Peggy's New Job


"Keep going." Craig said. "Undo the next two." He said.

I followed his instructions and unbuttoned the next two.

"Great. Now use your fingers on both hands to hold the dress open at the top." He continued.

I gently pulled the fabric apart reveling just the very top of my tits and the sexy crease of my cleavage.

"Fantastic!" He exclaimed his camera capturing every detail.

"Okay Angel let's finish up then you can take a short break." He said.

"I'm good." I replied letting him know I was enjoying myself immensely.

He moved so he was directly in front of my sexy knee. "I want you to unbutton the bottom three buttons and let the dress slip over the sides of your thighs." He explained.

I did as he asked letting the colorful fabric slide over my thigh. Craig moved forward and pulled the ends tighter over my thigh and taut at the fourth button.

"Fantastic." He said. I wasn't sure if he was talking about the pose or my legs.

"Put you arms on the chairs arms and drape your finger over the front." He said positioning me exactly the way his minds eye envisioned the shot.

I followed his instructions to the letter making sure my fingers looked natural while still spreading them apart a little.

"Excellent." He commented as he lifted the camera to capture the image.

Flash lights went off over and over as Craig moved from directly in front of me to my left first then to my right.

Centering himself again he said. "Lean front."

As I bent at the waist and leaned toward him I felt the front of my dress fall away exposing even more of my lush breasts and deeper into the soft cleavage.

"Absolutely lovely." he commented as his camera whirled shooting at least a dozen pictures from every possible angle.

"Fantastic!" Craig exclaimed as he finally lowered his camera. "We're all done." He said.

Mandy sprang into action. She helped me out of the tall deck chair then side if out of the way. "Follow me." She said.

"The black cocktail dress and blond." Craig said just before we left the room.

I followed Mandy back to the dressing room. "Change into your cocktail dress and I'll be right back." She told me.

Now this dress was designed with my body in mind. The high neck line in front while not allowing any of my breasts to be exposed drew attention to my sexy neck. It fit tight across my chest perfectly detailing the shape of my breasts and when aroused my hard nipples would poke at the fabric seductively. For all it did to hide the front it left nothing to the imagination from behind. The neck line continued to my shoulders then with more fabric into a fold it cascaded over my shoulder blades and straight down curving sexily in to meet in the small of my back. It's length ended about two inches above my knees.

As I soothed the fabric over my breasts and thighs Mandy returned a pair of black four inch heels in one hand and a pair of thigh high stocking draped over her other arm.

"Be careful with these they run very easily and it's the last pair we have." Mandy said holding the silk stockings toward me.

I carefully gathered the first stocking on my delicate fingers then slipped my toes into the opening. Mandy watched as I slowly slid the sexy silk up my leg carefully adjusting the dark seam along the back with my thumbs.

"I absolutely love seamed silk thigh highs." I said as the second silky stocking was drawn up my thigh.

The heels were a little big for my tiny feet but I didn't think that mattered since I wouldn't be dancing in them and only had to walk fifteen feet or so.

"All ready." I said as I checked the back of my dress and the seams of my stockings in the full length mirror.

"Hardly." Mandy exclaimed. "Have a seat." she added.

She slid her work tray next to me then began first removing the pale pink lip gloss and eye shadow she so skillfully applied only and hour before.

When she lifted a bottle of bright red lip gloss toward my face I protested. "Bright red clashes so with my auburn hair."

"It won't this time." She said as she began applying the fire engine red lip gloss.

Next she worked on my eyes spending a lot more time there then earlier. Mandy finished up with her eye lash brush extending their length even more.

She stepped back to view the results of her work. "Not bad." She remarked just before she slipped behind me.

I heard something squirt then her fingers were working way to much gel into my hair.

She brushed my auburn locks nearly straight back and tight to my scalp. Just as I was about to turn and protest again I felt the round head hugging cap of a wig being slipped onto my head. I reached up and pulled a few strands forward so I could see the color.

"A blonde? I asked.

"Trust me." Mandy replied.

She teased the hair incessantly for several minutes drawing hand fulls of strands this way and that.

Finally after what seemed like forever Mandy gave her work a few squirts of hair spray and said. "Where we go."

I was almost afraid to look in the mirror she handed me.

"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed as I first saw my reflection. If I didn't know better I would think I was looking at Jean Harlow. The hair was parted along the side and wavy bangs high on my forehead. It cascaded in soft flowing waves nearly to my shoulders.

"Incredible." I said.

"Wait a second." Mandy said adding. "It needs something else.

As I watched in the mirror Mandy touched her eye liner pencil to my face giving me a tiny birth mark just below my red lips and near the corner of my mouth.

"Perfect." We both said in unison.

"Craig loves this retro look." Mandy explained. He'll make your look sexier than you've ever looked before." She added.

"Let's see what he thinks." I said standing and moving toward the door.

Craig was sitting at the computer looking at the results of his work from earlier when we entered the studio.

Turning in his chair he exclaimed. "Awesome." He stood and high fived Mandy for her efforts.

For the next hour Craig circled my stunning form like a lion stalking a lioness. His camera capturing dozens of photos from every possible angle. I moved seductively for him knowing these would be the pictures Daddy would share with prospective clients for my services.

As he nearly finished Craig said. "Daddy always wants what he calls a specialty photo but he didn't tell me what your specialty is."

I smiled then leaned close to him blowing my heated breath in his ear I whispered. "I'm the best cock sucker on the planet."

"Hmmmm... now that's a challenge. Let me think for a second." Craig said.

His face lit up. "Mandy give me a hand." He said.

They left me standing there alone wondering what idea had lit him up so.

He returned alone carrying what I thought was a sheep skin. As he spread it out on the floor I realized it was no sheep but rather a full blown polar bear rug complete with a full head and flashing white teeth.

Craig got down on his knees and said. "Lay down Angel." As he patted the furry rug.

I got down on my knees then reclined on the rug propping my self up on one elbow and smiling seductively at him.

"This is going to be so hot." Craig said.

I wanted this last photo to be so hot that after he'd captured it he'd let me prove to him that I am the best cock sucker on the planet.

"I want you to lay on your back with your head draped over the top of the bear's head." He said.

I jumped at the chance to tease him. "You mean like when I lay with my head dangling over the edge of a bed?"

"Yes exactly." He replied.

I moved to the exact position he'd thought of and kept my eyes focused on the ceiling.

He lay down with his camera positioned to capture the image in profile.

"Place your spread fingers on your breasts." He said.

I moved my fingers over my tits and spread the delicate digits wide over the black fabric.

"Perfect now arch your back and show me just the very tip of your tongue." He said with a slight twinge in his voice.

I did as he said. Arching my back and lifting my lovely tits high above the rest of me. My motion caused my head to slip a little further over the bears head and with my eyes closed I extended just the tip of my pink tongue between bright red lips.

"Hold that!" He exclaimed.

His camera whirled and captured more images of my specialty then he or Daddy could ever need.

"Incredible" He said as he rose from the floor. I remained still with the exception of my hands which slowly massaged the lush fabric covered flesh of my breasts.

"Okay Angel." We're done he said standing over me and offering me his hand.

I stood up and instantly hugged him in thanks for making me look and feel incredible. When he didn't return the hug with one of his own I decided not to try and convince him to let me drop to my knees and suck his cock.

Craig moved away obviously not interested in anything I had to offer. I smiled thinking he may be the last man for a long time that could have had a free blow job. Too bad he was so gay.

He sat down at the computer and started downloading the final round of photos. I moved to stand behind him looking over his shoulder. "We're all done Angel." He said clearly wanting me to leave.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear. "If you ever change your mind......" Craig cut me off saying "I won't."

I shrugged my shoulders and let him alone with his computer.

Mandy was in the dressing room cleaning up as I entered. "Did he get your specialty photo." She asked.

"Yeah but that was all he got." I replied.

She turned and grinned at me. "That boy was born gay."

I changed back into my sundress and removed the Harlow wig then tried to do something with my hair. Mandy didn't offer to remove the bright red lip stick or heavy eye shadow so I figured a shower when I got home would be in order.

"Thanks for everything." I said to her as I left the dressing room.

She smiled but didn't reply.

The receptionist stopped me before I left and asked if she could email me a copy of all the photos. I gave her my email address and thanked her for her offer. After placing my outfits in the trunk I slipped into the Benz. It was three forty five.

I drove home wondering how long it would take for Daddy to schedule my first appointment. I hoped it wouldn't be long for two reasons. First I wanted to start making some nice cash tips and second I hadn't had any cock since Daddy had fucked me on Saturday and I was starting to feel really horny.

Approaching the house I was reminded that the locksmith was to arrive at four by the white mini van parked in front of my door. Nick's Lock & Key was lettered on the side of the small truck.

Nick was no where in sight so I pulled into the garage and went inside.

"Hello." I said loudly as I walked into the kitchen.

"I'm in the foyer." A male's voice replied.

"I'm so sorry I'm late." I said as I entered the foyer.

Nick stood up and turned to me. "No problem I just let myself in and got started."

He was a handsome looking late forties man with salt and pepper hair and a scruffy two day stubble on his face. A little paunchy around the middle no doubt from to many of Mrs. Nick's home cooked Italian meals.

"Be done in a few minutes." He said.

"Is this the last one?" I asked.

"Yep it only takes a couple minutes to change out the tumblers." Nick commented.

I smiled at him then said. "Great I'll wait in the kitchen for you to finish."

As he tinkered with the lock I poured my self a glass of wine and flipped open my lap top.

A couple minutes later he came into the kitchen carrying his small tool box and a couple of cardboard boxes. "Do you want the old tumblers?" He asked.

"No thanks I'll have no use for them." I replied.

He placed them on the table then asked. "Mind if I sit down to do the paperwork."

"Please do." I answered smiling widely at him.

Nick sat down and started filling out a form. "I can't offer you a beer but how about a glass of wine." I asked.

He looked at his watch then said. "You're my last stop of the day so I'd love a glass of wine."

I poured his wine then moved beside him and placed it next to the form he was nearly finished with. "Thanks." He said lifting the glass to his lips. His eyes were clearly focused on the lush set of tits almost staring him in the face.

"That's really red lip stick your wearing." He said as his eyes lifted to look into my face.

"Do you like it." I asked.

He smiled then said. "What's not to like."

I moved back to the opposite side of the table then asked. "So what's the charge for today?" Teasing him as I spoke by playing with the fourth button from the top of my dress.

He looked down at the form then up at me. "It's three hundred fifty." He answered.

I unbuttoned the one I was toying with and let my hand slide down to the next.

"That's a lot of money for a couple minutes per lock." I said.

"They're the best on the market." He replied clearly focused on my hand and the button it played with.

I let the button slip through the tiny hole giving Nick a glimpse of the succulent cleavage behind the flowery yellow fabric.

I leaned over the table my hands flat on it's surface and the fabric of my dress hung away from my tits. Nick swallowed hard and stared at the creamy naked flesh I'd exposed for him.

"Do you offer any discounts?" I asked.

Without taking his lustful stare off my tits he replied. "What kind of discount did you have in mind?"

I smiled and shook my shoulders a little. His smile acknowledging his love of health big tits.

"How about a cock suckers discount?" I asked.

He leaned back in the chair but kept his eyes focused on my creamy cleavage. "I think I could arrange a sizable discount for that."

I smiled knowing instead of Craig the gay photographer being the last man to enjoy a free blow job Nick the key guy would be my last freebie for the foreseeable future.

I straightened up and began moving around the table undoing the remaining buttons that held my sundress closed over my sexy body.

Nick took a huge gulp from his wine then slid his chair back and toward me as I approached spreading his feet apart.

He reached up to touch my tits but I slapped his hand. "No touching." I said.

He nodded his agreement and placed his hands flat on his thighs.

I smiled widely at him with fire engine red lips then got down my my knees between his outstretched legs.

The unmistakeable bulge in his jeans told me he was already getting hard. I slid one delicate hand over the bulge and felt the swelling cock through the denim fabric.

It felt solid under my palm but not overly long and as I undid the clasp of his jeans I looked up into his face I whispered. "I love sucking fat cock."

My hand dipped below the worn pants and found the fat cock I desired.

It was very hard and throbbed noticeably under my soft touch.

I reached up and yanked his jeans out from under his ass pulling them to mid thigh. His cotton briefs tented to the side still keeping his fat cock from my lusty view.

"I love feeling a fat cock surge in my mouth." I whispered as my fingernails hooked under the elastic waist band of his white shorts.

Nick stared down at me as I slowly pulled the waist band forward then hooked it under his nut sack and exposed his rock hard fat cock.

His balls were pulled up by the stretched elastic fabric making his short cock look even shorter. It was maybe six inches long but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. My soft fingers barely reached around the hard shaft.

I lifted it off his paunchy belly and examined his throbbing cock with an entirely new mind set. His was the first of hundreds or possibly thousands of cocks that I'd examine closely. Studying the nuances of each one carefully. How the shaft looks what shape the head was and how the correlation of the two came together at the smooth corona. For the first time I noticed the small variation in color as he swelled and grew even harder. His fat cock shaft tapered down as it met the pear shaped head the soft smooth corona forming the widest part of the sexy pear.

I glanced up into his eyes. They nearly screamed suck it with a stare so intense I knew I couldn't make him wait much longer and I'd have to continue my studies on the next throbbing cock that rose up before me.

Leaning forward I slipped my tongue in the crease of hot flesh caused from his balls being pressed up against the shaft by the stretched elastic of his briefs.

He moaned when my tongue first touched him then moaned again as I slowly licked up the shaft and circled the head with my moist tongue.

I lifted up slightly and opened my red lips pausing to exhale deeply over his throbbing cock before lowering my mouth over the head.

"Yes!" Nick exclaimed as my hot wet mouth engulfed his cock head. I drew my mouth back and licked around the head several times feeling the velvety flesh ride across my moist tongue.

As I lowered my mouth over him again I moved the two fingers that held him away and dropped my mouth even farther. The twitching cock head slipped along my tongue as my red lips stretched to accept his ever widening shaft.

My tongue pressed out over my lower lip to massage his urethra as I took more and more of his fat cock shaft between my lips.

He moaned deeply as my tongue again slipped between the shaft and his balls and my sexy little nose nuzzled into this curly pubic hair.

His cock head barely touched the back of my mouth and I knew that I'd have to wait to feel hot cock in the soft wet flesh of my throat until Daddy arranged my first appointment. Even though Nick wasn't long enough to throat fuck me his cock still filled my mouth completely.

I slowly lifted my mouth off him leaving a streak of red lipstick on his fat cock shaft.

As I drew back I licked the pear at the end and was rewarded with a sweet drop of precum. I moaned softly then lapped at the tiny slit trying to entice yet another drop of his sweet tasting nectar into my mouth.

"Lick it." Nick pleaded.

My tongue slowly moved along the shaft pressing into the bulging urethra as I descended toward his balls.

My lips circled one heavy nut and sucked it between the moist red flesh softly suckling on its fullness. It snapped from my oral grasp with a resounding pop and I immediately move to the other giving it the same suckling massage I'd just given its cum fulled mate.

I reached up and hooked sexy fingernails on the elastic fabric that held his balls so firmly. Yanking on the band I pulled them from under him and drew his briefs down to join his jeans at mid thigh.

His scrotum released from it elastic prison stretched down until his balls rested on the seat of the chair. Somehow his cock looked longer now the base of his shaft no longer hidden by the extra flesh of his scrotum.

"Suck it!" Nick begged.

I moved my lips up kissing his rock hard cock shaft until my lips rested against the pear that topped his sexy cock.

With one delicate hand slowly stroking his shaft my mouth dropped over the head and moved down until my lips touched my fingers.

I slowly began moving my mouth and hand in unison up and down the throbbing cock bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

"Yeah that's it suck it like that." Nick moaned.

My soft hand and even softer mouth kept up a steady slow rhythm jerking and sucking his quivering cock at the same time.

"Keep sucking and I'll give you a treat." Nick whispered.

I knew his treat would be more of the sweet tasting contents of his balls. His promise of treats encouraged me to increase the rhythm of my oral massage.

The faster my hand and mouth moved the quicker he moaned as his cock swelled to climatic proportions.

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