tagNonConsent/ReluctancePeggy's Motel Ordeal

Peggy's Motel Ordeal


This story pure fantasy, of course was written as a tribute to a very gifted lady who is also a contributor to Literotica. Did I change her name? I'll let you decide! And if this type of story is not normally to your taste, all I can say is: please read it through to the end. You just might find a "twist in the tail!"

* * *

As soon as Peggy entered the motel room, she sensed something had changed since she'd left it earlier in the evening.

She had gotten used to traveling alone but disliked staying at remote motels; she'd had no choice this time. She'd checked in around eight p.m. and a full-breasted woman with blonde hair had handed her the key and gone back to watching the fuzzy picture on her portable television beside the clerk's station.

She'd gotten back into her car and driven the fifty yards or so to the cabin, noting that there were no other cars outside the other cabins. Apparently, everyone one else on the road tonight was smart enough to go past this depressing little motel and look for a Holiday Inn. After opening her suitcase to let her clothes expand and unwrinkle a little, she'd tossed her nightie onto the pillow and looked into the full length mirror screwed to the wall, trying to decide whether or not to change her clothes. She was wearing a navy blue linen skirt and matching blazer over a pale blue blouse. The skirt ended just above her knees, and Peggy had smiled at her reflection, mentally complimenting herself on having a great pair of legs. She'd decided against a change of clothes and picked up her purse and car keys as she left the cabin again. She'd seen the glow of the golden arches beyond a stand of trees and decided to grab a burger before turning in for the night. Within thirty minutes she'd returned to her cabin. She'd unlocked the door and that's when something didn't seem right.

For a start, the cabin was in darkness and she felt certain that she'd left the light on. And then there was a slight smell that she couldn't place. Not a bad smell, just different to the way the room has smelled when she'd first checked in. She stepped into the cabin and slid her hand along the wall in the darkness, her fingers searching for the light switch.

It all happened at once.

As her fingers found the light switch, a large hand closed over hers. The light blazed on and she heard the door slam shut behind her. She shrieked in shock, screwing up her eyes in the sudden light.

Gasping and shaking, she opened her eyes and was gripped with terror as she saw two men standing in front of her. One man, the elder of the two, was still holding her right hand trapped against the wall. Behind him stood a younger man, perhaps in his twenties. He was wearing a tee- shirt and jeans. He had a thick neck and broad shoulders. Her heart was pounding. Instinctively, she turned to run towards the door. As she turned, she heard the sound of a deadbolt being turned and the chain slipping into place. A third man was leaning on the door, staring at her. He had long blond hair laying over the shoulders of his leather bomber jacket. With mounting horror, she realized that she was trapped.

"You're back early."

It was the first man who was speaking. Peggy spun round to look at him. He looked to be in his late forties or so. Short salt-and-pepper hair, whiter around the temples. Unlike the other two, he was wearing a sports jacket over an open necked shirt. He appeared to be in charge.

"Clerk said you were going out for dinner," he continued. "We figured, lady like you'd go into town, find a nice restaurant. Be gone at least an hour or more. Give us time to find cash, jewelry, stuff like that. We'd ha' been gone by the time you got back. I'm sorry you came back early."

"I ain't sorry she come back." Peggy glanced at the younger man standing behind the Boss, the one with the shoulders, who was speaking for the first time. "Weren't nothin' worth takin' in this room." He leered at Peggy, his eyes going up and down her body. "Now there is."

Peggy wrapped her arms protectively around her body and suddenly felt very cold. She looked at the bed and saw the contents of her suitcase has been tipped out onto the comforter; a tumble of bras, panties, make-up, some blouses, a skirt, a pair of shoes.

Peggy spoke, trying to sound confident. "Take what you want and just leave. I won't call the police if you leave now."

The man Peggy thought of as Shoulders snorted in response. "We sure as hell ain't leaving yet," he said. "There ain't no money or nothin' here, so I'm gonna get me a piece o' you before I go."

Peggy was trembling, in a state of shock at the thought of being violated by this tall muscular young man. She looked away from Shoulders, appealing silently to Boss. Surely he'd be reasonable.

Boss folded his arms and looked Peggy up and down, as if trying to come to a decision. "So you want to fuck the little lady, do you?" He was talking to Shoulders who just grunted. Boss stroked his chin contemplatively and continued speaking slowly. "Well... that might not be a bad idea. Seems a pity to leave with nothin' at all." He flicked his eyes to the blond haired man by the door. "What about you?" he asked.

Peggy turned in dread to look at Blond Hair. His eyes were dead, his face expressionless. He shrugged slightly. When he spoke, his voice was hollow. "If you two gonna fuck her, guess I will, too. What the hey."

Peggy was rooted to the spot, immobilized by fear and disbelief. They were talking about her... about fucking her! Casually as if it was nothing special! This couldn't be happening. It was a nightmare. It couldn't be real. But it was...

Slowly, Peggy turned her head back to look at Boss. He was smiling slightly. He murmured, "Let's see if it's worth the effort." He reached down and grasped the hem of her linen skirt and began to pull it upwards.

"No!" Peggy blurted and gripped her skirt attempting to push it back down. Boss sighed and sat down on the bed, facing her. He flicked his eyes at Shoulders and Blond Hair and suddenly Peggy felt her arms gripped and wrenched behind her roughly. The two men pushed her forward until she was standing in front of Boss. He nodded thoughtfully to himself.

Once again he gripped the hem of Peggy's skirt and began to bunch the material, pulling it upwards, revealing an expanse of her thighs. Peggy was wriggling vainly, trapped in the strong grip of Shoulders and Blond Hair. She kept moving her legs back and forth, side to side, trying to prevent Boss from pulling her skirt up further toward her hips. She was shouting, "No! No! No!"

Suddenly, Boss stood up. Without warning he slapped her hard across her left cheek with his right hand, then again on her right cheek with his left hand. He simply said, "Stand still." Peggy felt the breath knocked out of her by the stinging pain and the shock. He skirt was still bunched halfway up her thighs and she continued wriggling her legs unconsciously, trying to shake the skirt back down.

Boss sat on the bed again. He drew back his hand and smacked her twice across the sides of both thighs: left, right, left, right. "I said, stand still."

Peggy stopped moving, humiliated and stinging from the hard slaps administered by the powerful man sitting in front of her.

Boss bunched the skirt and the slip in his meaty hands and in a single movement pushed the garments up to Peggy's waist. She had her knees pressed tightly together, aware that Boss was staring at her sheer, white nylon panties. She'd decided not to wear pantyhose when she'd set out this morning, and now the flimsy white briefs were all that stood between this man's eyes and her pussy.

Boss nodded. "Nice legs, eh boys? Very nice. Look at this smooth, pale skin on her thighs." He ran the back of his knuckles up the front of Peggy's thigh. She caught her breath. Boss looked at Blond Hair. "Do you like girls with smooth, pale skin on their thighs?" he asked.

Peggy heard Blond Hair's hollow voice behind her ear. "Pale, brown, black. Don't care. Long as I can get between 'em and fuck."

"I'm with him," said Shoulders behind her other ear. "I'm sporting major wood, an' I want to pump it into her now!"

Peggy whimpered. Boss shook his head in mock resignation. "Patience boys, patience! Turn her around. I want to see her ass."

She felt herself being roughly spun around, still in the grip of the two younger men. She felt Boss's hands on the backs of her thighs, squeezing moving up to her buttocks. She was powerless to stop him. His hands gripped the waistband of her panties, the suddenly wrenched outwards, violently tearing the panties from her body with a loud ripping sound. Immediately she felt his hands return to her buttocks, now completely naked and unprotected. He squeezed and molded her buns. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her thighs. "Ah, beautiful!" he said. "Nice round cushion if we want to fuck her in the ass." He pulled her butt cheeks apart and she gasped as she felt Boss's finger wiggle at her puckered anus.

"Yeah, well I want to see her tits," growled Shoulders.

Yeah. An' I wanna suck me some tit meat," added Blond Hair. "I'm more of a leg man myself," said Boss with a chuckle. "But I agree. I think it's time we saw the goodies. Strip her off."

Peggy felt rough hands turn her around again so she was facing Boss who was leaning back on the bed, one hand massaging the bulge at his groin. Shoulders and Blond Hair wrenched the blazer from her shoulders and she saw a button tear from the fabric and roll across the carpet. The two men threw the jacket aside. Blond Hair began fumbling with the zipper of the skirt bunched around her waist before giving up with a curse. He ripped the skirt down the seam, wrenching it and the tattered slip from her body. She clutched at her bra, but Shoulders slapped her hands away. He pulled at the hooks behind her back and slid the straps from her arms, finally exposing her breasts as he tossed the bra aside. Peggy tried to cover her tits and pussy, but Blond Hair and Shoulders pulled her arms up and straight out each side of her. Except for her navy blue Papagallo pumps, Peggy was now completely naked, revealed to the merciless gaze of the three men.

Boss was sitting on the bed. He had unzipped his pants and his right hand was slowly stroking his cock.

"You two guys say you're tit men," he said. "Have yourself some fun."

Peggy's arms were trapped behind her, pushing her chest up and out. With animalistic growls, Shoulders and Blond Hair each took one of her breasts in their hands, squeezing and kneading the soft smooth flesh. She felt the calloused skin of their big, rough hands pawing at her breasts. She cried out as Shoulders cruelly pinched her nipple.

"Ha! She likes that!" he said. "You like that, don't you bitch? You like your titties pulled and pinched, don't you? Say yes!"

When Peggy didn't answer he drew back his hand and landed a stinging slap on her breast.

Peggy screamed. "Aaagh! Yes! Whatever you say!"

Blond Hair gripped her other breast tightly and fed the nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard. She cried out again when she felt him bite the nipple that had stiffened and swelled under his tongue. Peggy's breasts were highly sensitive and despite the revulsion she felt, she was horrified to realize that she was becoming sexually aroused.

She opened her eyes to see Boss standing in front of her. He had stripped and was now naked, stroking his cock with his right hand. With each stroke, Peggy could see the tip emerge from his fist; moist with his pre-cum, angry, purple.

"Okay, that's enough," said Boss. "Put her down here on her knees."

Peggy whimpered, knowing what he wanted. She was pushed to the floor, kneeling in front of Boss. She heard belt buckles clunking and zippers being unzipped behind her. Boss grasped her hair in his left hand, pulling her face towards the thick cock that he was holding at its base with his right hand.

"Suck it for me, honey," he said. "Suck it good. And don't even think about biting, if you ever want to walk out of here."

Peggy moaned and opened her mouth, letting the knob-end of Boss's cock slide between her lips. She began to suck at it gingerly and then suddenly decided that if she was able to make him come like this, perhaps it would save her pussy from being violated. She wrapped her right hand around the shaft and slipped her left hand under his heavy, dangling balls. She began to jerk him off as she sucked feverishly, hoping to bring him to a quick climax. But her plan backfired.

"Whoo, god!" exclaimed Boss. "This chick is one hot cocksucker! You want a piece of her mouth?" He gripped her hair and pulled her face away from his groin, letting his wet cock pop from her mouth.

Shoulders and Blond Hair hustled forward grabbing at Peggy and pushing each other away in their anxiety to get their cocks into her mouth. Both men were naked, and their erect pricks bobbed in front of Peggy's face as she waited submissively on her knees. After a few moments Shoulders, the stronger of the two men, pushed in front of Blond Hair. He gripped Peggy's jaw between his hands and jammed his cock into her mouth, making her gag as the glans touched her throat. He let out a sigh of satisfaction and began fucking her face, holding her head as he thrust his meaty prick in and out of her mouth.

After no more than a minute, Blond Hair pulled at Shoulders who grudgingly let his penis slip out of Peggy's mouth, complaining that he hadn't come yet. Immediately, Blond Hair took his place. His prick was longer and much thinner than those of either of the other two men. Peggy was able to wrap her entire hand around his shaft and again tried vainly to suck him to an early orgasm.

"Alright, boys," said Boss. "That's enough. If we're gonna fuck her, let's do it properly."

With a final thrust, Blond Hair reluctantly pulled his wet cock from Peggy's mouth. She was pulled to her feet, her arms gripped at her sides while they awaited Boss's orders.

"Put her on the bed, kneeling down," Boss told them. "That's it. On the edge. Push her head down and pull her ass back. Now tie her wrists behind her back."

Peggy felt her face pressed into the tumble of clothing on the bed that had spilled from her suitcase. She heard material ripping. She guessed that one of them was tearing her slip into strips. Her hands were pulled behind her and the silky material was tied tightly around her wrists. In this position, Peggy realized with a sudden blush, her vagina was pushed up and outwards at the apex of her thighs, like a plump split fig. She could sense the eyes of the three men boring into her pussy. She had trimmed it earlier in the day, and remembered the sensual feeling of her own fingertips gliding over the smooth, soft lips and tickling the little bush of dark, curly hair that she had left to sprout just above the velvety folds of her pussy.

By now, she knew that all three men would take her. Each of them in turn would violate her, penetrate her, rape her. Rape! It was the first time she had thought of that word since her ordeal began. But that is what it was. She was being gang-raped by three men. She was tied up and helpless, unable to stop them ravishing her in any way they pleased. It was pointless to struggle. Whenever she'd resisted, she'd been slapped into submission. She was past the point of resistance, passively resigned to accepting the inevitable invasion of her body. She felt a trickle of moisture seep from her vulva, dampening her outer lips. She pressed her face deeper into the bed, ashamed of her own arousal, feeling the familiar warm flush across her chest and down the crease of her exposed mound.

Who would be the first to take her? Somehow she knew it would be Boss. She felt a pair of hands roughly kneading her buttocks, confirming her expectation. Boss's hands. She felt his hard knee jam in between her soft thighs, nudging them, spreading them, widening the gap, exposing her sex even more lewdly. She jumped as a thick, calloused finger pressed between her legs parting her lower lips.

"God!" exclaimed Boss, sawing his finger back and forth. "She's slicker than a wet cat! You're hot for me, aren't you baby? You want it don't you? Well you're gonna get it!"

His finger was removed and an instant later it was replaced with the hot thick knob of his penis, stabbing around the entrance to her vagina. She felt him pause as if steadying him aim. And then with a single thrust, his cock was buried in her up to his balls. Peggy's scream was muffled by the bed clothes into which her face was pressed. Despite the shock of the sudden penetration, she silently gave thanks that her unwanted arousal had started the flow of her juices, dreading the thought of this thick slab of meat pressing into her, dry and unlubricated.

Boss gripped her hips and began driving his cock into her, his pendulous ball sac swinging up against her clit with every in-thrust. There was no finesse, just a rapid race to his climax. Peggy felt the tempo of his thrusts increase and heard his breathing grow noisier as he gripped her hips tighter. She knew he was about to come. Despite herself, she felt the tingle of a mini-orgasm ripple through her loins. Then with an guttural cry, Boss was spurting into her. She felt his hot liquid filling her, and she gripped the comforter tightly between her teeth, hiding her own trembling crisis.

Almost before Boss pulled out of her, she felt another pair of strong hands gripping her arms, turning her over onto her back. It was Shoulders. His cock was now fully erect, vertical, touching his belly; aroused to it's fullest by her earlier blow job and the sight of Boss humping her like a dog. It was awkward for Peggy to lie like this, with her wrists still tied tightly behind her back, underneath her now. This position pushed her breasts upwards, and this seemed to be what Shoulders wanted.

"Gotta see them juicy tits jiggling while I fuck you, honey," he muttered as he pulled her to the edge of the bed. He lifted her legs and rested her ankles on his shoulders. He peeled her cunt lips apart with his left hand and held his thick, heavily veined cock in his right hand. He began to slap his cock up and down on the raw, open flesh of her pussy. Peggy could hear the wet smacking sounds and tried not feel the tingle as the tip of his meat slapped onto her exposed clitoris. Shoulders pulled back slightly then began feeding the length of his fat cock into her pussy, slippery with Boss's semen in addition to her own secretions.

He began slamming into her, his eyes fixed on her breasts that rocked back and forth with his every thrust. She knew he wouldn't last long, and when he reached down to twist and pinch her nipples, she felt his body tense then release gush after pulsing gush of spunk deep into her pussy.

He pulled his dripping cock out of her, panting, and turned to Blond Hair. "Oh man! You're gonna love it! She's so hot and juicy!"

Blond Hair was stroking his long thin cock. "Hell! I ain't sticking my johnson in there after you two bastards been in it. I'm doin' her ass!"

Peggy moaned as she felt herself once again being turned onto her stomach. But Blond Hair didn't want her kneeling. He pulled her over until her pussy was resting on the very edge of the bed. He nudged her legs wide apart. Supporting her belly in one hand, he slipped two fingers into her pussy then smeared her juice over her puckered anus. She felt the tip of his slim prick nosing at her ass. She knew from experience that the pain would be far greater if she tightened up her back passage, trying to prevent his entry. She relaxed her sphincter and felt the cock begin to invade her ass inch by inch. It felt as if it was poking all the way up to her throat. He slowly pulled back and began thrusting into her, grunting with each stroke. Again, Peggy felt the familiar tremble of an impending orgasm despite the revulsion she felt for the man invading her bottom.

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