tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 08

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 08


My name is Peggy and I'm a twenty-one year old housewife. I’m married to a thirty-five year old man named Jack. I call myself “the bored housewife” because my husband is usually out of town on business. When he’s at home, he has a habit of ignoring me. I felt that I was too young to sit at home and let life pass me by, so I instigated a few adventures that left me naked in public. Now it seems like I can’t leave the house without loosing my clothes.

I look younger than twenty-one because I’m just over five-foot tall and I have a petite body. My medium sized, natural breasts aren’t exactly huge, but they look big in comparison to my small features. I used to be very shy and self-conscious about my appearance, but I’ve been working out on a regular basis and I’ve firmed up in all the right places. I don’t consider myself an exhibitionist because I feel very embarrassed when my body is exposed to strangers. However, when the ordeal is over, the thought of strange men seeing me naked seems to turn me on.

Some of my public nudity experiences included my best friend Keri. She is twenty-five years old with light brown hair and large, full breasts. Keri is about five-foot-five, has a very pretty face, a great body and a deep golden tan. In the absence of my husband’s attention, Keri and I became lovers. I never intended to become bisexual, but Keri is so beautiful and attentive to my needs that it just sort of happened.

Jack is showing me more attention than ever since Keri and I gave him a girl-on-girl performance. I thought Jack would get mad when he found out about Keri, but it actually had the opposite affect. I haven’t allowed him to participate in a threesome, but both Jack and Keri seem very interested in the idea.

Then one evening, Jack found out that my sexual experiences went further than just sharing my bed with another girl in the privacy of our own home. Keri had a few drinks and spilled the beans to Jack about my exhibitionist side. I really expected him to get angry when he heard about my public nudity escapades, but the thought of strange men seeing me naked seemed to turn him on, too.

Jack and I made incredible love that night and Jack even invited me to accompany him on his next business trip. I assumed that Jack just wanted to spend some time with me, but I found out later that he really wanted be there in person to witness one of my public nudity misadventures. Jack even intended to do whatever he could to insure that I was left scrambling for my clothes in the presence of strangers. He went so far as removing my underwear from the luggage so that I wouldn’t have anything to wear under my skimpy summer dresses.

The naked high jinks began as soon as we arrived at our hotel in Miami. I’d finished taking a shower and came out of the bathroom without a stitch of clothing on. Much to my surprise, Jack had invited a coworker to join us for dinner and the man was waiting inside of our hotel room. My husband chuckled because my bare breasts and neatly trimmed brunette bush were out in the open for his coworker to observe.

As I attempted to cover my nudity with my arms, my husband said, “I’d like you to meet Chet.”

I shrieked, “You want me to meet him right now? I’m naked!”

Jack said, “That’s alright. Chet doesn’t mind if you’re not dressed yet.”

I said, “I’m sure he doesn’t, but I do!”

Chet stuck out his hand and expected me to shake it. I looked over at my husband as a cry for help, but all Jack did was motion for me to shake Chet’s hand. I gave in and let go of my breasts to shake hands with Chet. Jack smiled when he saw that Chet’s eyes were focused on my nice pink nipples. My bare boobies were bouncing up and down as Chet vigorously shook my hand, then he let go and proceeded to check out my dark pussy hair. My husband seemed to enjoy the attention I was receiving from Chet, but my face turned three shades of red from embarrassment.

Jack said, “I hope you don’t mind if Chet joins us for dinner.”

I replied, “Of course I don’t mind, but can’t he wait outside until I put some clothes on?”

My husband said, “Oh no, that would be rude.”

Jack and Chet took a seat on the sofa, apparently intending to watch me get dressed. I nervously opened my suitcase on the bed and bent over to find a pair of underwear. As I was bent over, Chet was getting a good look at my bare butt. I was bent over in front of Chet for the longest time, but I couldn’t seem to locate any panties.

I said, “That’s odd. There’s no bras or panties in my suitcase. I know I packed them, but I can’t find them. What am I going to do?”

Jack grinned and said, “You probably forgot them. We’re all hungry after such a long trip. Just slip your dress on and let’s get going.”

I had no choice, but to put the dress on without any underwear. It was a very short, thin sundress with small straps over the shoulders. The dress had a yellow and blue floral pattern, but I was afraid that in the right light everyone would be able to see right through it. It was also so short that if I bent over, my butt cheeks would be hanging out and I wasn’t wearing any panties!

I looked in the mirror and I could see my pink nipples poking through the thin material of the dress. The faint shadow of my pussy hair was also visible down between my legs. I told my husband that I couldn’t go out in public looking like this, but he just grabbed my arm and led me out of the room with Chet following behind me. I didn’t find out until much later that my husband had purposely removed my bras and panties from the luggage.

When we entered the restaurant, I saw that there were regular tables in the back and high tables with barstools right up front. Of course I wanted to sit in the back, but Jack asked for a table by the bar and we were seated immediately. My chair was facing the people sitting at the regular tables and I became very embarrassed when I realized that their low chairs allowed them to look up at me as I climbed onto the tall stool. It was impossible to keep my legs together while I climbed up on the tall chair, so I was forced to flash my panty-less bush at many of the guys seated below me.

I was nervous throughout the entire meal because the guys at the tables below were constantly trying to sneak a peek between my legs at my exposed pussy. After dinner, we stood in the bar area and had a few drinks. We talked to some guys at the bar for quite a long time. While I was standing there, surrounded by men, I made sure that the garment covered me. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was naked under the dress. My nipples were poking out against the thin fabric, but at least my ass and pussy were covered.

I thought the men were just interested in having a conversation with me and I was thrilled that for once I was attracting the attention of men without exposing my body. However, when we were about to leave, my husband pointed out that there were mirrored tiles on floor. I was mortified! Here I thought the men were only interested in talking to me, but it turned out that they were really checking out the reflection of my bare ass and naked pussy in the shiny floor below me. I was shocked that Jack would expose me to a group of strange men like that, but my husband showed his appreciation of me later that night in bed.

Another incident happened at the pool the following day. I knew that my husband and Chet were entertaining some clients at a café that overlooked the pool, so I wore my skimpiest thong bikini and stretched out on a lounge chair right in front of them. The men watched as I applied a liberal amount of suntan lotion all over my body. My bikini top barely covered my breasts and if the bottoms of the suit slid down even the slightest bit, my neatly trimmed brunette bush would be exposed. It was a very daring bikini, even by Miami’s standards.

I rolled over on my stomach and untied the top of my bikini. From the back, I must have looked totally nude because the thin string of my thong was lost between my butt cheeks and it was the only article clothing that I was wearing. I looked over and my husband gave me a big smile showing his approval of the way I looked.

While I was sunning myself, a cute, muscular guy came over and asked me if I wanted a massage. My husband motioned for me to go ahead and get one, so I followed the guy to a massage table located by the side of the pool. My husband probably enjoyed the fact that I didn’t bother to re-tie my bikini top. I just cupped my hands over my bare breasts and followed the guy to the table.

The guy pulled out some kind of cleaner from his gym bag and thoroughly cleaned the cushioned top of the massage table. When he finished cleaning the table, he asked me to climb up on the table and lie on my stomach. He grabbed some massage oil from his gym bag and applied it to my back. The guy then began working his hands from my shoulders down to my lower back. It felt great and I could tell that this guy knew what he was doing.

I was so relaxed that I didn’t even flinch when his hands reached my tiny thong. Without asking, he untied the sides and pulled the thong free from between my butt cheeks. Then he tossed my thong into his gym bag, which was sitting on the ground under the table. I was suddenly naked at a public pool as my husband, his coworker and his clients looked on!

I felt very self-conscious because my nude body was viewable by the people at the café and the people around the pool. Then I looked up and noticed that there were people sitting on their balconies looking down on me, too. It seemed like the whole world was staring at my naked backside. As the guy poured oil on my bare butt, I calmed down by telling myself that people get these nude massages every day. However, I quickly found out that I was wrong.

The hotel manager came over and ordered me to get up from the table. As I stood there in front of everyone without a swimming suit or a towel to hide my nakedness, the hotel manager told the massage guy that nudity was not allowed in the pool area. The massage guy became infuriated and argued that it was the only way to give a good massage. The hotel manager also became angry and responded by threatening to call security if the massage guy refused to leave.

While I stood there stark naked, the men began creating a scene and everyone looked over in our direction to see what was going on. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed! My bare butt, naked breasts and exposed pussy were on display for everyone to look at, and my bikini was far beyond my reach. It was so humiliating to stand there in the nude with people eyeballing me from every direction. Finally, the massage guy gave up and agreed to leave. He quickly grabbed his gym bag and stormed out of the pool area, taking my bikini bottoms with him!

Now I was the center of attention because the men left me standing there without any clothes on and everyone was staring at my naked body. I was mortified because many of the people began to laugh at my predicament. My husband made no attempt to help me, so all I could do was scamper across the pool deck and head for the stairs leading up to our room.

The people around me watched my breasts bounce up and down as I jogged towards the exit of the pool area. They also got a good look at my bare butt as I climbed the stairs. As I approached my hotel room, I started to cry because I realized that I’d left my key by the lounge chair at the pool. I just couldn’t return to the pool area in the nude to retrieve my key and let everyone look at me again. Luckily the maid had just finished cleaning our room and the door was still open.

I remained naked as I sat down on the bed. I felt so humiliated that I continued crying. A beautiful young Latino maid sat down next to me and asked what was wrong. She put her arm around my bare shoulders and tried to comfort me. I told her that my bikini was taken away, leaving me completely naked in front of everyone.

The sweet Latino girl felt so sorry for me that she almost cried, too. She starting running her fingers through my hair and told me that I should be proud of my beautiful body. Then she kissed me on the cheek and I started feeling a little better. When she looked me in the eyes and smiled, I suddenly felt like I was making an instant connection with her. The feeling appeared to be mutual, which was great for me because I knew that it was going to take more than a kiss on the cheek to make me feel better.

Her name was Carla and she was around my age, but about six inches taller than me. She had a cute face, long brown hair and a dark complexion. Carla was wearing a white maid’s uniform with snaps all the way down the front. The top and bottom snaps were left open and her lacey push-up bra drew attention to the cleavage between her big boobs. Carla had a slender body and her nice round butt stood out against the tight white uniform. Judging from her panty lines, it appeared that she was wearing standard white cotton panties underneath her uniform.

I asked Carla if she could hang out for a little while. She flashed a smile at me and said that she’d be glad to stick around until I felt better. Carla suggested that I take a bath to wash off the suntan lotion and massage oil. She filled the bathtub for me and I climbed in. Carla poured cups of water over my head, got a dab of shampoo and began to lather up my hair. It felt great having my head massaged by the young girl. As she rinsed my hair, a little water splashed on her uniform.

Carla looked at me and said, “I like helping you bathe, but I can’t get my uniform wet. There are other rooms that I have to clean.”

I responded, “We can easily solve that problem.”

As I looked into Carla’s big brown eyes, I gently touched the front of Carla’s white uniform dress. Carla offered no resistance as I slowly began unsnapping her uniform. One by one the snaps popped apart until the dress was completely open in front. Carla’s lacey white bra and white cotton panties came into view as she slipped the little dress down her arms.

Carla hung the dress on the back of the bathroom door, which left the young girl standing there in just her underwear. I could see the shadow of her dark pussy hair through the front of her white cotton panties and the presence of her dark round nipples through the white lacey bra. Carla caught me looking at her and became a little shy and embarrassed. It seemed as though this was not a common practice for her.

I said, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re beautiful and there’s not a hundred people looking at your body, like what happened to me today.”

I motioned for Carla to join me in the bathtub. Carla hesitated for moment, but then she responded by reaching behind her back and unfastening her bra. As she slipped the bra straps down her arms, I was amazed at how perfect her breasts were. They were nice and firm with dark round nipples that were standing up like Hershey Kisses. Her breasts were even bigger than Keri’s and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!

Next Carla dipped her fingers into the waistband of her white cotton panties and slid them down her legs. Her dark bush was neatly trimmed and I determined by her tan lines that her bikini bottoms were not much bigger than her hairy triangle. I could see Carla’s magnificent butt in the mirror behind her as she hopped up on the counter to remove her little white socks and tennis shoes.

I got a glimpse of Carla’s sweet pussy lips as she slightly lifted each leg to remove her tennis shoes. Carla spread her legs even further apart when she slid the little white socks off of her dainty feet. Soon she was completely naked and came over to the side of the bathtub. Carla bent over to feel the water temperature and her big melons dangled right above me. As she lifted her leg over the side of the tub, I was treated to a great beaver shot between her legs. Finally we were both in the tub together and soaping up each other’s tits. When Carla caressed my tender nipples, they became erect with excitement.

Washing each other’s backs led to washing each other’s butts and Carla spent a lot of time running her soapy fingers up and down my sensitive butt crack. I returned the favor and gently touched every inch of her firm, round ass. Soon we moved to the front of our smooth naked bodies and lathered up each other’s pussy. While I raked my fingernails though Carla’s soapy bush, she pushed it a step further and inserted a finger inside of me. Eventually we were moving our fingers in and out of each other’s sweet snatch until I reached a powerful orgasm. Unfortunately, Carla was left unfulfilled.

We climbed out of the tub, grabbed a couple of towels and dried each other off. I looked at Carla’s wonderful naked body and decided that I had to do whatever I could to satisfy her. She took a seat on the edge of the counter and I tried licking her fresh clean pussy. Carla came close to climaxing, but she still fell short of achieving an orgasm. Finally, I reached inside of my make-up bag and pulled out “ole reliable”.

I turned on my little pink vibrator and began rubbing Carla’s pussy lips with it. While I massaged her love button with the electric penis, I bent forward and began sucking on her nice round nipples at the same time. Carla started tensing up and moaning uncontrollably, so I knew that I’d found a method that would finish her off.

Between Carla’s moaning and the sound of the vibrator, we didn’t hear Jack, Chet and two of their clients enter the room. The men stood in the bathroom doorway and watched me make love to Carla. Carla and I were both completely naked and in the bent over position, my bare butt was pointed right at the guys.

Suddenly, Carla opened her eyes and noticed the men staring at her. She shrieked and tried to hide her nudity. I just turned around, slammed the bathroom door shut and locked it. Then I went back to rubbing Carla’s pussy with the vibrator. It took a few minutes, but Carla finally settled down and forgot about the men. They were outside the door listening to the hum of the vibrator. They could also hear Carla moaning as I made little circles on Carla’s delicate nipples with my tongue.

Finally, Carla gripped my shoulders with her hands, tensed up and started screaming, “Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!”

Carla collapsed in my arms and hugged me for a minute. Then she passionately kissed me on the lips before putting her uniform back on. I wrapped a towel around my nude body and walked with her out of the bathroom. The men were watching us as we collected Carla’s cleaning supplies and put them on her cart. Then I planted another kiss on Carla’s lips right in front of the men. Carla responded by putting her arms around me, but accidentally knocked my towel off. I was standing there completely naked, but I held onto Carla until we finished our passionate kiss.

The door of the hotel room was wide open and there were guys in the hallway examining my naked body. The men with my husband were also gazing at my firm breasts, bare butt and hairy triangle, as my damp nipples became rock hard. Carla saw that everyone was looking at me and she quickly picked up my towel. She wrapped the towel around me and gently tucked it in over my right breast. Carla looked me in the eyes, smiled and whispered that I should call the front desk if I needed her for anything. Carla emphasized “anything” before saying goodbye and leaving the room.

I went back into the bathroom and refused to come out until everyone left. When my husband and I were finally alone, I asked him who he would rather be with, Keri or Carla. He responded by choosing me and we made passionate love together all night. I thought that public nudity was going to tear my marriage apart, but apparently it is making our marriage stronger.

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