tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 09

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 09


I was still in Miami and having a great time with my new friend, Carla. She’s a nineteen-year-old Latino girl that works as a maid in the hotel. Carla is a bit shy and naïve, but I’m working hard to change all of that. We’ve explored each other’s bodies a few times and since my husband was busy working on the last day of our trip, I was hoping to meet up with Carla one more time.

Carla is five-foot-seven with a slender body and big firm breasts. She has a cute face, long brown hair and a dark complexion. Carla also has the most magnificent butt I’ve ever seen. When Carla is working, she wears a white maid’s uniform with snaps all the way down the front. She leaves the top and bottom snaps open and her lacey push-up bra draws attention to the cleavage between her big boobs. The panty lines from Carla’s white cotton undies are visible from behind because her nice round butt stands out against the tight white uniform dress.

When I tracked down Carla, she was busy cleaning a room with a girl named Raven. Raven was a fiery redhead that stood about five-foot-four. She was wearing a dress that matched Carla’s uniform, but there was no cleavage between Raven’s tiny tits. Raven’s uniform dress was also shorter that Carla’s because Raven’s underpants were almost showing, even if she didn’t bend over.

I tried to introduce myself, but Raven cut me off and said that she knew all about me. When I asked Raven what she knew, she replied that she’d heard that I was into girls. I told her that my gate swings both ways, but I’m particularly fond of Carla. Carla blushed and said that she was fond of me, too.

Raven said, “I’ve been trying to get my hands up Carla’s dress for quite a while, but I guess I’m just a little too wild for her.”

Carla said to Raven, “That’s because Peggy’s into gentle caressing, but you’re into tickle tortures.”

I asked, “What’s a tickle torture?”

Raven replied, “Let me show you.”

Carla said sternly, “Don’t do it Peggy! Raven wants to tie you up and tickle you until you cum.”

I said, “That doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, it sounds like fun.”

Carla said, “Well don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Raven took a pair of handcuffs from the cleaning cart and then she climbed up on a chair. She reached up over her head to remove a vent from the ceiling and when she did, the hem of her short uniform dress rose up. Raven’s white cotton panties were exposed and they appeared to be too small for her. The panties were riding up into the crack of Raven’s tight young ass causing her butt cheeks to hang out.

I was instructed to extend my arms over my head and then Raven handcuffed me to an iron brace in the ceiling. The brace was accessible because Raven removed the ceiling vent. I was wearing a pink short-sleeved knit pullover dress that was clinging to my body. My husband removed all of my bras and panties from our luggage before we left from home, so I was naked under the short dress. My nipples were poking out against the tight knit material, and with my arms extended above my head, the hem of the dress stopped right at the bottom of my neatly trimmed brunette bush. However, I could feel that the bottom of my bare butt cheeks were peeking out in back.

Raven walked around and surveyed my body. I’m a twenty-one year old brunette and I’m just over five-foot tall. I have a petite body with medium sized, natural breasts. My breasts aren’t huge, but they look big in comparison to my small features. My arms were extended so high in the air that I had to stand on my tiptoes. I was completely helpless and Raven grinned at me because I was now at her mercy.

Raven looked at my dress and said, “You should have taken this dress off before we handcuffed you. Now we’ll never get it over your head and arms.”

I said, “Why do you have to take my dress off? Can’t you tickle me through the dress? You could just lift it up if you have to!”

My pleading fell on deaf ears. Raven went out to the cleaning cart and returned with a pair of scissors.

I said, “No, you can’t cut my dress off. I’ll be hanging here naked!”

Raven shouted, “Silence!”

She began cutting the dress, starting with the hem and continuing all the way up the side.

Carla said, “Peggy, I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen to me.”

Raven finished cutting one side of the dress, but it was still hanging from my other arm. She moved to the other side of me and with a few quick snips, the dress fell to the floor. It was ruined! The dress was cut into three or four pieces, leaving me hanging from the ceiling without a stitch of clothing on.

As Raven decided what form of torture she was going to perform first, Carla finished cleaning the hotel room. Carla put what was left of my dress in a trash bag and headed for the door. The dress was gone for good! Carla opened the hotel room door to throw the trash away and some men in the hall caught a glimpse of me hanging from the ceiling. There was nothing that I could do to hide my nudity from their view.

After putting away the cleaning supplies, Carla returned to the room and stretched out on the bed so that she could watch the proceedings. With her legs spread, I could see right up Carla’s dress. I had a clear view of her white cotton panties.

Raven plucked a stiff feather out of a feather duster and began running it up and down the sides of my naked body. I’m quite ticklish and the touch of the feather made my body tingle all over. Raven moved the feather to the front of me and began teasing my tender pink nipples. It sent chills up my spine.

Raven looked at me and asked, “Do you think your breasts are better than mine?”

I replied, “Well, mine are bigger.”

Raven grabbed my ankle and with the hard stem part of the feather, she began tickling the sole of my foot. I was going crazy, but I couldn’t break free of her grip. Then she put my foot down and began unsnapping the front of her uniform. Raven let her dress fall to the floor and stood before me in just her underwear. Next Raven reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and slipped it off revealing a pair of perky little titties with puffy pink nipples. The topless girl then climbed up on the chair and stuck one of her breasts right in my face.

She asked, “Now who has the better breasts?”

I replied, “Mine are still bigger.”

Raven pushed her puffy pink nipple into my mouth and told me to suck on it. I licked and sucked on her nipple until it hardened in my mouth, and then Raven started moaning with pleasure. When she asked whose breasts were better again, I still replied that mine were better. Raven responded by forcing me to suck on her other nipple for a while. When I still refused to say that her breasts were better, Raven began tickling my sensitive armpits with her fingertips. I was squirming around and my heart was racing, but she was relentless.

Then Carla said, “Just tell Raven that she has better breasts than you and she’ll stop tickling you, at least for a while.”

I took Carla’s advice and Raven ceased the torturous touch of her fingertips under my arms. Raven proceeded to pull down her little white bikini panties exposing her fire red bush. She stood in front of me, grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me close. Raven then started rubbing her hairy triangle against mine. I think she was actually trying to rub our pussy lips together, but she could never get into the right position. It ended up felling a little scratchy, so when Raven asked who had the better pussy, I immediately answered that she did.

Raven picked up the feather, moved the chair behind me and took a seat right in front of my bare butt. She started rubbing the feather all over my butt cheeks and then she moved to the crack of my ass. Raven gently ran the stiff feather up and down my sensitive butt crack. It was an incredible sensation, but I couldn’t stand it for very long and started begging her to stop. Raven ignored me for a while and continued running the feather up and down the crack of my ass, which almost caused me to go out of my mind. Finally, she moved in front of me and began tickling my inner thighs with the feather, which was equally unbearable.

Raven stopped tickling me for a while and placed one of my ankles up on the edge of the chair. She straddled my leg and began rubbing her snatch up and down my thigh. Raven would occasionally pause, place her love button on my kneecap and then rotate her hips around. Eventually, Raven would go back to rubbing her pussy up and down my leg. I could tell that she was getting excited because there was a big wet streak on my thigh from her pussy juices.

Then I heard moaning, but it wasn’t coming from Raven. I looked over and noticed that Carla was lying on the bed with her dress open and her bra pushed up above her beautiful breasts. Her big melons were hanging out in the open and her panties were down around her ankles. Carla was fingering her own pussy, while her other hand touched and caressed her nipples. She was really having fun with herself.

As Raven continued rubbing her wet pussy up and down my leg, Carla also continued thrusting her finger into her own pretty brown bush. Soon Raven and Carla were moaning louder and I knew that the end was near for both of them. As Carla started thrashing around on the bed, Raven began pushing her snatch hard into my thigh. I recognized Carla’s screams and I knew that she was having an orgasm, but Raven wasn’t finished yet.

Raven was still straddling my leg and rubbing her pussy against my soft skin. She began to gyrate her hips around in a circle, allowing her pussy to rub against my leg in a circular motion. I tightened my thigh to try and enhance Raven’s pleasure. Then with a big groan, Raven finally climaxed. When she climbed off of me, my leg was soaked from her pussy juices.

Raven and Carla put their uniforms back on and then they returned to finish me off. Raven began tickling my inner thighs again and then slowly moved up the front of my body until she’d reached my breasts again. Carla didn’t want to wait any longer, so she decided to help out by kneeling down between my legs and sticking her tongue right into my pussy.

As Raven continued to tickle my tender pink nipples with the feather, Carla started massaging my clit with her tongue. Carla inserted a finger into my pussy, but kept her tongue moving on my sweet spot. The tension was building and building inside of me as Raven dropped the feather and then placed her pouty lips against one of my nipples. Raven started kissing and sucking my nipples, causing me to tense up all over. Then Raven added to my pleasure by reaching behind me and gently running her fingertip up and down my butt crack. These two young girls were attending to every sensitive area on my body and I knew that I couldn’t hold on any longer. Finally my body began to shutter and then I let loose with the most explosive orgasm I’d ever had in my life!

Carla gave me a big kiss and said that she had to go clean another room. She said that she would catch up with me later and walked out into the hallway. Raven also had to get going, so she went out and started looking for something on the cleaning cart.

Raven returned and said, “We have a slight problem. I can’t find the handcuff key.”

I screamed, “You what? You can’t find the key? I’m hanging here naked. Get me down!”

Raven said, “Don’t panic. I’ll go get Stan, the maintenance man. He’ll know what to do.”

I responded, “Stan! You’re going to bring a man in here? I don’t have any clothes on!”

She said, “Just hang on. I’ll be right back. Hopefully, no one will check into this room while I’m gone.”

All I could do was hang on because I was handcuffed to the ceiling! Then I started getting nervous. What if some stranger came into the room and found me hanging there totally nude? Suddenly I heard the sound of the door opening and consistent with the way my luck always goes, it wasn’t Raven. It was a man that rented the hotel room.

The man walked in with his suitcase and he was stunned to see a naked young girl hanging from the ceiling. I was so embarrassed because he just stood there staring at me. I said hello and he asked if I was the complimentary mint for his pillow. I giggled, but warned him not to touch me because my friends would be right back. He obeyed my wish and just stood there, gazing at my bare breasts and neatly trimmed brunette bush. It was so humiliating to for me to hang there and let a total stranger inspect my naked body, but I was helpless to stop him and powerless to hide my nudity from the middle aged man’s view.

Soon Raven returned with Stan. He walked in and took his good ole time looking me over. Raven told him to hurry, but Stan said that he had to get a firm grasp of the situation. I was so vulnerable with my naked breasts, exposed pussy and bare butt out in the open for everyone to see, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was mortified because Stan took a good look at me from every angle before finally climbing up on the chair and taking a look at the handcuffs.

Stan said, “I think I can use a hacksaw to cut them off.”

Raven replied, “Don’t do that! You can’t ruin the handcuffs.”

I said, “Yes he can! Cut me loose!”

Stan suggested that Raven should call security. They know all about handcuffs. Raven made the call and said that Paul was on his way.

I said, “Paul is on his way? You called another man to come in here. I’m naked girl you know!”

Stan said, “Yes, we all know! You’re naked and you’re definitely a girl.”

That got a laugh out of everyone, but I didn’t find it amusing. Stan took a seat on the bed next to the man that checked into the room, whose name also turned out to be Stan. As we waited for Paul to arrive, I was left hanging there in front of the Stans, and they weren’t shy about examining my naked body. I really wanted to get free from the handcuffs. Not only was I humiliated beyond words, I was also beginning to get sore from hanging in such an awkward position.

Soon Paul arrived and I was subjected to the same treatment. Paul found it necessary to get a good look at my pussy, tits and ass before he could take a look at the handcuffs. After inspecting the cuffs, Paul said that they were not professional handcuffs, just standard cuffs that could be opened with a universal key. Unfortunately, Paul didn’t have a universal key, but there was another security guard named Ron that was somewhere in the building and he always carried a complete set of keys.

Raven looked at me and said, “I have to get back to work, but these guys will take good care of you.”

I said, “Wait! You can’t leave me hanging here naked in front of all these men!”

Raven just said that she was sorry and walked out the door, leaving me naked and defenseless in front of Stan, Stan and Paul. I wanted Ron to hurry up and set me free, but they were having trouble finding him, so I was left hanging there with my young nude body on display for the three men.

As I was hanging there, I got a terrible itch right on my butt cheek and it was driving me crazy. The only choice I had was to ask one of the men to scratch my butt. Stan, the maintenance man, started scratching my bare ass and quickly extinguished the irritation. However, when I asked him to stop, he ignored me and continued probing my unprotected butt.

It wasn’t long before all of the guys were touching me. They began casually running their hands all over my bare skin, squeezing my breasts and touching my butt crack in the process. I protested against their actions, but the maintenance man responded by sucking on my breasts. Paul got bold and stuck his finger in my wet pussy. Soon all of the sensitive areas on my naked body were again being attended to, only this time it was being done by three older men instead of two young girls.

As Ron opened the door, I reached the point of no returned and experienced another orgasm. I was hanging there, trying to catch my breath when I noticed that Ron had left the door open! There were other hotel workers and guests that must have heard about my predicament and came up to see if it was true. Once again, my body was subjected to a complete examination by Ron before he could start working on the handcuffs.

Ron slowly tried key after key without success while the guys on the bed and the guys in the hallway stared at all of my exposed flesh. I was getting frustrated because I was sure that he knew which key to use, but he was trying all the keys just to prolong my agony. Finally Ron found the key that opened the cuffs and I was free. I was still naked as I ran out into the hall. The crowd applauded as I made my way down the hallway to the safety and privacy of my own room.

My husband and I returned home the following day. I didn’t run into Carla again before leaving Miami, but there was a message on my answering machine when I got home.

It said, “Peggy, this is Carla. I had a great time with you. Next time you’re in Miami, be sure and look me up. Also, regarding the tickle torture…if I tell you not to let someone tie you up and torture you, please listen to me!”

My husband wanted to know what she was talking about, but I decided to keep this naked escapade a secret. At least for a little while!

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