tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 11

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 11


Since my husband was promoted to district manager, he rarely, if ever, spends any time at home. Jack is the regional manager over five states, so our only method of communication is through the use of a webcam. Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize that my husband was watching me over the Internet when I stripped naked and teased the older gentleman that delivers our newspaper. Jack enjoyed my performance in "Peggy's Nude Theater" so much that he now expects me to do it all the time. The worst part is that he shares my videos with his friends and coworkers.

Why do I continue to do it? It's simple...money! My husband is much older than me and he is quite wealthy. I, on the other hand, have no higher education, no work experience and no skills that would afford me the ability to live in the lifestyle that I have become accustomed to. It was also made clear to me that the videos I've made would be shown in court, virtually guaranteeing that I would not receive any money from a divorce settlement. Therefore, Jack has me trapped and he knows it!

The last time my husband was home, he set me up with the latest spy camera equipment. There's a pinhole camera that I can connect to my laptop and hide just about anywhere in the condo. He also purchased a few portable wireless cameras that provide high quality video resolution and excellent audio clarity. One camera fits on my keychain and looks like an MP3 player. I can clip it to the handle of my purse or gym bag. Another camera is built into a very stylish pair of sunglasses and a third camera is a button that I can sew into my clothing. There's even a camera that looks like an ink pen. The batteries will last for over two hours on a single charge.

I guess what makes my videos so captivating is my youthful looks. I'm twenty-five years old and just over five feet tall with brown hair and a petite figure. I have medium-sized breasts, but they're full and firm with round rosy nipples. I also have a neatly-trimmed brunette bush with the hair down between my legs cut extra short so that my sweet pink pussy lips are easily accessible. I've been told that I have a cute face and I've also been told that I still look like a teenager, which is probably what makes my videos so appealing to the guys.

In the past, I've created several situations where I flashed in public, but something unexpected always seemed to happen leaving me naked, vulnerable and humiliated. Showing my body in public can be both exciting and terrifying. Now that my antics are being recorded with a spy camera, the situations have become even more intense, although the videos were quite simplistic in their infancy.

My first video took place during a workout at the gym. I clipped my keychain camera to my gym bag and carried it around with me everywhere I went. I even took it with me into the girls' locker room. After finding a locker, I set the gym bag down on the bench, positioned the camera towards me and began disrobing.

First I turned my back to the camera and unzipped my denim skirt. I slowly worked the skirt over my hips and down my legs while displaying my panty covered ass to the camera. After placing my skirt in the locker, I lifted my T-shirt over my head, which left me standing in front of the camera wearing only my silky pink panties and matching pink bra.

I put on my white gym shorts and a light blue top, and then I looked at myself in the mirror. Even though my gym shorts were made of a stiff material, I could still see my pink panties showing through the shorts. My bra was also visible from inside the large arm holes of my shirt. The pink bra could even be seen peeking out below the cut-off T-shirt. The hem of the shirt was cut right at the bottom of my breasts, but I normally wear a sports bra underneath so it's no big deal. However, today I didn't bring a sports bra.

In the mirror, my lacy bra and bra straps were hanging out all over the place. Wearing a sports bra always looked fine under the shirt, but a flimsy see-through bra made it look like I was trying to show off. I decided to remove my underwear and see if it looked any better. As I walked back to my locker, a girl came in and selected the locker next to mine. I was going to turn the camera off, but I didn't know how to do it without drawing attention to the device, so I just let it run.

The girl unfastened her jeans and slipped them down her legs. She was wearing white bikini underpants with little flowers on them. She was also wearing a T-shirt with the name of a local college on it. I asked her if she went to the college and she said that she was a senior, so I estimated her age to be around twenty-two. She was a cute girl, around five-four with short reddish hair in a wedge cut. When she removed her T-shirt, it was plain to see that her breasts were much larger than mine.

I didn't want to stare, so I took off my shorts and pulled down my panties. I hung my panties in the locker and stood there bottomless beside the girl, and also in front of the camera. As I slipped my white shorts back on, the girl gave me a funny smile.

Assuming that she was wondering why I removed my panties, I said, "I had to take my panties off because I could see them through my shorts."

The girl stated, "Oh I never wear underpants in here. I don't want any visible panty lines."

With that, the girl slipped off her bikini panties and tossed them in her locker. Then she straddled the bench before sitting down. Her legs were spread apart and she was facing the camera! The girl had a smooth shaved beaver and there was nothing between her sweet little pussy lips and the spy cam, so I stepped aside and let the camera roll.

Then the girl removed her white bra and flaunted her ripe melons in front of the camera. She had big firm boobs with silver dollar size nipples. They looked natural and she didn't seem to have a modest bone in her body. With the girl still parading her naked body around in front of the camera, I slipped off my shirt and took my bra off. Then I put my bra in the locker.

I said, "My bra shows through this tiny T-shirt, so I had to take it off, too."

I think the girl thought I was coming on to her because I put my cut-up T-shirt on and asked, "Do you think this shirt is too revealing without a sports bra?"

She said, "Let me check. Lean forward."

The girl looked down the front of my shirt. I could feel that the material had fallen away from my breasts so I knew my nipples were exposed. Then she inspected the sides of my shirt. I figured that if she could see my nipples from the front, then she could see my nipples from the sides, too.

Then she commanded, "Raise your arms up."

I raised my arms and I could feel the short cut off T-shirt ride up above my nipples.

The naked girl reached up, tickled my nipples with her finger tips and then she said, "You may want to be careful doing some of your exercises. I'd hate for any of the men to have a heart attack."

Then she pulled a sports bra over her big jugs and said, "I'd go braless, but I'd have trouble jogging on the treadmill."

Still wearing only a sports bra, the girl stood up and pulled out a pair of white socks. The bottomless girl proceeded to straddle the bench again, but this time her back was to the camera. As she bent over to put her socks on, the camera was looking right up at her bare ass! Her shaved pussy lips were probably visible from that camera angle as well. After her socks were on, the girl pulled on a pair of skin tight knit gym shorts that left nothing to the imagination. It had some Greek letters across the butt so I assumed that she was in a sorority.

After putting her shoes on, the girl said, "I guess I'll see you in the workout room," and then she exited the locker room.

I put my shoes and socks on, but I had to check my shorts before I left the locker room. Seeing the college girl's beautiful naked body combined with feeling her fingertips gently touching my nipples actually got me excited. Since I wasn't wearing panties, I had to make sure that my gym shorts weren't stained. After checking between my legs I was finally ready to exercise so I picked up my gym bag and headed for the workout room.

The room was nearly empty because it was almost noon on a Thursday morning. Most people were at work during this time. However, there were a few girls in their thirties along with a few retired men and women trying to get some exercise. I left the camera off during my treadmill walk, but turned it back on as soon as I began lifting weights. Suddenly all the men in the facility wanted to workout near me.

When I did the bench press, I set the camera across from me so that it was pointed between my legs. My gym shorts were made out of a stiff material. When I laid down on the bench, the leg holes puffed out away from my legs making it easy to see right up my shorts. Since I wasn't wearing panties, my pussy hair was on display for anyone that wanted to look. Suddenly the men started picking up the weights directly across from me. I pretended not to notice, but it was obvious that the men were bending over to sneak peeks at my neatly trimmed brunette bush through the leg holes of my shorts.

My triceps exercise put me in a position where I had to lean forward slightly and push down on a bar. This caused my shirt to fall away from my breasts and allowed the men to see my titties through the oversized arm holes of my shirt. I don't think the camera was in a position to capture my bare boobies on the video, but the men pretending to workout at my sides saw everything.

The triceps exercise was followed by lat bar pull downs. That's where I sit on the bench, reach up to grab the bar above my head and pull it down. When I reached up, the bottom of my short cut-off shirt rose up and my braless breasts were exposed to everyone around me. I faced a mirror, so the retired men and even some of the women watched as my shirt went up and down with the motion of the bar. The camera was pointed at the mirror so not only were my bare titties exposed to the camera, the expressions on everybody's face were captured on the video, too.

My final exercise was sit-ups. By now, some businessmen were using their lunch hour to workout. After selecting a sit-up bench for myself, two good looking guys decided to do sit-ups on the benches to each side of me. I could have held my shirt down, but I couldn't resist revealing my braless boobies to the men. Every time I laid back on the bench, my T-shirt slid up above my bare titties, exposing my pretty pink nipples to the guys beside me. I did far more sit-ups than normal, and I'm sure the men did, too. Eventually, my flat tummy couldn't take anymore and it was time for me to retreat to the locker room. I got up and headed for the showers without ever saying a word to the businessmen.

I returned to my locker and set the camera on the bench to record me as I removed my gym clothes. I decided to ham it up a little as I slowly lifted my T-shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor. Then I tickled my belly-button with my fingertip before sliding my hands up the front of my body until they reached my bare breasts. Once my fingers found my nipples, I gently caressed the sensitive pink skin until they became hard and erect. Then I couldn't resist tweaking my nipples and rolling them between my fingers. Now I was really turning myself on!

It was time to remove my shorts, so I turned my back to the camera, hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband and pushed them down my legs. In my bent over position, I massaged my butt cheeks for a minute or two, and then I slid my fingertip up and down my bare butt crack several times. The last time I slid my finger downward, I continued all the way down until my finger reached my pussy lips from behind. I couldn't resist moving my finger back and forth between my pretty pink pussy lips until they were nice and moist.

What I was doing felt good, but I was in an awkward position, so I straddled the bench and sat down in front of the camera. With the camera pointed directly between my spread legs, I lifted my feet up one at a time to remove my tennis shoes and little white socks. Now I was naked, but I wasn't ready to take my shower yet. I had to finish what I'd started!

First I slid my finger up and down over my bare pussy until I found my love button. Then I gently caressed my little clitty until my heart began to race. After teasing my pink place for just a short time, I couldn't wait any longer and I had to finish myself off. While continuing to manipulate my little clitty, I dipped a finger inside my wet pussy and started moving it around in little circles.

Once I was thoroughly wet inside, I moved my finger in and out, in and out as my body began to tense up. My eyes started to close and I let out a little moan, but then I was suddenly startled by someone squatting down beside me. It was the college girl that I'd met earlier. I was so embarrassed from getting caught masturbating in public that I immediately pulled my finger out.

She said, "Oh, don't let me stop you. I just thought you might need a little help. It always gets me excited when my boyfriend does this," and then she leaned over and began licking my nipples.

It felt so good that I quickly put my finger back inside me and started moving it in and out with greater intensity. When the college girl started kissing and sucking on my nipples, I couldn't hold back any longer and I had to cum.

My body tensed up and then I let out a high pitched squeaky sound as I moaned, "Oh, oh, oh yes...yes! I'm cumming...I'm cumming," and then I just went limp.

The college girl stood up, leaving me lying there naked on the bench in a spread eagle position with the camera pointed right between my legs. Then she lifted her shirt up over her head, so I moved out of the way to let the camera focus on the girl. She removed her sports bra, leaving her magnificent tits totally exposed for the camera.

I said, "You're breasts are so perfect that I was wondering if they were real."

The girl squeezed her breasts and pushed them together right in front of the camera.

She said, "They're real alright. Here, I'll prove it to you."

The girl took my hand and placed it on her breast. I massaged the large globe of flesh and I was immediately convinced that her boobs were real.

While continuing to caress her breast, I said, "Yep, you're right. They're definitely real, no doubt about it."

As I rubbed her tit, I could feel her nipple harden beneath the palm of my hand. It was obvious that the feeling of my soft hand against her bare breast was getting the girl excited. I wanted to continue, but since I'd just met the girl, I didn't want to presume that she was ready for me to send my hand down south.

I merely said, "I guess I'd better take my shower now" and removed my hand from her firm breast.

She said, "I just need to take my shorts off and then I'll be ready to shower, too."

I guess it meant that she wanted me to wait for her, so I watched as she tossed her shoes and socks into her locker. When she stood up in front of the camera, all she was wearing were those tight knit shorts, and when I say tight, I mean tight! Her butt cheeks were hanging out of the bottom of the shorts and the elastic waistband should have stopped right at the top of the crack of her ass. I said, "should have" because she folded the waistband over once, which guaranteed that her butt crack showed.

From the front, her girl fur would have also showed if she hadn't shaved it off. The knit material was pulled up so tight against her pussy lips that I could actually see the outline of her sweet snatch beneath the thin knit fabric. I'm sure she drew as much attention to herself in those shorts as I did in my cut-off T-shirt. After sliding her shorts down in front of the camera, she grabbed her towel and was ready to shower. I grabbed my towel, too, but I also grabbed my gym bag with the spy cam attached to the handle.

I positioned the camera so that it was pointed directly at my shower. Then I walked into the stall and turned the water on. I left the shower door open to give the camera an unobstructed view of me while I washed my naked body. As I reached for the soap, the college girl surprisingly squeezed into the stall with me and shut the door behind her. There were three empty shower stalls, but she chose to shower with me. This made me happy, but I wanted to open the shower door so that the camera could capture all the action.

Thinking quickly, I said, "Could you open the door please? I don't want it to get too steamy in here."

The girl looked embarrassed and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. When you left the door open, I assumed you wanted me to join you."

I said, "I do, I do! I just don't want it to get steamy in here."

The college girl winked at me, giggled and said, "I'll open the door, but I guarantee it's going to get steamy in here!"

With the camera focused on us, I got my head wet and began shampooing my hair. The naked college girl did the same. Our arms were up over our heads, which forced us to thrust our breasts out at each other. Since the shower stall was not meant for two people, we had to stand close to one another and we began to press our breasts together. As the suds from our shampoo cascaded down the front of our bare bodies, our titties became slippery, making it easy for the girl to move her big boobs up and down against mine. My nipples quickly became hard and I could feel that her nipples were erect, too.

Next I took the soap and rubbed it all over my body. The college girl mimicked my actions as she massaged her breasts and pulled on her nipples. I tried to turn her so that she was facing the camera, but by the time I repositioned her, she had already moved on. While facing the camera, she casually lifted her feet up one at a time and thoroughly washed them. The awkward position forced her to give the camera a beaver shot. The pose was prolonged because she meticulously washed between each of her dainty toes. She finally put her feet down, and then she slowly moved her soapy hands up the front of her smooth tanned legs.

She was still facing the camera as her hands reached her inner thighs. From there it was only a matter of seconds before she slid her soapy hands up so that she could wash her hairless pussy. She sort of hunched down and spread her legs to make it easier to rub her pink place, which only made it easier for the camera to record her private area. I was finished showering, so I just stood and watched as her finger finally found its way up inside her pussy.

I wanted to give her room to perform for the video, so I said, "I'm finished. I guess I'll step out."

She asked, "Um, would you mind doing my back before you leave?"

I replied, "Sure, no problem."

She smiled and said, "Thanks," and then she leaned forward and struck a provocative pose.

The girl was bent forward and leaning against the wall with her knees straight, her back arched and her butt pointing out. I stood beside her, careful not to block the camera, and then I started applying soap to her back. I gave the girl a nice massage as I started on her shoulders and proceeded all the way down until I reached the small of her back. Then I used both hands to caress her firm round butt. There were faint tan lines of a tiny bikini, but most of her exquisite ass was tan.

After rubbing her butt for a while, I took my soapy index finger and gently slid it up and down her butt crack. Her body shuttered as I caressed the intimate area, so I assumed that she was enjoying it. As the camera continued to capture the action, I used my fingers to softly spread her cheeks apart, and then I massaged her butt hole. The twenty-two year old girl softly moaned, so I continued touching her there for a little longer before finally running my hands up and down the backs of her legs.

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