tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 07

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 07


Public nudity is not always caused by personal misfortune or the actions of enemies. Occasionally it is attributed to intoxication. This is especially true when a group of girls get together for an evening of mischief. As the alcohol begins to flow, girls have a tendency to loose their inhibitions and attract attention by flashing unsuspecting guys. Girls also find humor in stealing each other's clothes and exposing one another in public. This was certainly the case when I went out with my friend, Keri, and her coworker for an evening of decadence.

Keri is a secretary for a temporary services company. She finished a project for a big law firm with another temp from her agency and a couple of lawyers offered to take the girls out in appreciation of their hard work. Apparently their case netted the firm a large sum of money and the lawyers were in a spending mood. Keri asked me if I wanted to join them and I eagerly accepted. I wasn't going to pass up an invitation to a fancy restaurant with free food and drinks.

Keri is twenty-five years old with light brown hair and large, full breasts. She's five-foot-five and has a pretty face with a deep golden tan. Keri was wearing a strapless red knit mini-dress with a dangerously short hemline. Underneath the dress, she was wearing a white strapless bra and a pair of see-through white thong underwear. The bra pushed her breasts up, creating the illusion that they could spill out of the dress at any moment.

My name is Peggy and I'm a twenty-one year old brunette, just over five feet tall with medium sized, natural breasts. My husband is usually out of town on business and ignores me when he's home, so I was looking forward to the big night out on the town. I selected a short black sundress with a zipper down the back and spaghetti straps that tied over the shoulders. I put on a pair of silky black panties, but I couldn't find a bra that looked good with the backless sundress, so I went braless.

The lawyers picked us up in a stretch limo. Keri's coworker, Kim, was already inside of the limo, along with two lawyers. Scott was twenty-six years old and fresh out of law school. He was tall, muscular and very good-looking. The other lawyer, Mark, was an attractive man in his forties. Mark was also well built and supposedly very wealthy. The men were dressed in custom tailored suits and designer shoes. They probably never buy off-the-rack clothes like the rest of us.

I'd never met Kim before, but she seemed very nice. Kim is a young Japanese girl who is about the same height as me. Her figure is also similar to mine with medium sized breasts that look good with her petite frame. She has long dark silky hair and a cute Oriental face.

Kim was wearing a white blouse with a white bra underneath. The blouse was the see-through transparent type meant to show off the bra. Kim was also wearing a very short red and black plaid mini-skirt with white thigh-high hose. From the way she was sitting, it was easy to see that she had white panties on underneath the skirt. I guess Kim was going for that sexy schoolgirl look and she was still young enough to get away with it.

It was obvious by the way that Keri and Kim were dressed that they were looking for some attention tonight. As we rode in the limo, Mark made a comment that he wasn't used to seeing the girls dressed so provocatively. Keri said that when she wasn't working, she liked to cut loose and tonight was a night to party.

Our first stop was an upscale bar in the downtown area. The men slowly drank a glass of scotch whiskey, while the rest of us downed a few glasses of beer and wine. Soon the girls and I were feeling no pain and we were probably acting a little immature in front of our distinguished hosts.

Kim noticed that some guys at the bar were looking at her. Mark told Kim that those guys were probably staring at her because of the sexy blouse she was wearing. Even though Mark was married, it appeared that he planned to have a memorable evening and wasted no time taking advantage of Kim's over indulgence of alcohol. He suggested that Kim should take off her bra and really give the guys something to look at.

Kim blushed and said, "I can't take my bra off. In this transparent blouse, I'd look like I was topless!"

Mark said, "Would you take the bra off for ten bucks?"

Kim continued to blush and replied, "Absolutely not. Without my bra, those guys would be able to see right though this blouse. Everyone would be able to see my boobies. You guys would be able to see my boobies, too. I'd be too embarrassed."

Mark kept increasing the amount until he reached fifty bucks, which he said was his final offer. He could tell that the alcohol was clouding Kim's judgment and he used it to his advantage. Mark tricked Kim into thinking that no one would be able to see through her blouse and suddenly Kim started giving the idea some thought. Finally Kim gave in and accepted Mark's offer.

Kim went into the ladies room and when she came out, she was carrying her bra. Even from a distance, we could tell that she was bare-chested under the blouse. Everyone could see her pink nipples poking out against the thin white fabric. When Kim saw that everybody was staring at her, she became very embarrassed. However, she made no attempt to hide her breasts and proceeded towards the bar. As Kim walked past the bar, every guy turned to look at her. Kim's face was red, but she just smiled and strutted back to our table. She dropped the bra in Mark's lap and he responded by handing her fifty dollars.

As we continued drinking, Mark and Scott couldn't take their eyes off of Kim, nor could any other guy in the bar. Kim seemed really self-conscious about her state of undress, but she didn't try to block anyone's view of her perky breasts. Soon it was time to leave and Kim decided that she'd better put her bra back on before going out in public.

Kim said, "Mark I need my bra back now."

Mark replied, "That wasn't part of the deal. However, I'll sell it back to you for a hundred dollars."

Kim gasped and said, "I only have the fifty bucks you gave me!"

Scott said, "Kim, let that be a lesson to you. Never trust a lawyer."

There was still daylight left when we left the dimly lit bar. As we exited the building, I noticed that Mark had left Kim's bra on the table. He really had no intention of giving the bra back to her. Kim was mortified when she saw what an affect the sunlight had on her see-through blouse. The sun shined right through the transparent material and made it look like she wasn't wearing any top at all. The exposure really embarrassed Kim because she quickly realized that she would have to enter the restaurant practically topless. We climbed into the limo and headed to The Breckenridge, the most elegant restaurant in town.

The lawyers' eyes were focused on Kim's see-through top as we drove down the boulevard. They liked watching Kim's precious titties bounce when the limo hit a bump. Kim was obviously feeling very self-conscious and Keri made it worse by cracking jokes about Kim's braless attire, thus drawing more attention to Kim's predicament. Kim became a little angry and responded by reaching into Keri's dress. She unhooked the strapless bra and before Keri could react, Kim pulled the bra free and tossed it out of the huge sunroof that was open above us. Keri's bra was gone for good. Now Keri had to be careful because she really could fall out of her dress at any moment.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the girls and I continued drinking. As we read the menu, it was clear that Keri had already consumed a little too much alcohol. The top of Keri's dress had slipped down below her nipples and she didn't even know it. A waiter was standing above Keri and looking down at her exposed breasts. Mark and Scott snickered because they knew that the waiter, and everyone else in the restaurant were checking out Keri's tits.

Finally, I nudged Keri and told her to look down. Keri saw that the top of her dress was just barely clinging to the bottom of her breasts. She blushed, but started giggling when she realized that her rosy round nipples had popped out and everyone could see them.

Keri looked at the guys as she pulled her dress up and said, "You nasty boys. You weren't even going to tell me that my boobs were hanging out. Were you just going to sit there and stare at my bare titties all night?"

Mark responded by saying, "We didn't even notice," and then the guys looked at each other and laughed.

Keri was sitting on one side of Scott and Kim was sitting on the other. Keri was talking to Scott and I really think they were hitting it off, but Kim kept trying to make a play for Scott, too. It was difficult enough to compete with the young Japanese girl's braless titties displayed beneath the see-through blouse, but then Keri noticed that Kim's short skirt was riding up. Kim was giving the guys a view of her smooth slender thighs above the tops of her white thigh-high hose.

Soon Kim's skirt had ridden up so high that her little white panties began to peek out from underneath. When Keri saw that Kim had both of the lawyers' undivided attention, she responded by letting her dress slip down again. Keri casually tugged on the dress until her nipples were about to pop out. I whispered to Keri that she'd had too much to drink and that she shouldn't stoop to Kim's tactics, but Keri told me to mind my own business. Then Keri leaned forward, causing her dress to slide down even further.

Now the guys were looking at Keri because she was really putting on a show. Keri continued to make a spectacle of herself by placing both hands behind her head as if she was fixing her hair. She pushed her chest out in the process and everyone in the restaurant watched as Keri's breasts fell out of her strapless mini-dress.

Keri moved her hands to her face and said, "Oh no, my dress fell down again! Now everyone can see my tits."

Keri's big boobs were hanging out again and the lawyers loved what they saw. She put her hands over her breasts, but never pulled her dress up. Eventually Keri's hands drifted away as if she'd forgotten that her dress had fallen down, but that didn't stop everyone else from staring at her big jugs. I just stayed out of it and decided that if Keri wanted to humiliate herself, then she can live with the consequences.

Everyone in the restaurant watched the antics of Kim and Keri all evening. The waiter also gave us great service, which was understandable because Keri's breasts were hanging out, Kim's breasts were visible under the see-through top and Kim's panties were showing, too. I was braless in a skimpy sundress and I looked like a prude compared to these girls.

The girls and I consumed more alcohol during dinner, but nothing else happened until we got back into the limo. Keri and Kim stood up and looked out of the sunroof as we drove down the street. Keri pulled the top of her dress up so high over her breasts that the hem of her short mini-dress also came up. Keri's tiny thong panties were hanging out below.

From their sitting positions, the lawyers could see right up both of the girls' short skirts. Kim and Keri were proudly displaying their white panties. You could even see the shadow of Keri's light brown bush under her see-through thong. Kim's young firm butt looked cute under her white bikini panties, but Keri's butt was almost totally exposed. All she had was a tiny string from her thong running up the center of her butt crack.

Kim and Keri were drunk enough at this point that they didn't mind showing off their underwear to the lawyers. However, Kim decided that it was time to reveal a little more of their tender young bodies. When Mark told Kim that he would pay fifty bucks for a pair of panties, she responded by reaching under Keri's mini-dress and pulling Keri's panties down.

Kim handed the panties to Mark and said, "I can use another fifty bucks."

Mark chuckled because he expected Kim to take off her own panties, but he gave Kim the fifty bucks just for being creative. Mark saw that Keri was mortified from loosing her panties, so he acted like a gentleman and reached up to hand the panties back to her. Unfortunately for Keri, the wind caught her panties and sent them sailing right out of the sunroof. All Keri could do was watch her panties float away. The girls sat down and Keri tried to hold her dress in place to hide her assets. However, the alcohol was really beginning to take its toll on Kim because she was starting to thrive on attention.

Kim said, "It's a little warm in here. Do you guys mind if I get comfortable?"

The lawyers said, "We don't mind at all. Take all of your clothes off."

Kim said, "You silly boys! I'm just going to open my top to get a little air."

I thought to myself, "As if you weren't getting enough air already in that transparent top."

The guys watched intensely as Kim slowly unbuttoned every button on her blouse. Then she just let the blouse hang open as she pushed her hair back behind her ears with both hands. Most of her breasts and her belly button were showing where the blouse separated in front, but her nipples were still protected by the flimsy white fabric. Finally she reached down and loosely tied the blouse in a knot several inches below her breasts. Kim now had a bare midriff and the guys would be able to see right down her shirt if she leaned forward.

Kim said, "Whew, I feel much better now."

Mark laughed and said, "So do I!"

Scott said, "I bet you'd feel even better if you took that skirt off, too."

Kim replied, "I don't have to worry about loosing my skirt. Its expensive and you 'd never pay the hundred bucks I'd charge to take it off."

Kim was shocked when Mark said, "No problem" and pulled out a hundred-dollar bill.

Kim blushed because she didn't expect Mark to hand out that much money, but now she felt obligated to go through with it. She stood up, unzipped the back of the skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then Kim watched in horror as Scott tossed the skirt out of the sunroof. She was left standing there in just her skimpy white bikini panties, white thigh-highs and white see-through blouse.

When Kim saw the smiles on the guys' faces, she became really embarrassed because she suddenly realized maybe she'd taken a little too much off. The realization was even more evident when we ran out of beer. Mark said that he would buy the beer, but the girls had to go in and get it.

Kim declared, "I can't go in there without my skirt!"

Keri added, "I can't go in there without my panties!"

Mark said, "Well you girls drank the beer, so you have to replace it. You either get out and come back with some beer, or you get out and we leave you here."

Kim pleaded, "But it looks like there's a lot of guys inside the store. They'll all be looking at my underwear!"

Mark took another hundred-dollar bill and stuffed it in the front of Kim's panties.

He said, "I'll make it worth your while. Go get the beer and keep the change."

The guys were laughing because they knew that Keri and Kim were really wasted. Now the lawyers were going to have some fun by humiliating the girls in public. Kim and Keri reluctantly got out of the limo and I followed them into the liquor store.

Kim was extremely embarrassed as she stood in the middle of the store and all of the guys were looking at her. Kim's little white panties and see-through top were attracting a lot of attention until Keri bent over to get some beer from the bottom shelf of the cooler. When Keri's dress rode up in back and revealed that she didn't have anything on under her dress, every guy in the store got into a position to gaze at Keri's bare ass.

After Keri grabbed a 12-pack of beer, Kim closed the cooler door on Keri's mini-dress. Keri was unaware that her dress was caught in the door and as she stood up, her dress was pulled down. The top of Keri's strapless dress slipped off of her breasts and the dress slid all the way down to her waist. Since Keri was holding the beer, she didn't have a free hand to pull her dress up. Kim claimed that it was an accident, but I had my doubts. I think Kim was trying to divert the attention away from her own nakedness.

With Keri's bare breasts out where everyone could see them, she called out, "My dress is caught in the cooler. Can anyone help me get free?"

Keri held the 12-pack in front of her tits as some guy came forward and said that he could help. I began to question this guy's intentions when I saw a box-cutter in his hand, but before I could say anything, he began to slice Keri's dress up the side. He only needed to cut a small piece of her dress off to free her from the cooler, but he began slicing the dress all the way up the side. Actually, all he needed to do was open the cooler door, but this guy knew how to take advantage of a young girl's misfortune.

Keri started screaming, "Stop, please stop. You've cut enough off. There's not going to be anything left of the dress!"

The guy paused, but Kim said, "She's just a little drunk. We have to leave so do whatever it takes to get her dress out of the door."

Keri shouted, "Don't tell him that. He'll cut my whole dress off."

Kim said in a sly tone, "Oh that's right. You don't have anything on underneath your dress. Everyone will see you naked."

That statement really got the crowds' attention. Now everyone in the store was watching and hoping that the guy would cut Keri's dress all the way off. They'd seen Keri's tits and ass, but her light brown pussy hair was yet to be revealed.

Kim turned to the crowd and said, "Does anyone have another suggestion on how to get her dress out of the cooler door?"

When no one answered, Kim turned to the guy and said, "Oh well, I guess the dress has to go."

Keri pleaded, "Please don't cut my dress off. I won't have anything to wear," but the guy just ignored her and kept cutting.

As the other men cheered him on, the guy didn't stop slicing until Keri's dress was cut into two pieces. The guy pulled the dress away from Keri, leaving her standing there totally nude. Keri was mortified, but Kim and I were so drunk that we just stood there and laughed about it. I figured that the way Keri had been acting all evening, she was bound to loose her dress sooner or later.

As we stood at the counter to pay for the beer, the guys formed a circle around us. Keri's big boobs, pink nipples and hair triangle were all on display for the group of onlookers. Kim added to the excitement by briefly pulling down the front of her panties to get the hundred-dollar bill, but the store manager said that the beer was on the house. Keri never did get any of her dress back and she was forced to leave the store with only a 12-pack of beer to hide her nudity.

The lawyers' mouths dropped open when Keri returned to the limo without a stitch of clothing on. Keri timidly held an arm across her chest and placed a hand between her legs in an attempt to cover her naked body. She asked the guys if anyone could see inside of the limo and the guys replied that the windows were tinted, so she was safe. However, Kim turned some lights on, which actually illuminated the interior. Everyone driving by could see the naked young girl inside of the limo.

Then Kim stood up to look out of the sunroof. She was showing off by waving to people as we drove by when the force of the wind became too much for her blouse and it blew wide open She was trying to hold onto the shirt as the wind blew against her bare chest. As her blouse whipped around from the ends of her arms, all of the people in the cars around us could see the young Asian girl's perky breasts. Unfortunately for Kim, she couldn't hang onto the blouse any longer and it flew off into the street behind us. Kim was now topless, but she was still wearing her little white bikini panties and white thigh-high hose.

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