what I was trying to steal. She quickly untied the string around my neck, which was the only thing holding the dress on. Before I could react, the dress fell to the floor and I was completely naked, just like Brenda. There I was in my birthday suit while the guys admired my petite five-foot frame. My medium sized, perky breasts and neatly trimmed brunette bush were now out in the open for the guys to observe.

Margaret looked at the guys and said, “Should we turn ‘em in or let ‘em go?”

Don said, “Lets keep ‘em forever.”

Margaret replied, “That’s not an option. Since we got our merchandise back, I guess we’ll just let ‘em go.”

As Brenda quickly put her clothes back on, I asked for the dress back. Margaret told me that the dress was store property and then she opened the door and told me to leave. Now there were customers in the store that were looking in my direction and I didn’t have any clothes on! I was very embarrassed and I had to do something fast. I quickly scampered across the floor towards the dressing room. My breasts were bouncing and my pussy was showing as people moved towards me to get a closer look. I was mortified as I dove into the dressing room and pulled the curtain shut. Luckily my clothes were still in there and I was able to get dressed.

When I finally got up the courage to leave the dressing room, I walked over to Linda and demanded that she give me the videotape. It turned out that Linda had lied about the tape. She didn’t even have one! I don’t know if I was angry with Linda for deceiving me or if I was angry with myself for being suckered into such a ridiculous scheme, but I knew there was nothing I could do about it now. Even though I was now fully dressed, people were still looking at me. I decided not to make a scene and headed for the exit.

The store manager stopped me right in front of the security office. He demanded to know why I was running naked through the store. I thought about telling him the whole story, but I started hearing noises coming from the office. I swung the security office door open and there on top of the table was Margaret and Paul. They were naked and bumpin’ ugly! It was a disgusting sight. Now people in the store were looking at them and not at me. The manager began to scold the couple as I quickly made my way out the front door. I had my revenge!

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